What is STEPN (GMT)? (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle move to earn app that includes Game-Fi and Social-Fi features. STEPN is based on a common daily activity for most people: moving around. STEPN is the first project to successfully implement a working move and earn concept.

You are outfitted with NFTs in the form of Sneakers. You can earn game currency by walking, jogging, or running outside. This currency can be used in-game or cashed out for profit.

STEPN’s Game-Fi initiative aims to nudge millions toward a healthier lifestyle, combat climate change, and connect the public to Web 3.0, all while relying on its Social-Fi component to build a long-lasting platform fostering user generated Web 3.0 content.

STEPN is the name of the first mobile nonfungible token (NFT) game powered by the Solana blockchain. Users of STEPN can earn tokens by walking, jogging, or running outside in an NFT sneaker. STEPN aspires to inspire millions of people to adopt healthier lifestyles by ushering them into the Web3 era while also assisting in the achievement of carbon neutrality. But who invented STEPN?

STEPN was created by Satoshi Lab, an Australian fintech firm. Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong founded the Solana (SOL)-based STEPN (GMT). STEPN won the Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track. It’s also the only mobile game to win the Hackathon prize. The Hackathon judges praised STEPN for its game design, built-in marketplace, simple user interface, wallet, and goal of convincing millions of non-crypto users to use the app.

The first Web3 app received a $5.0M seed round (the first official money that STEPN raised). Leading investors such as Solana Capital, DeFi Alliance, MorningStar Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and others have backed STEPN’s vision. The funds will be used to help STEPN achieve its goal of inspiring millions of people to live healthier lives by connecting them to Web3 and assisting in the achievement of carbon neutrality.

This article will explain how STEPN works, what the STEPN coin is used for, how to buy STEPN (GMT), and how to earn money by walking, jogging, or running outside.

How to Start Using Stepn?

To begin, you must download the STEPN app.

  1. Download the STEPN app Download from Appstore or Google Playstore.
  2. Register for STEPN. After installing the app on your device, you will be able to sign up for STEPN using your email address. You will be given a verification code that you must enter in order to use the app.
  3. Create a new Wallet. In the top right corner of the screen, click the Wallet icon. The app will generate a secret phrase of 12 words. If you uninstall the app or forget your password, this will be used to recover your Wallet. Take note of this phrase and keep it somewhere safe (Write it down physically and store it somewhere only you will have access to.)Transfer SOL into your in-app Wallet Transfer SOL to in-app wallet to buy NFT Sneakers in the Marketplace and always keep some SOL as gas in your Wallet account.
  4. Purchase a Sneaker. Go to the in-app Marketplace and select a Sneaker! You can use the Filter tool to find your preferred Sneaker type. Check that you have enough SOL to make the purchase.

Congrats! You’re ready to go. After purchasing a Sneaker, energy will be restored at a rate of 25% every 6 hours (Fixed at AEDT Time 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00) You can begin your STEPN journey immediately following the first 25% energy restoration.

How does STEPN work? 

You must first download the STEPN app. Then you must register for STEPN using your email address. You must connect your wallet after verification in order to explore the STEPN cryptocurrency.

Users of STEPN’s Game-Fi system wear NFTs in the form of sneakers. To purchase NFT sneakers, users must deposit Solana’s native SOL token in STEPN’s in-app wallet and wait 24 hours for their energy to be replenished. The amount of energy expended by a user while exercising with a sneaker NFT is measured.

You can select attributes such as resilience, efficiency, and comfort. Your sneaker’s features all contribute to its energy cap. Because the supply of rewards is limited, the energy cap is important in bottlenecking distribution.

The STEPN ecosystem has two tokens: the Green Satoshi Token (GST), which is the game’s utility token and has an unlimited supply, and the Green Metaverse Token (GMT), which is the governance token. So, how many STEPN (GMT) coins are there in circulation? GMT tokens have a limited supply of 6 billion.

Sneaker details page

What makes STEPN unique?

