The Sandbox NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022)

What is The Sandbox Game?

The Sandbox is a play to earn NFT virtual game built on Etherum blockchain which you can own land, play games, or build your own game.

You can take control of the vast virtual world as a collector, artist, game decider, or simply as a gamer who rambles around the world from game to game and earns free cryptocurrency by playing the game.

The Sandbox runs on the Ethereum network and has its own cryptocurrency called Sand.

The Sandbox has its own editor that you can use to create models and animations for the future version of the blockchain.

If you want to buy digital land or real estate, this is one of the best games to play, and it will most likely have a strong presence in the metaverse.

You can watch The Sandbox game video trailer below:

The Sandbox Gameplay

The Sandbox is a multiplayer game in which you can design your own worlds and objects. You can create a labyrinth, puzzles of various types, relief maps, and invite other users to your created world.

The best thing is that you do not need any pogramming knowledge. The Unity engine is used to power the game.

The developers intend to improve the physics of objects, add destructibility, and allow users to independently adjust the speed of controlled characters or jump height in the near future. The owner will also have access to basic moderation tools.

You can use Game Maker software to create games of various genres such as role playing games, adventure games or open world games and so on with your ideas.

The Sandbox and Minecraft Comparison

The concepts of the Sandbox are very similar to those of Minecraft. Similar cubic graphics are available, as are numerous opportunities to realize your potential.

Sandbox, on the other hand, has one undeniable advantage over Minecraft: a well-implemented blockchain and a marketplace where players can buy and sell their creations.

As a result of this opportunity, you are encouraged to create unique locations.

Beautiful landscapes with real buildings, state maps, game characters, and a plethora of interactive objects and the scale of the activity is impressive.

How to Play the Sandbox Game?

Only disadvantage of the Sandbox game, it is quite expensive for a beginner to begin playing the game because you will need to invest money from the start (approximately $100, depending on the rate of ETH and SAND).. 

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game
Sandbox Start Playing
Registration Form

A cryptocurrency wallet is required to register to play the Sandbox game. I recommend you to use MetaMask wallet which is a popular Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency wallet that is also a Sandbox partner.

To provide quick access to cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world, you can install a browser extension or a smartphone app.

  • The first step in gaining access to the alpha is to download and install the Windows client from The Sandbox’s official website.
  • To log in, you will also need to create an account on The Sandbox with your email address.
  • When you log in, you are automatically teleported to The Sandbox hub, which is the central area from which users can travel to various destinations.
Sand Box Alpha

If you can’t afford a $10,000+ alpha pass NFT, you’ll be unable to access the majority of the experiences.

The three non-alpha passholder experiences are not yet available, but will be available on various dates this week.

The first quest instructs you to locate the three points of interest in the Hub. Oracles Area, Scientist Area, and Heroes Area are the names of the interest points.

The quest will be completed once you have found all three areas.

You can begin the second quest by interacting with the Voxelite bot, which can be found between the Heroes and Scientists faction areas.

The bot instructs you to locate and connect the five beacons in order to stabilize the Voxelite Flux. The quest is complete once you’ve found all five beacons.

Players can begin the final quest by speaking with the Shepherd Bot, who can be found in the Scientists faction area.

The Counting Challenge quest instructs you to count the number of lynx, deer, and brown bears in the Alpha hub and report back to the Shepherd Bot.

If you’re looking to complete the quest without counting, here are the correct answers: 3,5,5. Once you submit the right answers, the challenge is complete.
The Sandbox First Impressions

The smoothness of the movement, controls, and graphics is the first thing you may notice about The Sandbox.

The SAND Metaverse is similar to Minecraft, but with a few Fortnite-like twists.

What are Sandbox Game Map Features?

A new map for Sandbox fame was in August 2021 that included several enhancements based on community feedback. Performance enhancements and additional features such as filters and a lite mode are among them.

Sandbox Game Metaverse Map

The Metaverse Map of Sandbox Game

The metaverse of The Sandbox can be viewed on The Sandbox’s official website

To access the map of the metaverse in Sandbox game follow these steps:

  1. Go to The Sandbox website and then click “Map” on the left toolbar.
  2. Once on there, if you are using the old legacy version, you’ll be invited by link at the top of the screen to switch to the improved map. Alternatively, click here to go directly to the map.

