Upland NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Upland Game?

Upland is a blockchain game built on EOS blockchain where you can buy, sell, and trade virtual and digital properties to the real world and earn money from it.

Each game object is inherently a non-fungible token (NFT).

The point of NFT is that the asset protected by this certificate is one of a kind.

Therefore, property sale in the game is realized according to the laws of economics in the digital world. 

How to Play Upland?

The first thing you must do is create an in-game account.

Fill out the fields on the start page and confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email you will receive to register for the game.

You can use this register link to get free rewards when you start playing the game.
Registration Form
Registration Form

How to start playing NFT game Upland?

You will start Uploand game as a Visitor until you purchase property or having 10,000 UPX. After you have enough UPX you will be considered full-fledged Uplanders.

Then you can advance to PRO (100,000 UPX), Director (1,000,000 UPX), and Executive (10,000,000 UPX).

Each new status brings with it new opportunities.

You can use this register link to get free rewards when you start playing the game. 

The game space is a virtual projection of the world’s cities and streets.

Any property, whether it’s a public building, park, or structure, can be exchanged for an in-game token called UPX.

So, how do you get started with the NFT game Upland?

Players can make their first purchase with the 3000 bonus UPX they receive at the start of the game.

You will fund the account by converting US dollars into UPX.

To make an exchange, click the ‘Get UPX’ button in the upper right corner of the screen, which will bring up the exchange window.

Store Form
Store Form

At the moment, not all territories, but only a few cities, such as San Francisco, have been digitized in Upland game.

You can use Google Maps to walk around the city and see where everything is.

The game card is divided into two sections: blue and green.

The green color denotes the available land plots.

Land Plots
In-Game Land Plots

Upland game was inspired by Monopoly and its collection system, in which you must purchase entire sectors, districts, or NFTs of a specific type in order to complete a task and receive a bonus.

To fill the collection King of the Streets, for example, you must purchase three objects on the same street.

The player receives additional income after placing them on the collection card.

In addition, daily participation in the game earns you a bonus.

Below you can watch Upland game’s video trailer.

Upland: UPX Earnings & Withdrawals

Upland has an offline mode which is called “an explorer”.

This mode evaluates property and unlocks new buildings.

Plots of open land can be purchased at a lower cost.

You can also discover a treasure and receive NFT or coins as a reward.

You will be rewarded with UPX currency for activity in the search for new territories.

How to Make Money in Upland?

The primary in-game tokens are property, and there are currently 500 thousand NFTs.

Collection cards are another non-fungible token in the game.

If you are looking for ideas, you can read my How to Make Money in Upland Game 2022 guide.

NFT Cards
NFT Cards

The primary way to profit from NFT is to raise its price over time.

Thus, purchasing a cheap non-fungible token now will result in a large profit later.


You can use this register link to get free rewards when you start playing the game or by clicking 
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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time. It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Are you looking to be the master in Upland?

With my Upland Property Game Tips 2022 you will have counless benefits and grow faster in Upland NFT Game then please read on.

If you are looking for ideas, you can read my How to Make Money in Upland Game 2022 guide.

How to play NFT game Upland?

Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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