The STEPN move-to-earn cryptocurrency app includes Social-Fi and Game-Fi components. STEPN’s Game-Fi initiative aims to encourage users to combat climate change, live a healthy lifestyle, and connect the public to Web3, while relying on its Social-Fi component to build a stable platform that encourages user-generated Web3 content.

By walking, jogging, or running outside while wearing NFT sneakers, you can earn GST. GST can be used to purchase new sneakers or to advance in the game. You can lease or sell your NFT sneakers on the in-app marketplace, and your GST earnings are saved in the in-app wallet, which includes a built-in swap function.

This dual-token economy model meets STEPN’s utility and fundraising needs. The primary goal of token generation is to avoid regulatory complications and to divide the project’s ecosystem into two tokens for easier use.

Due to the limited supply of tokens, a burn mechanism is required to assist people in living a healthy lifestyle, which is yet another distinguishing feature of STEPN. The burn mechanism is used to reduce the circulation of both the GMT and GST tokens through various in-app actions.

What are StepN Game Modes?

There are 3 game modes available in StepN as listed below:

  1. Solo Mode
  2. Marathon Mode
  3. Background Mode

1. Solo Mode

In Solo Mode, you wear NFT Sneakers to earn tokens by moving. Green Satoshi Tokens require energy to earn (GST). Every 1 Energy equals 5 minutes of move&earn movement and Energy that ONLY begins to replenish after you obtain an NFT Sneaker. To begin, you select a Sneaker and press the Start button.

You should see a “Walking” or “Running” status bar at the top of the screen.

Moonwalking: This will be displayed if the app detects a weak GPS/internet signal or if the user is not moving naturally (i.e. using an electronic scooter or strap phone on their dog). While Moonwalking, no GST is earned, and users may or may not lose Energy depending on the circumstances.

GPS Signal: White indicates no GPS, Red indicates poor GPS, and Green indicates strong GPS.

Pro Tip: Always check your Energy before moving, as there is no token earning if you have none.

GST/GMT will be charged for each minute of movement, which is determined by four major factors as listed below:

  1. Sneaker Type: The base GST returns for each Sneaker vary. The individual breakdown of each Sneaker type can be found in the Sneaker Attributes section.
  2. Attribute of Sneaker Efficiency: The higher the efficiency, the more GST earned per minute. From Level 0 to Level 29, you can ONLY earn GST. At Level 30, you have the option of continuing to earn GST or switching to GMT. You can freely switch between these two earning modes.
  3. Attribute of Sneaker Comfort: The higher the comfort, the more GMT earned per minute. At Level 30, you will have the option of earning GST or GMT. You can freely switch between these two earning modes.
  4. Speed of Movement: To maximize earnings, you should stay within your Sneaker’s optimal speed range. If you fall outside of this range, your earnings will be reduced by up to 90%, depending on the speed difference from the optimal range.

Good to know: Your token earnings will stop when your Energy runs out. You can either continue tracking their movements or exit Solo Mode by briefly pressing the Stop button.

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is a loot box that is dropped at random while you are moving in Solo Mode. It includes Gems (Levels 1–3). Every user has four Mystery Box slots.

Sneakers has the same five quality types as Mystery Box. When you receive a Mystery Box, you must wait before opening it, and the countdown begins automatically. They will spend a small amount of GST (a Base Cost) to open it once the countdown is over. The duration of the Mystery Box countdown increases proportionally to its quality.

2. Marathon Mode

Pro Tip: In Marathon Mode, you must register under the Marathon Tab at least 24 hours before the race begins. There will be both weekly and monthly marathons.

Only users who have successfully registered will be notified in their Quest Log. You can keep track of your progress by using the Set a Goal function. The Marathon will be completed once the specified running distance is completed, and you will be notified via the Quest Log. You will be unable to repair your Sneakers until the Marathon concludes.

Registration Fee

To ensure user commitment, a registration fee is charged, which is refunded upon completion of the Marathon. Participants unable to complete the Marathon within the time limit will have their fees pooled and included in the Leaderboard rewards.


Points are used to rank marathon participants. Your running speed and Sneaker’s Attributes are used to calculate points.