Using Filtered Searching in Sandbox Game’s Metaverse Map

A multitude of filters are available on the map’s left side to assist you in locating specific LANDs or locations.

  • On Sale: Filter LANDs that are currently for sale.
  • Premium: Only show premium LANDs. Combine with the “On Sale” filter to only see premium LANDS for sale.
  • My Lands: Shows your LANDs in the metaverse.
  • Size: Filter LANDs by size.
  • Coordinates: Filter LANDs between a set of coordinates.
  • Wallet: You can filter LANDs held by a particular wallet address, if you know it.
  • Partners: Select any partner to filter their LANDs.
To clear all of your currently selected filters, use the clear button at the top of the filter menu.

Sandbox Game Metaverse Lite Map

On the map, on the left toolbar, there is also a “lite mode.” This setting hides all small graphics on the map, which helps some devices and networks load faster. If this option is enabled, images will only load based on the zoom level. To notice the changes, please below sample map.

Sandbox Game Metaverse Lite Map
While the lite version of the map aids in faster loading times, additional variables affecting loading speeds beyond The Sandbox's control must be considered. For example, the amount of system resources available on your device, WiFi network congestion, ISP speed restriction due to overuse, and so on.

During LAND sales, I recommend shutting all unneeded programs and background activities on your device. Also, to guarantee that your WiFi network is not overburdened (for example, due to someone streaming films or downloading large files).

Sandbox Game Metaverse Mini Map

A smaller, mini map can be found in the top-left corner of the map. This can be used to guide you through the larger map. You can also utilize the drop-down box below it to jump to a specific location on the map, such as the area featured in The Walking Dead’s LAND auction.

What Is the Sandbox Land?

In The Sandbox, land plots are digital real estate properties owned by a specific player. Land plots are used by users to create games, dioramas, maps, and so on. Each land plot is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible Ethereum blockchain token (ERC-721). Their total number is limited to 166,464 land plots.

Real estate can be created by combining several land plots. A District is a type of in-game real estate that belongs to multiple owners at the same time. On The Sandbox’s official website, you can become the owner of LAND by using a digital map. Owners can rent out their land plots to other players, collaborate with them, and grant them access to their territory.

The Sandbox Land Sale
Land Sales
  • A typical 11 land plot measures 96 meters long and 96 meters wide.
  • 1 meter equals 32x32x32 voxels in the Sandbox universe.

There are 4 types of real estate in the Sandbox game, each with a different size as shown in below table:

Small Land3×3 size, consists of 9 land plots
Medium Land6×6 size, consists of 36 land plots
Large Land12×12 size, consists of 144 land plots
X-Large Land24×24 size, consists of 576 land plots
The Sandbox Game Land Size

The primary function of LAND is to enable game designers to create, publish, and monetize a digital product. You can also participate in games created by other players. Such projects can be paid or free of charge, at the discretion of the creator.

What Can I Do With a LAND in Sandbox Game?

For you, owning LAND opens up a world of possibilities. Find out what they are and what they aren’t.

One of the main goals of LAND is to enable inexperienced and experienced game creators to create, publish, and monetize digital experiences like games and dioramas.

Another important feature of LANDs is that gamers will be able to play games and explore dioramas created by creators.

Some of these experiences will be free-to-play (F2P), while others will not, at the option of the game designer.

Land Experience in Sandbox Game

What Are The Advantages of Buying Lands in Sandbox Game?

Purchasing a LAND allows you to create a game universe that you entirely control and own. Unless you choose to sell or give away your LAND, it will always be yours. Purchasing your LAND during the first Presale will ensure that you receive the best pricing possible, thanks to our early adopter discount.

LAND is a limited resource that is offered at the lowest cost to the first entrants. The sale price will rise over time, so buying early is always a better value.

Owning LAND allows you to be one of the first to offer a gaming experience in The Sandbox, and it’s always better to be the first to market before the platform becomes clogged with competing offerings.

The first developers have the opportunity to create game-changing experiences on a new platform – the first arcade game, the first puzzle adventure, and so on.

In a summary LAND ownership have following advantages:

  • Secure desired places from The Sandbox’s limited LAND supply.
  • In The Sandbox, you can play games.
  • On your LAND, host games or experiences.
  • Obtain a return on your investment by organizing a game or renting the LAND.
  • On your LAND, hold tournaments and activities.
  • Participate in the governance of the metaverse.

