The Six Dragons NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is The Six Dragons Game?

The Six Dragons is a open world fantasy NFT role playing game built on the Enjin blockchain. The Six Dragons is also blockchain driven play to earn game model.

The Six Dragons Gameplay

The Six Dragons is a role playing game where you can explore the vast open world and you can jump into randomly generated dungeons.

Furthermore, you can fully own every item that you discover, as well as you can create, buy, or sell items both inside and outside of The Six Dragons game.

To understand how the game looks like you can watch The Six Dragons game video trailer below.

The game has rich features that makes the game interesting to play.

You can watch The Six Dragons game video trailer below.

The game has a 256 km2 long world with endless adventures, epic battles, and the freedom to do whatever you want.

You can explore indefinite lands, farm for valuable materials, craft over 300 unique items, trade your items with other players, and improve your character with powerful enchants.

The Six Dragons Dragon Fight
The Six Dragons is an RPG blockchain game built on the Enjin blockchain. Credits: The Six Dragons

The fact that almost all items in the game are decentralized, thanks to the power of innovative blockchain technology.

This means you can truly own your game assets, as you can freely trade with other players, sell them for real world money, and use them across multiple game universes.

The game aims to create a game in which players are the ultimate protagonists, constantly shaping the game but also capturing value from their accomplishments.

The Six Dragons Features

The Six Dragons is an open world role playing game with a lot of features set in the fantasy world of Nemberus.

This open world game contains one billion dungeons as well as many surprises.

The landscape is dotted with forests, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, and castles.

You can select from three different character class trees in the game.

The Six Dragons Classes are:

  1. Warrior,
  2. Mage,
  3. Cleric.

You can also create your own character by combining the 33 most desirable skills from each tree!

When your character is ready, you can equip them with a weapon.

You can have 26 different weapons like swords, staffs, maces and so on.

Despite the fact that The Six Dragons is a single-player role playing game, you can also experience massive multiplaer online experiences with the help of Artificial intelligence companions.

These companions can be hired to do things like stand beside you during battles or hunt for loot.

The Six Dragons Open World
An adventurer in action in the vast fantasy world of the game. Credits: The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons NFTs and Tokens

On the blockchain, The Six Dragons allows you to create your ownweapons, items, equipment and much more.

You may buy, sell, or trade these items with other players.

As a result, the game creates a decentralized economy with real world money chances.

The game is not relied only earn to play mechanics.

It has also Governance NFTs which you give a voting power.

Each NFT that you have give you one vote right.

You can use these NFTs to vote on future developments and gameplay elements.

If you are a Governance NFT holders you will also receive another benefit which is “yield farming”.

Yield farming means that you can receive a share of the profits generated by on-chain game mechanics.

Crafting, equipment trading, and enchanting are examples of yield farming in The Six Dragons.

The Six Dragons Governance

Meanwhile, all Governance NFT holders is titled as “Governor Status”.

You will receive numerous benefits as a result of this, including a new color name.

All of these benefits, including the ability to play to earn is included in The Six Dragons.

Blockchain Blacksmithing in The Six Dragons

The most interesting feature of this game that I love much is you can be a blacksmith in the game which you can craft blockchain weapons.

Blockchain Blacksmith Service allows you to create new tokenised in-game items (such as weapons, armour, and jewelry) using the blockchain recipes of other players, in exchange for a reward in cryptocurrency.

This process is seamlessly integrated into the game interface; all that is required is a visit to the nearest village’s crafting station.

Below you can watch the video that shows how you can craft a weapon in The Six Dragons as a blacksmith.

Blacksmithing recipes are rare and valuable items in the game that grant their owners the unique ability to craft duplicates of a specific item.

Those copies are blockchain assets that the crafter can use to fight the game’s toughest opponents or trade for a profit with other players on any blockchain marketplace.

Recipe Tokens

How to Craft an Item in The Six Dragons?

You can craft your own item in The Six Dragons Game by following steps:

  • Step #1 If you have a blockchain recipe, you go to the crafting station in the game
  • Step #2 You must collect all of the materials required to craft your items that is asked in the recipe. Bring them to the crafting station, and pay the blacksmith fee which is currently is set to %30.
  • Step #3 Following the completion your crafting progress you will receive the blockchain item directly into your wallet.


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Have you ever played The Six Dragons Game? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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