Vulcano NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

Vulcano is an NFT combat game that pits light against darkness. These spheres are continually fighting for power in intense battles. A pure power capable of erasing a rival for all time.

You will be able to pick between light and dark factions and compete against the environment for $BUSD.

Vulcano Game Story

Vulcan’s story is one of rage and hatred, of endless brightness and severe darkness, of forces constantly fighting to dominate one other and conquer the entire Universe.

Astrophel is an ancient and primitive orb of light that arose in the middle of an empty galaxy with only Astrophel and a few hundred stars. Since the beginning, it has been ruled by the Great Alpha, who had two sons: Aster, the heir, and Zenith, the youngest.

However, darkness clung to this sphere of light for years before his death. The quarrels began in various parts of Astrophel and grew in intensity until they reached the royal family. The remarks poisoned the ears of those who heard them, like snakes poisoning snakes. The conflicts between Zenith, Aster, and Gran Alpha grew to the point where they threatened to pull the family apart.

Vulcano NFT Game

The citizens of Astrophel watched as the heir escaped the sphere, leaving behind not only his family but also his life and all he had ever believed in, with all the anguish in the world. Zenith took the lead as the Great Alpha crossed over to the other side.

The events that led to the royal family’s alienation and feuds remain undisclosed, hidden from public view and deep within the minds of a few select individuals who have promised to keep the secret under lock and key and to guard it with their life.

Since there was no other sphere or habitable star in the galaxy, no one knew where Aster went. Zenith and the people of the sphere of light gradually came to believe that he was dead and that they had lost a magnificent man.

After a few flashes, Astrophel saw the rise of a new sphere. Only the reddish rays broke through the gloom of this sphere, which was absolutely black and encircled by black clouds. Vulcan I was the name of the sphere, which was dominated by the enigmatic Dark Aster. His reappearance was a rebirth, as he rose from the ashes of his former self.

Vulcano NFT Game Combat

As a result, a new goal was established. Dark Aster desired not only to rule over his sphere, but also to one day build Vulcan: the first galaxy of darkness, and demonstrate to the rest of the world what darkness might achieve. He still has a long way to go to do this, and he must first confront his brother. Mostly because Zenith is the key to this conquest’s future success. Second, it’s time to let go of the past that has been bothering him. It’s time for the night to fall.

The battles are ongoing and take place in both realms. With the advent of an opposing ship, the verdant meadows of Astrophel or the bleak black deserts of Vulcan I become the cradle of a fight. Although not at random, all species are compelled to engage in order to safeguard their land and claim what is rightfully theirs. These species are categorised into a system known as “Rubicons” from the minute they touch the ground, based on their combat power and ability.

The Auxiliaries are in the first rubicon, the lowest of all. These are cloned species that have joined the ranks of both sides. Despite the fact that they are the majority, they have fewer powers. The leader of their domain can mentally interact with them, either to give them a general order or to control them entirely during the conflict. They share the shared purpose of defending and sustaining the domain to which they belong, even if it means risking their lives.

The Affixes are a step higher, on rubicon two. These are capable individuals who have been trained for their roles and fight with the appropriate weapons. The commander of their domain can mentally interact with them, either to give them a broad order or to control their every move. They do, however, have far more freedom than the rubicon and can issue orders if necessary.

The Analogs, the third rubicon, is only available to those who have earned the distinction of this title and rank through hard battling and training. They are very skilled fighters, feared by many and admired by the majority. They serve as a link between rubicon four and the rest of the rubicons, allowing them to communicate.

Finally, we come upon rubicon four, which consists of only two people: Zenith in Astrophel and Dark Aster in Vulcan I. The Intrinsics are a well-known band. Few have seen them in action, and many are baffled by both their look and the scope of their abilities. They carve a rubicon from a different world.

Both sides are fighting tough and exhausting battles. Zenith, on the other hand, cannot allow his brother to triumph, just as Astrophel cannot let darkness to rule. No matter what they have to destroy, Dark Aster and his disciples will do all in their power to make their schemes a reality.