Above all, it is through your LAND that you may construct, create, and own your gaming universe!

What Are The Land Districts in Sandbox Game?

A DISTRICT is what we call an ESTATE that is held by multiple players.

The owners of a DISTRICT will have access to special governance rules that will effect all of the experiences therein.

In future editions, this feature will be available.

The Metaverse should be able to produce decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). ESTATES, for example, provide a method for LAND owners to share a vision, a project, and construct it together as a DAO.

To become a DISTRICT, an ESTATE must achieve the following requirements:

  • LANDS must be in close proximity.
  • There must be at least two distinct owners.
  • Each owner is required to stake a specific quantity of SAND.
  • The approval of the DISTRICT is put to a vote.

DISTRICTs will serve as natural hotspots for projects and traffic in the Metaverse.

They provide players and creators with the opportunity to make history.

Sandbox Game Land Districts

How To Buy Land in Sandbox Game?

A guide to buying your first Sandbox game LAND, valuing your LANDs, spotting frauds, and finding resources for help. For many people, purchasing LAND in The Sandbox is a major move, but it’s also a tremendously rewarding one. I will show you how to buy LAND from The Sandbox’s LAND sales and the secondary market in an efficient and safe manner.

Buying Sandbox Game Land

In The Sandbox’s metaverse, LAND is a digital piece of real estate. On the Ethereum blockchain, each one is a non-fungible ERC-721 token.

The fundamental goal of LANDs is for game designers and developers to be able to post experiences on them that can be enjoyed by gamers and monetized.

Other services, such as the ability to rent out LANDs and stake on LANDs, will be accessible. Regular and premium LAND are the two types of LAND available.

Purchasing Sandbox Game LANDs from The Sandbox

The Sandbox sells LANDs at public LAND sales, which are announced in advance in official communities.

You must first create an account with The Sandbox in order to acquire LAND. You will also need SAND inside the wallet that you have connected to your account at The Sandbox, as well as ETH for the blockchain’s transaction fees.

Get Your First Sandbox Game Land

Those interested in purchasing LANDs during public LAND sales should go to The Sandbox’s website and look at the map.

Then there’s the business of buying LANDS:

  1. Select the available LAND that you want to buy.
  2. On the right side of the screen, a panel will appear. Select the blue “Buy Now” button.
  3. Your wallet should now prompt you to confirm the transaction and set the amount of gas to utilize (in ETH).
  4. The transaction will be completed once it has been confirmed via your wallet. Your chosen amount of gas, as well as any blockchain congestion, impact the time it takes to complete.

Purchasing Sandbox Game LANDs from OpenSea

OpenSea is a secondary, third-party marketplace where numerous NFTs, including The Sandbox LANDs, can be purchased.

  • To purchase LANDS from OpenSea, you must first create an account with them.
  • To use the LANDs on the platform, you’ll also need to create an account at The Sandbox.
  • On OpenSea, LAND can be acquired with SAND or ETH, depending on the seller’s preference.
  • To prevent having to pay fees to transfer LAND from your OpenSea wallet to your Sandbox wallet, I recommend using the same wallet on both platforms.

Identifying genuine Sandbox LANDs on OpenSea

There are a lot of dishonest and malicious people trying to mislead good, legitimate people via secondary NFT markets, just like there are a lot of shady and malicious people trying to mislead good, genuine people in most other locations on the internet.

I will provide you some tips on how to make sure the LAND you’re looking at on OpenSea is real.

The search results page

On the search results page, make sure that:

Sandbox Land Listing on OpenSea
A genuine LAND listing on OpenSea
  • The collection name has a blue validated checkbox next to it.
  • The collection’s name is spelled appropriately. For example, we are referred to as “The Sandbox” rather than “Sandbox.”
  • The coordinates are in the proper format and are not illogical.
  • The metadata is frozen, therefore the LAND is held on a decentralized server, as indicated by the snowflake icon.