  1. The top % of the weekly/monthly Marathon Leaderboard will receive GST/GMT prizes and a Gold NFT Badge (TBD)
  2. The top % of the weekly/monthly Marathon Leaderboard will receive GMT prizes and a Silver NFT Badge (TBD)
  3. The top % of the weekly/monthly Marathon Leaderboard will receive GST prizes and a Bronze NFT Badge (TBD)
  4. All Marathon participants will receive an NFT Participation Badge.

Background Mode (Under Development)

You can earn GST tokens offline and without incurring repair costs if you have at least one pair of sneakers in your inventory. While the STEPN app is turned off, the background mode collects the step count directly from the mobile device’s health data, which has no effect on the sneakers’ endurance.

You will be able to earn GST even if the STEPN app is not actively used. Background Mode will count steps directly from their mobile device’s Health Data app as long as the user holds a Sneaker in the app, with a daily limit of 3,000 steps. These earnings are fixed (unaffected by Efficiency or other bonuses) and do not contribute to the daily GST Cap.

Good to know: While earning through Background Mode, you will incur no Durability or Energy costs.

What is Sneakers in StepN? What are the Advantages?

Uses of NFT sneakers in STEPN

Sneaker Attributes

  1. (GST Earning) Efficiency: Solo Mode, Marathon Mode In Solo Mode, Efficiency contributes to GST earnings. A higher Efficiency Attribute will result in higher GST earnings per unit of energy spent. Higher Efficiency leads to a faster accumulation of Leaderboard points in Marathon Mode.
  2. Sneaker Rental (Solo Mode): Luck (Mystery Box), The frequency and quality of Mystery Box drops are determined by chance. You can also receive Mystery Box drops while leasing your Sneakers.
  3. (GMT Earning) Comfort: Solo Mode, Marathon Mode, Staking/Governance – The Comfort value has been revised and is currently being developed.
  4. (Durability/Repair) Solo Mode, Marathon Mode Resilience: Resilience influences the decay rate of Durability in Solo Mode. Higher Resilience will result in a slower decay of Durability. The higher the level or quality of the Sneaker, the higher the repair cost. Durability is the “stamina” bar of a Sneaker. Durability decreases as you move. Sneakers are penalized for “wearing out” at two Durability touch points:
  • At 50/100 Durability, Sneaker Efficiency drops to 90%
  • At 20/100 Durability, Sneaker Efficiency drops to 10%

In Marathon Mode, resilience allows users to earn more points by keeping their Sneaker above the “worn-out” penalty mark for a longer period of time.

Pro Tip: You will be able to reset the Sneaker’s Attribute points by burning GST/GMT. The more frequent the reset, the higher the cost, with a cost cap at a certain level (Under Development).

Sneaker Types

There are four types of Sneakers, each designed for a specific exercise intensity and/or fitness level as shown below table:

NameOptimal Speed (km/hr)Example Return at Optimal Speed
Walker1 – 64 GST / 1 Energy spent
Jogger4 – 105 GST / 1 Energy spent
Runner8 – 206 GST / 1 Energy spent
Trainer1 – 204 – 6.25 GST / 1 Energy spent

The GST return of users is not constant, and several factors can cause it to fluctuate:

  1. Sneaker Efficiency (Low Durability affects Efficiency).
  2. GPS signal/External Environment – users will earn less if GPS signal is poor.
  3. Randomization.

Sneaker Quality

There are five Sneaker characteristics as shown below table. When a Sneaker is minted, the value of each Attribute is chosen at random between the minimum and maximum values based on Sneaker quality. As a result, even sneakers of comparable quality may have vastly different Attribute distributions.

QualityMin. AttributeMax. Attribute

Sneaker Level

You can level up your Sneakers by burning GST, though GMT is required at certain points. Each level-up takes a set amount of time to complete, which increases with the amount of GST and GMT required based on the Sneaker level. This process can be sped up/accelerated by using more GST.

