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Skyweaver NFT Game

Skyweaver NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Skyweaver Game?

Skyweaver is a free to play card trading NFT game. You can summon creatures, cast spells and battle with others to win new cards. In Skyweaver there are more than 500+ Base cards for free.

The game has discovery mode with a random deck or play customized deck once if you have crafted your custom deck!

Learning and playing the Skyweaver is very easy for anyone. You can play as a casual player or you can aim for getting higher rankings and be a legendary Skyweaver game player.

You can watch official Skyweaver trailer video below.

Skyweaver Gameplay

How do I join Skyweaver? You can follow these 6 steps to play Skyweaver game:

  • Step #1: Go to and enter your email.
  • Step #2: Confirm the activation link in your email inbox to activate your account.
  • Step #3: Give Skyweaver permission to connect to your Sequence wallet.
  • Step #4: Enter your username and access code
  • Step #5: Accept the Terms of Use.
  • Step #6: Play the Skyweaver!

What are the Skyweaver Game Modes?

There are 5 different games mode in Skyweaver game as listed below:

  1. Ranked: Compete for NFT Silver cards. Every week, compete against opponents to climb the leaderboard ranks and win tradable Silver cards.
  2. Conquest: PvP competition with a win-streak to win rare Gold NFT cards. To earn the best rewards, play until you have three wins. If you lose once, your Conquest is over.
  3. Private: Make a friend a challenge. Invite them to a private game and earn all XP up to level 15.
  4. Practice: Practice against the bot. Fight against our humble bot to gain XP until you reach level 15.
  5. Tutorial: Discover How to Play the Skyweaver game. Assist Ada on her journey by learning the fundamentals of Units, Mana, and Combat.

You can choose between two game types for each game mode: Discovery and Constructed.

Skyweaver Discovery Game Mode

Play a deck of randomly generated cards from the Hero of your choice.

Skyweaver Discovery game mode

Select a Hero for a deck made of randomized cards from the Hero’s Prism(s)

Skyweaver Constructed Game Mode

Play a deck that you’ve built. Once you’ve unlocked enough cards to construct a deck, use our simple deckbuilder to tailor your playstyle. The deck leaderboard shows you which decks are performing the best, as well as their stats, card make-up, and more! If you haven’t built a deck yet or don’t feel like attempting to build your own, Discovery is a good game type to start with to quickly jump into a match.

Skyweaver Constructed Game Mode

Choose the deck that you’ve constructred in your deck collection.

What are Skyweaver Cards?

There are 5 different Skyweaver cards:

  1. Strength
  2. Wisdom
  3. Heart
  4. Agility
  5. Intellect

All these cards have different stats and attributes which have their advantages, disadvantages, strengths and weakness sides.

You can also combine this cards to get more stronger cards in the game.

What are Skyweaver Game Heroes?

There are totally 15 heroes available in Skyweaver game. Each playable Skyweaver Hero represents a Prism or combination of Prisms.

Skyweaver Game Hero - ADA

ADA – The Guardian

A stalwart defender of justice, Ada strives to protect those in Sky who cannot protect themselves.

Skyweaver Game Hero - LOTUS

LOTUS – The Sage

A great teacher, and master of the grand Library of Alcazar, Lotus works to maintain the delicate balance of Sky.

Skyweaver Game Hero - SAMYA

SAMYA – The Challenger

A superstar speedster, Samya races across Sky, seeking new experiences and challenges to overcome.

Skyweaver Game Hero - BOURAN

BOURAN – The Shadow

A mysterious wanderer from the Undercroft, their goals are a mystery, though they claim to serve the will of ‘The Cycle’.

Skyweaver Game Hero - ARI

ARI – The Hacker

A prodigy, Ari aspires to improve the lives of all Sky’s peoples through his genius.

Skyweaver Game Hero - TITUS

TITUS – The Hermit

A gentle soul at one with nature, Titus dedicates his life to protecting Sky’s wilderness and all creatures that call it home.

Skyweaver Game Hero - FOX

FOX – The Vagabond

A renegade following his own path, Fox prizes freedom above all else, determined to never be chained by anything or anyone.

Skyweaver Game Hero - HORIK

HORIK – The Exile

Formerly a respected Hero and leader, a tragedy drove Horik to become a lone wolf, determined to recover that which he lost.

Skyweaver Game Hero - IRIS

IRIS – The Loreseeker

A student of the Cygnan monks, Iris is on a pilgrimage across Sky, gathering the knowledge of the land and its peoples.

Skyweaver Game Hero - ZOEY

ZOEY – The Maverick

A rebel against tyranny, Zoey fights to liberate others from their oppressors by any means necessary.

Skyweaver Game Hero - AXEL

AXEL – The Mercenary

Once a source of hope for others, Axel was driven to despair by his visions of the future, turning to life as a mercenary.

Skyweaver Game Hero - SITTI

SITTI – The Warlock

A delver of forbidden sciences, she conducts grim experiments into the nature of life and death, working toward a grand vision only she can see.

Skyweaver Game Hero - BANJO

BANJO – The Cubeman

An eccentric, mischievous and cheerful figure, he provides insightful advice and good cheer to those who meet him.

Skyweaver Game Hero - MIRA

MIRA – The Mechanist

A genius mechanic and roboticist, she values planning, stability, and always works to protect others from harm.

Skyweaver Game Hero - MAI

MAI – The Tinkerer

An unparalleled ideator & tinkerer, she values discovery, impulsiveness, and loves to inspire creativity in others.

What are Skyweaver Game Prisms?

Prisms are the central forces that shape Sky’s world and all life within it. Prisms are also the power source from which Skyweavers draw their abilities.

