WonderHero NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

WonderHero is a mobile RPG game where you may earn money by playing. Players collect Heroes, Weapons, and Equipment to enter RPG combat and play to gain tokens in a fantasy world in this anime-inspired turn-based game available for iOS and Android.

Every Hero in WonderHero has their own set of skills, ultimate skills, and properties that allow them to play a variety of combat roles, including tank, support, attack, and combo roles, with further customization possible thanks to the game’s system. The game’s heroes fight in real time and can be commanded to use skills to attack enemies, making it a strategic and interactive experience.

WonderHero Introduction

New to WonderHero? Don’t go anywhere! Start here.

WonderHero is a exciting tactical turn-based game, where players can play to earn game tokens and NFTs.

NFTs in WonderHero are essentially in-game items such as Hero Skins, Weapons and Equipment that you will digitally own. Each NFT comes with an unique token ID which the ownership can be verified.

You need to purchase at least 6 WonderHero NFTs, which are 3 Hero Skinsand 3 associated Hero weapons tounlock 3 playable Heroes in WonderHero. And you can do so on our WonderHero Marketplace!

Here’s are the general steps that you need to take to start your Play to Earn journey with WonderHero:

  1. Have a Metamask Wallet (non-Binded to Hardware wallet)​
  2. Purchase NFT (minimum 3 Hero Skins and 3 Weapons)​
  3. Register a Game Account ​
  4. Play the game and start earning!​

How to Set Up Your Metamask

Do not use a Metamask address that is bind to Hardware Wallet for WonderHero.

Metamask wallet is required for WonderHero. You can create your Metamask wallet for free.

Metamask Installation

You can watch below detailed video to learn how to install MetaMask!

Option 1: You can install Metamask Extension on your Chrome Browser.

Option 2: You can install Metamask app on your smartphone.

How to Add Binance Smart Chain Network to Metamask

Follow this guide to learn how to add binance smart chain network to MetaMask. ​

How to add WND on Metamask

  • Step 1: Connect to your Metamask wallet and select [Binance Smart Chain]
  • Step 2: Click [Import Tokens]

Step 3: Input our $WND Contract Address (Updated as of 28 Apr 2022):


Step 4: Input WonderHero token symbol: WND

Note: The token decimal will display by default once you have input the token contract address and token symbol.

Step 5: Click [Add Custom Token] and you will see the $WND token quantity if you already have any in your Metamask.

How to add HON on Metamask

Follow the same steps as How to add WND on Metamask, except input HON contract address:


How to Register WonderHero Game Account

Create a game account to start your Play to Earn journey with WonderHero!

Start here

Metamask wallet is required for WonderHero. Please set up Metamask before registering Player Account.

WonderHero Player Registration Link

How to Download & Install WonderHero

WonderHero is available to download on the iOS & Android. For more download options, visit: – WonderHero Official Website

How to Login WonderHero Game

If you have not create a WonderHero game account on, you will not be able to login.

Tap on the screen, and you will see the Game Login Popup.

Enter your Username & Password.

Note: Username is your registered Email.

Once you have filled in your Username & Passworld field, tap on Login!

You can also use QR code to login. If that’s what you prefer.

You can find the QR code on your account dashboard on

How to Purchase USDT

If you are new and do not hold any $WND or even USDT, you will first need to buy USDT and here’s what you need to do.

First, select crypto exchanges that support fiat-to-crypto exchange. In this example, we will use for demonstration purposes.

Under, there are 3 ways to buy selected cryptocurrencies, that is, via credit card, bank transfer and P2P trading.​

Note: It is best recommended to buy via credit or bank transfer if you are a first-timer since P2P trading is a peer-to-peer trading between users.

  1. Buy with Credit Card
  • Select the payment currency in [Buy with Fiat Currency] e.g. USD
  • Select [USDT] in [Currency Purchased] as the crypto currency you wish to purchase
  • Select a service provider e.g. Simplex
  • Confirm all details are correct and ensure to read and accept the disclaimer then click [Purchase] to proceed.

​2. Buy via Bank Transfer

  • Click [Buy digital currencies]
  • Read and Accept the disclaimer and click [Purchase] to proceed
  • Click [Enable Now] and select [Individual] and follow the instructions to verify your identity so as to enable service to purchase crypto with bank transfer.
  • Under [Make a trade] to choose your purchased crypto, order type and purchase quantity in the preferred payment currency, and click [Review order] to proceed
  • Check all information are correct in the order summary and click [Confirm] to proceed


How To Deposit $WND on Metamask

If you have purchased $WND on exchanges and need to deposit it to your Metamask Wallet, you can refer to this guide.