On the LAND’s listing page

On the page of the LAND which gives further details about it:

Sandbox Game Land Coordinates
A genuine LAND listing on OpenSea
  • Make sure the top of the page has a blue validated checkmark. And that the name of the collection — The Sandbox — is spelled correctly.
  • Make that the snowflake icon is visible in the top-left corner, indicating that the metadata has been frozen and the LAND has been stored on a decentralized server.
  • Click the arrow that appears to be jumping out of a box in the top-right corner. If this LAND is genuine, you should be directed to The Sandbox’s map, which will show you where it is located.
  • Check the information on the Data tab on the left side of the page; it should match what’s below:
— The Sandbox’s LAND contract address is 0x50f5474724e0ee42d9a4e711ccfb275809fd6d4a.
— The Sandbox LANDs are ERC-721 tokens, not ERC-1155 tokens and so on.
— The blockchain network is Ethereum.
— The metadata needs to be “frozen”, not “centralised”.

How To Rent Lands in Sandbox Game?

If you rent the Sandbox to Game Makers and enable them to use it, you can earn money passively. Owners of LAND can rent their land to game developers to get money without having to build games. On their LAND, game creators can publish and sell their creations.

Renting Land in Sandbox Game

Ownership Relations

Sandbox Game Ownerships Relations

What Are Premium LANDs in Sandbox Game?

When compared to standard LANDs, premium LANDs offer greater benefits. Premium LANDs are located in close proximity to key partners or social hubs.

Players will enter the metaverse through these social centres via portals and then branch outwards to explore the adjacent LANDs, resulting in increased traffic to the LANDs surrounding that area.

More traffic implies more money to be made through pay-to-play games or renting out the LAND to other developers.

Another advantage of having more traffic is that any adverts placed on billboards on premium LANDs will be seen by more players.

Renting out billboard space on their LANDs to others or directing visitors to their own online store, for example, may earn the premium LAND owner a modest amount of money.

In comparison to someone who built an experience on a regular LAND, premium LAND owners may have less need to sell their experiences on social media.

Premium LANDs will come with exclusive, limited-time ASSETs when they are first sold in sales. As these ASSETs become uncommon, collectors and game designers will become increasingly interested in them.

Are There Any Premium ESTATEs in Sandbox Game?

In either the presale or public sales, there are no premium ESTATES. 1×1 Premium LANDs are available for purchase.

ESTATES, on the other hand, can be created by merging premium 1×1 LANDs that are adjacent to each other.

What Are the Sandbox Game NFTs?

The NFT marketplace is available in the Sandbox.

Registered users can use it to purchase objects that can later be used.

You can purchase The Sandbox game NFT by following simple steps below:

  • Step #1 Register an account on the official website of the game
  • Step #2 Buy ETH and SAND
  • Step #3 Go to the marketplace;
  • Step #4 select an NFT object that you would like to buy with the quantities
  • Step #5 Confirm your purchase and make the payment.

A commission of 5% of the transaction amount is charged for the processing of all transactions.

Sandbox Market Place
The Sandbox Marketplace

What Is SAND Token $SAND and What is Used For?

SAND is an in-game currency represented on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. It is used by users to buy/sell/exchange NFTs in The Sandbox market.

It’s also used to manage and develop the platform, as well as to purchase land, in-game resources, and custom avatar designs.

SAND is required to create, sell, and monetize your own NFTs. Authors may request a payment in the form of SAND in exchange for the ability to play certain games.

Players can also earn currency while playing. A SAND token is also required to hire game designers and artists.

Developers frequently hold competitions on their land plots. In most cases, the reward is in-game currency.

Sandbox Game Token: SAND

You can also use SAND token for followings:

  1. Access The Sandbox platform: Players spend SAND in order to play games, buy equipment, or customize their Avatar character—and can potentially collect SAND through gameplay. Creators spend SAND to acquire ASSETS, LANDS, and through Staking. LAND Sales drive demand for SAND to purchase LANDS. Artists spend SAND to upload ASSETS to the Marketplace and buy Gems for defining Rarity and Scarcity.
  2. Governance: SAND is a governance token that allows holders to participate in Governance decisions of the platform, using a DAO structure. They can exercise voting rights on key elements such as Foundation grant attributions to content and game creators and feature prioritisation on the platform Roadmap. SAND owners can vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other players of their choice.
  3. Staking: SAND allows for staking, which allows for passive revenues on LANDS: you get more SAND by staking it. This is also the only way to get valuable Gems and Catalysts, needed for ASSET creation.
  4. Fee Capture model: 5% of all transaction volume carried out in SAND tokens (Transaction Fees) shall be allocated with 50% to the Staking Pool as rewards for token holders that Stake SAND tokens and 50% to the ”Foundation.”
  5. Foundation: The role of the Foundation is to support the ecosystem of The Sandbox, offering grants to incentivize high quality content & game production on the platform. To date, the Foundation has funded over 15 game projects and granted 100 artists to produce NFTs ahead of the public Launch in December 2020. The overall valuation of the metaverse grows through the valuation of all games funded by the Foundation, creating a virtuous circle to enable funding bigger games.

