Tank Battle NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Tank Battle?

Tank Battle is a war-themed strategy game with a fresh look and a variety of game modes.

Tank Battle was created by a GOSU Corp subsidiary game studio and is powered by blockchain technology from Join your friends in these epic battles to earn valuable rewards. Make your presence known in the Tank Battle universe by choosing from one of four game modes: PVE, PVP, Alliance War, or Tournament.

Tank Battle is more than just a game of fun or earning money.

Tank Battle NFT game creates competition among team members and alliances. You must compete for valuable resources in order to upgrade their squad and form an invincible squad capable of conquering the Tank Battle worlds and territories. Strategic thinking is required – you’ll need to intelligently organize your squad and assign missions to your alliances in order to defend your territory from enemy attacks and thus secure your resources and income.

Tank Battle NFT game creates competitions for teams and alliances to earn valuable token rewards. However, it is not easy because Tank Battle requires strategic thinking and strength expressed through interaction and connection with other players.

Tank Battle Gameplay

The minimum squad size is one tank, and the maximum squad size is five tanks. To win, the squad’s arrangement necessitates a reasonable strategy.

Depending on the player’s tactics, each tank class has different characteristics and many roles to support the squad. You can form a squad with high defense, rapid-fire capabilities, or a long-range wide-area damage strategy. When the opponents use a variety of tactics, a single lineup squad has a lower chance of winning every battle.

Tank Battle Game Modes

Tank Battle Game has four game modes, which are explained below:

  1. PVE Mode
  2. PVP Mode
  3. Alliance War Mode
  4. Tournament Mode

1. PVE Mode

In Tank Battle, there are ten maps with varying difficulty levels, including Light Saber, Volcano City, Aquarus, Luzon, Kharkiv, Paris, Narva, Moscow, Berlin, and Stalingrad. Each map will have ten missions of varying difficulty.

Each battle allows you to deploy 1 to 5 tanks. You will be able to see the opponent’s lineup prior to the match, allowing you to prepare your squad and devise a strategy to increase your chances of winning.

You will receive rewards corresponding to the mission level after completing each mission on the map: EXP, Gold, and Gem.

You can re-fight difficult missions as many times as you want to receive the reward.

The tank’s stamina will deplete after each turn, so plan ahead of time to bring your tank to battle and return it to the garage to replenish its stamina.

2. PVP Mode

How to join PVE in Tank Battle Game?

To participate in PVE in Tank Battle, you must first set your attacking and defending positions to combat.

  • The attacking positioning would be used to challenge and fight against the defending squads of other players.
  • The defending squad is responsible for defending your territory when it is attacked by other players.

Every day, there will be 5 free turns of a challenge; you can pay 100 Gems each time to purchase another turn of the challenge (limit of 10 times per day).

You have three chances per day to refresh and select other random opponents; players can pay 50 Gems to refresh (no limit of times per day).

3. Alliance War

Phase 2 will see the addition of ten territories named after PVE maps, including Monte Cassino, Ardennes, Kursk, Luzon, Kharkiv, Paris, Narva, Moscow, Berlin, and Stalingrad.


When you participate in PVE on each map, the revenue brought to the alliance by collecting taxes is enormous on each territory. You will receive 2-5 percent of the total rewards when players join PVE in your alliance’s territory.

For example:

  • Because your alliance controls the territory of Paris, you will receive a maximum tax of 5% from PVE players on the territory of Paris.
  • When you join PVE mode in other territories, such as Narva or Moscow, you must pay taxes to the alliance that controls that territory.


A commander forms an alliance with an initial slot of 30 members by using Gold. To increase the number of available slots for many members, alliance members must contribute resources, complete quests, and form stronger alliances. The stronger the alliance becomes and the better the alliance’s ability to fight in territorial wars, the more members the alliance has and the more contributions the members make.

Tax revenue will be distributed automatically on a weekly basis based on each member’s active contribution. The commander has access to each member’s contribution points, which allows him to make appropriate replacement decisions.

