Realm NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Realm Game?

Realm allows you to create your own microverses. It is a cross-chain NFT platform game that allows artists, designers to easily create their own digital worlds.

Realm is a management game in which you must gather resources for the secret organization “Realm” in the hopes of resolving the world’s many problems.

To accomplish this, you must construct buildings, train helpers, and perform upgrades/expansions.

Deciding when and in what order to do these things will affect how quickly and successfully you will progress.

You can use your leader NFTs in conjunction with trained helpers to complete missions, increase resources, and eventually expand the Realm organization.

Below you can watch Realm Game trailer video.

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There are AR portals within the app that “transport” the user to an infinite number of realms, ranging from art galleries in space to underwater pet auctions.

For example they be used to play games, organize events, socialize with other users, conduct e-commerce, or display NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Realm Game Gameplay

Realm is a resource management game in which you use your NFT leaders strategically to save the world from destruction.

Players will collect resources, unlock regions, earn RLM Tokens, level up their realm, and do a variety of other things.

The game takes place in a not-too-distant and not-too-fictional future in which the world is in chaos due to war, famine, disease, and meteors.

The current leaders are failing and have lost control of the situation. Realm, a secret organization, is assembling a team to restore order to the world.

Realm NFT Game

You will be able to build your Realm team strategically with the ultimate goal of restoring order in each region.

This will not be easy, and you will need to use a lot of strategy to decide when and where to use each leader’s unique strengths.

There are many problems in the Realm you will need to solve which are represented by missions that require your assistance.

Missions will present you with unique situations that will necessitate the selection of specific helpers and leaders.

Your leader, as well as the number and type of helpers you send, will determine your success rate.

Completing missions grants you experience for your Leader as well as additional resources/bonuses.

World events in Realm game requires global effort missions in which all players will take part.

They will be available for a limited time, and players will be ranked according to their contributions.

You will be rewarded with Leaders, Boosts, and RLM Tokens based on your performance at the end of the event.

What is Realm Game NFTs?

Realm leaders and boosts are WAX Blockchain-based NFTs.

Realm leaders are digital collectibles that people will want to own because of their high-quality artwork and animations.

Blending and mutable properties on the leader NFTs will allow players to further upgrade their NFTs, making them valuable in both their Realm game and secondary WAX marketplaces.

Realm Game Characters

There are currently 8 leaders, each with their own set of strengths and characteristics.

To add more variety to the game, we will be adding more leaders in the future.

Your Leaders will play an important role in the Realm’s gameplay.

You can send your leaders to missions, multiply your earnings, and give you bonuses based on their unique special abilities.

Leaders will be able to gain on-chain experience by completing missions.

They can be leveled up once they have accumulated enough experience.

With each level up, the bonuses they provide will be increased.

Realm Game Characters List:

  1. The General: Because of his superior leadership, he requires fewer helpers to achieve the same results.
  2. The Politician: Using his public relations skills and connections in high places, lowering costs and obtaining permits for our operations should be a breeze.
  3. The Pacifist: The rest of the team will become more effective as he brings peace and tranquillity to everyone around him.
  4. The Celebrity: She has the ability to lift the spirits of everyone in the room. Helpers will be more effective, and the chances of mission success will increase.
  5. The Professional: She can get the most out of any production line by managing her time efficiently, resulting in faster training of helpers.
  6. The Economist: He is an expert in cost analysis and can come up with numerous ways to save money. This capability means that the cost of training helpers will be reduced.
  7. The Explorer: Finding the shortest route to remote locations allows him to navigate the lands more quickly and reduces the time required to complete missions.
  8. The Hacker: He is capable of securing any infrastructure and breaking into any system. He will assist us in making the most of our operations and missions.

Realm Game Rarities

All leaders are available in 6 rarities ranging from one to five stars, as well as a limited-edition Platinum version.

1-star is the lowest level, ranging up to Platinum leaders, which will be highly sought after due to their scarcity and value.

The rarity of the leader increases the strength of their in-game stats.

Blending in Realm Game

Each leader is bolstered by increasing their rarity level, which is where blending comes into play.

Blending leaders is the process of combining 3 leaders of the same rarity to create one leader of the next rarity up.

Leaders will be burned as a result of the blending purpose.

For example, three Generals with a rarity level of one star can be blended to produce one General with a rarity level of two stars.

You have the option of blending up to 5 stars.

What are Realm Game Regions?

Realm’s world is divided into six regions as listed below:

  1. Africa,
  2. Asia,
  3. Europe,
  4. North America,
  5. South America,
  6. Oceania

You will begin your game with only one region available to you.

As you progress through the game, your Realm will grow and new regions will become available.

Each region will have an outpost where you can build structures and send your Leaders on missions.

What are the Buildings in Realm Game?

Currently there are 7 buildings that you can construct in Realm Game.

Realm Game’s Building List:

  1. Headquarters: The construction of an outpost in each region will begin with the construction of a Headquarters. This structure will serve as a base of operations for your Leaders. Upgrading this structure will give you access to newer and more advanced structures.
  2. Factory: To grow your organization, you’ll need to generate funds for new buildings, upgrades, and training materials. The Factory will supply you with a steady supply. It is entirely up to you where you spend them. This building’s upgrade will provide resources more quickly.
  3. Storage Vault: Resources gathered from the factory and from around the world will need to be stored somewhere as they accumulate. The Storage Vault will provide you with a location for them. Upgrading this structure will allow for more storage of resources.
  4. Training Facility: Your leaders will require assistance in completing missions and resolving issues. This assistance will be provided by the Training Facility. Helpers who receive training here will be able to specialize in a variety of fields (military, scientific, medical, manual labour). Upgrading this structure will give you access to more advanced helper types.
  5. Housing: Your helpers will require a place to stay. Housing will provide this, as well as increase the number of helpers you can train and retain in your outposts. Upgrading this structure will allow for more helpers to live there.
  6. Research Lab: The Research Lab will offer a variety of enhancement options for your buildings, helpers, and leaders. This building’s upgrade will give you access to more powerful enhancements.
  7. Transport Depot: Constructing a Transport Depot will provide you with additional resources by allowing you to transport and salvage goods throughout your regions. This building’s renovation will result in the addition of new modes of transportation like trucks, planes and boats.

There are many problems in the world of Realm and these are represented by missions requiring your help.

Missions will have unique situations and require you to strategically pick certain helpers and leaders.

Success rates will be determined by your leader, the quantity and the type of helpers you send.

Completing missions will reward you with experience for your Leader and additional resources/bonuses.

What is Realm Game Boost Cards?

In Realm Game you can purchase boost cards in packs or earn them through events in and out of the game.

You will also be able to use these boost NFTs to gain unique Realm power ups.

When you use a boost, it will be consumed.

What is REALM Game Token?

Realm Game’s native token is $RLM which is an EOSIO token.

$RLM tokens are used for a variety of functions in Realm including:

  • Accelerating building upgrades
  • Accelerating training,
  • Leveling up Realm Leaders,
  • Unlocking functionality

What are REALM Game Rewards? and How Can I REALM Game Tokens?

Realm players will receive $RLM tokens in-game from the following sources:

  • When leaders are assigned to regions, they will receive an in-game salary based on their rarity, level, and any other bonuses applied.
  • Mission completion
  • Participating in international competitions

You will be able to claim your $RLM token whenever you want but with a 5-minute cooldown and it will be transferred from the RSP to your account.


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Have you ever played Realm Game? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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