Splinterlands Card Combinations 2022

Cards in Splinterlands can only be leveled up by combining like cards. Here’s a quick guide for Splinterlands card combinations and leveling.

What are Splinterlands Card Combinations?

BCX = Base Card Experience – Each and every card found in a Loot Chest or a Booster Pack is 1 BCX, indicating that it has not been combined.

When two separate 1 BCX versions of the same card are combined, both 1 BCX cards are burned and a new 2 BCX card, the combination of the two, is created.

In Splinterlands, this is how cards are leveled up.

When a specific card is combined with the required BCX, it gains the corresponding level.

How to Level Up Splinterlands Cards?

Each card’s page shows how many BCX are required to reach each of its different levels, as well as what stats and abilities correspond to each of those levels.

Splinterlands Card Level Up
This Common Alpha Edition card requires 379 combined singles to reach the max level of 10.

This Untamed Legendary requires 11 combined singles to reach its max level of 4.

The amount of BCX required to level up cards varies depending on the set from which the card was obtained.

Because there were far fewer Alphas in the original supply, leveling up Alpha cards requires the fewest.

Combining cards in Splinterlands is permanent process, and there is no in-game benefit to combining until you reach the next level.

In the Phantom of the Abyss example above, once 6 is combined, the card reaches level 3.

Even if four more BCX are added, bringing the total to ten, the card will still only be playable at level three until one more BCX is combined into it.

Combination cards are deducted from the circulating supply.

If 20 single cards are combined into a 20 BCX card, the card’s circulation is reduced by 19.

How Can I Combine Splinterlands Cards?

  • Cards in Splinterlands can only be “leveled up” in one way: by combining multiple cards to create a higher level card.
  • Cards have a Base Card eXperience, or BCX, which represents the number of cards that have been combined into that single card. As an example, combining two 1 BCX cards yields a single 2 BCX card.
  • The number of cards required for each level can be found on the card’s Stats page, under the Cards heading. This value is cumulative, so a Level 2 Kobold Miner requires three BCX or three Level 1 cards. However, Level 3 requires 5 BCX, so that Level 2 card will only need 2 more Level 1 cards to level up again.
  • Combining is irreversible, and as cards level up, their total supply is always reduced.

Splinterlands Card Combinations Examples

There are many different game rules, restricted Summoners, and low or higher mana limits, giving the game a lot of variety.

In very specific setups, these combinations work wonders for me.

Double Demoralize Combo

Double Demoralize Combo Splinterlands

When only Cards with Melee are allowed to be used, these two cards combined make one of the most powerful combos when only Cards with Melee are allowed to be used because you will know for sure that all of your opponent’s attacks will go -2, which is huge.

The Dragon/Fire Summoner on top has some extremely powerful melee attack cards that can be used from any position for both higher and lower mana fights.

Required CardsTypeSet
Camila SungazerLegendaryUntamed
Molten OgreCommonPromo

Double Blast Combo

Double Blast Combo Splinterlands

When ranged and magical attack monsters have snipe, the Blast ability is extremely powerful because it attacks three different monsters at once.

The Water summoner has two powerful cards with this ability that are quite cheap. (There are many on the Fire Splinter as well, but most are more expensive and less powerful.)

Having both of these cards at a higher level increases the amount of damage done.

Required CardsTypeSet
Ruler of the SeasLegendaryReward
Pirate ArcherRareReward

Triple Heal Combo

This combo is a lot of fun and works with a variety of game rules as long as there is at least 25 Mana available to choose cards from.

Triple Heal Combo Splinterlands

Essentially, The Kraken’s Taunt ability forces opponents to attack it, and because it has so much health combined with a triple heal from the Albatros (Level 6) | Tortisian Chief (Level 4) and The crustacean king, it is impossible to kill unless the opponent has the Affliction ability.

A similar strategy could be used with the Life splinter, combining the Shieldbearer, Divine Healer, Angel of Light, and Tortisian Chief.

This strategy does necessitate more expensive higher-level cards.

Required CardsTypeSet
The KrakenLegendaryReward
Crustacean KingRareReward
Albatross L6CommonUntamed
Tortisian ChiefEpicUntamed

Reduced Damage Combo

Reduced Damage Combo Splinterlands

I haven’t tried this combo yet, but I can see it working well in high mana battles where there is a Lost Magic rule, as the Warrior of Peace will reduce all attacks from the opponent by 1 being forced upon the Shieldbeared due to the Taunt ability, while all attacks are further reduced due to the Shield ability.

I’ll see if I can level up my Shieldbearer to try this one out.

Add some Divine Healer heal and 1 or 2 more monsters with 3+ attack and you should have a very difficult deck to beat.

Required CardsTypeSet
Shieldbearer L5RareUntamed
Warrior of Peace L6CommonReward


In conclusion, Splinterlands is ideal for Hearthstone fans because the mechanics in both games are nearly identical.

I’ve covered the basics of the game as well as in-game cards and their main features in this article.

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Have you ever played Splinterlands? What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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