Currently, GMT is required to level a Sneaker to Level 5, 10, 20, 29, and 30. You will gain 4 – 12 additional Attribute points to assign to your Sneaker quality as they level up as shown below table:

QualityAttribute Point/Level up

Following certain level milestones, additional benefits will be unlocked as shown below table:

MilestoneTriggered Event
Level 5Unlocks Socket 1
Level 5Unlocks Shoe-minting
Level 10Unlocks Sneaker Lease function
Level 10Unlocks Socket 2
Level 15Unlocks Socket 3
Level 20Unlocks Socket 4
Level 30Unlocks GMT earning

Pro Tip: At the highest level, you must choose between earning GST and GMT. Switching between GST/GMT earnings is permitted, but there is a cooling-off period.

Genesis Sneaker

  • Genesis Sneakers on Solana are Sneakers #1 – 10,000
  • Genesis Sneakers on BNBChain are Sneaker #10,001 – 20,000

Gem Types, Sockets and Level

You can unlock Gem Sockets once your Sneakers reach a certain level, and then use the corresponding Gems to improve their Sneaker Attributes by inserting them into the unlocked Sockets (i.e. only Efficiency Gems can be placed into Efficiency Sockets).

There are four types of Gems, each representing a different Attribute as listed below:

  1. Yellow: Efficiency
  2. Blue: Luck
  3. Red: Comfort
  4. Purple: Resilience

You can upgrade your Gems by burning GST and combining three Gems of the same level and type to a higher level by going to the Upgrade tab under the Gems section (i.e three Level-1 Efficiency Gems to one Level-2 Efficiency Gem).

GMT will also be required from Level 4 onwards to upgrade a Gem.

Pro Tip: It should be noted that upgrading low-level gems may fail.

Socket Types and Quality

A Sneaker has four different Sockets, which are distinguished by colors that correspond to Gem types. You can improve the Sneaker’s attributes by inserting Gems into the Socket. Each time the Sneaker reaches level 5, 10, 15, or 20, one Socket is unlocked. Higher Socket quality will boost the Attribute of the inserted Gem.


Shoe-Minting Event (SME) occurs when you use two Sneakers they own as a blueprint to “breed,” resulting in the creation of a Shoebox. For reference, the two sneakers will be known as Vintages (Parents). To begin a SME, both Vintages must be in the user’s possession (not leased) and have full durability.

You can then choose a Sneaker to “breed” with by going to the Mint tab, selecting the Sneaker to “breed” with, and pressing Mint to proceed. You will immediately receive a Shoebox that can be opened.

You can perform up to seven SMEs per Sneaker. The higher the SME count of a Sneaker, the higher the GST/GMT cost. Shoe-minting costs are calculated separately for each Vintage and added together for the total Minting cost.

Both Vintages have a 72-hour cool down period after shoe-minting – Sneakers can still be used for movement.

Dynamic Minting Costs

Minting cost = GST (A) + base GMT (B) + additional GMT ([A+B]*x)

  1. If GST < $4, x = 0%;
  2. If $4 < GST < $8, x = 50%;
  3. If $8 < GST < $12, x = 100%;
  4. If $12 < GST < $16, x = 200%;
  5. If $16 < GST < $20, x = 400%;
  6. If $20 < GST < $30, x = 800%;
  7. If $30 < GST < $40, x = 1600%;
  8. If $40 < GST < $50, x = 3200%;
  9. If GST > $50, x = 6400%.

Good to know: The cost of shoe-minting will be updated daily at 14:00 UTC.

The first two Shoe-Minting are the same price. Shoe-Minting may drop one additional Shoebox. The higher the Mint count, the more likely it is to drop multiple Shoeboxes.

The cost of shoe-minting will be adjusted on a regular basis to balance the supply and demand for both GST and GMT.

  • The Vintage Sneaker’s Quality determines Shoebox Quality.
  • When you open the Shoebox, you will receive a new Sneaker, with the Sneaker Quality determined by the Shoebox Quality.

Good to know: Please keep in mind that Legendary Sneaker Drop is currently disabled.

  • The two Vintage Sneaker types determine the new Sneaker type.
  • Two Vintage Sneaker’s Socket types determine the new Sneaker’s Socket type.


