Sunflower Land NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Sunflower Land?

Sunflower Land is a NFT game in which everything you collect is traceable on the Polygon Blockchain. As you build your farming empire, you can farm, chop, mine, craft, and do other things.

Sunflower Land simulates real-world economic supply and demand by including a mechanism that makes resources scarcer as time passes. On the Polygon Blockchain, you can own any item you harvest, gather, or craft. This allows people to collect valuable and exotic resources, which they can then share with friends or list on supported trading platforms like OpenSea.

Sunflower Farmers are on a mission to explore the land, gather exotic resources, and create new items. Everything you collect in Sunflower Land can be identified on the Blockchain as an NFT or Fungible Token. You must plant, harvest, chop, mine, fish, and collect to make an NFT.

How to Start Playing Sunflower Land?

Sunflower Land NFT Game

To connect to the Polygon blockchain, Sunflower Land requires players to have a MetaMask account. Below is detailed information on how to set up your cryptocurrency wallets before you begin playing Sunflower Land.

1. Metamask Setup

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that uses software to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It gives users access to their Ethereum wallet via a browser extension or mobile app, which they can then use to interact with decentralized applications.

Metamask must be downloaded and installed on your preferred browser. Then you must set up a MetaMask account.

Important: Remember to keep you password and Secret Backup Phrase safe.

2. Polygon Setup

Polygon is a 2017 Ethereum layer-2 protocol and framework for creating interconnected blockchain ecosystems. Polygon’s native utility token is denoted by the symbol $MATIC.

You must link your MetaMask account to the Polygon blockchain.

You can read this guide To connect to the Polygon network. Your Network configuration should look similar to the following:

​Optional RPC networks

When there is a lot of traffic on Polygon, you may have trouble connecting to the network. When this happens, you can use one of the RPC URLs listed below in your Metamask configuration.

What is $MATIC Token?

Before you begin, make sure you have some $MATIC in your MetaMask wallet to fund your farm. To secure your data, you must pay a small amount of $MATIC to the Blockchain with each blockchain transaction.

MATIC tokens can be purchased on a variety of open exchanges. To use these tokens on the Polygon network, you must first transfer them from an exchange (such as Binance) to the Polygon network. Binance’s recent Polygon Wallet Integration is the simplest way to accomplish this.

You can now withdraw directly to your Polygon address, which was created during the MetaMask/Polygon setup process. You can find it by going to Binance’s Withdraw section.

Enter your address, choose the network (MATIC), and enter the desired amount. You’ll be able to see the amount sent on your MetaMask account within a few minutes.

It is critical that you keep the $MATIC in your browser wallet (i.e., Metamask) and do not send it to the address of your farm.

How to Play Sunflower Land Game?

Sunflower Land’s goal is to collect resources and craft items. Crops, for example, can be exchanged for the Sunflower Land Token, whereas others are only used for crafting collectible items and NFTs.

What are Goblins & Humans in Sunflower Land Game?

Sunflower Land has onboarded thousands of players to Web3 and hopes to be a catalyst for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency gaming. The game has low barrier to entry and easily digestible gameplay have contributed significantly to our success thus far.

Transactions, liquidity, on-chain / off-chain, staking, and other complex concepts abound in blockchain gaming. Our goal is to provide new users with a welcoming environment in which they can learn these key concepts in a manageable manner.

The narrative between Goblins and Humans is one solution to this problem.

1. Humans 👨💼​

Humans are, by definition, centralized. They adhere to strict trading and communication guidelines. They’ve been doing it this way for centuries, so they can complete tasks quickly and with little downtime.

The human section of the game in Sunflower Land represents all off-chain gameplay that interacts directly with our game server. This includes the following:

  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Chopping wood
  • Exploring & Collecting resources
  • Crafting items

2. Goblins 👺​

Goblins, on the other hand, are mischievous and enjoy breaking the rules. They present intriguing opportunities centered on NFTs, liquidity pools, and other decentralized protocols. The bad news is that Goblins are sluggish and greedy creatures. To process any request, they require Blockchain transactions and a fee (gas).

The goblin section of the game in Sunflower Land contains all of the on-chain gameplay, including:

  • Minting rare items & NFTs
  • Wishing Well (Liquidity pool)
  • Withdrawing / Depositing

Good to know: Over time more decentralised protocols will be added included into the Goblin Village.

