Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars?

You will be able to play, progress, and earn in a single player or multiplayer sci-fi inspired game set in outer space in Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars, a cross platform card warfare game. Players will have to band together to form extraterrestrial kingdoms, construct warring robot armies, and compete with other players for the lucrative Xoil resource.

Skill-based game: In order for the game to be competitive and allow genuine dedicated gamers to profit from it, it must be predominantly skill-based, with little to no unpredictability and little to no chance involved in the games. Furthermore, we wanted players to be able to compete in other types of tournaments, allowing individuals who aren’t ranked at the top to still have a chance to win. We place a premium on skill over pay-to-win.

Social gameplay: The success of social games is due to the need to socialize with other players as well as the delight of working together to win and achieve goals. Better virality, enhanced retention, higher engagement rates, and, most importantly, organic growth are all benefits of social gaming.

High production quality: The option of earning income/revenue while playing a game is the major reason players are currently drawn to the Play to Earn niche. We want people to enjoy the game regardless of whether or not they win money. This is why we’re creating every component of the game, from art to character backstories, as well as assuring game stability and a seamless experience for players, so we can deliver the greatest level of production possible.

A simple yet long-term play-to-earn model: generating revenue from the game is important, but creating a simple mechanism for players who prefer to engage with the game on a different level while still earning money from it is just as important for growing a user base of non-playing users from the crypto community. The long-term worth of the token will be derived from the introduction of new features that will propel the Rebel Bots universe forward.

Must be enjoyable: Play-to-earn games are often seen of as a chore rather than a pleasure; we hope to change that by merging proven fun-driven features from the social gaming industry.

Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars Game Story

The year is 2052, three years after the “Big Dismantle,” in which humans scraped millions of robots to bits and destroyed their cores, fearing that robots would revolt against them. Only 10,000 people were fortunate enough to avoid this tragedy. To survive, they established the robot resistance, which has only one goal: to restore the robot factory so that their brothers and sisters can be manufactured once more. The robots’ only remaining hope is the resistance.

The robots were driven into a position after numerous attempts to make their scheme work, and they had no choice but to escape Earth to an uncertain fate in space. They had been traveling through space for years and had no choice but to arrive on a deserted planet dubbed “Xoilium,” which is a unique world with various habitats but no known inhabitants and, of course, no industrial capabilities or oil.

Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars NFT Game

Life in Xoilium became more difficult when the robots discovered small amounts of Xoil (Extra Terrestrial Oil), but supplies were limited, and the robots discovered there are other local residents in Xoilium who collect the Xoil for their own purposes. As resources grow limited, the Rebel Bots turn against one another by isolating themselves in separate kingdoms, declaring war on one another, and fighting for every last drop of Xoil.

Rebel Bots Kingdoms

The Rebel Bots game has thousands of separate kingdoms, each of which was established by one of the first generation Rebel Bots and whose lands are safeguarded by their abilities. Not all Kingdoms are created equal, just as not all Rebel Bots are created alike. Robots with uncommon features were able to take larger kingdoms with larger areas.

The Rebel Bots divided their lands into smaller lands of equal size in order to continue protecting their kingdoms. These lands are offered to players who are willing to protect their lord’s kingdom in exchange for the right to pump Xoil from the kingdom’s soil, use special kingdom powers, and compete for the kingdom’s treasure every season.

Kingdom Lords of Rebel Bots

The Kingdom Lords are the Generation 1 (Genesis) Rebel Bots from the Rebel Bots collection; each Rebel Bot is a Kingdom Lord, making these the most expensive NFT in the game. At the start of the game, there will be 10,000 separate Kingdoms and Kingdom Lords.

The Kingdom Lord will not be a playable character; instead, the Rebel Bot avatar will serve as the kingdom’s banner, and every player who joins the game will fight under that banner.

The precious land resource will be allocated to each kingdom based on the rarity rank of the Rebel Bot ruling the kingdom. The Rebel Bots’ owners will receive a revenue share from every land sold in their kingdom, both in the initial land sale and any subsequent land sale. The revenue share percentage is also based on the rarity rank of the Rebel Bot, as shown in the table below:

RB Rarity minRB Rarity maxNo.of landsin
Total lands
in tier
Revenue share

Kingdom Lords can supplement their revenue by receiving royalties from Kingdom players (also known as Land Owners) when they use their kingdom land to produce Xoil. Players will share a 4 percent royalty to their kingdom lord and a 6 percent royalty to the kingdom’s treasury for every Xoil generated in Adventure mode; the treasury will be utilized as a prize pool for the Kingdom’s top ranked players at the end of each season.