The replacement of alliance members will be approved by voters; the members who contribute the most to the alliance will have a more valuable vote. This function works in accordance with the DAO mechanism.

Territory Defense

In the first round, all alliances will join the war on a specific territory within 1 hour, and the strongest alliance that takes and defends the territory until the end will be the winner.

The alliance that takes control of the territory will immediately begin collecting taxes from PVE players who wish to play there. The Alliance Dashboard will be publicly updated with collected resources like Gold and Gem, and income will be distributed automatically before the next alliance battle.

Every week, you will fight to defend the territory from attacks by other alliances, which will necessitate the inhabited alliances strengthening their squads and preparing to fight other alliances. If they lose, the territory will be taken over by the attacking alliance.

Furthermore, you must fortify your alliance in order to occupy other territories and expand your alliance’s territory.

Pro Tip: You can invite more members to the alliance by creating a Discord channel on Tank Battle.

4. Tournament Mode

This is the most anticipated and appealing game mode for players, aside from the Alliance War. Each quarter will feature alliance tournaments; this is the most intense mode for players because they must go through many consecutive rounds to win the championship.

The tournament will last one week and will be divided into many alliance pairs based on the number of registrations received. The rounds will be arranged at random and will have no bearing on the league’s ranking. In the world of Tank Battle, the tournament is regarded as the most difficult arena in which to compete for the title of League of Legends champion.

In-game resources, Gold, and Super rare NFTs are valuable rewards available only through the tournament.

How to Earn Rewards in Tank Battle Game?

You can earn rewards in Tank Battle game in a variety of ways, as detailed below:

PVE Reward

Quests on the battlefield maps can only be joined a certain number of times per day. In PVE mode, the difficulty of the task on each map that the player completes determines the awards.

The awards will be kept in the player’s account for future use in-game. You can participate in PVE as long as your tank is durable enough. Among the rewards are gold and gems.

The PVE rewards system is explained in the diagram below.

PVP & Ranking

Ranking and Trophies

When you continue your search for opponents, the system will present you with four random players to challenge. The ranking range for random is -5 to +10. (5 players with lower rank, 10 players with higher rank).

When you challenge others

  • If the attacker defeats an opponent with a higher rank, the attacker can achieve the opponent’s rank and earn medals.
  • If you beat a lower-ranked opponent, your ranking will not change, but you will receive fewer medals.
  • If you lose, your ranking will not change and you will not receive any medals.
  • There will be no draw because the total HP remaining on Tanks at the end of 10 rounds will determine which side wins.

When you defend from others

  • If you win, your ranking will not change and you will not lose any medal points.
  • If you lose to a higher-ranked opponent, your ranking will not change, but you will lose a small number of medals.
  • If you lose to a lower-ranked opponent, you will be demoted and lose a small number of medals.

For rewards when you are attacked or defender, see the table below:

AttackerWinHigher Rank100 + Rank Difference x2
AttackerWinLower Rank100 – Rank Difference x2
AttackerLoseHigher / Lower Rank0
DefenderWinHigher / Lower Rank0
DefenderWinHigher Rank– Rank Difference x 2
DefenderLoseLower Rank– Rank Difference x 2


The system will distribute prizes every Sunday at 16:59:59 (UTC). To ensure that the reward values are balanced, the weekly Gold reward allocation can be adjusted.

Territorial Revenue

When an alliance member owns one of the map’s ten territories, you will profit by taxing other PVE players on that territory based on each member’s contribution points. Weekly earnings, including Gold and Gems, will be distributed automatically.

Sell/Rent Tanks

You can make money by selling rare tanks from new gachas through direct sales or Marketplace auctions. Furthermore, renting out NFTs is an important source of passive income for maximizing the value of NFTs.

In accordance with the decentralized autonomous economic system, Tank Battle game mechanism has devised a strategy to encourage trading between players. Renting out assets will generate substantial passive income while also providing substantial benefits to tenants.

What are Tank Classes in Tank Battle Game?

