Splinterlands Card Rarities 2022

Splinterlands Card Rarities determine the likelihood of a specific card appearing in a Booster Pack or Loot Chest, as well as the number of levels and cards required to reach those levels in Splinterlands game.

What are Splinterlands Card Rarities?

There are 4 different card rarities in game as follows:

  1. Legendary
  2. Epic
  3. Rare
  4. Common

1. Splinterlands Legendary Cards

Splinterlands Legendary Card

Splinterlands Legendary cards are the rarest cards in Splinterlands, with the lowest total supply per card.

They are rimmed with gold before being revealed.

The normal chance of revealing a Legendary in Booster Packs is 0.8 percent, but this chance can be increased to 1.6 percent by using a Legendary Potion charge.

Legendary cards have the same 0.8 percent chance of being found in a Loot Chest as any other card (33 percent of the time).

In most sets, Legendary cards require only 11 BCX to reach the maximum level of 4. Only 8 BCX are required in the Alpha Edition.

2. Splinterlands Epic Cards

Splinterlands Epic Card

Splinterlands Epic cards, which are rimmed in purple before being revealed, are the second most rare type of card in Splinterlands.

The chance of finding an Epic card in a Booster Pack is 4%.

The 4 percent chance applies every time a card is discovered inside a Loot Chest.

The number of Epic cards required to reach the maximum level of 6 in most sets is 46 BCX.

The number was 32 in the Alpha Edition and on some early Promo cards.

3. Splinterlands Rare Cards

Splinterlands Rare Card

Before being revealed, Splinterlands rare cards are rimmed with silver.

Every Booster Pack contains at least one card that is Rare or better.

Opening Booster Packs and card-containing Loot Chests has a 20% chance of revealing a Rare card.

In most sets, 115 Rare cards are required to reach the maximum level of 8. Only 86 BCX were required in the Alpha Edition.

4. Splinterlands Common Cards

Splinterlands Common Cards

Splinterlands Common cards are revealed 75.2 percent of the time, whether in a Booster Pack or a Loot Chest in Splinterlands.

The number of Commons needed to reach the maximum level of ten varies depending on the deck.

  • Alpha – 379 BCX to max
  • Beta, Reward, and Promo – 505 BCX to max
  • Untamed and DICE – 400 BCX to max

In this article I have explained Splinterlands Card Rarities.

You can also combine your cards in Splinterlands.

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In conclusion, Splinterlands is ideal for Hearthstone fans because the mechanics in both games are nearly identical.

I’ve covered the basics of the game as well as in-game cards and their main features in this article.

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Have you ever played Splinterlands? What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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