The kingdom lord is responsible for leading his kingdom to victory over other kingdoms by voting on the Kingdom card each month, rewarding his kingdom’s players, and more. If the Kingdom Lord fails to take the actions required of him as the kingdom’s ruler, his royalties for that month will be transferred to the Kingdom’s treasury.

Aside from the kingdom’s treasury, the game will award extra prizes to kingdoms with the most active players on the game’s social media channels.

Kingdom Lands of Rebel Bots

Lands are the second most precious NFT in the game; without them, players are unable to play. Lands are first sold to players directly on the game’s website, with subsequent land purchases taking place on the game’s internal marketplace.

Each land is in a different ecosystem and has different structures:

  1. Headquarters – Communicate with other Kingdom players
  2. Fighting Bots Barracks – Train your fighting bot team
  3. Fighting Bots Factory – Build new fighting bot and store parts
  4. Xoil Silo – Purify and Store Xoil
  5. Spark Capacitor – Store Spark
  6. Parts shop – Buy and trade parts
  7. Intel Command – Get updates about the game

Rebel Bots will begin with 150,000 acres that will be distributed as follows:

  • 130,000 lands will be sold to players during the game big land sale
  • 10,000 lands will be given to each Rebel bot owner in his own kingdom
  • 10,000 lands will be used for marketing purposes

Prior to the game’s launch, each land will be sold or gifted with a set of three combat bots, allowing users to begin warring right away on their first session in the game and providing a quick onboarding process.

After all 130,000 lands have been sold, the game will issue new 10,000 generation 2 Rebel Bots, along with lands associated with them, to allow more players to join the game. Once a new generation of Rebel Bots is created, the previous generation land capacity will be doubled, as shown in the table below:

LandsGeneration 1Generation 2Generation 3Generation 4Total Lands
in Game
New lands150,000000150,000
New lands300,000150,00000450,000
New lands600,000300,000150,00001,050,000
New lands1,200,000600,000300,000150,0002,250,000
New lands2,400,0001,200,000600,000300,0004,500,000

Players can possess many lands, but they can only play in one at a time. If a player so desires, he can rent out the lands he is not currently playing in to new players who wish to enter the game for a lesser fee.

Kingdom Players of Rebel Bots

Every player in the game is a member of a kingdom, and they can pick which kingdom they want to join by purchasing land in that kingdom. All game modes, competitions, and events are open to players.

Players must first assemble their first fighting robot army in order to begin playing; the minimum number of fighting robots required to enter combat, both adventure and PvP, is three.

The quantity of energy a player has is determined by the number of fighting bots he has in his base, as shown in the table below:

Robots owned minRobots owned maxMax Energy

Energy is refilled to the maximum amount on a regular basis, allowing users to participate in reward-based PvP bouts.

Rebel Bots is designed so that both competitive and casual players can profit from it.

Rebel Bots Fighting Bots

Fighting Bots are the third and most prevalent NFT in the game, and unlike Rebel Bots and Lands, they are not limited in number. Building and minting Fighting Bots is one of the methods to generate money in the game.

To win battles and advance in the game, players will need to construct and assemble a balanced team of fighting bots. Battles are fought between two teams, each with three fighting bots. Kingdom players employ these robots to win battles, collect game resources, and boost their MMR (Matchmaking Rating).

Each Fighting Bot is made from 5 different parts in Rebel Bots game:

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Legs

The head is the most essential element since it determines the Fighting Bot robot class. Each portion represents a distinct card and ability for the player to utilize on the battlefield. The rarity of the parts determines the card’s strength on the battlefield as well as its cost. Players will not be able to replace the robot pieces once they have been assembled.

Rebel Bots Classes and Stats

Fighting Robots are classified into three classes, each of which is decided by the robot head. Building a “pure” Fight Robot, that is, one with all parts from the same class, will boost the Fighting Robot’s powers.

Each Class has 3 sub-classes in Rebel Bots game:

  • Military Bots – Offense units, high DPS
  • Industrial Bots – Defense units, can absorb more damage
  • Engineer Bots – Support unit, repairs and increases stats of other units

In combat, the three classes share a rock-paper-scissors relationship, with each giving the other bonuses and handicaps.

There will be two constant parameters and one dynamic parameter for each Fighting bot:

  • Hit Points (Constant)
  • Speed (Constant)
  • Morale (Dynamic)

Morale is a number that ranges from 1 to 5 and is determined by the number of consecutive wins a player has. It can also increase both other parameters of all of the player’s Fighting Bots. In addition, when a Fighting Bot is formed, it will have a special skill installed, which is a stat or card effect modifier.