How to Create a Farm in Sunflower Land Game? 🧑🌾​

Make sure you have MATIC and have completed the setup described above before starting a farm. You can easily build a farm in Sunflower Land by following these steps:

🙌 Congratulations! You have just created your own Farm NFT. This NFT grants you access to the game and stores all of your earned resources. Sunflower NFT collections are available for purchase on the Sunflower Land’s opensea sale page.

How to Earn SFL in Sunflower Land Game? 🌻​

In the Sunflower Land game, SFL is required for crafting tools and expanding your farm. Buying farming crops and exchanging them for SFL is the quickest way to earn SFL. Farming crops can be purchased in four different ways, as detailed below:

  1. Harvest crops when they are ready.
  2. Visit the town & click on the shop.
  3. Sell crops at the shop for SFL.
  4. Buy seeds using your SFL.

How to Upgrade a Farm in Sunflower Land Game? 💰​

To unlock new fields and seeds, you must gather enough resources and create a recipe for the Goblin who guards the land. Depending on the land, you will need to collect a mix of SFL and various crops. The SFL can be obtained in four ways, as detailed below:

  1. Talk to a Goblin blocking the fields.
  2. Visit the town & click on the kitchen.
  3. Craft the food that the Goblin wants.
  4. Voila! Enjoy your new fields and crops.

How to Synchronise to the Blockchain?

Your entire game progress is saved on our game server. When you want to move your tokens, NFTs, and resources to the Blockchain, you must “Sync on Chain”‘

We recommend that players do this every 1-3 days to ensure that all of their progress on the Blockchain is secure. Follow these two simple steps to sync your Sunflower game to the blockchain:

  • Step #1: Open up the menu,
  • Step #2: Click “Sync on chain” button

Notice: This transaction usually costs between $0.1-$0.13 MATIC as of writing this guide.

How to Mint an Item in Sunflower Land Game?

Once you’ve gathered all of the required resources, go to one of the locations that sells rare items, such as Blacksmith, Tailor, or Barn, and then complete the following three steps:

  • Step #1: Selected your item
  • Step #2: Click “Craft”
  • Step #3: Accept the Metamask transaction that appears

How to Farming & Gathering in Sunflower Land Game? 🧑🌾​

All successful Sunflower Citizens understand that the key to prospering in the Sunflower MetaVerse and collecting resources to mint rare items is to collect resources.

Crops can be sold for SFL or used to make recipes and game items. The ROI of crops is calculated dynamically based on the total supply of the token. For the most up-to-date values, always refer to the in-game prices. You can grow a crop if you buy the necessary seed from the shop.

A table showing the crops, harvest time, and requirements is provided below:

CropTime to HarvestRequires
Sunflower1 minute to growSunflower Seed
Potato5 minutes to growPotato Seed
Pumpkin30 minutes to growPumpkin Seed
Carrot1 hour to growCarrot Seed
Cabbage2 hours to growCabbage Seed
Beetroot4 hours to growBeettoot Seed
Cauliflower8 hours to growCauliflower Seed
Parsnip12 hours to growParsnip Seed
Radish1 dayRadish Seed
Wheat1 day to growWheat Seed
Kale7 days to growKale Seed

What are the Kitchen Recipes in Sunflower Land Game? 🧑🍳​ What is Used for?​

You must create delectable recipes and give them to the Goblins in order to unlock new fields of land and discover new seeds. The amount of SFL needed in each recipe is dynamically calculated based on the token’s total supply. ​

Pumpkin SoupSFL
5 Pumpkins
5 Fields
Carrot Seed
Cabbage Seed
10 Cabbages
6 fields
Beetroot Seed
Cauliflower Seed
Roast CauliflowerSFL
30 Cauliflowers
6 fields
Parsnip Seed
Radish Seed
Radish PieSFL 60
Wheat Seed

What are Tools in Sunflower Land Game? 🪓​ What is Used for?​

In Sunflower Land, tools are used to collect a variety of resources. Most tools can be crafted at the Blacksmith.

ToolPriceUse Case
Axe1 SFLChops 1 tree
Wood Pickaxe1 SFL 2 WoodMines 1 stone rock
Stone Pickaxe2 SFL 3 Wood 3 StoneMines 1 iron rock
Iron Pickaxe5 SFL 5 Wood 3 IronMines 1 gold rock
Fishing Rod5 SFL 5 woodMines 1 gold rock
Hammer5 SFL 5 wood 5 stoneUpgrades a building

What are the Trees in Sunflower Land Game? 🌲 ​What is Used for?​

Every farm now has 5 trees. In order to discover trees in the future, you will need to expand your land (NFT expansions). Meanwhile, happy chopping!