Important: Before you perform $WND deposits to your metamask wallet, please ensure your metamask wallet is NOT bind to any hardware wallet.

Please ensure you have installed a metamask wallet. Go to and select iOS or Android for mobile application and select Chrome for desktop.

Please ensure you have [Import Tokens] to add [WND] on your metamask wallet before performing $WND deposit to your metamask wallet.In this example, we are using as the withdrawal platform for demonstration purposes.

  1. If you are using metamask wallet via mobile application
  • Login your metamask wallet
  • Under [Wallet] to copy metamask wallet address
  • Paste your metamask wallet address under [WND Address].

Note: Ensure you input WND as the coin code, select [BSC/BEP20] as the Chain, input WND quantity including fund password, email code and GA code then click [Submit request] to proceed with the withdrawal from and deposit to your metamask wallet.​


How to Purchase WND Tokens

WND is the governance token of WonderHero.

$WND is the governance token of WonderHero with multiple utilities.

WND are used in the following situations:

  • – for upgrading higher level NFT assets (Hero Skin, Weapon, Equipment)
  • – for staking WND to earn WND rewards
  • – for staking WND to earn HON rewards

WND ticker symbol: $WND

$WND Contract Address: 0xD9931818D75A6ceF4Fb0092A73c6e87867A0751a

You can purchase WND tokens on:

1. PancakeSwap: Refer to the following pancake swap exchange trading guide:

2. Huobi Global: Refer to huobi exchange wnd-usdt exchange guide

3. Refer to How to buy WND on Gate: ​

How to Purchase HON Tokens

HON is the primary play-to-earn token of WonderHero.

$HON is the primary play-to-earn token of WonderHero. It is earned from winning battles or as a reward for completing challenges and there is also a daily earning limit for $HON tokens. You can use $HON tokens to upgrade Hero skins, weapons and equipment. At higher upgrade tiers, you will require both $HON and $WND.

HON are used in the following situations:

  • for upgrading NFT assets (Hero Skin, Weapon, Equipment) on all levels

HON token symbol: $HON

$HON Contract Address: 0x20a30a68bEa440c34f7Ca4Aa31527c9180836f86

You can purchase HON tokens on:

1. PancakeSwap

How to Purchase WonderHero NFTs

Step 1: Visit WondeHero website and select [Marketplace] on the top navigation bar. Select and click on the NFT you wish to purchase.

Step 2: We take VAN-61 Brilliance for example. In the landing page for VAN-61 Brilliance, click [Buy Now] to purchase the Equipment.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Metamask wallet. Click [Confirm] to sign and approve the transaction.

Note: Ensure you are logged into your Metamask wallet and have sufficient $BNB to pay for the transaction fees

Step 4: Once purchase has been submitted, a pop-up window will displayed as per below screenshot. Close the pop-up window, go to your wallet, select [Transactions] and [Purchase NFT] to check the status of your purchase.

Step 5: Once the purchase is successful, you can go to [My Account] and [Warehouse] to see the NFT that you have purchased.

How to Play WonderHero

New to WonderHero? A big welcome! You will find the essential guides and know how to kickstart your journey into the WonderHero Universe.

Starting Your First Battle

Here’s the step by step guide to start your very First Battle in WonderHero!

Here’s an important information: your Heroes need to be equipped with 3 Hero Skins and 3 corresponding Weapons to be added to the Team Lineup before they can be deployed to your first battle!

Seeing this message? And not sure how to get pass this? This article is what you need to read right now

Step 1: How to Equip Your Hero with a Weapon​

Heroes need to be equipped with 1 Hero Skin and a Weapon before it can be deploy into a battle. Make sure you have equipped your Heroes correctly.

Follow the guide in this page to do so.

Remember, Heroes need to be equipped with a Hero Skin and Weapon before it can be deploy to battle.

Heroes with available weapons and hero skins will not be displayed with a cross symbol

At the Hero display page, if Heroes with available Hero Skin & Weapon will be displayed without a cross symbol. Those with a cross symbol means they do not have available Hero Skin & Weapon.

Select a Hero without a cross symbol and you should see:

  1. Empty weapon slot (with the red words, “Unable to battle. Please equip a weapon.”)
  2. Hero skin slot (with the red words, “Unable to battle. Please equip a skin.”)
  3. Three empty equipment slots.

Equipping a Weapon on Subtitles/Closed Captions for detailed guide.

Tap on the empty Weapon image to equip a weapon.

Tap on the available Weapon, then tap on Equip to complete the step.

Once equipped, return to the previous screen, and you should see the Weapon image.

Equipping a Hero Skin on the empty Hero Skin slot to equip a skin.

Tap on the available Hero Skin, then tap on equip.

