Splinterlands Card Stats 2022 Guide

Splinterlands Card Stats are the numbers and abilities that make every Splinterlands card unique.

What are Splinterlands Card Stats?

There are 6 Splinterlands Card Stats as listed below:

  1. Health
  2. Speed
  3. Attack
  4. Armor
  5. Abilities
  6. Mana

Splinterlands Card Stats: Health

A Monster’s Health determines how many hits it can take before falling in a battle.

Every Monster card has a set number of Health points (represented by the Heart) with which it begins each battle.

This Health number is determined by the card’s level and is affected by the Strengthen and Weaken abilities.

Splinterlands Card Stats: Health

Splinterlands Card Stats: Speed

A Monster’s Speed determines per-round turn order and strongly affects the hit/miss ratio.

Each Monster card has a Speed statistic that varies with its level and can be affected by the Slow and Swiftness abilities.

Splinterlands Card Stats: Speed

Splinterlands Card Stats: Attack

A Monster’s attack power determines how much damage it deals when it lands an attack.

There are three types of attacks. The power of a card’s attack is determined by its level and can be influenced by the Inspire and Demoralize abilities.

Melee Attacks in Splinterlands

Melee attacks are only for close range and are denoted by a circular blade icon (1st position).

This rule is broken by several abilities, including Sneak, Snipe, Opportunity, and Reach.

Splinterlands Melee Attacks

Range Attacks in Splinterlands

Range attackers, designed by an arrow/target icon, can attack from any position except the first, unless the Close Range ability or ruleset is active.

Splinterlands Range Attacks

Magic Attacks in Splinterlands

Magic, represented by a purple cloud with a lightning icon, can attack from any location on the battlefield.

Magic attacks, in general, bypass Armor to deal damage directly to Health.

Silence reduces the Magic attack of every card on the opposing team, and other abilities can change the effectiveness of Magic attacks (Void, Magic Reflect, Void Armor, Phase).

Splinterlands Magic Attacks

Splinterlands Card Stats: Armor

Armor protects certain Monsters from Range and Melee attacks from receiving damage to their Health.

The Shield image that appears above the Health statistic on a card denotes a card’s Armor.

Armor varies by level, and many cards have no Armor unless gained through the ability of another card, such as Protect.

Splinterlands Card Stats: Armor

Splinterlands Card Stats: Abilities

Abilities on a card represent unique bonuses brought to the battle by that card.

Certain Splinterlands cards have a plethora of different abilities.

Some of them are obtained as a card progresses through the levels, while others are always present starting at level 1.

Some abilities are specific to that card (Flying, Dodge, Piercing), while others affect your entire team (Protect, Swiftness, etc).

There are also abilities that reduce certain statistics of your opponent’s team, which are known as debuffs (Demoralize, Slow, etc.).

Monsters and Summoners can both have abilities in Splinterlands.

Splinterlands Card Stats: Abilities

Splinterlands Card Stats: Mana

Mana cost determines how many Mana points are deducted from a battle’s Mana Cap when a certain card is drafted into a team.

Before each battle, the players are given a Mana Cap, which is the maximum number of mana points that can be used to build their teams.

Every card (Monsters and Summoners) has a Mana Value, which can be found in the top left corner, as shown below.

Splinterlands Card Stats: Mana

Teams can only be successfully submitted for battle if the total Mana value of all cards used on the team is equal to or less than the battle’s Mana Cap.


In conclusion, Splinterlands is ideal for Hearthstone fans because the mechanics in both games are nearly identical.

I’ve covered the basics of the game as well as in-game cards and their main features in this article.

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Have you ever played Splinterlands? What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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