Fighting bots can be purchased on the market or produced with game resources. Building a large enough army of Fighting bots will allow the player to store additional resources, as shown in the table:

Robots owned
Robots owned
Max SparkMax PartsMax Xoil

Rebel Bots Cards and Rarity

Battles are fought with cards; each player starts with three robots, each representing five cards; throughout battles, each card’s value is doubled, resulting in a deck of 30 cards for each player.

The Fighting Bot sections present cards in the game, which have the following parameter:

  • Class
  • Rarity
  • Battery cost
  • Damage
  • Armor
  • Special ability (if card is rare)

When building the Fighting Bots crew, selecting the appropriate combination of cards is critical to victory. The robot’s class will offer a benefit to the same class-specific cards, and possessing a “pure” Fighting Bot will boost the powers even further.

Cards come in four different rarities, each with increased damage, armor, and a special ability.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Every season new cards will be added to the game.

Building Fighting Bots in Rebel Bots

Building Fighting Bots is the most interesting aspect of the game; players will be able to use the resources they earn from battles to create their ideal Fighter combo. On the blockchain, the Fighting Bots participants are minted and become an asset they own.

Manufacturing Fighting Bots takes time, and the factory can only build one new robot at a time.

Players will require the following resources in order to construct a fighting robot:

  • 5 different parts – Head, Torso, Left and Right Arms and Legs
  • Spark
  • Xoil
  • RBLS coin

The cost of each bot to construct varies depending on how many bots the factory has built throughout a season; whenever a new season begins, the cost will reset, allowing players to mint more Fighting bots for less resources.

Players will need to engage in PvP engagements to collect components and spark, while earning Xoil can be done in both PvP and Adventure modes. Getting parts in a battle works in a unique way; players can earn a part that a robot on the losing opponent team already has, making battles more exciting.

Players will know what ability to expect when creating their fighting robot because each part has a card linked to it, but rarity and the special Fighting bot ability are selected at random after the building process is completed.

Rebel Bots Gameplay

The game’s purpose is to produce an enjoyable, fast-paced skill-based game. It’ll be a game that takes “30 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.” It will be available to play in single player (adventure) and multiplayer modes (PvP).

The basic gameplay consists of a semi-automated turn-based card duel. It is based on the successful gameplay concepts pioneered by games like Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering (designed for the most dedicated players), and Clash Royale (built for the casual mobile gamers).

The Rebel Bots game will be played between two sides, each with its own cards and powers, trying to destroy the other side’s characters by choosing which cards to play and how to play them in order to get the upper hand on the battlefield, similar to the previous games.

Not all cards are created equal; some are more rare than others and hence more powerful; yet, using them requires the player to use more energy. In addition to the cards in their hand, players will be given a special power from the kingdom they are in that they can utilize in combat.

Aside from combat, players will spend their time gathering and assembling the best and most balanced “decks” of cards to offer them an advantage in battles. Players will need to spend time learning the different abilities and types of cards in order to build the best deck of cards.

Adventure Mode (PvE)

In the Rebel Bots game, the adventure mode is the single player mode. In this mode, players will be able to travel through numerous stages, with each level rewarding them with Xoil if they accomplish it. In the adventure mode, players travel between several habitats on Xoilium with the purpose of completing missions and clearing regions of hostile aliens who sip Xoil from the planet’s soil and use it for malevolent assaults against bases later.

The adventure mode does not require any energy to play, but there is a daily limit to how much Xoil players may acquire.

Each mission has a different amount of Xoil that is divided into three separate quantities; players must complete the game three times to collect the full amount of Xoil, and each mission has a different difficulty level.

When playing in adventure mode, A portion of every Xoil player earns will go to the kingdom ruler, while another piece will go to the kingdom treasury.

The missions will be modified at the start of each season, and players will be able to continue playing the maps and earning additional Xoil.

Multiplayer Mode (PvP)

The player vs player (PvP) mode is a multiplayer game mode in which players pit their Fighting bot team against the teams of other players. PvP is also the primary method for players to obtain Xoil, Spark, and parts.

Players are grouped according to their MMR; players with similar MMR are pitted against one another, and the outcome of the combat determines how much MMR each player receives or loses. Furthermore, the greater the MMR disparity between the players.

Playing PvP costs one energy per battle; if the player runs out of energy, he can still play PvP but will only be able to collect MMR rather than the other resources.

The Xoil and Spark awards for winning PvP battles are determined by the player’s MMR and league, while the possibility of receiving a new part is determined at random.

MMR – Matchmaking Rating

Each player is represented in the game by the amount of MMR he has, which determines his rank in the leaderboards. MMR is gained or lost based on the outcome of PvP battles; the quantity of MMR added or deducted is determined on the opposing player’s rank. Every new season, players will begin with the MMR of the league they were in at the end of the previous season, and they will have to earn their way to the top of the leaderboards.