Badges are earned by completing tasks, with more difficult tasks earning better Badges (5 qualities). Badges provide in-game benefits. Possible benefits include:

  1. Gameplay Solo Mode – Additional Energy Leaderboard point bonus in Marathon Mode
  2. Shoe-Minting Rental and Sales – Increased Chance of Leasing Sneaker-Minting Rental and Sales – Lower Minting Cost
  3. Governance TBD

Earning Cap/Mechanics

Solo Mode Earning Cap

Solo Mode has a Daily Energy Cap as well as a Daily Token Cap. These restrictions limit the amount of Energy and tokens that users can possess per day.

Daily Energy Cap

You begin the game with 2/2 Energy. Max Energy Caps are set to 20/20. You can boost your Energy by purchasing more or better Sneakers (Refer to Energy System above)

Daily Token Cap

You begin with a 5/5 Daily GST Cap. The Daily Token Cap is limited to 300 GST. By leveling up your Sneakers, you can increase your Daily Token Cap. By burning some GMT, the user can permanently increase the GST cap beyond 300/300. This option will become available once you have reached 90% of your current Daily Cap.

Good to know: There is NO earning cap for GMT.

Solo Mode Earning Mechanics


  1. K: Your Average Speed
  2. PSE: Your Sneaker’s Efficiency
  3. PSEC: Coefficient of Player Sneaker Efficiency (Gem/Socket, NFT Badges)
  4. System value: The game developer determines the value, which is subject to change.
  5. Parameter: A set of system values

In short, the following factors influence GST Earnings:

  1. Total Energy
  2. Movement Speed
  3. Sneaker (Type, Attributes, Quality & Level)
  4. Gem (Type, Level & inserted Socket Quality)
  5. NFT Badges

Energy System

Energy is replenished at a rate of 25% every 6 hours until it reaches the Energy Cap. You begin with a Sneaker and two Energy Caps. By holding more Sneakers, you can increase their maximum energy. The formula is shown in below table:

Sneaker No.EnergyMove&earn time (min)Note
3420Daily User
9945Savvied User
151260Pro User

You receive additional Energy (cumulative) for higher quality sneakers:

  1. Having an Unusual Sneaker: +2 Energy
  2. Having a Rare Sneaker: +2 Energy
  3. Having an Epic Sneaker: +3 Energy
  4. Having a Legendary Sneaker: +4 Energy


1 Uncommon Sneaker + 1 Common Sneaker = 3 Total Energy (2 Base Energy + 1 Bonus)


2 Rare Sneaker + 1 Common Sneaker = 8 Total Energy (4 Base Energy + 4 Bonus)

Listing Sneaker on the Marketplace will result in a loss of Energy and Energy Cap. Transferring a Sneaker from one account to another causes the Sneaker to enter a Cooldown period, during which you cannot use the Sneaker.

Mystery Box System

The value of the mystery box determines whether or not a Mystery Box will be dropped:

  1. PSL: Player Sneaker Luck
  2. PSLC: Player Sneaker Luck Coefficient (Gem/Socket, NFT badges)

In short, the following factors influence Mystery Box Quality:

  1. Energy expended in a single session
  2. Sneaker’s Luck Value

The Mystery Box has ten levels and requires GST to open. Gems and Minting Scrolls can be found in the Mystery Box. Transferring Sneaker from Spending Account to Wallet, which results in Energy reduction, will result in the purging of all Mystery Boxes.

LevelMystery Box Quality
1Damaged Mystery Box
2Refurbished Mystery Box
3Common Mystery Box
4Uncommon Mystery Box
5Rare Mystery Box
6Epic Mystery Box
7Legendary Mystery Box
8Enchanted Mystery Box
9Master Mystery Box
10Satoshi Mystery Box

Pro Tip: It is important to note that losing energy by listing a Sneaker in the marketplace will NOT burn/purge Mystery Boxes.

