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War Riders NFT Game

War Riders NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is War Riders Game?

War Riders is an online PVP oriented NFT vehicle war game built on blockchain. You can customize your vehicles, destroy your enemies card and mine BZN Tokens.

You can see War Riders game video trailer below showing how the game looks like.

The game has virtual items such as armored car death machines, cannons, machine guns. Your items will be stored on the game’s server and you cannot trade them with other players.

War Riders Gameplay

War Riders is a free to play game. There is no subscription fees or download fees for the game.

However, in order to play the game you will still need to own a vehicle.

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game.

What are the War Riders Game Vehicles?

There are 5 types of vehicles in War Riders Game as listed below:

  1. SUV
  2. War Truck
  3. Car Tank
  4. War Lambo
  5. Hovercraft
War Riders Vehicles
War Riders vehicles

These vehicles are also dived in 3 quality like Regular grade, mid-grade and premium grade.

Regular Grade War Riders Vehicles

Regular grade vehicles are entry-level vehicles for the normal player.

Grade Vehicle
Regular grade vehicle

Before the launch, over 1,000,000 regular-grade vehicle units was released.

Features of Regular Grade War Riders Vehicles are listed below:

  • They 40-240 armor units,
  • They have 1 primary weapon slot,
  • They have 0-2 secondary weapon slots,
  • They have a tank that holds 20-90 benzene units.

Mid-grade War Riders Vehicles

Mid-grade vehicles are a step up from regular graded vehicles, but they are still not as common as premium grade vehicles.

Only 150,000 mid-grade vehicles was produced in War Riders NFT game.

Mid Grade Vehicle
Mid-grade vehicle

Features of Mid-grade War Riders Vehicles are listed below:

  • They have 80-280 units of armor,
  • They have 1 primary weapon slot,
  • They have 0-2 secondary weapon slots,
  • They have a tank that carries 50-120 units of benzene.

Premium Grade War Riders Vehicles

Premium grade vehicles are available for the most hardcore players and collectors.

There is only 30,000 units Premium Grade War Riders Vehicles was produced in War Riders NFT game.

Each premium vehicle has one or two primary weapon slots.

Armor and tank capacity vary depending on the model.

Premium Vehicle

Features of Premium Grade War Riders Vehicles are listed below:

  • War truck has armor capacity 750-800 units of armor,
  • War truck has a tank that carries 300-450 units of benzene.
  • SUV has armor capacity of 250-300 units of armor
  • SUV has a tank that carries 150-200 units of benzene.

Out of all of the various premium models, only a total of 30,000 units will be produced.

This figure includes the 1000 units of “special vehicles” discussed in the next section.

War Riders Special Vehicles

Totally 1000 “special vehicles” was included in the number of premium vehicles.

These vehicles are extremely uncommon.

The Lambo, Car Tank, and Hovercraft are among them.

These vehicles not only have better specs overall, but they also have bonus abilities.

Car Tank
Car Tank

War Riders RNG Vehicle Specifications

While more rare vehicles typically have better stats than less rare vehicles, there is also an element of RNG in vehicle stats.

A regular-grade vehicle, for example, comes with a tank that can hold 20-90 units of benzene.

However, the actual amount of benzene it can hold is determined at random during the manufacturing process.

Customization options

After purchasing of your vehicle you customize it in a variety of ways.

The body type, color, guns, and wheels are all customizable.

In addition, you can design your own logos or fancy messages to display on your vehicle.

You can also attach some deadly equipment on your vehicle

Vehicle Customization

Benzene Mining

Benzene Mining
benzene mining

Your main goal in the game is mining the game currency known as Benzene.

Benzene is used as a currency to buy upgrades from vendors for your vehicles.

To get benzene, you must first drive to targeted location, fill the tank, and then return the vehicle to the player’s garage.

Benzene Robbery

You can steal benzene from other players.

To accomplish this, you must simply destroy your enemey player’s vehicle in combat.

The destroyer enemy vehicle will respawn, but the benzene will be given to the winner of the battle.

You can use and spend benzene to upgrade your weapons.


War Riders is a Mad Max style vehicle combat game which allows you to own your vehicles, guns.

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You can use this free registration link and play War Riders game free any earn money while playing the game.

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Have you ever played War Riders Game? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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