The Pit NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is The PIT Game?

The PIT is the first game of its kind, and will provide a competitive environment for wagering NFTs against each other through simulated battle.

The Kodoku curse enslaves the wretched souls of former humans, twisting them into beastly forms.

Avians, Hounds, Insectoids, and Serpents are immortalized as NFTs and PITTED in eternal combat.

These PIT Creatures are forced to fight for glory and survival in THE PIT, an infernal Neo-Colosseum floating through the endless void. This is NFT Warfare in action.

Below you can watch PIT game trailer video to understand the game.

The PIT Gameplay

THE PIT is a free-for-all battle royale in which the last PIT Creature standing is crowned “PIT Champion.” PIT battles are generated procedurally using a randomised algorithm.

PIT NFT is available for purchase directly through official website of the game or as well as for resale on the OpenSea marketplace.

You can play the PIT by following steps:

  • Step #1 To play THE PIT, as an NFT holder you must choose your PIT Creatures from your MetaMask wallet.
  • Step #2 Following the successful connection of the MM API with the website UI, you can connect your wallet via the official website. When your NFT creatures are ready for battle, the site will display a notification to you

How to Play The PIT?

You can play the PIT with following easy steps:

  • Step #1 Get your NFT: You can enter a raffle on offical website of the game to win your exclusive PIT Creature, or get your’s on
  • Step #2 Enter the game: Enter the main arena and battle other NFT owners once you’ve obtained your NFT Creature.
  • Step #3: Win rewards: Not only will your Creature gain fame, but it will also win you prizes ranging from merchandise to cryptocurrency.

Entering THE PIT

The number of enterable PIT Creatures per wallet will be limited to 4, ensuring that the odds are never stacked heavily in favor of one holder.

After each battle, Creatures will be subject to a “cooldown period” during which they will be ineligible to participate in subsequent PIT battles.

The PIT Lobby

This feature has been implemented in the hope that it will encourage strategizing and gamesmanship among players when it comes to deciding when and which NFTs to enter.

The UI displays a scoreboard ranking the top Creatures at the end of the battle.

When your NFT participates in battle you will be awarded with $PIT token.

What is $PIT Token?

$PIT is native token of The PIT game.

During the first mint, 800 PIT Creature NFTs was released.

The table below shows the rarity distribution, which ranges from “Floor” to “Ultra Rare,” as well as the corresponding base stats spreads.

All creatures will start with the same 100 health points.

RarityNumber MintedAttack/Defence/SpeedHealth
Ultra Rare880-100100
Super Rare7270-90100

Following the conclusion of Season One, accumulated $PIT will be redeemable for buffs to PIT Creature base stats within the predetermined limits of its rarity.

You could also use your $PIT to buy a Summoning Scroll, which will automatically mint them a new PIT Creature NFT.

The PIT Creatures

There are 4 creatures in the PIT game as listed below:

  1. Insectoid
  2. Avian
  3. Serpent
  4. Canine
The PIT Creatures
The PIT Creature from left to right: Insectoid, Avian, Serpent, Canine


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Have you ever played The PIT Game? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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