Once equipped, return to the previous screen, you should see the Hero Skin in the display.

Equipping Equipment

There are 3 equipment categories: (from left to right)

  1. Headgear
  2. Battlesuit
  3. Badge

Tap on each of them and select the available equipment to equip.

Step 2: Team Lineup

Here’s how to setup or change your Team Lineup before entering a battle. Take careful note, there’s more to this than simply choosing your available Heroes.

Team Lineup For Battle Mode

After selecting a Chapter and a Stage, you will enter the Preparation lobby, which displays various information about the upcoming battle.Tap on the Team Lineup Button to change / edit your Team Lineup.

Tap on Hero Profile Images to Add/Remove from the Lineup.

Tap on the remaining Heroes to add them to lineup. You can tap on them again to remove them.

You can bring up to 4 Heroes into a Battle. Only Heroes equipped with Weapon and Hero Skin can be added to the team lineup.

Team assembled and ready for Battle!

If you want to change the Hero Skin, Weapon or Equipment of a Hero, you can tap on the Magnifying glass icon to make the changes.

Team Lineup Determines Hero Attack Sequence

Your Team of Heroes will attack based on the Team Lineup (from left to right). What this means is the leftmost Hero will attack first, and the rightmost Hero will attack last.

Angela Hunt will attack first. Followed by Kagura, Sarah and Shion as the last Hero.

This is important because as the attack sequence can affect the battle outcome. Here’s an example:

Shion Muramasa’s passive skill increase her attack temporarily each time she killed a enemy unit. Some of her weapons also enable her to execute low HP enemy. Placing her as the last in the team lineup makes her the last to attack, which increases her chance to dealing the last hit to enemies, especially low HP units.

Here’s another example. If you have a Support Hero that de-buffs enemy with attacks, it will be ideal to place her as the first or second in the Team Lineup. This will ensure you are maximizing the debuff effect by debuff the enemy first and following up with other Heroes’ attack.

We will shared more examples here in the near future.

Team Lineup sequence along with the choices of weapons and equipment, you can create interesting strategies to unique to your own play style!

Step 3: Starting in Battle Mode

Battle Mode (PVE)

In Battle Mode (PVE), players play through Chapters to discover the Game Story while earning tokens, NFTs and more.

Tap on the Battle Icon to access the PVE Story Mode. Then, select the Chapter.

Select a Chapter

Next, select a stage to battle.

Select a Stage

You will enter the Battle preparation lobby, which gives you information about the upcoming battle.

Now, tap on Battle Button to commence the Battle!

Remember, you need your Heroes to be equipped with Hero Skins and Weapons before they can be used in Battle. Use Team Lineup button to help you access the Hero Display.


  • Each Stage Battle consumes 1 energy point per battle.


  • Tap on Team Lineup to change your Hero Lineup before entering Battles.


  • Re-battle function can only be enabled when you have accumulated all the stage achievement stars.
  • Battles will automatically repeat when the Re-Battle toggle is ON.
  • Re-Battle Automation will stop when the Re-battle is either stopped by Player or the energy point is 0.

Battle Tip 💡
Be sure to configure the correct Hero or Weapon in your Team Lineup according to the Stage Challenges before entering the Stage Battle in order to earn the Stage Achievement Reward!

PVP Arena Mode

In PVP Arena Mode, you will compete against other players to rise up amongst the best in the Leaderboard and get rewarded!

Ranking Tiers

PVP Ranking Tiers (from lowest): Black Iron, Silver, Gold, Diamond & Legendary. Ranking Tier Rewards are changed weekly.

PVP Arena features 5 rank tiers (Black Iron, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Legendary) for players to compete and climb to the top of the ladder. At the launch of PVP Arena Round 1, there will only be Black Iron rank, the other ranks will be unlocked progressively as we continue with more rounds of PVP.

Each PVP Round lasts for 1 week. Starting from Black Iron, players will compete in a small group of 30 (randomly grouped) in the first week.

Black Iron Tier

Black Iron Tier is the first and lowest Rank in the game that is given to new players. New Players will start at this level to compete in Weekly PVP Rounds to promote to the next level. Top 50% Players will be promoted to Silver Rank and bottom 50% will remain in Black Iron.

Silver Tier

Silver Tier is the Second Rank in the game right after Black Iron. At the end of every weekly PVP Round, only Top 30% Silver Tier Players will be promoted to Gold Tier. Players in the 30% to 70% range will remain in Silver Tier. Bottom 30% Silver Tier Players will be demoted to Black Iron Tier.

Gold Tier

Gold Tier is the Third Rank in the game right after Silver. At the end of every weekly PVP Round, only Top 20% of the Gold Tier Players will be promoted to Diamond Tier. Players in the 20% to 70% range will remain in Gold Tier. The Bottom 30% Gold Tier Players will be demoted back to Silver Tier.