NFT Burning System

Five low-quality sneakers must be destroyed, while one high-quality enhanced sneaker must be preserved. By burning five low-quality Sneakers, some GST, and GMT, the user has a one-in-one chance of receiving one higher-quality enhanced Sneaker. An enhanced Sneaker is one that has a 20% increase in the following attribute parameter:

QualitySneaker AttributesEnhanced Sneaker Attributes
Common1 – 10NA
Uncommon8 – 189.6 – 21.6
Rare15 – 3518 – 42
Epic28 – 6333.6 – 75.6
Legendary50 – 11260 – 134.4

Pro Tip: The low quality Sneaker’s types have an effect on the enhanced Sneaker’s type.

Quest System

  • Daily Quest: Fix reward
  • Weekly Quest: Gain more quests
  • Monthly Quest: Token reward
  • Holiday Quest: Special NFT Sneaker Airdrop

Achievement System

Each user’s account is linked to their In-Game Achievement. Although it is not on the Blockchain, the Badge earned by completing Achievement is an NFT that can be traded:

  • Grinding
  • Challenge
  • Collection
  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Social
  • Economy
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • Funny
  • Map
  • Feat of Strength
  • Meta-Achievement

Sneaker Customization

At Level 30, you can burn GST/GMT/NFT to customize their Sneakers, such as changing the name, adding a quote, adding extra Attribute points, and so on.

StepN Tokenomics

  • Game Token: GST (Green Satoshi Token)
  • Governance Token: GMT (Green Metaverse Token)


GST has an infinite supply and is earned by moving in Solo or Background Mode.

​Following are the contract and bridge address:

  • GST (SPL) Contract address: AFbX8oGjGpmVFywbVouvhQSRmiW2aR1mohfahi4Y2AdB
  • GST (BEP20) Contract address: 0x4a2c860cEC6471b9F5F5a336eB4F38bb21683c98
  • BNB Chain:0xb310f03758f5222b5b1bb59b7d997f0e77327d04
  • Solana Chain:B1YT25taioVePS81piB5fnJ8inkGfYsQhHsPP1CMCnRS

GST Burning Mechanics (Destroying)

The GST is burned by:

  1. Shoe-Minting
  2. Repair
  3. Leveling up Sneakers
  4. Gems upgrade
  5. Unlocking Socket

What is the STEPN coin used for? 

As previously stated, the STEPN ecosystem contains two tokens. The GST and GMT tokens’ various use cases are discussed in the sections below:

1. Green Satoshi Token

The GST token can be obtained in a number of ways, including participation in the Token Generation Event (TGE), where it can be minted. A token creation event occurs when a DApp developer officially releases the individual tokens of a blockchain-based network into the market.

This utility token requires no investments aside from the time and effort required to participate in various game activities such as running, walking, and jogging.

Furthermore, the GST token can be used to level up or repair sneakers. You can also use the GST token to upgrade gem items and mint sneakers, and it is widely used to exchange/swap USD coins (USDC).

2. Green Metaverse Token

GMT, a governance token, can be used to rename sneakers or level up to a high rank. GMT tokens can also be used to distribute premium game content or high-level activities and profits.

It is important to note that only Level 30 sneakers are eligible to swap GMT for USDC. To begin earning GMT, however, you must have at least three Energy, also known as the “rule of three requirements.”

How to buy STEPN (GMT)?

To purchase STEPN, look for exchanges that support its GMT token. Coinbase, for example, does not yet allow its users to purchase STEPN, whereas Binance does. Please follow the steps below to purchase STEPN through the Binance exchange:

  • You can create a free account (if you don’t already have one) by downloading the Binance app or visiting Binance website.
  • After confirming your identity, fund your account with a debit/credit card, bank deposit, peer-to-peer service, or third-party payment channels such as Simplex, GEO Pay, and so on.
  • Find a navigation bar, search for STEPN (GMT) or trading pairs with STEPN (GMT), and enter the number of GMT tokens you want to purchase.
  • Wallets of your choice can be used to store your STEPN (GMT).

Is STEPN (GMT) a good investment?

Any cryptocurrency investment is dependent on your goals and objectives in committing funds to a project. If you are unsure about the vision of a protocol in which you want to invest, please conduct a thorough market research.

That being said, STEPN is a good or bad investment depending on how much you know about the app, its team, and your financial objectives. Also, if your goals align with the app’s vision, it could be a good investment project for you. If the answer is no, you should think twice before investing your hard-earned money in something you don’t believe in.