Where Can I Buy Sand Token $SAND?

Any licensed cryptocurrency exchange can sell you $SAND. Bitmart, Bithumb, UpBot, MXC, Simplex, WazirX, LAtokens, TokyoCrypto, and Poloniex are just a few of them.

All the partnered exchanges can be found here official Medium account of Sandbox Game.

How Do I Purchase Sand Token $SAND?

SAND is an ERC-20 token established on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the foundation for all transactions and interactions inside the Sandbox ecosystem.

Users will be able to buy and sell LANDS and ASSETS in The Sandbox metaverse with $SAND, as well as reward creators, game developers, and LAND holders, and participate in government.

The limited supply of $SAND (approximately 3,000,000,000) makes it a premium worth purchasing right now.

How can you get Sand Token $SAND?

Consider the following possibilities:

  1. Buying $SAND on Binance and exchanges
  2. Swapping ETH for $SAND on Uniswap
  3. Buying $SAND with a credit card with Simplex
  4. Receiving $SAND through The Sandbox Ambassador program
  5. Receiving $SAND through Community Airdrops
  6. Winning $SAND through Contests
  7. Earning $SAND through our Rewards program

1. Buying Sand Token $SAND on Binance and Exchanges

Buying Sand Token $SAND on Binance

Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange and the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume in the world.

The Sandbox launched its maiden token sale on Binance Launchpad and has been available on the exchange.

$SAND tokens are available for trading in the $SAND/BTC, $SAND/USDT, $SAND/BNB, and $SAND/BUSD pairs on Binance Sand Token Trade Page.

Follow these steps to start buying $SAND tokens on the Binance Platform:

Create a Binance Account

Binance platform has started listing SAND tokens $SAND already.

For transactions, there are several pairs available: $SAND/BTC, $SAND/USDT, $SAND/BNB, and $SAND/BUSD, all of which can be seen on Binance website.

You can start buying $SAND tokens on the Binance Platform by following these steps:

  1. Select the Buy Crypto button at the top of the Binance Home Page.
Binance Sand Token Purchase
  1. Choose your preferred currency.
Buy Sand Token on Binance Platform
  1. To begin your crypto buy, select the amount of FIAT currency you want to trade.
  2. Then, select the crypto coin you wish to buy and double-check all of the essential details.
Sand Token Binance Platform
  1. Various payment options are supported for various FIAT currencies. As a result, you’ll have to make a decision based on your preferences.
  • You must confirm the identification process if you want to buy cryptocurrency with your bank card or using the balance in your Binance wallet.
  • When you choose the balance in your Binance Cash Wallet, you will be directed to deposit your fiat cash first. The final confirmation box will show once you click the button.
  1. After you’ve bought BTC, USDT, or BNB, go to “Trade” and choose “Classic.”

The list of exchanges where you can buy $SAND:

Binance’s account creation process is identical to that of most other exchanges. For information on how to set up your account, consult and/or communicate with each site.

Sandbox Trading on Binance Platform
  1. Choose the appropriate pair based on your cryptocurrency holdings ($SAND/BTC, $SAND/BNB, $SAND/USDT).
Sandbox Token Binance
  1. Swapping ETH for SAND Token $SAND on Uniswap

You may easily swap (exchange) your ETH or DAI for $SAND tokens on these exchanges or on Uniswap, for example.

Here is the official community-created Uniswap $SAND/ETH pool: (do not trust any other!)

SAND Token ETH Pair
  1. Buying SAND Token $SAND with a Credit Card with Simplex

Through cooperation with Simplex, anyone in the globe will be able to purchase $SAND, our main utility token, with a credit or debit card.

Buy Sand Token on Simplex
  1. Receiving SAND Token Through The Sandbox Ambassador Program

Anyone can apply to be one of our Ambassadors, but it will certainly not be able to accept everyone.

