Samurai Battle NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide Updated 2022)

What is Samurai Battle?

Samurai Battle is a “play to earn” NFT game that is a gripping fantasy action RPG for people who want to own a samurai character with cool items and beautiful moves to build strongholds and earn digital assets.

What are Samurai Battle Characters?

When it comes to Samurai Battle, you can choose to join one of six boxers to begin the journey to unify the world, as listed below:

  1. Yoshihisa
  2. Masamune
  3. Kenshin
  4. Tokugawa
  5. Hanzo
  6. Tadakatsu

1. Yoshihisa

Legendary Samurai of the Yoshihisa clan. Lightning summoning sword skill.

Skills of Yoshihisa

  • Innate skill: Haohmaru
  • 6th Sense: God strikes skill

2. Masamune

Masamune of the Demon Race. Crazy and violent sharp swords.

Skills of Masamune

  • Innate skill: GaLFord
  • Hoshisama skill

3. Kenshin

Kenshin – Cursed Swordsman. Return from hell to avenge wife.

Skills of Kenshin

  • Innate skill: JuBei
  • Kyosyro skill

4. Tokugawa

Assassin Tokugawa. No factions, killer for money.

Skills of Tokugawa

  • Innate skill: Ukyo
  • Fox’s heart ultimate skill

5. Hanzo

Hanzo – Hero of the Human Race. Long sword lto defends justice.

Skills of Hanzo

  • Innate skill: Kyoshiro
  • Shan hai jing skill

6. Tadakatsu

Tadakatsu – The traitorous commander of the Imperial army.

  • Innate skill: Wanfu
  • Genjuro skill

Skills of Tadakatsu

  • Innate skill: Wanfu
  • Genjuro skill

Samurai Battle Game Features

  • The campaign is built around a virtual map that is divided into several sections.
  • The goal is to defeat the opponent and establish a stronghold for the nation.
  • You go to the NFT Marketplace to directly purchase your favorite fighters for the same token amount.
  • After each defeat, you will be rewarded with SMB tokens or a pack of items.
  • Each system will be assigned a strength index between 1 and 6. The higher the star rating, the rarer the item.
  • Items are divided into three packages based on their rarity. Each package contains the following items: armor, sword, and a secret with a rarity proportional to the number of tokens. As the package becomes rarer, the prize, win rate, and number of hits increase.
  • The more unusual goods that are integrated into the character’s system, the stronger the fighter and his or her ability to win.
  • You can swap and hire people to do jobs in addition to doing them as usual. Both sides will divide the number of token prizes for the winners proportionally.

Samurai Battle Gameplay


Stronghold Function

You buy land to build a stronghold at The Local Assembly Hall. SAMURAI increase strength to perform more skilled and beautiful attacks, while Stronghold assists with item upgrades. In matches, you can rent land for battle arenas and earn commissions per game.

Every 5 days, a large player versus system (PvE) combat takes place, with a total payout of 100 BNB divided by the amount of damage. Only those with strongholds are eligible to take part. The more strongholds a player owns, the more damage they can do and the higher their rewards.


Samurai Battle Game Modes

  • Solo mode: Requires the use of one’s own abilities and power.
  • Clan mode: Requires the entire squad’s cooperation; skill sets will be available to help players in the same clan.

PVP in Samurai Battle

  • Players of the same samurai level can create rooms and fight each other. Both players will fight until one of them collapses and the other wins.
  • The winner’s prize is determined by the number of tokens bet by the participants.
  • Two room modes are available: Solo and Clan.


  • The higher the number of stars samurai have, the higher the win rate.
  • Upgrade the number of stars for the boxer by accumulating experience, increasing the number and level of items.
  • Only up to 4 matches per day, each time 6 hours apart.

Samurai Battle Game NFT Marketplace

The game developer team intend to make the local Assembly Hall one of the most popular cross chain NFT Marketplaces in the blockchain world for buying and selling characters, lands, swords, secrets, armor, and other items.

  • The game’s goal is for players to collect SMB tokens in order to increase profits.
  • Lending
  • Create a miniature empire through 3D design and animation..
  • Auction sale.

What is Samurai Battle Token $SMB and $POI?

  • Two-token mechanism is available in Samurai Battle game: $SMB and $POI.
  • $SMB are real-world utility tokens that can be used as a payment currency in the NFTs Marketplace in Samurai Battle game to buy champions, open item packs, buy lands, and stake.
  • $POI is used to upgrade items and to reward successful players in Samurai Battle game.
  • Samurai Battle is built on the BSC network.
  • Transactions involving this token are extremely fast, secure, and almost instantaneous..
  • You do not need the approval of a third party..

Samurai Battle Tokenomics

PRIVATE SALE$0.005$1,500,000300,000,000
PUBLIC SALE$0.008$120,00015,000,000
Samurai Battle NFT Game


Samurai Battle is a “play to earn” NFT game that is a gripping fantasy action RPG for people who want to own a samurai character with cool items and beautiful moves to build strongholds and earn digital assets.

You can choose to join one of six boxers to begin the journey to unify the world in Samurai Battle game.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time. It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Samurai Battle already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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