Each tree has the following features:

  • Produces between 3-5 wood
  • Requires 1 axe (after use it is burnt)
  • Takes 2 hours to regrow

Note: Based on your skill tree and rare items, the above stats may be increased.

What are Stone, Iron & Gold in Sunflower Land Game? What is Used for?​

Each farm has 3 stones, 2 iron rocks, and 1 gold rock scattered across the map. To find these resources in the future, you will need to mint land expansion NFTs.

ResourceRequiresOutputsTime to Replenish
Stone1 wood pickaxe (burnt)2-4 stone4 hours
Iron1 stone pickaxe (burnt)2-3 iron12 hours
Gold1 iron pickaxe (burnt)1-2 gold24 hours

Note: The above stats indicate the base level. These change after skill upgrades and rare mints.

What are the Animals in Sunflower Land Game? 🐔 What is Used for?​

Chicken5 SFL1 wheat to feed1 egg
Cow50 SFL1 wheat to feed1 milk
10 steaks
Pig10 SFL1 wheat to feed1 manure
Sheep20 SFL1 wheat to feed1 wool

Notice: Animals are currently being built and are subject to change.

What are Professions in Sunflower Land game?

Sunflower Land has 2 main professions, which are listed below:

  1. Farming (Crops and Animals)
  2. Gathering (Chopping, Mining, Bees, Fishing etc.)

You gain experience by performing various actions. After every 5 levels, you will be able to select a “skill badge“. This will give you an advantage in a specific area as well as access to mint special items.

Notice: More professions will be added in the future.

What is the Land Expansion in Sunflower Land Game?

​The Sunflower Land Token will be an important component of the Land Expansion feature. Players must mint and unlock unique plots of land. The distribution of resources on each plot of land will be random. If you’re lucky, you might come across a valuable resource such as diamonds!

To promote fair play and prevent whales from minting an excessive number of items The Sunflower Land game has the following restrictions when it comes to crafting rare items:

  • You can only craft and hold one item on a farm
  • You must wait 7 days before crafting the same item again
  • Max 3 flags per farm

What is the Wishing Well in Sunflower Land Game?

The Wishing Well is a Sunflower Land game mechanic that rewards loyal farmers who provide liquidity in the game.

This is a gameplay feature that allows players to make a wish and be rewarded for it. It is not a staking option. Players retain ownership of their assets. You should never have to send LP tokens to the well or anyone else who asks. Be cautious and always conduct your own research.

What is in the Wishing Well?

A tax is applied whenever players “withdraw” tokens from their farms. A portion of this tax is transferred to the Wishing Well smart contract. This means that the Wishing Well accumulates SFL over time.

So how does someone access this SFL?

IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to send your LP tokens anywhere. Keep them in your personal wallet, where they will be added to the liquidity pool.

How to make a wish?

In Sunflower Land, you can make a wish by following these simple 3 steps:

  1. Add liquidity to the SFL/MATIC pair on QuickSwap
  2. Open Sunflower Land and click on the well.
  3. Click “Make Wish

On QuickSwap, the wishing well currently supports the SFL/MATIC Liquidity Pool Token. You will be able to make a wish if you have this token.

If you want to collect SFL from the well, you must hold liquidity for three days. If you remove or transfer the LP tokens, you will be unable to recover anything from the well at the end of the 3 days.

How to I redeem my SFL rewards?

Follow these 3 steps to redeem your SFL rewards:

  1. Go to Goblin Land
  2. Click on the “Wishing Well
  3. Click on “Grant Wish

After making a wish, you must wait three days before returning to collect any SFL.

​The number of SFL you can collect is proportional to the number of LP tokens you had when you made the wish. The more LP you have, the better your chances of accessing the well.

Once you have collected your tokens, another wish will be automatically made for you. You must wait 3 days before another wish can be granted. You will not be able to receive tokens if you withdraw liquidity during this time.

What happens if I added more liquidity?

Each time a wish is made, whether by you or automatically after a wish is granted, it is based on the number of LP tokens you have at the time. So, if you made a wish with 10 LP tokens and then added another 5 LP tokens the next day, the rewards will be based on the 10 LP tokens you had at the time the wish was made. The following wish will be funded by 15 LP tokens.

What is the Sunflower Land “Mission to Mars Event”?