Diamond Tier

Diamond Tier is the Fourth Rank after Gold. At the end of every weekly PVP Round, Top 20% of the Diamond Tier Player can venture into the Legendary Leaderboards to fight against the best in the world. Players between the 20% to 70% range will remain in the Diamond Tier whereas the Bottom 30% Diamond Tier Players will be demoted back to Gold Tier.

Legendary Tier

The Legendary Tier is the Fifth Rank after Diamond. This is the Highest Rank in PVP Arena. Players are expected to possess extensive knowledge of their equipment Stats Attribute and Hero Lineup to perform combos in both Attack and Defense Formation. Only the strongest can unlock the highest Tier, dominate the Legendary Leaderboards and earn the best Rewards. The bottom 20% will descend back to Diamond Tier. Do you have what it takes to rise to the Top?

PVP Arena Rewards

PVP Ranking Rewards are adjusted and updated every week. Rewards are blurred out as Prizes are changed weekly

1) Ranking Rewards

  • Players will win $WND prize pool according to their Ranking Tiers.
  • Players will receive better Rewards as they ascend to higher Rank Tiers.
  • Prizes will be adjusted in each weekly PVP Arena Round.
  • $WND reward starts in Silver Rank Tier Players.
  • At Black Iron Tier, only the top 10 in each Black Iron group will win 1 Lottery ticket.

2) Lottery Rewards

Using the Lottery Ticket that Players won from the Ranking Rewards, Players can use the Lottery Ticket to win Weapon, Hero Skin and up to 50 $WND or 300 $HON.

Lottery Rules

  1. If players participating in PVP are eligible for the lottery, they can go to the lottery page to participate in the lottery after T+1 day after the event ends. You may get random prizes such as WND, HON or Weapon/Skin Chest of different amounts.
  2. If you are eligible but do not wish to draw the lottery yet, your lottery chances will not be cancelled, and you can draw the lottery at any time.

Remarks: WND, HON or Weapon/Skin Chest obtained in the lottery will be distributed to your game account.

How to Claim Your Rank Tier Prizes

Players who participated in PVP during the week and are eligible for the rewards, can visit the PVP leaderboard page to claim their rewards one day after the week.

Claim your PVP Rewards from the PVP Leaderboard Page.
Click on the [PVP Leaderboard] Tab on your player Account page to claim your Rewards 1 day after the PVP Round has finished.

Click on the [PVP Leaderboard] Tab on your player Account page to claim your Rewards 1 day after the PVP Round has finished.

How to Play in PVP Arena

To start PVP Arena, players need to be at account level 6 and have at least 4 playable heroes.

Each day, you will receive 5 PVP challenge chances at 00:00 UTC and all challenge chances are reset at 23:30PM UTC every Sunday. Each PVP battle will consume 1 challenge chance.

Be sure to use up all your challenge chances before they reset at 23:30PM UTC every Sunday.

You gain points if you win and lesser points if you lose. If you are on a win streak, you will gain bonus points. Points are used to determine your rank position in the group leaderboard.

The 2 Main Components for PVP Arena

Defense Team Line up

Setting up your Defense Team Lineup is the first thing you need to do for PVP Arena before you battle against other players.

If your Defense team wins, the attacking player will gain less points, thus slowing down their progress to climb the leaderboard.

Winning Condition for Defense Team:

  • Defeat all enemies or
  • Have at least 1 Ally Hero still alive at the end of Turn 20.
Choosing the correct hero to move & attack first can greatly change the battle outcome.

Attack Team Lineup

Once you have your Defense Team Lineup, it’s time to set your Attack Team.

Note: You may have the same team lineup for both Attack & Defense. This strategy may not be effective as you progress to higher Rank Tiers.

Winning Condition for Attack Team:

  • Defeat all enemies by Turn 20.

Checking your Ranking on the Leaderboard

Tap the [Leaderboard] Button to check your ranking in your group.

To check your ranking within the group, tap on the Leaderboard on the bottom left, you will be able to see how you fare among the rest of the players.

How to prepare for PVP Arena?

PVP Arena adopts auto-battle and manual play are disabled. Your Hero Combination, choice of Weapons, Equipment and the sequence of how you lineup your team is pivotal to winning more PVP battles.

  • Some weapons are better for PVE modes, against common enemies, but are not effective in PVP. (For example, Shion weapons with execution skills are not effective in PVP because you can’t execute the enemy Heroes.)
  • Placing Support Heroes that can buff your allies or debuff enemies in the first position of the team lineup will affect the outcome of the battle. This ensures the buff or debuff are casted first so the ally heroes can do even more damage.
  • Enhance your weapons, skins and equipment! Use Wisdom potion to level up your Heroes too.
  • Look for better NFTs on the marketplace. Replace low stats NFT with the ones with better or more stats attributes.