Tank Battle Game features six different tank classes, as explained below:

  1. Heavy Tank (HT)
  2. Medium Tank (MT)
  3. Light Tank (LT)
  4. Tank Destroyer (TD)
  5. Self-propelled Gun (SPG)
  6. Support Tank (ST)

1. Heavy Tank (HT)

Heavy Tank (HT) class that realistically simulates the characteristics of real historical heavy tanks such as the IS-7, IS-3, Tiger II, T110E5, T34…

HT Behemoth

Heavy Tanks are medium-firepower tanks with medium armor, HP, and fire rate, as well as many remarkable attack skills. Heavy Tanks can support the frontline tankers while also becoming a tanker capable of withstanding damage if the frontline force is disrupted.

2. Medium Tank (MT)

Medium Tank (MT) is based on world-famous medium tanks like the Soviet T54, German Leopard, and French Bat.-Châtillon 25 t… They are represented by a turret with numerous gun barrels and medium-sized wheels to facilitate their quick mobility.

MT Beelzebub

Medium Tanks are our attempt to achieve a successful balance of firepower, mobility, and protection. They prefer skill spamming, broad-area attacks, and other counter-effects. Medium tanks strive to be versatile, especially in the backline position, where they can spam and deal damage to the entire enemy squad.

3. Light Tank (LT)

Taking our enthusiasm for WWII light tanks with distinct characteristics such as the AMX 13-90, T-50, and T49…, we have combined their outstanding features into our LT class, which would play an active role in the squad, serving as a useful weapon for our players to deploy.

LT Patriot

Light Tanks are extremely mobile tanks that can effortlessly weave between enemy squads. The amount of explosive damage and high critical stats make this class ideal for assisting teammates in destroying the enemy squad’s weak targets.

4. Tank Destroyer (TD)

Among the most famous tank destroyers in history are the German Jg Panther E100, the Soviet Object 268 and the American T110E3. We brought it all in to develop a line of tanks with impressive Tank Destroyer features and gave them an irreplaceable role in the squad, fascinated by their destructive capacity.

TD Gurkha

This tank prioritizes armor, health, and resistance stats. The damage is low, but the ability to block damage and increase resistance quickly make this class the first line of defense for the entire team.

5. Self-propelled Gun (SPG)

Self-propelled guns play an important role in battlefields with flat terrain, such as deserts and plains, and can be relied on as the squad’s primary firepower. The Self-propelled Gun Hall of Fame, which includes the American T92, German GW-E100, Soviet Object 261, and French Batchation-155, provided us with the best idea for creating a line of SPGs in the game.

SPG Storm

Self-propelled Gun tanks can shoot long distances, have powerful firepower, and deal significant damage. Players, on the other hand, must be cautious and consider their slow movement, slow fire speed, and weak armor. The Self-propelled Gun is better suited to the squad’s backline because it can disable the opponent’s special abilities while also serving as the squad’s primary firepower.

6. Support Tank (ST)

Support Tank is more concerned with increasing HP and assisting allied squads. This tank has a low damage stat and will be useful when placed in the middle of the squad to cover the frontline tankers and become the main tanker when the frontline force is directed.

ST Hydra

What are Battle Tank Modules?

To build a tank, players must first collect enough Track, Engine, Chassis, and Turret modules. Modules are NFTs traded on the Marketplace.

Track, engine, chassis, and turret are the four tank modules in Tank Battle game.

Tank Modules can be obtained by purchasing Boxes to receive random modules or by purchasing the necessary modules sold by other players on the Marketplace. You can also sell any extra modules on the market.

Another way to make a module is to collect Gems. 1000 Gems can be used to make 1 Gembox, which has a chance to contain 1 module. In NFT games, you create something by playing games.

Pro Tip: Players’ NFTs are crafted tanks that can be traded or sold on the Marketplace.

Tank crafting rarity rate

  • Common: 60%
  • Rare: 26%
  • Epic: 10%
  • Mythic: 3%
  • Legendary: 1%

Tank Stats and Skills

Each tank has unique stats based on its abilities and role in the squad. These statistics are determined by the rarity and level of each tank.