Breakout hit web3 games, Million on Mars, and Sunflower Land are hosting an epic cross-chain, cross-universe, interoperable crossover event beginning May 24, 2022!

Players can start crafting loops in one game and finish them in the other, unlocking exciting in-game tools, prizes, recipes, and surprises.

Getting Started

Melon Dusk, an eccentric and brilliant entrepreneur and Martian, is struggling to launch his rocket in Sunflower Land and needs players’ assistance in gathering items to repair his rocket and take him to Mars.

When you meet Melon in the game, which is located in the Goblin Village, you will discover that his rocket requires some repairs.

​Your quest begins by assisting Melon in acquiring the resources he requires to repair and relaunch his rocket. This includes the following:

  • 5 Iron (for the rocket)
  • 50 Wood (for the scaffolding)
  • 250 Sunflower Seeds (to send to Mars)
  • 250 Sunflowers (to send to Mars)

​The goal of this mission is to plant sunflowers on Mars in order to push the limits of what is possible.

​Next Steps

When you give Melon the resources, an in-game popup will take you to a Million on Mars starting page from within Sunflower Land.

​You will be able to link your Farm metamask wallet here. This will also prompt you to confirm your Farm ID. After you confirm these, you will be able to create a new WAX wallet. This is required to play the game Million On Mars. MOM operates on the WAX blockchain, which is distinct from Metamask and unrelated to Polygon.

People would have to pay a 5 WAX fee ($0.60) to create a WAX wallet, but our dear friends on Mars have arranged for 10,000 WAX Wallet Promotion codes to be given to Sunflower Farmers, allowing you to avoid this creation fee.

To obtain your promotional code, simply assist Melon in repairing his rocket, and one will be provided.

Important: Don’t tell and share the code to anyone because it will only work once.

Following the completion of your WAX wallet setup, you will be invited to join Million On Mars to continue your quest. Klara will be your guide on Mars and will help players progress through the quest.

​Once on Mars

The plot thickens when the rocket carrying your magnificent sunflower seeds crashes on the surface of Mars, scattering sunflower seeds all over the planet. To collect the seeds and unlock special items, players must embark on a multi-day crafting quest and be handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

​Every day you log into Million on Mars for 14 days (beginning May 24th), you will receive one golden sunflower. You can exchange these in the Sunflower Shop on Mars for Land, buildings, and a variety of other NFT assets to help you get started on your new adventure.

Good to know: Typical value of common land is $30

You’ll want to learn how to grow sunflowers once you have land and buildings. When a new player learns the skill and successfully grows 7 Sunflowers on Mars, they will be rewarded with a very special Space Badge.

You can then return to Sunflower Land and Melon Dusk will give you a limited edition NFT for the new Observatory. The Million On Mars version of this guide can be found here.​

Sunflower Land Game Tokenomics

Without even developing a game, the crypto gaming ecosystem is plagued with projects that focus on pre-sales, exclusive mints, staking, and much more. We do things differently at Sunflower Land. The token does not have a pre-mine. The fees generated by the player-driven economy pay us directly.

Stage 1 👶​

The goal of stage 1 is to bring in new players and start distributing resources evenly in Sunflower Land. During this stage, there is no supply limit on any resource in the game.


  • Community Proposals and voting on tokenomics
  • Natural supply demand
  • Utility of token = high burn rates
  • Secondary Markets
  • Wishing Well
  • Syncing & Withdrawal Taxes

​Halvening Event 📈​

This event ONLY affects the SFL price for buying and selling seeds in the shop, as well as the SFL price for crafting items in the kitchen. This event will have no other consequences.

Natural Supply & Demand

Crops can be harvested in-game and exchanged for the Sunflower Land Token. As more people farm and the overall supply grows, the rewards diminish. This means that someone playing in the early days will receive significantly more rewards for harvesting a sunflower than someone playing later.

Consider Bitcoin halving and how Bitcoin has become more difficult to mine after each halving event. During Stage 1, our farmers serve as “miner” attempting to earn SFL.

SFL rewards are determined by the token’s total supply. When the supply is less than 100,000, farmers receive $0.02 per sunflower sold. When supply is between 100,000 and 500,000, farmers will only receive $0.01 for each sunflower harvested.

Tokens in SupplySFL per Sunflower Harvested
Less than 100,000$0.02
Less than 500,000$0.01
Less than 1,000,000$0.004
Less than 5,000,000$0.002
Less than 10,000,000$0.001
Less than 20,000,000$0.0005
Less than 30,000,000$0.00025
Les than 40,000,000$0.000125
Less than 50,000,000$0.0000625
Every 10 million tokens half again.