Vulcano Gameplay

Vulcano will be a video game in the auto battler genre (for its alpha version) with a Sci-Fi aesthetic.

Within Vulcano, players will engage in three-character versus three-character 3D battles.

Three rounds will be played, where each player will have to position their characters and equip them with a weapon if they wish.

Players must adapt their moves to the strategy they believe their opponent will use to counter them.

Once characters are positioned and equipped, enemy NFTs will appear and fight automatically, with each character role having different behaviours.

The player who wins two of these three duels wins the match.

For the Beta version of the game, the player will be able to select his or her favourite character and will be able to manage it in real time (RTS).

Team composition in Vulcano:

The team consists of three heroes as well as battle weapons that can be carefully picked. Players must carefully select and optimize characters based on their roles, energy, and abilities.

Battle in Vulcano:

Players will arrange their team members without seeing the position of the opponent prior to actual combat. Players will give orders to their team mates at the start of the combat, determining which way to assault the opponents. After the battle, the victor will receive $VULC.

Positioning in Vulcano:

It is critical to consider where each character should be placed in each round in order to fight in the most effective manner possible. When confronted with some roles, each Role is stronger, but when confronted with others, they are weaker. This will determine the priority and whether or not attacking the opponent is convenient.

According to the Role, each NFT will behave in a different way.

End Possibilities:


  • The Player has to win two of the three Battle Rounds.
  • The Opponent surrenders.
  • The Opponent disconnects from the game while battling.


  • The Player loses two of the three Battle Rounds.
  • The Player surrenders.
  • The Player disconnects from the game while battling

Play to Earn

In the game, there will be two methods to gain $Vulc. On the one hand, gamers who are successful in defeating the computer or other players will be rewarded. The stronger a player’s approach, the more likely he or she is to win and get rewards.

Staking and character training (NFTs), on the other hand, will both yield $Vulc rewards. When these systems are operational, they will be announced.

Experience points will be awarded to players. These points are extremely valuable because they can be used to unlock new levels, receive discounts, and gain special access to competitions.

Players that play more frequently will receive bonuses. Those that play every day, on a regular basis, will also be rewarded.

Regardless of rarity or power, a team must consist of three characters.


In PVE mode, players can fight against creatures (non NFTs) in adventure mode.


In PVP mode, players can compete against other players online.


Players can compete against characters controlled by the AI.


In order to combat, characters will expend energy. Energy will be restricted, and each player’s territory will be the sole place to recharge it.

Energy recharging will be charged in $VULC, with 100% of the cost going to Token burning and the remainder being returned to the reward pool.

Vulcano Factions

The player must choose a Faction to which he or she will belong at the start of the Vulcano® game: Light or Darkness. This is part of the videogame’s lore, and the decision has no bearing on the game’s aesthetics or its presentation/progress in the tale.

After making a decision, the player will be able to change Faction for a specific quantity of “tokens” in the future (an internal system of burning digital tokens to avoid inflation by controlling the circulating supply).

In terms of characters, if the player picks the Light Faction, all Darkness characters will be unavailable for any of the player’s battles, and vice versa. However, regardless of Faction, any player will be able to trade any character in the marketplace.

A player must choose an internal faction inside each Faction, which has a direct impact on the attributes and features of his or her characters.



Faction #1 – Increases life attributes of all playing characters in X % but it lowers their defenses in X %.

Faction #2 – Increases attack attributes of all playing characters in X % but it lowers their Agility in X %.

Faction #3 – Increases in a unit (“1”) the maximum energy level of all playing characters but it lowers their Attributes in X %.


Faction #1 – Increases life attributes of all playing characters in X % but it lowers their defenses in X %.

Faction #2 – Increases attack attributes of all playing characters in X % but it lowers their Agility in X %.

Faction #3 – Increases in a unit (“1”) the maximum energy level of all playing characters but it lowers their Attributes in X %.

