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Upland Property Game Tips

Upland Property Game Tips 2022

Upland Property Game Tips

Do you want to be the master of Upland? Please continue reading if you want to benefit from my Upland Property Game Tips and grow faster in the Upland NFT Game.

1. Where do I start in Upland?

Joining the Upland Game is free, and by using this registration link, you can get a discount and/or UPX to start building your portfolio.

Upland’s game token is called block explorer.

Unless you direct it to a minted property, your block explorer will roam at random.

Upland Property Game Tips
Upland Block Explorer
Upland Property Game Tips #1 As you travel, keep an eye out for the paper planes that grant you a number of sends. You receive three sends per day, so any that you discover will be in addition to this. If you're down to two sends, find a paper plane and send your block explorer to it so you don't run out of sends when doing treasure hunts (more on that below). To save UPX, look for the property with the lowest UPX charge when sending. The maximum number of sends you can collect is 12.

You’ll start the game with Visitor status, which means you’ll lose any purchases if you don’t return within 7 days to renew your visa.

There are no limits to how many times you can renew your visa.

Once you have amassed a net worth of 10,000 UPX, you will be a full-fledged Uplander with true and enduring ownership of your properties as NFTs held on the EOS mainnet blockchain.

There are also plans to sell Upland properties on, a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs.

2. What Properties Should I Buy in Upland?

While your goal is to buy and sell for a profit, it is also to build a portfolio that meets your own goals.

These may become well-known landmarks. Acquire a collection of libraries or the properties of your friends and family!

If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start with ‘Collections.’

Collections are challenges that require you to purchase specific properties, such as three properties on the same street.

Each collection has a UPX reward for completion and increases your daily UPX rewards by a multiplier.

Even if you remove the properties from the collection, making it inactive, a completed collection will award you a badge.

Upland Property Game Tips #2 Don't buy random properties; instead, look for ones that are part of collections because they will retain their value. Use Upland Marketplace Analytics to find properties in a location that are part of a collection, then look at the original mint price and choose one that fits within your budget; the higher the mint price, the higher the daily earnings (shown as Up2).
Getting started in Upland

When you buy property in Upland, it is minted on the EOS blockchain.

This provides a permanent and long-lasting record of ownership.

Properties can then be traded both within the game and outside of it via the Discord community forum, where regular auctions are held.

Upland Property Game Tips #3 As a new player, try to go to the newest cities where the prices are lower; currently, Bakersfield and New Orleans are good options. If you end up in the wrong city, you must send your block explorer to a train station or airport to book travel. San Francisco, Manhattan, Fresno, Brooklyn, Oakland, Staten Island, Bakersfield, Chicago, Cleveland, Santa Clara, Rutherford, Kansas, and New Orleans are currently among the upland cities.
A real economy

Spark is a new addition to the Upland Game.

Spark can be used to create structures on your properties.

You can also rent Spark to other players for UPX or USD to build with.

When a building is finished, the Spark is returned to you so that you can stake it on another building project.

Payments can be banked or requested using a burner property.

This entails selling you a property at a low profit margin and then purchasing it back from you at cost plus rental payment.

Upland Property Game Tips #4 Look for Directors or community groups on Discord that have building projects, as it's a simple way to earn UPX by staking your Spark as part of a group effort. Typically, you are compensated when the organiser purchases one of your properties at market value plus the agreed-upon spark day or rate.

3. How to Go on Upland Treasure Hunts

Completing treasure hunts in Upland is one way to earn more UPX.

Treasure hunts enable you to look for hidden UPX or Spark within a certain radius of your block explorer.

Once per day, you can start a free personal treasure hunt.

Following that, the UPX costs vary depending on the city, and treasure hunts may not be available in all cities.

Other treasure hunts, such as exclusive, necessitate searching for treasure while competing with other players.

Essentially, whoever finds it first wins the treasure.

The treasure will then be unavailable for three hours while it recharges.