In PvP, players move through several leagues according on their MMR, with unique prizes such as Xoil and RBLS available in the top leagues. The bottom league, where all players begin their journey, is the only one where players who win matches do not receive incentives.

Leagues structure:

LeagueMin MMRMax MMR
League 10299
League 2300599
League 3600999
League 410001499
League 514991999
League 620002749
League 727503499
League 835005000

Rebel Bots Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay is a semi-automated card war game in which participants select which cards they want their robots to play and the robots conduct the card action in their turn; this will continue until one side wins.


Battles take occur in one of the player’s original kingdom habitats, which will be visible in the battlefield’s background.

Kingdom Card

Each player will begin the game with a kingdom card that he or she will keep for the duration of the season, as decided by his or her kingdom players. Only one kingdom card can be used every match. Kingdom cards function similarly to other cards in that they cost battery to use and can be used to deal damage, increase the armor and hit points of fighting bots, or perform a special action on the battlefield.

Battle Flow

Each battle will begin with each player displaying their robots and arranging them in their battle formation. The next game stages will begin after that:

  • Preview – showing each 10 cards of each player’s card deck while keeping 5 cards hidden
  • Rounds – a limited time phase in which each player can choose which
    cards or special abilities to play
  • Outcome – End of battle and determination of winner with the prizes
    shown. Battle is completed when one of the players has no more robots left
    on the battlefield.

Rebel Bots Currencies and Resources

Rebel Bots has 2 crypto currencies and 3 game currencies:

XoilCrypto/In-gameNoWinning PvE matches
Winning PvP matches
Completing daily challenges
Winning Kingdom prizes
Buying parts
Fighting bots
RBLSCrypto/GovernanceYesWinning Season prizes
Special Giveaways
Fighting bots
EnergyGame resourceNoReplenishPlaying PvP
SparkGame resourceNoWinning PvP matches
Completing daily challenges
Fighting bots
PartsGame resourceNoWinning PvP matches
Buying from in-game shop
Fighting bots

Rebel Bots Leaderboards and Season Prizes

Players can compete on three distinct leaderboards in the Rebel Bots game. Each leaderboard draws a different sort of player and rewards the victors in a different way, making it possible for any type of player to win huge prizes by placing high on one of the leaderboards.

The leaderboards are reset at the start of each season, and there is a countdown until the champions are announced. Prizes for each leaderboard are either known ahead of time or are displayed on a counter as they accumulate more currency for the prize pool.

Leaderboard types:

  • Global players leaderboard – displays all players ranked according to their MMR.
    At the end of the season, the top rated players in the top league will receive awards in the form of RBLS tokens.
  • Kingdoms Leaderboard – displays all kingdoms rated by the total MMR of their top ten players. The top kingdoms at the end of the season will get RBLS tokens, which will be allocated to the winning kingdom’s top 10 players.
  • Internal Kingdom Leaderboard – ranks all kingdom players based on how many battles they’ve won over the course of the season. The top three players will share a Xoil prize pool derived from the allocations made by all players in adventure mode during the season.

Rebel Bots Tokenomics

Token Allocation

A total of 300 million RBLS tokens will be issued. These tokens are a premium in-game currency offered to players for free in the Rebel Bots game for certain gaming acts. The RBLS tokens can be traded on exchanges between players and will be distributed to them over time.

Furthermore, they may be issued to community members as part of a reward scheme for certain behaviors deemed appropriate by the dev team, such as participation in community events, grants, bonus tokens, competitions, and more.

Generation Schedule

The RBLS token’s generation supply is intended to encourage long-term growth and sustainability. The following is a diagram of the expected generation supply schedule:

Rebel Bots Collection

Rebel Bots (RB) began in June 2021 as an NFT collection of 10,000 robots. Each robot is made up of four to seven different traits, and there are over 150 different robotic assets in total, making each robot unique. Each robot’s rarity is defined by its characteristics; while all robots are unique, some are more rare than others. The project’s purpose was to create a community of gamers that were interested in NFT games while also developing the game around the RB collection and making the robots the main protagonists.

We worked to grow the RB community in July 2021 in preparation for our “minting day,” and on August 1st, we hit the drop date with thousands of followers and members on Twitter and Discord. By August 5th, all 10,000 robots had been sold to almost 2,000 different people.

Since August, we’ve expanded to over 3,000 unique holders, and the project’s overall number of followers is increasing.


Players will be able to play, progress, and earn in a single player or multiplayer sci-fi inspired game set in outer space in Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars, a cross platform card warfare game. Players will have to band together to form extraterrestrial kingdoms, construct warring robot armies, and compete with other players for the lucrative Xoil resource.

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Have you played Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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