Besides, players can also change Faction for a lower cost in “tokens” depending on the playing style they may want to adopt or that may better function with their playing style.

Combat in Vulcano

Vulcano NFT Game Combat


Vulcano® is a game in which players compete in SINGLE COMBATS (duels between two single opponents). Each player must select three characters and arrange them in the battlefield in the manner that he or she believes is most effective.

Before beginning a round, each player must create a team of three to six characters in his or her own profile. A weapon roster must also be created, with a minimum of cero and a maximum of ten weapons. When fighting, weapons are particularly significant since they allow the player to choose between offensive and defensive techniques depending on what is most convenient during the round.

This functionality produces a game with a constantly shifting dynamic in each opposing side, but it does not allow players with a significant number of NFTs to combat any opponent’s approach.

Each player can use the special skill of each of his or her characters once per round. The player must select when the best time is to do so in order to get an advantage during the round.

Each Battle Round requires players to select three characters from a total of six (Roster) and tactically position them according to each role or skill.

When it comes to building teams, a player must examine the greatest feasible combination based on his or her playing style, as the goal is to reinforce his or her strategy while counteracting the opponent’s.

First Round

  • Player 1 shows the selection made,
  • Player 2 chooses characters knowing already the choice of the opponent.

Second Round

  • Player 2 shows the selection made,
  • Player 1 chooses characters knowing already the choice of the opponent.

Third Round

Both players choose their characters in secrecy, and they are unaware of their opponent’s choice until the Round begins.

Players will have 30 seconds to choose their teams of three characters per Battle Round.

Tournaments in Vulcano Game

Due to the huge stakes and competition, tournaments will be the most important in Vulcano. In tournaments, Gen-Zero NFT holders will enjoy a variety of special benefits and exclusivity.

Vulcano NFTs

Vulcano will have 4 types of NFT as shown table below:

Characters ERC-1155

Each will have specific attributes which will be explained in detail in their corresponding sections.

It will be necessary to have three characters in order to play the game. Players will be assigned to many teams if they have the necessary land. This will be detailed in full in the section lands.

NFTs can be minted or bought at the Marketplace.

Every NFT will have their light and dark versions. The faction will take no part in their performance, they are only cosmetic.​

Vulcano Dark Character
Vulcano Light Character

Vulcano Characters

Introduced with a card format, they are who form the Team put together by the player.

They have different attributes, and these attributes enhance both their power and their market value.

Characters can be equipped with a weapon to enhance their attributes.

Furthermore, the higher the rarity of the character, the better the attributes. Hence, the chances to win will be more – as well as the possibilities of getting rewards.

Character’s attributes will be:

  • HP (Life): Number that represents the life of the Character. This may vary depending on the role of the character.
  • ATK Attack: It represents the value of damages the character can cause, and this data will directly affect the attack estimates.
  • DEF Defense: It represents the ability of mitigating the damages caused by the opponent.
  • AGI Agility: It represents the possibility of dodging the opponent’s attacks and also increases the character’s attack speed.
  • EXP Experience: This number represents the level of experience of each character. The higher the number, the faster it will unblock levels to let you level up.
  • Rarity: This represents the NFT rarity – which of course gives different scales depending on each case. It is divided into Rubicons (Ordinary, Rare, Legendary, Mythic).
  • Skills: Some characters have special skills that give them advantages when battling. Example:Burns or scalds, frostbite, hard focus, etc. (To be defined later in this document).
  • Attrition: The higher the rarity, the lower the attrition. It will start to apply when the character has fought.
Vulcano Dark Character

Volcana Character Roles

The following roles are set to categorize each Vulcano® character and give them unique characteristics.

The use of these archetypes allows the definitions of certain behaviours when battling and the planning of certain strategies. (Example: To position a “Tank” in front of a “Shooter” to protect it). This makes a difference in a battle.