Top 100 Players Leaderboard

Players can check the top 100 players in each rank tiers on our PVP site. The whole WonderHero community will know who are the leading players as we broadcast updates every week on our social media channels!

Infinite War Mode

Infinite War mode is a game mode where you are given randomized Level 100 heroes to start. 2 random rewards will be given to upgrade your team combat effectiveness for every round won. The game will continue till the whole team is defeated and you will earn a tier level based reward. Each week, players will get 1 ticket to enter Infinite War.

Infinite War will only be unlocked when Player reached account level 8.

Assist Mode

Help other players to defend their base against Invaders in the Assist Mode to earn rare rewards! You can only perform 5 Assists each day. Assist Mode will only be unlocked when Player reached account level 6.

Tap to select a space base on the map. You will help to defend against an invasion to this player’s base.

Once selected, you can view the info on the upcoming battle. You can change/edit your Team Lineup (use Team Lineup Button)

Tap Battle button to start battle when you are ready.

Once you have completed 5 Assists, you will be able to claim the rewards for the day.

Assist Mode does not consume Energy. But you can only complete 5 Assists each day.

Step 4: How to Control Your Heroes in Battle

There are 2 phases in battle:

Ally Action Phase

This is the phase where you can move all your heroes and plan your attack. Once you tap on the Action button, your heroes will commence attack and end the turn.

Enemy Action Phase Once your heroes complete the attack, Enemy Action Phase will start. Enemy units will start moving and commence their attack on your heroes. Once enemies are done with their attack, Ally Action Phase will start again and its time for you to make your counterattack!

Positioning Your Hero & Attacking

In battle, tap to select your Hero.

You will be able to preview your Hero’s movement and attack range. The white outline indicates the hero’s movement range. The red grids indicates the hero’s attack range.

Drag to move your Hero to an optimal position on the battlefield. The red cross hair indicates your hero will attack the enemy unit when you tap on Action button.

Tapping on Action will end the turn! Make sure you have move all your Heroes before tapping on Action!

Positioning affects the battle outcome! Choose the positions carefully each turn.

Positioning matters in WonderHero gameplay. In most situations, you will want to move your Hero to an optimal position to attack as many enemies in one single attack. But sometimes, there are tactical reasons not to do so.

Step 5: How to Become Stronger in WonderHero

Combat Preparation

Preparation is key to victory, you need to equip & upgrade your Heroes, Weapons and Equipment. This section will guide you through the process!

Firstly, to prepare your Heroes for battle, enter the Hero Tab (menu on the bottom of the game lobby)

You will see the Hero Display and here’s a quick overview of the main buttons.

Check out the remaining sections for more detailed steps.

Winning Condition

The usual objective is to defeat all enemies on the battlefield by using your Hero attacks to reduce their HP to 0.

Defeat Condition(s)

You are defeated when: – All your Heroes HP has been reduced to 0. – Not able to defeat all enemies on the battlefield by the end of Turn 20.

Win Battles & Earn Rewards

Continue win more battles to earn HON / WND, NFT assets or other rewards! All battle rewards are randomized.

WonderHero Game Lobby Overview

New to WonderHero? This page will give you a quick rundown of the Game Lobby, so you know what is going on.

Top UI Section


  • The number at the bottom right of your Lobby Avatar indicates the Player’s Current Level.
  • Each time you win a battle, you will gain XP which increases your Player Level.
  • Tap on the Lobby Avatar to view more Player Info. (XP to next level, wallet address, etc)


  • Energy is required to enter Battle Mode missions.
  • Energy is not consumed if you are defeated in missions.
  • Energy is replenished by 1 point in every 2 hours to a maximum of 12 energy points.
  • You can earn additional Energy from some quests & challenges

You can earn additional Energy by completing Challenges and claiming the reward.​


  • HON is used for upgrading Hero Skins, Weapons and Equipment.
  • HON can be earned from winning Battles.​


  • WND is used in the higher tier of upgrading Hero Skins, Weapons and Equipment.
  • WND can be earned from winning Battles (rare).


  • You can toggle music, sfx under settings.
  • You can view game update announcements and system maintenance.
  • You can log out or switch account here.

Mid UI Section

Game Modes

  • Battle Mode
  • PVP Arena
  • Infinite War
  • Assist​

Bottom UI Section


  • The higher your Player Level, the higher your Daily Earnings Limit.
  • At Player Level 1, Daily Earnings is limited to 500 HON and 2 WND
  • When the limit is reached, you cannot earn HON or WND anymore.
  • When the Reset Timer countdowns to 0, the limit will be reset to 0 again.