Sunflower Land Token Burn 🔥​

The game includes more than 50 rare collectibles and NFTs that can be crafted with SFL and other in-game resources. While the token becomes scarcer, the prices of all NFTs, tools, and other craftable items remain constant. This ensures that these items become more difficult to obtain over time, while also keeping the token in high demand.

A Golden Egg necessitates the use of Gold, Egg, and SFL. By the time a user has gathered all of the necessary ingredients, they will have burned nearly 300 SFL.

The SFL is sent to the burn address when you craft an item. As SFL is burned, the amount of circulating supply decreases while the total supply increases and the rewards decrease.

Fractional Tokens

You may be wondering if tools will become prohibitively expensive in the future. The underlying tools (for example, an axe) can also be fractionalized and used on resources.

For example, in the future, players will craft 0.001 Axe and collect 0.001 Wood.

Secondary Markets ⚖​

The ERC20 or ERC1155 standard underpins everything in the game. This allows players to explore secondary markets such as QuickSwap, Rarible, and OpenSea.

The demand on these secondary markets has an indirect impact on player strategy.

If the price of gold rises sharply, the price of NFTs that require gold rises as well on the open market. This open nature naturally supports the game’s economy and adds an extra level of strategy for players who enjoy the real-world economy aspect of gaming.

Wishing Well​

​The wishing well is a gamified feature that rewards liquidity providers for their support of the game. ​

Syncing & Withdrawal Taxes 🏦​

​The SFL token did not have a pre-sale or pre-mine. The game is instead supported by ongoing revenue from gameplay fees and NFT sales.

A player must’sync’ their off-chain progress on-chain roughly every 2-3 days in order to replenish the stock of seeds and tools for purchase. The current sync fee is 0.1 MATIC. Naturally, this results in a lower floor for resources in the game. For example, if a sync yields 40 radish seeds, the resulting radish has a minimum paired value of 0.1 MATIC. On Discord, you can find more detailed player charts and formulas to investigate the ROI on specific crops.

Players are taxed a percentage of their farm level and SFL gathered when withdrawing SFL from their farm. This SFL contributes to the game’s development and is also redistributed within the game.

​Stage 2 💪​

The goal of stage 2 is to limit the total supply of SFL tokens and resources in the game. The team will gather insights and analytics during Stage 1 to design the future mechanics of each token. The goal of Stage 2 is to provide the token with long-term stability.


  • Community Proposals and voting (in progress)
  • Land Expansion NFTs
  • Dynamic resource pricing (liquidity pool derived)

Stage 3 🎓​

The goal of stage 3 is to develop decentralized protocols that will improve the project’s TLV and sustainability in the Web3 ecosystem.

Stage 3’s main outputs include a DAO and DEX token that will be used to PEG the value of SFL.


  • Community Proposals and voting
  • Sunflower Land DAO
  • “Black Market” Decentralised Exchange
  • Staking, Liquidity Providing and other TLV strengthening mechanics

Depositing & Custody of Sunflower Land Game

When you mint a farm, you gain ownership of an NFT, which is also assigned a unique Blockchain address. While you play the game, this NFT has custody of your resources.

Resource Ownership

When you earn $SFL or gather resources, they are minted in the name of the unique address associated with your farm NFT. They will not appear in your personal wallet until you exit the game.

Go to the town and click on the bank to find the farm’s blockchain address.

​You can see the SFL and all of the items (ERC1155 tab) that your farm owns on the Blockchain by going to and entering your address.

Depositing SFL and Items

Important to know: Only send SFL or Sunflower Land Items to the address on your farm. MATIC and other tokens sent will be lost.

You can send resources directly to your farm’s address, which can be found in the bank.

How to send SFL?

  1. Find your farm’s address at the bank (see above)
  2. Open Metamask
  3. Under “Assets“, find SFL and click “Send
  4. Enter your farm’s address from above.
  5. Open your farm at and under the menu click “Sync on chain

How to send an item?

  1. Find your farm’s address at the bank (see above)
  2. Go to Open Sea to the Sunflower Land Collectibles collection
  3. Find your item and click “Transfer
  4. Enter your farm’s address from above and click send.
  5. Open your farm at and under the menu click “Sync on chain

Important to know: Always double-check the address to which you are sending resources. If these are sent to the incorrect address, the Sunflower Team will be unable to retrieve them.

