Sidus Heroes NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Sidus Heroes Game?

Sidus Heroes is browser based play to earn NFT game built on blockchain. Anyone can now play. It is a universe of NFT Heroes from various blockchain planets.

Sidus Heroes is a universe of NFT Heroes from various blockchain planets. Each gaming character begins as a non-fungible token from one of the SIDUS collections. Sidus collections are like your entrance ticket into the gaming metaverse.

Below you can watch Sidus Heroes game trailer video.

The biggest advantage of Sidus Heroes is the game suppors The BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Polkadot, Cosmos, EOS, Fantom, and Huobi blockchain platforms.

You can build and equip your starship before embarking on cosmic adventures.

Sidus Heroes has multiplayer feature which makes the game more attactive for everyone.

You can participate in the universe’s political life by running for office and representing their interests.

Sidus Heroes have collection of NFT includes 6,000 unique characters of varying rarity levels.

Sidus Heroes have 4 different NFT characters:

  1. Original
  2. Rare
  3. Legendary
  4. Partnership

You can also use your NFT Hero as a digital avatar and play a passive role in the Sidus Heroes society.

You can also participate in the quest to the top of the Sidus Heroes social structure by upgrading your Hero, fighting battles and competing for the spotlight.

Sidus Heroes Gameplay

The most notable feature that distinguishes SIDUS HEROES from other blockchain based games is its collaborative nature.

Clans can fight or engage in intergalactic piracy with a spaceship, and as a result of the game scenario and missions, players meet on common ground.

If you want to keep improving your game experience you must be willing to collaborate.

You can fight in teams of three in the Battle Arena or you can look for partners to create large-scale items to sell on the in-game marketplace.

Sidus Heroes Roles

Everyone has a place in the SIDUS HEROES metaverse. You can be a farmer, a warrior, or even a president in the infinite universe of SIDUS HEROES.

Here I listed Roles for Sidus Heroes you can pick up:

  • You might be interested in guns, punches, and endless battles. If your only concern is to appear on a platform and defeat your opponent, you can engage in duels in the Battle Arena or even challenge other users with your friends.
  • Some free spirits have no regard for boundaries. If you want to test the boundaries of the metaverse, the game gives you the opportunity to do so. All you have to do now is get your spaceship ready! After that, it’s up to you whether you want to be a pirate raiding the galaxy or a relentless traveler.
  • On the contrary, some people prefer to stay in their own little world rather than the entire universe.
  • Those who are interested in the benefits of the in-game economy should consider becoming a merchant or a manufacturer. You can, for example, make parts for spaceships and thus earn incredible a lot money.
  • Politics, an essential part of social life, is one of the topics to which users can turn in SIDUS City. You can represent your people’s interests while also being a part of the developed political system. Transparent political elections have a direct impact on the game’s development.
  • Could pets be the most adorable proof of the existence of a universe? I don’t want to convince you that you’re not in a good universe if you don’t have cats and dogs, but having a loyal companion in such a vast universe might not be a bad idea. You can adopt space creatures you come across on your travels.

Please note that Heroes are allowed to bring only one pet to the Battle Arena, and they are only allowed to receive one pet per mission. Adoption has no upper limit. Your pets can also be traded or sold to any other player.

Sidus Heroes Lands

In the SIDUS metaverse, there are 3types of Lands available to builders.

  1. Neutral lands cannot be claimed because no one owns them.
  2. You can win Disputed lands through tournaments, but you only have ownership until the next tournament winner is determined.
  3. Private lands you can purchased at auction, at predetermined prices, or on the secondary market.

What is the Sidus Heroes Token?

Sidues Heroes has two tokens called $SENATE and $SIDUS and they are is listed on different blockchains such as BINANCE, OKEX, KUCOIN, HUOBI, MEXC, BYBIT, and UNISWAP.

In Sidus Heroes game you can farm resources, build structures and develop your place in the universe.

NFT Heroes from the Founders collection can be used for NFT staking and wrapping, as well as serving as an entry ticket to SIDUS.

The $SENATE token is used in the purchase and sale of private lands, as mentioned in the construction section.

With this token, you can also buy spaceships and spaceship equipment that you cannot buy with $SIDUS.

$SENATE is a token that represents governance power.

Users who own this token will be able to contribute to the metaverse’s development by having the freedom to express their political opinions.

Your ability to influence political decisions is directly proportional to the number of $SENATE tokens you own.

$SENATE will also be applied to the purchase of game-enhancing features and materials.

$SIDUS, on the other hand, serves as a token that can be used in any action in game or on the NFT market.

$SIDUS will be useful for accessing other SIDUS products, such as the upcoming launchpad, in addition to in-game use.

To summarize, the game token is $SIDUS, and the governance token is $SENATE.

You can also exchange your SIDUS tokens for purchasing in-game stuff in the inter galaxy market.

The DAO and gaming token distribution is as follows:

Sidus Heroes Chart


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Have you ever played Sidux Heroes? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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