Splinterlands Game Rewards (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

There are different Splinterlands Game Rewards in the Splinterlands game. This is a brief description of the rewards that can be earned in and around Splinterlands.

Splinterlands Ranked Battle Rewards

You can earn both ranking points and Dark Energy Crystals for each ranked battle won.

Splinterlands Game Rewards

Splinterlands Dark Energy Crystals

You can earn varying amounts of Dark Energy Crystals for each ranked battle won, depending on a number of factors as Splinterlands Game Rewards as listed below:


The higher the League in which you play, the more DEC you earn per win.

DEC Capture Rate

With each victory, a player’s DEC capture rate decreases slightly, reducing the amount of DEC they can earn. This rate recharges at a rate comparable to HIVE voting power.

Win Streak

When a player’s win is part of a winning streak, they earn more DEC per win (3 or more in a row).

Set and Foil Bonuses

Players earn 10% more DEC for every Alpha card used in a battle, and 10% more for every Gold Foil card used.

Guild Bonuses

Guild members receive a DEC bonus based on the level of their Guild Hall.

Splinterlands Game Rewards: Ranking Points

Your ranking points determine the maximum league in which you can compete at any given time. They are gained by winning ranked battles and lost by losing ranked battles. They also determine the league leaderboards.

The number of ranking points earned for each victory is determined by the following factors:

  • Whether your opponent is higher or lower than you in rank
  • Your win streak

Splinterlands Game Rewards: Splintershards

Splintershards will be added to the game as additional play-to-earn rewards in the third quarter of 2021.

Over the course of the 65-month release period, 900,000,000 SPS tokens (30% of the maximum supply of 3 billion) will be distributed as play-to-earn rewards.

Splinterlands Game Rewards: Daily Quest Rewards

Splinterlands Loot Chests can be earned once every 24-hour period by completing Daily Quests.​ You may complete a Daily Quest assigned to them from a random rotation of official Daily Quests once every 24 hours. The rewards for completing these quests are loot chests, with the number of chests earned based on the current league of play.

Splinterlands Daily Quest Rewards

When you are not unable to complete another daily quest, a countdown will appear indicating how long until the next quest is generated. A player does not have to win consecutively to complete a daily quest, and the player has the option to request a new quest once with each quest, restarting their progress if they choose that option.

Splinterlands Daily Quests Table is shown below:

Daily Quest NameTarget
Earth QuestWin 5 ranked battles with the Earth Splinter
Water QuestWin 5 ranked battles with the Water Splinter
Fire QuestWin 5 ranked battles with the Fire Splinter
Death QuestWin 5 ranked battles with the Death Splinter
Life QuestWin 5 ranked battles with the Life Splinter
Dragon QuestWin 5 ranked battles with the Dragon Splinter
No Neutral QuestWin 5 ranked battles without any Neutral cards
Sneak QuestWin 5 ranked battles using at least 1 card with the Sneak ability
Snipe QuestWin 5 ranked battles using at least 1 card with the Snipe ability

What is Splinterlands Quest Potion?

Players can increase the number of Loot Chests earned from Daily Quests by 5 by purchasing charges of the Quest Potion, with a maximum of 1 charge per Daily Quest. 1 Charge = 1 Quest = 5 more Loot Chests

Splinterlands Game Rewards: Season Rewards

The largest rewards piles earned by players occur at the end of each Splinterlands season.

Splinterlands Season Rewards

Seasons in the Splinterlands last anywhere from 12 to 16 days.

At the end of each season, you receive rewards in the form of Loot Chests (for the League in which they finish the season) and Leaderboard booster packs (for the top players of each League, when available).

The position of a player at the start of the next season, as well as the Loot Chests they can earn, are determined by where they finished the previous season.

Splinterlands Game Rewards: League Rewards

There are 6 league rewards in Splinterlands as listed below:

  1. Novice
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Diamond
  6. Champion


In conclusion, Splinterlands is ideal for Hearthstone fans because the mechanics in both games are nearly identical. I’ve covered the basics of the game as well as Splinterlands Game Rewards and their main features in this article.

You can earn your Splinterlands game rewards from many different challenges.

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Have you ever played Splinterlands? What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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