Ambassadors are expected to be active members of the community. It is ought to:

  • Educate the community and moderate the channels.
  • Experience and give feedback on the different products (Dashboard, VoxEdit, marketplace…)
  • Help in various tasks such as, collecting feedback and bringing the best experience while the game creators work towards releasing the game .

Participants are rewarded in $SAND.

You can read more information on The Sandbox Ambassador Program and how you can participate.

  1. Receiving SAND Token $SAND Through Community Airdrops

The Sandbox DAO or The Foundation may choose to deliver periodic $SAND airdrops to our community to stimulate and encourage creativity in The Sandbox ecosystem. The $SAND can then be used with the VoxEdit ASSET creation tool, or used to create rich interactive experiences using our Game Maker drag and drop game maker (register to get early access to the alpha version).

  1. Winning SAND Token $SAND Through Contests

Follow their sandbox game social media channels to learn about our upcoming contests, challenges, and sweepstakes. Although there will be a limited number of $SAND available overall, there will be plenty of chances to get some for free by participating in our community events!

  1. Earning SAND Token $SAND Through Referral Program

You’ll see a special tracking link in your “Me” tab after logging into your account that allows you to earn referral money for anyone who establishes an account and makes a purchase in The Sandbox.

For a period of 30 days, you will receive 10% of ALL purchases made by any referred account.

So, if you recommend The Sandbox to a friend or colleague, make sure they register using your unique sandbox game referral link!

Sandbox Game Referral Program

Transferring your SAND Tokens $SAND to Your Sandbox Account

You only need to tranfer your $SAND tokens to your Sandbox account once you’ve obtained them.

The process is quite easy:

  1. Click on the “Me” section, in the left panel
Transferring Sandbox Tokens to Sandbox Game Account
  1. In the “Your Wallet” section, look for your wallet address:
Sandbox Game Wallet
  1. Make sure to “COPY/PASTE” it and input this in the exchange to withdraw your funds.
  2. Withdraw you funds from Binance to your Wallet address.

Now, you are now ready to purchase LANDs using $SAND!

The Sandbox NFT Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Swap Another Cryptocurrency Token for Sand Token $SAND?

Yes, you can do this using UniSwap. Alternatively, some wallets may have a swap feature, such as MetaMask.

Can I Purchase SAND Token $SAND Using a Credit Card?

Yes, you can purchase SAND Token $SAND using your credit card using the Simplex exchange.

Can I Purchase SAND Token $SAND via The Sandbox’s Website?

Yes, you can purchase SAND Token $SAND via The Sandbox’ Official Website. To do so, go to your profile by clicking “Me” on the left toolbar after logging into your Sandbox account. Then there will be a button to purchase $SAND. To see your options, click on it. Keep in mind that you’ll need Ethereum to pay for the gas.

How to Win Free SAND Token $SAND?

You can win free SAND Token $SAND by Winning contests or via Play2Earn mechanisms.

When Should I buy SAND Token $SAND?

It is entirely up to you to make this decision. I can not give you financial advice. You are, however, welcome to seek guidance from other members of the community via one of our live chat groups.

Is it Possible to Sell SAND Token $SAND?

Yes, it is possible. You can sell your $SAND tokens at a cryptocurrency exchange. Such as Binance, Huobi, ToktoCrypto, Bitmart and so on.

Can I exchange my SAND Token $SAND for a Different Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can do this using UniSwap. Or any wallet that supports cryptocurrency swapping, such as MetaMask.

When should I sell SAND Token $SAND?

It is entirely up to you to make this decision. I can not give you financial advice. You are, however, welcome to seek guidance from other members of the community via one of our live chat groups.

Do I have to Pay Taxes on Any Profits I make from SAND Token $SAND?

I am not unable to provide you with tax advice. Tax laws vary by country, as well as by local governments, states, and counties within those countries. Please consult an official tax representative in your local jurisdiction for assistance.

Can I Earn Money by Playing the Sandbox Game?

Definetely, you can earn money by playing the Sandbox game. It is also depends on your strategy. You can generate passive income by investing SAND in LAND. At the moment, the only way to obtain in-game items that you can use or sell is to make a contribution.


The Sandbox decentralized platform allows players and creators to own a piece of our gaming metaverse (LAND), participate in the governance and economy (SAND), while creating and enjoying a simple way to benefit from their playing time.

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game 

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Have you ever played The Sandbox?

Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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