  • Complete Quests to earn rewards such as Wisdom Potion, HON, WND Tokens & others.


  • Check hero info, enhance and equip hero skins, weapons and items, or level up hero to ready for battle!


  • Search and add friends. You can spar with players on your Friend List.
  • There are no rewards for winning sparring battles with friends.
  • No energy is required for sparring.


  • All Hero Skins, Weapons, Equipment and Items that you have can be found here.
  • You will be able to view and enhance them as well.

How to activate Hero Ultimate Skill

The coolest graphics in WonderHero Battle. Everyone loves the ultimate skill moments. Here’s how to use it.

All Heroes have their ultimate skill. At the beginning of battle, all ultimate skill are on cooldown. In this example, Sarah’s ultimate skill has a cooldown of 6 turns.

You can see the cooldown time as indicated by the red boxes on the image above.

Once the cooldown timer has reached 0, Sarah’s ultimate skill is ready to be activated. Tap on the Ultimate button to enter the Ultimate mode.

You can see lightning effects around the Hero when their ultimate skill is ready.

In Ultimate Mode, you can see the Ultimate cast range and the units that are affected by it. Tap on Release button to activate the Ultimate.

Important tip, tapping on Ultimate does not end the turn. Ultimate skills are activated immediately.

Once Ultimate skill is used, it will enter cooldown, you have to wait for the cooldown to reach 0 before you can use it again.

WonderHero Race Types

There are 3 Race types in WonderHero:

  1. Human (Blue)
  2. Mech (Orange)
  3. Cyborg (Purple)

Each race is effective in battle against another race. (Human > Mech > Cyborg) You can identify the race of the unit by looking at the Icon/Color display near the HP Bar.

These are the Stat Attributes that will increase Race advantage.

  • Dmg(Human)
  • Dmg(Cyborg)
  • Dmg(Mech)

These are the Stat Attributes that will reduce Race advantage.

  • Human Def
  • Cyborg Def
  • Mech Def

Hero Race Chart

Hero NameRace Type
Sarah ColtHuman
Fuma KojiroHuman
Angela HuntHuman
Vel KyrieHuman
Shion MuramasaMech
Julia FerrosCyborg
Kagura MaiCyborg
Celeste le CroixCyborg

WonderHero Weapon Ability Types

All weapons have its own attack range and an ability type, and it determines how the Hero will attack the enemy units. Knowing this is crucial, as it

Normal Attack: Hero attacks the nearest enemies. Attack does not pierce through the target or obstacles.

Piercing Attack: Hero’s attack will pierce through multiple targets but will be blocked by obstacles.

Leap Attack: Hero’s attack is not blocked by obstacles, but does not pierce through the target.

Deadeye Attack: Hero’s attack is not blocked by obstacles and can pierce through multiple targets.

WonderHero Boss Fights

There are many Boss Fights in Battle Mode (PvE). Here are the essential knowledge you need to know before entering a Boss Fight!

Use weapons with matching elements to deal damage to Boss parts.

Breakable Boss Parts

Most bosses in WonderHero come with breakable parts. Breaking these parts will grant a chance to get rarer rewards. (WND tokens, NFT drops etc)

When a Boss part breaks, there will be a special animation.

To damage and break these parts, the Hero needs to be equipped with a weapon with corresponding elements. Each of these parts has a HP bar that indicates its health, reducing it to 0 will break the part.

If your Hero has the right weapon element, the Boss part will be highlighted in Purple.

For example, if the boss part is a Ice element, you need a Hero equipped with a Ice element weapon to deal damage to it. A Fire element weapon will deal damage to the Boss HP but does not reduce the HP of the Ice element boss part.

Some broken boss parts are visible, but you can see the HP bar of the boss part on the top right UI.

Breaking Boss Parts requires some preparation and planning. Make sure you bring weapons with the right element!

There are 5 types of Element:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Dark

Boss Ultimate Skills

Avoid Boss Ultimate Skills whenever possible!

Boss ultimate skill may cause serious damage to your Heroes. Look out for warning signs on the battle grids that will indicate the Boss ultimate skill’s area of effect.

You can delay Boss Ultimate Skill by stunning them.

WonderHero Game Heroes List

The Ultimate Guide to WonderHero’s Heroes

There are currently 16 Heroes in WonderHero, all are of different nature from ranged shooters, close combat specialists to support healers. Assemble your dream team of different combinations that suits your style and enter epic battles.