Treasure Hunts in Upland
Upland Property Game Tips #5 Upland treasure hunts cost UPX because you must pay for each'send' to a property. When purchasing property, try to spread them out across the city as it is free to send to your own properties and will save you from burning your own UPX in the long run.

4. How to Sell Upland Properties for USD$

TilliaPay Wallet allows you to sell your properties for UPX or USD$.

To sell your properties for USD$, first select your property and then Sell, then US DOLLAR, and then complete the registration process with TilliaPay.

You must submit a legal ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, as well as a PDF of a recent utility bill.

If you are not a US resident, look for the ‘I am outside the US’ link to continue your application.

It’s possible that you’ll have to wait for the validation process to finish.

When you are verified, you will receive an email or an in-game notification.

5. Best Tactics for New City Releases in Upland

In the Upland game, the release of a new city is a big deal.

It provides many opportunities that are not available in established, particularly fully minted, cities.

For example, if you are Pro or higher, you no longer have access to lower-cost FSA properties.

All new releases include non-FSA properties that you can mint.

Upland game modes are listed below:

  1. “Vanilla mode”: This means that all properties will be released at the same price, regardless of where they are located within a city. Essentially, you will be able to purchase super-expensive properties for a fraction of their true value. The collections are usually released a week later, and you might have gotten a special one!
  2. “With Collections” mode:

‘Vanilla’ mode: This means that no matter where a property is located within a city, it will be released at the same value. Essentially, you will be able to purchase ultra-expensive properties for a fraction of their true value. The collections are usually released a week later, and you might have gotten an exclusive one!

Upland Property Game Tips #6 Do your homework before launching a new city in Upland. A simple Google search, such as "most expensive street in New Orleans" or "wealthiest location in Kansas," will assist you in locating the best locations. Keep in mind that competition is fierce, and these areas often sell out within minutes of their release.

The first thing that happens when Upland releases a new city is the sale of train and flight terminals.

These are extremely expensive and are typically picked up by Executives or Chief Executives who profit from the sends to these terminals.

When preparing for the release, keep an eye out for an announcement stating that you can now travel to the new city.

You will not be able to purchase property, but you will be able to be present when it is released.

Upland Property Game Tips #7 Train and flight terminals have a limited number of tickets, which will sell out quickly on release day, so plan your trip as soon as possible.

When Upland creates a new city, it starts with a single neighborhood.

The goal of this is to perform load testing.

Once the Upland team is satisfied with the performance, the remaining neighborhoods will be released.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a few properties.

Upland Property Game Tips #8 Please be patient. Thousands of players will be attempting to mint properties, and many of them will most likely be attempting to mint the one you have chosen. Players will have all dispatched their block explorers to the first minted properties in that location and will then spread out from there. If you are unable to mint a property, simply move on by determining which newly minted property is the farthest away from your location and sending your block explorer to it to jump ahead of the queue. Keep an eye on Upland-Updates in the Discord community for the most up-to-date information as new releases are announced.
Select the ‘Properties Nearby’ option to see what’s for sale
Upland Property Game Tips #9 Another option is to simply avoid traveling to the new city (which saves you UPX) and delegate the work to others. Newly minted properties are always for sale as soon as they are secured, and many are simply looking to 'flip' them by reselling for a few thousand UPX more than what they paid. The simplest method is to zoom out on the new city on your screen, then tap on the 'Properties Nearby' button and keep refreshing to see what's available for sale. This is what I call the 'bird of prey' approach!

6. What are Upland Legits?

Upland Legits are a new type of NFT in the Upland game metaverse.

NFLPA Legits, which include official trading cards, caps, and other items sponsored by the National Football League Players Association, are now available at Upland.

Legits can be purchased from the Upland Store.

When you buy a Legit, it becomes an asset in your Upland account and can be traded with other players.

Typically, a new release necessitates that you pre-register your interest via the Store.


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Have you ever played Upland? What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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