Splinterlands NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Splinterlands Game?

Splinterlands is a collectible card game in which you must form squads to fight other players. It appears to be more similar to Hearthstone Battlegrounds because the battle system is by artificial intelligence based on the principle of randomness.

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game

You can watch Splinterlands game video trailer.

You can earn money in Splinterlands not only by winning battles, but also by staking dividends.

As a result, all project participants can generate passive income.

Although players do not take part in battles, they do build a deck for the game, which requires specific skills and knowledge.

This fact adds to the intrigue of the NFT game.

You can ready my Splinterlands Game Rewards article to get more detailed information about the game rewards.

The game mechanics are very similar to those of Hearthstone: there are approximately 300 cards divided into factions, and each card has its own set of characteristics.

Cards can be rented as well as bought and sold.

As a result, you must assemble a deck of available cards.

Then enter a full-automatic battle.

You will receive a reward and experience for upgrading your cards based on the outcome of the battle.

How to Start Playing Splinterlands ?

Each user can register, but an admission fee of $10 is required.

For this price, the user receives a starter deck of cards, which they can use to build their first deck.

The decks created are used in battles, and if the player wins, they are rewarded with DEC tokens in-game.

To begin playing Splinterlands, you must first complete the registration process.

Here are the essential steps to play Splinterlands game:

  • Step #1 You can use this free registration link and click on “Play Now”
  • Step #2 Click on the “Create Account” button;
  • Step #3 Fill out a form by entering your email addres and accept the privacy policy and the terms of the service.
  • Step #4 Click on the “Create Password” button.
  • Step 5# Set and confirm the password, click ‘Create’.

After you loging the game you play the tutorial when you learn more about the main features of the interface and game mechanics of Splinterlands. You will engage in a test battle.

However, if the player is already familiar with all of the mechanics, the tutorial can be skipped.

How to Use In-Game NFT Cards on Splinterlands ?

All of the cards in the game are classified according to their elements.

There are 6 different elements in Splinterlands as listed below:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Earth
  4. Life
  5. Death
  6. Dragons

It is the element that determines which monsters can be summoned by the player.

Each card has unique properties such as the amount of mana required to summon it, the attack, speed, defense, and health.

Splinterlands Cards
Splinterlands Cards

Every ordinary card has a gold copy.

These NFTs have no effect on gameplay, but they are extremely rare and visually unique.

Because of their scarcity, they command a much higher market price.

The only significant advantage of such cards is the ability to compete in Gold Foil Only tournaments, in which only decks of gold cards are permitted.

The player only needs to create a battle-worthy deck that corresponds to current trends.

Battles take place automatically, without the player’s involvement.

On the official market page, you can learn about all of the available NFT cards.

Splinterlands Card Packs

The Summoner’s Spellbook is the first pack that each player must purchase for $10.

You will only be able to complete daily tasks, compete for season rewards, earn DEC, and so on after purchasing the pack.

Summoner’s Spellbook

There are also different card packs in Splinterlands such as Splinterlands Booster Packs.

Booster Pack in Splinterlands allows you to obtain five random cards from a specific set and one of which is guaranteed to be of Rare or higher quality.

Packs can be purchased for credits and in-game DEC tokens.

If you purchase 100 such packs at once, the system will give you ten free packs, and if you purchase 500 packs at once, you will receive 75 more free packs.

How to Buy Splinterlands Cards?

Splinterlands Cards are the most important aspect of the game because they are required to build decks for battles.

Here are the steps to buying Splinterlands cards:

  • Step #1 Go to market page of the official website
  • Step #2 You can use the filters to make your list simple and find your card easily
  • Step #3 After selecting your card, choose the currency for the purchase and click the “Buy” button.
  • Step #4 Complete the transaction. The card will be added to the your collection right away.

How to Use Land Plots in Splinterlands?

All land plots are classified into 14 different types in Splinterlands game like plains, hills, lakes, etc.

Each will have its own rarity as well as a distinct set of resources needed for building construction, improvement, and maintenance.

There is also magical resources to be used in the creation of items and spells.

And each occupied land plot will necessitate a battle with the monsters who have taken it.

For defeating them, the you will be rewarded with Essence, which will also be required to create items and spells.


In conclusion, Splinterlands is ideal for Hearthstone fans because the mechanics in both games are nearly identical.

I’ve covered the basics of the game as well as in-game cards and their main features in this article.

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game 

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Have you ever played Splinterlands? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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