Buying Sneakers: How to choose the right STEPN Sneaker?

You’re ready to buy the shoes as soon as you switch SOL from wallet to spend. This is the only way to earn money in this game.

Clicking on the cart icon on the home screen of your app in the bottom right corner will take you to the STEPN marketplace.

You can filter based on your budget and preferences. There are four main types of sneakers to choose from, as listed below:

  1. Walker
  2. Jogger
  3. Runner
  4. Trainer
NFT Sneaker

Your earnings are also determined by the type of shoe you own.

The price of the shoe is also determined by its qualities. Furthermore, the more shoes you have in your collection, the more energy you have to move.

Runners are the most expensive at the marketplace, despite earning the most tokens, because people prefer walking or jogging to running.

It is critical to understand that STEPN does not sell any of the shoes; users can only purchase them from others through the marketplace.

Renting is currently not available, but when it is, you will see that you can run and earn even if you do not have the capital to purchase a shoe. All you have to do is divide the profit.

Run and earn GMT

Your current speed and the ideal speed.

When you own a Sneaker, it will appear on your current shoe list.

If you’re ready to run, click on the running man icon in the far bottom left corner. Your sneaker will be at the top, and the start button will be at the bottom.

You will also see a tab indicating your energy level and the next refill time. Each energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of movement.

Remember to repair it after you finish your daily moves to increase its durability and level.

How to make money with STEPN?

In the STEPN economy, there are currently only three primary sources of income available:

  1. Obtain and earn GST tokens
  2. Breeding STEPN Sneaker
  3. Stake GMT (by staking you can earn a portion of the game’s profit)

Your earnings are also directly related to the type of shoe you own.

  1. Walker: If you burn one energy, you will receive four tokens and must maintain a speed of 1 to 6 km/hr.
  2. Joggers: You get 5 tokens for burning 1 energy and maintaining a speed of 4 to 10 km/hr.
  3. Runners: In this game, you get 6 tokens for burning one energy and running between 8 and 20 kilometers per hour.
  4. Trainers: These sneakers provide the most flexibility because you must maintain a speed of 1 to 20 km/hr. to burn energy and earn 4 to 6 tokens.

Aside from that, any unusual shoe will add 1 energy to your total energy.

How to Earn more with STEPN sneakers?

Each STEPN Sneaker has a distinct feature that affects your ability to move. The more you earn, the better your attributes are.

Resilience, luck, comfort, and efficiency are the four characteristics.

As a beginner, I would recommend focusing on efficiency and resilience because the attribute comfort is useless until level 30 and luck is not very useful at that point.

Sneaker's attributes.

Aside from that, there are a few other factors that influence your earnings, such as whether the shoe is,

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary

You can earn more tokens by leveling up and upgrading your shoe.

Things to remember before Playing STEPN game

  1. You must get outside..
  2. Make sure you have a strong GPS signal because it has a direct impact on your earnings.
  3. Attempt to maintain an optimal speed.
  4. Do not cheat because the app has an anti-cheating system built in.
  5. Above all, keep in mind that these earnings are also subject to fluctuations in the value of the GST token.

STEPN Beginners Guide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How many types of sneakers are available in the STEPN marketplace?

There are four types of sneakers available: walker, jogger, runner, and trainer. 

Q2. After how much time do new users start earning revenue?

The new user is given 10 minutes of revenue-generating gameplay..

Q3. How many shoes were launched by STEPN? 

The game began with 10,000 shoes.

Q4. How will the game increase the number of sneakers in circulation?

Only by breeding new shoes from any two existing shoes that reach level 5 or higher can the number of shoes in circulation be increased..


STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle move to earn app that includes Game-Fi and Social-Fi features. STEPN is based on a common daily activity for most people: moving around. STEPN is the first project to successfully implement a working move and earn concept.

You are outfitted with NFTs in the form of Sneakers. You can earn game currency by walking, jogging, or running outside. This currency can be used in-game or cashed out for profit.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time. It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

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