Transferring Farms

You have complete control over your NFT and can freely trade it between accounts or list it on NFT platforms such as Open Sea.

When you transfer the NFT, you are transferring all tokens and resources on that farm. Always double-check your farm’s resources before transferring them to another account.

Multiple Farms per Account

On April 25th, 2022, the team made the decision, with the full support of the community, to limit access to one account per person. This means that you can only play with one farm at a time, and multi-accounting is prohibited.

You can only mint one farm from the website, and while you can buy more, making progress in more than one will result in all assets being blacklisted.

How to Withdrawing in Sunflower Land Game?

The NFT of your farm owns all of your tokens, assets, and collectibles. When you want to transfer or sell your assets on a secondary market like OpenSea, you must first ‘withdraw’ the funds to your personal wallet.

How to withdraw resources and items?

Every item in Sunflower Land is represented by a token on the Polygon blockchain. This means you can share your Sunflowers as well as any other items you make while playing the game!

When you withdraw money, it is transferred to your personal wallet. These will be visible in Polygon Scan as well as on your Open Sea profile.

Make sure you have synced your progress on chain before withdrawing. Any progress not synced to the blockchain may be lost.

How to withdraw?

  1. Visit the bank
  2. Click the Withdraw tab
  3. Select which items you want to withdraw (click an item multiple times if you want to withdraw multiple of them)
  4. Click “Withdraw
  5. Accept the MetaMask Transaction & wait for it to complete

To view and transfer the items, sign in to your Open Sea profile.

Congratulations, your items have been transferred to your personal wallet! If you want to list them or send them to a different address, you can view them on Open Sea.

Why can’t I withdraw some items?

The following items cannot be withdrawn during open beta:

  • Seeds
  • Food (Kitchen items)
  • Skills

You cannot also withdraw a boost while it is active. Here are a few examples:

  1. Golden Cauliflower: You cannot withdraw while Cauliflowers are planted
  2. Scarecrow & Nancy: You cannot withdraw while crops are planted
  3. Beavers: You cannot withdraw while trees are replenishing
  4. Kuebiko: You cannot withdraw while you have seeds in your inventory
  5. Mysterious Parsnip: You cannot withdraw while a parsnip is planted

​How to Withdraw SFL?

When you withdraw Sunflower Land Tokens from your farm, the game applies a Withdraw tax. The purpose of this is to:

  1. Finance the project
  2. Stabilise the economy
  3. Reward holders
  4. Disincentivize click farmers
  5. Support the Wishing Well ​

For those who have thrown tokens into the wishing well, a portion of the withdraw fee is redistributed back into the game.

What is the Sunflower Land Fee System?

The lower the fee, the more tokens you wish to withdraw. This means long-term farmers who work hard to build up their empire will be taxed less than people looking to drain the system.

  • Less than 10 SFL: 30% fee
  • Less than 100 SFL: 25% fee
  • Less than 1000 SFL: 20% fee
  • Less than 5000 SFL: 15% fee
  • More than 5000 SFL: 10% fee

Sunflower Land Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Sunflower Land Token live?

Yes, the token is live.

Will I need to pay the $1 MATIC fee?

Yes, even if you donated $0.1 in Sunflower Farmers. To support the game’s architecture, the team must raise funds through crowdsourcing.

Can you earn tokens in Open Beta mode?

Yes. Any Sunflower Land Tokens farmed during Beta mode will be transferable to the Blockchain once the smart contracts are activated.

How do I get access to Open Beta mode?

Since reaching 100,000 members in less than a week, the team has temporarily suspended access to the Open Beta. Before allowing more users to mint farms, they are currently testing the anti-botting systems and scalability. Sunflower Land Game’s official Discord channel will be updated as soon as access is restored.

When can I withdraw my assets?

Every token, asset, and NFT you earn is linked to the NFT of your Farm. If you want to transfer or sell these assets on the secondary market, you must first withdraw them to your personal account. During open beta, the withdraw feature will be available for a limited number of assets.

Will the supply of NFTs remain the same?

Yes. The ingredients needed for these resources, however, may change. This is due to the fact that some resources (such as Gold) will become much scarcer in the game.


Sunflower Land is a crypto game in which everything you collect is traceable on the Polygon Blockchain. As you build your farming empire, you can farm, chop, mine, craft, and do other things.

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Have you played Sunflower Land already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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