  • HP: Survival ability.
  • Def: Armor stats and damage resistance.
  • Atk: Attack stats and attack characteristics.
  • AOE: The ability to deal with massive damage.
  • Critical: Likelihood of critical hit with extra damage per turn.
  • Dodge: The ability to dodge and take no damage at all.
  • Accurate: Hit rate on target (would also remove enemy’s dodging ability).
  • Pierce: Ability to remove the target’s armor.
  • Farming point

Skill stats

Each tank class will have its own set of abilities to use in battle. The tank’s level and rarity determine the recovery time and skill effect.

  • HT class: A variety of abilities, such as increased defense, damage, or the ability to control a target for an extended period of time.
  • MT class: Can deal damage over a wide area, has a short cooldown, and can boost damage, stun, or weaken the opponent.
  • LT class: Has a high damage output and the ability to prioritize attacks on enemy tanks with low HP or in the back row.
  • TD class: Can block incoming damage, provoke the enemy to attack itself, and perform other resistance-boosting abilities.
  • SPG class: Increases great damage across a large area of the enemy’s squad.
  • ST: Supporting abilities such as HP recovery, increased damage, and damage resistance are available to all teammates.

Squad building

You must devise an effective strategy to arrange their squad to defeat the opponent’s squad due to the diversity of characteristics and the differences in tank classes. Owning a large number of high rarity tanks does not guarantee victory in the war if you cannot put together the right squad to counter your opponent.

To form an eligible squad, you must first understand the tank’s characteristics. Rather than investing without a tactical mindset, we encourage players to develop a thorough understanding of the game and its components.

Properties Point

  • Crafting material: Increase Defense Stats + HP
  • Bullet material: Attack + Armor Penetration
  • Dynamics: Dodge + Critical rate
  • Combat Tech: Accurate + AOE

What are Tank Battle Game Assets?

There are six differrent game assest in Tank Battle game as explained below:

  1. $TBL Token
  2. Gold
  3. Gem
  4. Gem Box
  5. Hyper Box
  6. Mind Stone

1. $TBL Token

The $TBL token is the game’s governance token, which players can purchase on DEX and convert to gold. Gold is directly used in the game to help reduce gas costs. Gold can be exchanged for $TBL and vice versa.

$TBL Token conversion rate: Subject to change over time.

2. Gold

The most valuable currency in the game is GOLD. Gold is used to buy garage slots, which restore Tank’s stamina, as well as almost every other in-game feature.

Gold can be earned by participating in game modes such as PVE, PVP, and Alliances war.

  • PVE: Every 10 gates must be conquered with straight 3 stars, which cannot be obtained through farming.

Pro Tip: When you claim your rewards, you can exchange your gold for $TBL token.

3. Gem

Gem is a valuable asset that assists you in the production of NFTs. It is obtained by farming, and there are bonuses for passing through PVE gates with bosses.

Pro Tip: You can make a Gem Box with 1000 Gems and a Hyper Box with 4000 Gems.

4. Gem Box

When you open a Gem box, you may receive a Tank module, a Mind Stone, or a random complete Tank. Additionally, opening the Gem Box has a failure rate, and you will receive 100, 200, or 300 Gems back.

You can see below table to see the chances of getting rewards from Gem Box.

Tank Module70%Randomly
Mind Stone0.2%Randomly
Bad Luck27.8%Get 100, 200, or 300 Gems back
Rewards from Gem Box table

5. Hyper Box

4000 Gems = 1 Hyper Box

  • 90% chance to get 1 random complete tank
  • 10% chance to get 3 random tank modules

6. Mind Stone

The Mind Stone is a useful support item. It increases the chances of creating a Tank of Mythic or Legendary rarity.

Tank Battle NFT Marketplace

Tanks can be purchased and sold by players on the Marketplace to supplement their squad. It is critical to have a squad that implements the player’s tactics by adding appropriate tanks.