There are 5 prisms in Skyweaver Game as listed below:

  1. Strength: The Strength Prism embodies both physical might and unbreakable spirit. At their best, Strength Skyweavers are valiant protectors. At their worst, they may become bullies or overlords.
  2. Agility: The Agility Prism embodies freedom and individuality. At their best, Agility skyweavers defend the freedom of all. At their worst, they can become hedonistic and self-centered.
  3. Wisdom: The Wisdom prism embodies understanding and being at one with all of Sky. At their best, Wisdom Skyweavers are great mentors and teachers. At their worst, they can become cold and aloof, withdrawing from the world.
  4. Heart: The Heart Prism embodies ‘The Cycle’ of Life, Death and Rebirth. At their best, Heart Skyweavers seek to work with the Cycle to heal and support the living. At their worst, they can seek to use the cycle for their own ends.
  5. Intellect: The Intellect Prism embodies the Pursuit of Knowledge and Improvement. At their best, Intellect Skyweavers strive to improve the lives of all through their genius. At their worst, they can become blinded by ambitions.

What are Skyweaver Tribes and Factions?

Sky is home to countless fantastic tribes, cultures, and factions of creatures across its eight elements.

There are 27 different tribes and factions in Skyweaver game

Skyweaver - CYGNANS


Swan monks who hone their bodies and minds through rigorous martial training and study of the history of Sky.

Skyweaver - PRIMALANS


A nomadic ancient race of half-bird people, who claim to be the descendants of the Qui.

Skyweaver - SERVITORS


Ancient beings from the age of Qui, driven by inscrutable and mysterious motives.

Skyweaver - RAPTORS


A powerful and fiercely independent bird-people that populate the outer regions of Sky.

Skyweaver - WU-KIN


A wise race of primates that live in and protect the ancient ruins of Sky, and their secrets, from outsiders.

Skyweaver - TORTUGAN


A wise, intellectual, and long-lived race of turtle people who have a technologically advanced society.

Skyweaver - SIRENS


A wild and predatory subspecies of carnivorous Merfolk with tight communal bonds.

Skyweaver - WRAITHS


An ageless, ancient, cunning race of spirits that hunger for the lifeforce of the living.

Skyweaver - EXO


A feared and vengeful species of insect people, banished to the Undercroft in ancient times.

Skyweaver - REVENANTS


An ancient tribe of humans changed by milenna of life in the darkness of the Undercroft.

Skyweaver - HEXBOUND


A mindless raving horde of sickly, accursed undead that desires only to spread its curse further.

Skyweaver - HOPLITES


A race of amphibian scavengers who have built a society based on ancient fairytales they found.

Skyweaver - SAURIAN


A primal race of reptilian humanoids native to the jungles of Sky, forming the last vestiges of an ancient civilization.

Skyweaver - TREEFOLK


A long-lived race of treelike beings native to the Etherwald. They serve as living relics of the past, repositories of knowledge, and ancient magics.

Skyweaver - SPOREKIN


A timid, tightly knit, and peaceful race of mushroom people who possess powerful and desirable toxic spores.

Skyweaver - DRYADS


Daughters of the goddess Ethera, the Dryads protect the Etherwald and its vast natural resources from outsiders.

Skyweaver - WOLFKIN


Powerful and aggressive Beastfolk who live alongside the humans of the wildlands, working together for survival.

Skyweaver - VULPINE


A mischievous fox race of mages, swordsmen and tricksters.

Skyweaver - ONI


Powerful and honorable humanoids native to the mountains of Sky, who possess demonic heritage.

Skyweaver - LEORAN


A proud feline people with an affinity for lightning magic and a knack for adopting new allies.

Skyweaver - THE SURIT


A theocratic, sun-worshipping society of meerkat people, who have lived in Sky’s deserts since time immemorial.

Skyweaver - LAPIN


A stubborn but good-natured race of rabbit people. Master engineers, miners, and craftspeople.

Skyweaver - MELLIN


A mischievous, free-spirited badger people. Experts with explosives and at breaking into the most secure places in Sky.

Skyweaver - THE ARMIS


A society of humans governed by authoritarian rule. They believe their destiny is to bring order and stability to all of Sky.



A bizarre race of beings native to the Dreamfield, dedicated to seeking out and accumulating knowledge.



Creatures born of the dreams and nightmares of mortals. They stalk the Dreamfield in search of wayward minds.

Skyweaver Game Frequently Asked Questions

Is Skyweaver a mobile game?

Yes it is. You can play the game either on your desktop by going to to or you can play it on Anroid or iOS devices.

How do you get a gold card in Skyweaver?

  1. You can buy your gold from the market.
  2. If your in Top 250 or ranked player you can get silver cards.
  3. Depending on your number of wins you can get silver and gold cards.

As a player you can earn rewards by playing the game, and trade your collected items on the marketplace.

The game is more play to own based which means you will be winning silver and gold cards while playing the game and own them.

You can join battles with your cards, trade your cards or gift them to your friends.

Skyweaver is also one of the game popular game since it has low gas fees.

Skyweaver NFT Game

About Skyweaver

There are many reasons to play Skyweaver. Here are the reasons:

  1. Free to play
  2. Play to own
  3. Casual and Competitive
  4. Dual deck combinations
  5. Non-rotating cards
  6. Intuitive deck building system
  7. True ownership
  8. Cross platform


Skyweaver is free to play card game. If you like card games and believe your tactics you can try the game for free.

It is one of the good alternatives to game lovers who likes playing card games.

If you are interested in playing other NFT games like UplandsGods UnchainedSplinterlands, or Dark Country, make sure you have gone through our ultimate guides on them.

NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Skyweaver already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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