TOYO NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is TOYO Game?

Toyo is as a play to earn strategic PVP/PVE blockchain fighting NFT game with action figures, body parts, and item ownership.

It is thematically inspired by toys from many generations of children’s childhoods. The game were created in 2140 by Westan Nakatoshi as a means of preventing Human violence.

They could be used by humans to settle any kind of dispute, from trivial matters like deciding what to eat for dinner to territorial conquests.

You can watch below the game trailer video.

Years later, the sky darkened and rage overtook all of the regions. Humanity’s greed corrupted something good into something sinister and the war has been started.

Many races became extinct in 3055, and Toyos are now orphans of their Humans.

Toyos are counting on you to reactivate their Heart-Bond module, restore their purpose, and give them a second chance to save and rebuild their world while earning rewards through our play-to-earn mechanics.

Game Storyline

Here is the game storyline:

  • 2140: Westan Nakatoshi creates the first Toyo in the Simulation H64’s Planet Earth.
  • 2142: Toyo is shared with the scientific community by Westan Nakatoshi, but the source code is not disclosed.
  • 2143: Westan Nakatoshi tries to persuade the military to replace soldiers with Toyos, but is turned down because Toyos cannot harm humans.
  • 2145: Westan Nakatoshi entrusts the secret of Toyo to nine scientists from all over the world. She distributes a unique version of the source code to each scientist, resulting in the First 9.
  • 2150: It becomes a global phenomenon. The demand for Toyo exceeds the supply.
  • 2160: According to the World Index, overall violence in several countries has decreased by 70%.
  • 2169: The first Toyo Crewed mission to deep space, TY SS 1, is successfully launched.
  • 2170: The World Council approves the use of the battles to resolve international conflicts.
  • 2173: The World Council bestows the title of “Ambassador of Peace” on Westan Nakatoshi in recognition of his contributions to world peace.
  • 2179: Nation X steals and corrupts one of the First 9’s source code. Titan Toyos are made.
  • 2184: The First World War get starts.
  • 2186: Westan Nakatoshi hides the Seed Boxes containing the essence of the First-Nine all over the world.
  • 2189: Westan Nakatoshi broadcasts the location of the Seed Keys to its entrusted scientists in her last known transmission.
  • 3055: H64 is the most recent record of human presence on Earth.
  • 3061: J.I.G. Collector successfully locates the F4 Seed Boxes. 3064 – The Inter Simulation Link is established, forming a temporary connection with Simulation WH9 (ours).

What are TOYOS?

They are sentient action figures designed to protect and fight for their human counterparts.

Humans and Toyos share thoughts and feelings via a cyber device called Heart-Bond.

The more they bond, the stronger their bond becomes, influencing how Toyo feels toward their human and how Toyo performs on the battlefield.


The body parts have their own class of rarity, defined according to the available supply in the market.

The advantages, which are as listed below:

  • Earning rates in play-to-earn battles are higher.
  • In secondary sales, there is less heart-bond loss.
  • Extra attachment slots
  • Increased stats in Unboxing Events (only for Genesis Toyo)
  • In Scavenger Missions, you have a better chance of finding rarer Toyos/body parts.

There are 6 rarity in the game as listed below:

  • Common Edition
  • Uncommon Edition
  • Rare Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Collectors Edition
  • Prototype Edition


Battling is main gold of the game. Battles include a variety of physical punches and kicks, as well as physical hits and special cyber-attacks, combos, dodging opponents, and counter-attacks.

Toyo Fighting
[Demo] Toyo fighting mechanics.

Prior to the battles, you can plan a strategy for each of their Toyos.

Battles are strategized into three stages in the game as listed below:

  1. Early,
  2. Mid,
  3. Late.

You instruct your Toyos on how to react and what to do at each stage, such as keeping defensive in the early stage, going full speed in the middle, and using the most powerful cyber-attacks in the late stage.

TOYO NFT Game Battle

The battles is determined by several factors, including:

  • Players’ pre-battle strategies
  • Overall stats power
  • Attack types effectiveness
  • Resistances and weaknesses of Technoalloy

The game offers a variety of PVP and PVE activities, each with its own set of rewards and earnings.


The sum of stats defines their power. Depending on how they were enhanced by their Humans, each Toyo will be an expert in a specific area.

Toyos have 12 different stats in the game, which are as listed below:

  1. Vitality: means how much total damage can sustain
  2. Resistance: means how much can protect you from physical harm
  3. Resilience: means how much can protect you from cyber-attacks
  4. Physical Strength: means how much physical harm can cause
  5. Cyber Force: means how much cyber damage can cause
  6. Technique: defines the overall possibility of blocking the your opponent’s attacks
  7. Analysis: means intelligence is used during battle to calculate enemies’ weaknesses in order to apply the most effective damage possible, as well as to reduce the likelihood of enemies blocking attacks.
  8. Agility: means the overall likelihood of evading or dodging the attacks
  9. Speed: determines which Toyo will attack first and decreases the likelihood of enemies avoiding attacks.
  10. Precision: Increases the likelihood of critical hits and combos.
  11. Stamina: In-Battle: How quickly your regains vitality in order to last longer. Off-Battle: The rate of vitality recovery between battles during Scavenger Missions.
  12. Luck: In-Battle: The ability to counter-attack when blocking or dodging an attack. Off-Battle: Improve the quality of new discoveries made during Scavenger Missions.

What are the Attack Types in the game?

The attacks are classified as either physical or cyber.

Those attack types have a direct impact on the amount of damage they cause, depending on the opponent Toyo’s body parts (technoalloys).

There 6 different attacks types in the game as listed below:

  1. Neutral
  2. Piercing
  3. Smashing
  4. Slashing
  5. Magnetic
  6. Electric

What are Technoalloys?

Each body part is made of one of 6 special materials known as Technoalloys.

These materials are made by melting CyberPlastic and other metals, such as:

  1. Mercury
  2. Titanium
  3. Aluminum
  4. Carbon
  5. Silico
  6. Siderite

How to Earn in TOYO Game?

You have variety of ways to earn in the game as listed below:

  • Competing with other players
  • Task completion
  • Completing challenges
  • Quest completion
  • Getting a high ranking
  • Tournaments
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Missions of gathering
  • Attachments for crafting
  • Making body parts
  • Selling on the internet
  • Item spawning from the Seed Box
  • Staking

PVP, PVE and Tournaments

You can compete in PVP, PVE and in the game tournaments.

There are 3 types fights you can join in the game as listed below:

  1. Join PVP: Test your strategy, as well as the abilities and strength against other players.
  2. Join PVE: Defeat bosses to earn tokens and the opportunity to earn NFT parts to customize and improve your Toyos.
  3. Join Tournaments: Here is where the best players. Collect your awesome rewards.
Send a clear message to your opponents! Different taunt animations during the fight.

What is TOYO Games Token: $TOYO

$TOYO is governance token of the game.

$TOYO Token holders will be able to vote on key governance issues, helping to shape the future of Toyo Metaverse.

Furthermore, holders will be presented with staking opportunities.

Securing Governance Tokens entitles the holder to staking yield, treasury yield, and NFT airdrops based on their ‘holding score.’


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Have you ever played TOYO Game? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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