You may not always have the necessary tanks to form a tactical formation; however, the Gacha mechanic allows you to purchase tanks to add to your squad based on your tactics.

Gold rewards cannot be traded on the marketplace; instead, you must use $TBL token in your wallet to complete a transaction. The money flow is shown in the diagram below.

NTFs Trading

Your in-game assets, such as tanks and tank modules, are tradable NFTs on the Tank Battle marketplace. Transactions are guaranteed to be safe and transparent by displaying transaction history for each type of NFT.

Tank Battle Game Auction

Sellers list NFTs on the auction market with a starting price (min price) and can set the buy now price for a specified time period.

Set the step bid so that bidders place their bids at x% higher than the current highest bid.

Bidders win based on one of two conditions, which must be met first: If there is a set price, the bid price reaches it or is the highest bid at the end of the auction time.

The seller can watch the auction live and cannot cancel the sell order before the auction concludes..

NFT Leasing

Players who have completed all of their PVE turns per day and do not have much time to participate in PVP, or players who do not want to farm their tank, can list their tanks for rent on the marketplace.

Renting a tank is ideal for those who want to try out different tanks, form a squad to complete PVE missions, or compete in PVP rank tournaments without investing a lot of money in building and upgrading new tanks.

The tank’s durability will decrease during battle. When the rental period ends, the durability will revert to the state it was in when the owner listed the property on the market.

The tank that the tenant receives is not NFT, ensuring the safety of the owner’s property. The rented NFT will be stored in the marketplace’s smart contract, hidden from the marketplace when rented, and returned to the owner’s inventory at the end of the rental period.


Sellers and renters will be charged a 5% fee on all Marketplace transactions. The funds will be used for:

  • In-game reward pool: 40%
  • Liquidity: 20%
  • Game development: 40%

Tank Battle Game Features

No gas fee

The gas fee when performing in-game operations is a significant issue for Game Dapps on blockchain platforms, which means that players must pay a lot of gas fees when playing the game, affecting the gaming experience and the in-game economic system.

To address this issue, Tank Battle is optimized in-game server actions so that you can enjoy features without paying any gas fees while playing. When minting NFT, selling items on the marketplace, and claiming the reward, players only need to pay a small gas fee to confirm the transaction. Gas fees will be charged for blockchain transactions.


Inflation in the game is one of many issues that the nearly current NFT Game products face and have yet to resolve. Players will not get the full experience of a game if it is designed with the goal of turning gameplay into a monetized game. In the short term, focusing on creating the Fomo effect will result in uncontrolled inflation.

Tank Battle game is created a high-competition in-game ecosystem that improves the gaming experience to strike a balance between player experience and inflation control. Furthermore, cash flow is widely used in the game as a real-life society that aids in the maximum growth of the in-game market, allowing players to play and earn with only a small initial investment.

Tank Battle NFTs Quantity Controlling

Elite Tank

  • Elite Tanks are immortal. Elite Tanks can be used indefinitely without the need to recycle.
  • Elite Tanks will be the first 50.000 tanks produced (equivalent to the first 200.000 minted Tank Modules can be craft into 50.000 Elite Tanks)
  • Tank Battle will sell 100,000 Tank Modules in accordance with predetermined plans. All $TBLtokens collected from the sale of Tank Modules will be burned.
  • 100.000 Tank modules will be obtained through gameplay and owned by players..

Notice: After the limited supply of 50.000 Elite Tanks created from DEV’s NFT sale and available to players in the game is exhausted, players can collect the following Tanks: Tanks of the Reaper.

Reaper Tank

  • Reaper Tanks have similar stats to Elite Tanks, and players can participate in game modes and use Marketplace features. Reaper Tanks, on the other hand, will have a finite lifespan. Their Rarity and Level determine their life cycle index.
  • The lifespan of Reaper Tanks will gradually decrease over time, averaging 30 to 40 days. Reaper Tanks cannot participate in in-game features until their life cycle returns to zero.
  • You must use Gold to recycle the lifespan of the Reaper Tank.