  • Tank: does not suffer many damages, but it may lose life percentage. The special skills of this type of character aim to protect its comrades or scare the opponents, among others.
  • Healer/Support: These characters do not suffer many damages and do not have much life percentage. Their mission is to heal or buffer comrades, giving them more damaging power, more speed or better defense skills.
  • Assassin: has a high possibility of damages and low life percentage. This character moves silently, in the shadows, attacking their weakest enemies very fast to wipe them out without leaving any trace. Among its skills, an Assassin can be invisible when positioning in a battle and can quickly teleport next to the farther opponent of the enemy team.
  • Fighter: This character has a medium range life percentage and possibility of damages. His special skills are based on performing multiple attacks or neutralizing the opponent’s damages.
  • Ranged: A medium level of damages and low life percentage are the characteristics of this character. They look for positioning themselves as far as possible from the enemy to make ranged attacks. As a characteristic, “Ranged” give critical hits and rule the opponent out in battle.

Weapons in Vulcano Game

Characters could be equipped with weapons to either attack or defend themselves effectively when they are attacked by the opponents.

They directly influence the character’s attributes. The use of weapons is optional, but strongly necessary to achieve a higher performance in battles.

Players will find both offensive and defensive weapons. Once in a round each player will choose the weapon to equip his/her character.

The objective is to build the most effective combination to win the round. It should be noted that each weapon has a role, just as each character. The user may assign weapons to characters whose roles do not match, but in exchange for this there will be a penalty on the attributes to be increased.

Same as characters, weapons are also NFTs that can be bought or sold within the internal Vulcano® marketplace. The value shall be defined by users according to their power or popularity.

Weapons have the following attributes:

  • ATK Attack: It represents the value of damages the character can cause and will directly affect the attack estimates.
  • ATT Attrition: The more rarity, the less attrition the character will suffer.
  • Rarity: It represents the NFT rubicon, which as said before, gives different scales depending on the case. It is divided into Rubicons (Ordinary, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic).
  • Skill: Some weapons have special effects that directly affect the opponent. Example: Bleeding, burns or scalds, etc. These affects the life of the opponent’s character lowering its life percentagewise.

Vulcano Lands

Characters will require a land to replenish their energy in order to fight the following day. Each player will be granted a free land (no NFT) on which only three of their characters can rest at the start of the game. If the player wants to have more than three characters, they must buy at least one extra land.

The player may have more than 3 characters, with a single land, but may only rest up to 3 of them. The remainder may be hoarded and/or traded but may not be used in combat, as a land (not NFT) only allows a maximum of 3 characters to rest on it.

Land will be divided in 4 groups according to their rarity, which is determined by their utility:

  • Common: players can rest up to three characters.
  • Rare: players can rest up to six characters.
  • Legendary: players can rest up to twelve characters.
  • Mythic: players can rest up to twenty four characters.

Lands with a greater rarity will grant access to tournaments. Also, unused land-spaces, could be capitalized in the future.

Vulcano Spaceships

Inside the game, spaceships will be used to explore new worlds. More information regarding the functions and utilities of spacecraft will be available soon.

Minting in Vulcano Game

Chest TypeContentPrice
Lands1 Land3 BNB
Team3 characters + 3 weapons0,6 BNB
Character + Weapon1 character+ 1 weapon0,2 BNB
PRO team3 characters + 3 weapons2 BNB



Pro-chest probabilities


Vulcano Economy

Vulcano will have a robust and sustainable economy in the long term. The diagram below shows in more detail how this will work.

The player will be able to choose whether or not to see advertisements in the game.Viewing advertisements will be rewarded in a different token which will only be used to buy skins and add-ons for the game.

As can be seen, the game has a burning system, which includes bets and advertising, this will maintain the balance of the economy, liquidity pool and rewards.


Vulcano is an NFT combat game that pits light against darkness. These spheres are continually fighting for power in intense battles. A pure power capable of erasing a rival for all time.

Players will be able to pick between light and dark factions and compete against the environment for $BUSD.

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