  1. ​Angela Hunt​​
  2. Julia Ferros​​
  3. Ashanti​​
  4. Kagura Mai​​
  5. Vel Kyrie​​
  6. Shion Muramasa​​
  7. Fuma Kojiro​​
  8. Celeste Le Croix​​
  9. Sarah Colt​​
  10. Nightingale​​
  11. Ling​​
  12. Cersei Bannister​​
  13. Fran​​
  14. Sigurd Odinson​​
  15. Yoori Kim​​
  16. Helen Von Krauss​

WonderHero Stats Attributes

There are different stats attributes in WonderHero. From the basic HP, Attack attributes to more advanced attributes like True Damage, Armor, Basic Attack Defense. What do all these term means?

What do the colors of the Damage number mean?

In WonderHero battle, you will see number indicators appearing each time you hit a target or heal an ally. These numbers vary in terms of colors and each means something different.

In general, here are the definition:

WhitePhysical Damage
PurpleElemental Damage
OrangeTrue Damage
OrangeCritical Damage

Each Hero also has Basic Stats and Detailed Stats.

How to Play To Earn with WonderHero

Play WonderHero and earn while you play! With blockchain technology, WonderHero is empowering gamers around the world to have the best of both worlds, play and earn at the same time.

This guide will show you the various ways to earn while playing WonderHero.

  • What is WND Token & HON Token? What are they used for in WonderHero?
  • How to Play to Earn with WonderHero?
  • Rewards earned vs Spending cost of playing
  • Other Income earning streams on WonderHero
  • How to liquidate your Play to Earn tokens?

What is WND Token & HON Token? What are they used for in WonderHero?

In WonderHero, every Hero, Weapon, Equipment are NFT assets and require our token WND and/or HON to upgrade them.

For example, Weapons require WND/HON to upgrade or modify, while Hero Skins and Equipment requires WND/HON to upgrade.

Hero Skins, Weapons & Equipment (Headgear, Battlesuit, Badge) are all NFT assets in WonderHero.

HON Tokens can be earned as rewards by completing missions or winning battles.

Beside using it for upgrades, WND Tokens are also the governance token of the project, which players can use to participate in voting for the future direction of the game.

There are also other utilities for WND:

Stake WND to earn WND rewards

Stake WND to earn HON rewards

You can stake NFTs to earn WND rewards too. To stake and earn passive rewards, go to

Players can earn WND or HON and other valuable NFTs by advancing the Battle mode (PVE) or by competing against other players in PVP battles.

How Play to Earn works?

In WonderHero Battle Mode, there are many rewards to be earned by completing the Chapter missions.

Each mission has challenges for players to complete and every challenge completed grants the player 1 star. These stars are required to unlock additional rewards that often contain WND tokens and other valuable items.

Players can also earn HON or WND tokens or other NFT drops upon when they win a mission. The higher the level, the more players can earn.Every player has their short term and long term objectives, and they often have to decide between:

  • to liquidate the WND to get ETH/USDT immediately or,
  • to use the earned tokens to upgrade their NFT assets to advance higher levels so that they can earn more tokens.

Rewards earned vs Spending cost of playing

As players seek to reach higher levels to be competitive and also play to earn more tokens, the cost of WND and HON to upgrade NFT assets start to get costlier.In WonderHero, we have designed the farm output (rewards earned) of WND and HON to have differences for players at different stages of the game. This is to achieve a constant dynamic balance of WonderHero Play to Earn economy.

For WND, the amount earned will gradually increase as players progress further into the game. This benefits and rewards players who are committed to play to earn with WonderHero for the long run.

Other Income earning streams on WonderHero

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Mining Rewards
  • Yield System

NFT Marketplace: Upgrade heroes, weapons and equipment to sell at higher price

  • As a turn-based RPG that involves strategic positioning and tactical preparation, having good weapons and equipment are essential for winning against tougher enemies.
  • With over 400+ equipment available in WonderHero, players will be on a constant hunt for the most suitable equipment set up for their team. This allows players to upgrade their equipment and sell it on the marketplace to players who are keen to purchase.

Stake NFT to get WND rewards.

  • Instead of selling it away on the marketplace, players can choose to stake their NFT on WonderHero Staking platform to earn WND rewards.
  • The higher the level and the stars the NFT have, the higher its computing power will be, which means it can earn more WND rewards compared to NFT with lower computing power.

Stake WND and get WND rewards.

  • For players who like a more stable stream of earnings, they can stake WND on WonderHero’s Staking Platform to earn WND rewards. This could act like a bonus income for players who are planning to be away for a short period of time.

Taking part in the co-sharing ecosystem from WonderHero’s Yield System.