There is an infinite supply of Reaper tanks. When trading on Marketplace for a lower price than Elite Tanks, players own Reaper Tanks. In addition, players can rent out their Reaper Tanks to earn more passive income. They will, however, need to reinvest in order to extend the life of their Reaper Tanks. The Tank’s lifecycle is depicted in the diagram below.

Gold usage in Tank Battle Game

Gold is the primary currency used to unlock game features like upgrading, durability restoration, disassembling, and merging in Tank Battle game. These features are important because they enable players to assemble a more powerful squad and earn more exciting rewards in battle.

Gold can be earned by playing games. You do not need to exchange and claim $TBL tokens to wallets; instead, Gold can be used directly in the game, reducing gas fees when performing transactions implemented in the game rather than on the blockchain.

Gold Reward Lock

If you receive Gold as a reward for in-game activities, the reward will be taxed 50% if claimed in $TBL on the first day.

Every day, the tax on claiming rewards will be reduced by 10%; on the fifth day, you will be able to claim rewards tax-free.

In addition, if you do not claim the reward within 10 days, you will receive a 10% bonus of the total Gold reward in-game on the 10th – 15th – 20th day. This community incentive program encourages people to play the game and invest more $TBL token in the long run.


Tank Battle is a blockchain game designed to improve player experience while also generating economic value. Furthermore, controlling inflation is an important factor in making the game long-term.

To balance the three elements, Tank Battle has a game mechanism to control the return on the player’s investment, allowing the project to keep a lid on inflation and provide as much value to the Tank Battle community as possible.

In-game rewards

Collecting 100 Gems to create a Gem Box from which players can obtain multiple items is the main in-game incentive resource that you can obtain. They are valuable items that can be traded on the Marketplace.

The mining limit for Gems would be determined by the rarity of the Tank. At the level of 0 stars, the ROI rate will always be guaranteed for each type of Tank; upgrading to obtain more stars will bring more profit to players. Profit percentage per tank is shown in the table below:

Tank0 Star1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
Tanks amount to Star upgrade12481632
Profit percentage per tank table

The maximum number of Gems that you can earn from Tank Battle PVE is shown in the table below.

Tank0 Star1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
The maximum number of Gems that can be earned from PVE table

In a nutshell, you will have already achieved the basic ROI and received their return even with Tanks with 0 stars that have reached the Gem mining limit. To increase profit and have a Tank with more Stars, you can upgrade two Tanks of the same rarity that have both reached the mining limit. This will deflate old NFTs and allow you to mine out fewer new NFTs. In short, you can own a new Tank with a higher Gem mining limit without having to buy more Tanks.

When Tanks reach the mining limit, they can no longer earn rewards in PvE mode; however, these Tanks can still become a pivotal character of the squad, assisting in the passage of difficult maps and assisting other Tanks in earning rewards. Furthermore, these Tanks can still participate in PvP, Alliance War, and Tournaments and compete for rankings and rewards as usual.

Tank Battle Tokenomics

What is TBL Token ($TBL)?

The $TBL token is the governance token used in the Tank Battle ecosystem for trading NFTs and other activities. $TBL token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

TBL Token ($TBL) Token Burn

NFTs will be available for limited sale and trade in $BUSD during the first two months from the listing date to the official Tank Battle game’s launch. NFT sales beginning in the third month following the official game launch date will be paid in $TBL. The entire amount of $TBL collected from NFT sales will be burned.

Tank Battle NFT Game


Tank Battle is a war-themed strategy game with a fresh look and a variety of game modes. The Tank Battle NFT game fosters competition among team members and alliances. You must compete for valuable resources in order to upgrade their squad and form an invincible squad capable of conquering the Tank Battle worlds and territories.

Strategic thinking is required in Tank Battle game – you’ll need to intelligently organize your squad and assign missions to your alliances in order to defend your territory from enemy attacks and thus secure your resources and income.

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Have you played Tank Battle already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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