Wizardium NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Wizardium Game?

Wizardium is play to earn magical NFT crypto game based on Binance Smart Chain. You can be wizard, alchemist or witcher in the game and hunt for rare elements. After hunting rare elements you can put that elements into the cauldron and brew to gems.

Wizardium game’s native token is called $WIZZY and Return of Investment is very high which makes players to spend more time in this game.

The game is designed to have total 9 heroes that you can choose according to your strategy.

Every hero is an Unique hero and you must have at least one to play the game.

Wizardium NFT Game

How to start playing Wizardium?

To start playing Wizardium you will need to follow following steps:

  • Step #1: To start the game you must mint your NFT character. There are 3 different grades: Low, Medium and High. Of course the better stats you have on your character the best winning chances you will have
  • Step #2: Go to game’s offical website
  • Step #3: Connect your crypto wallet (I suggest you to use MetaMask or alternatively you can use WalletConnect)
  • Step #4: Choose your Hero from the game screen
  • Step #5: Select the currency to pay the NFT minting fee (You have BNB, BTC, ETH or BUSD)
  • Step #6: After selecting your NFT hero, click on buy
  • Step #7: Confirm the transaction on your wallet
  • Step #8: Go to your account on game’s website and check your hero.
Wizardium NFT Game

Wizardium Heroes List

There are 9 Wizardium Heroes as listed below:

  1. Diva
  2. Argus
  3. Morteus
  4. Gustavus
  5. Xena
  6. Felix
  7. Vitalis
  8. Tedius
  9. Markus


Diva is a divine medusa. She is good at magic and enchantment so can drive you to insane profit.


Argus is majestic griffon, explorer of air and earth. He is colossal and amazing hunter for rewards.


Morteus is powerful and brave hamster, he can read the ancient runes that help him to fill his bags with gold.


Gustavus is valliant and daring lion from the royal family, he beware of nothing, victory is his second name.


Xena is inventive young witch enchants everyone by just her look and get everything she even wants.


Felix is shaggy and loyal friend explores the world of magic by his flair, he knows the ways for rich and glory.


Vitalis is noble deer, with his magic staff he opens the secret locks and reveals the hidden gems.


Tedius is lovely druid alchemist, very kind. His bag is crowded with gems and the lamp leads to wealth.


Markus is young alchemist and a great explorer. Fortune smiles at him, he always finds rich loot.

NFT Elements Farming in Wizardium 

The feature that I love in this game is you can send your hero for farming to collect rare NFT elements in the game.

This elements can be find in almost every area and some areas will have a lot to farm and if your hero class is higher you can do faster farming and find powerful and rare elements with your hero easily.

Wizardium Game

How to use Wizardium Token #WIZZY?

You have many alternatives to use your Wizardium token $WIZZY. I made a list for you below:

  1. You can use your $WIZZY token for trading on DEXs
  2. You can buy new heroes with your $WIZZY token
  3. You can buy some boosters to increase your hero’s stats and abilities or items in game’s marketplace
  4. You can use your $WIZZY token for staking

Playing Mini Games in Wizardium

In the game you can also play some mini games called Witchcraft Battleground.

This is one of the other feature is interesting for me in Wizardium.

If you are bored to play classic Wizardium you can also try playing this mini games in Wizardium.

Wizardium Mint


Wizardium is a game for magical game lovers.

On the other hand it offers players to play mini games which makes the game is more and more interesting.

If you are interested in playing other NFT games like UplandsGods UnchainedSplinterlands, or Dark Country, make sure you have gone through our ultimate guides on them.

NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Wizardium already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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