  • Yield System is another good tool for play to earn, it is a platform within WonderHero that enables players from all walks of life to participate and be part of this ever rich ecosystem.
  • Players who are not great at playing games can choose to play the part of the “sponsor” role by facilitating ingame items to “Scholars” who are great at playing games, splitting the return values equally in a safe and trusted WonderHero platform. This allows both players, the sponsor and the scholars to earn in WonderHero.
  • Beside the Sponsors and Scholars model, players can also choose to rent out their high value NFT equipment to others to play and collect “rental income” for the duration. (Feature in future release)

How to liquidate your Play to Earn Tokens?

Players can farm for WND and HON that are needed to enhance/modify weapons. WND and HON will be listed on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) for trading.

  • As WND & HON token holders, players have the flexibility to trade on DEXes with the tokens that they have farmed for in WonderHero.

Multiple ways to earn. Easy to liquidate

With WonderHero, players are not stuck with limited options to earn but empowered with the flexibility to decide how they want to earn and when they want to liquidate to get income. The team at WonderHero is committed to constantly review and refine the ecosystem to ensure balance and longevity of the project.

WonderHero Game Features

Key Features:

  • Turn-Based RPG Combat – Final Fantasy-inspired RPG battles with awesome abilities and critical effects.
  • 100+ Variations of Heroes Collection – tons of Unique Heroes to collect, upgrade to suit your playstyle.
  • 400+ Weapons and Equipment NFTs
  • PvP and PVE Modes – compete against others online or play solo.

WonderHero is a fun and graphically engaging game, it has incorporated a game storyline and “play to earn” elements to make it a dynamic game. The WonderHero’s economics is designed to reward players for their contributions to the game. This new model of gaming has been dubbed “play to earn”, as seen from the success of Axie Infinity with $84.9M in 1 month.

Players can earn by:

  • Advancing rounds in “Battle” mode or competing in PVP battles and get HON + WND
  • Upgrading weapons, equipment, and selling them on the NFT marketplace
  • Collecting and speculating on rare weapons
  • Farming for Honor (HON) and WND that are needed to upgrade Weapons. HON and WND will be listed in DEXes for trading
  • Staking valuable NFT to get WND rewards
  • Staking WND and get WND rewards
  • Taking part co-sharing economy from WonderHero Yield System

In the far future, Earth has been polluted by the aftermath of nuclear war, with the last of human civilization moving to inhabit the massive space station, Icarus VI. Decades later, the first group of students from the Hero Academy onboard Icarus VI was sent back to Earth on a recon mission. What they found was not a recovering paradise, but one inhabited by unimaginable monstrosities.

100+ Variations of Interesting Heroes

There are 17 interesting heroes. Each hero champions their own style of combat from frontline medic to tankers or attackers. Players would customize Heroes and build the team to match their playstyle.

Challenging Tactical Battles

Positioning is key! Move around the battlefield to optimize damage by catching as many foes as possible in attack grid. It requires skill and strategy to turn the tides of the game.

Defeat Boss Monsters

Many boss fights come with specific parts that can be destroyed. Earn a chance to get rarer rewards when you do so! To break boss parts, you need weapons with the right element!

Comprehensive Equipment System

Over 400 different equipment to collect, including hero-specific and equipment sets which grant powerful and unique abilities!

Variety of PVE and PVP Events

Experience many different gameplay modes such as

  • Face foes in a PVP battle Arena
  • A series of stages that chronicles the events of the Story
  • Challenge yourself in a Rogue-like survival arena known as the Infinite War”
  • Earn HON and WND from exciting events

WonderHero Game Structure

Hero Skins, Weapons & Equipment are NFT assets and require $HON/$WND to upgrade them. Effectively, there are thousands of combinations and endless strategies.

Hero Skin: Requires HON and/or WND to upgrade

Equipment: Requires HON and/or WND to upgrade

Weapon: Requires HON and/or WND to upgrade

Biochip: (to be release in future updates)​

Quantity of NFT Assets

Heroes, Weapons, Equipment will be on a limited quantity basis. This is to ensure competitiveness to all players in WonderHero Game, with the value of scarcity of rare NFT assets.

There will be future development of WonderHero NFT Assets explorer, users will be able to see the number of NFT assets that are available on the market, to determine the scarcity of these items. ​

Limited Quantity of Hero Skins

WonderHero NFT Skins selection

On a seasonal basis, WonderHero will launch Hero Skins with a global limited quantity. Hero Skins are for aesthetic purposes and also contribute to hero’s stat attributes.

Overview of Game Structure


WonderHero is a mobile RPG game where you may earn money by playing. Players collect Heroes, Weapons, and Equipment to enter RPG combat and play to gain tokens in a fantasy world in this anime-inspired turn-based game available for iOS and Android.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played WonderHero already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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