Puzzles Crusade NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Puzzles Crusade?

The puzzle crusade world is based on Romanian culture, folklore, and history. It’s a fantastical realm that spans several historical periods and incorporates real-life historical figures, mythological heroes, and artistic figures. Because it is a growing metaverse, the universe of Puzzles Crusade is not confined. It may also feature characters, monsters, and magical places from regions outside of the Roman ancestral space.

Puzzles Crusade is a Play-2-Earn Match 3 RPG on iOS and Android based on the Polygon Layer 2 Blockchain. The game includes a dynamic economic and strategic Metaverse that allows players to explore and conquer the virtual globe. It features a sophisticated gameplay system that requires players to do many actions in order to conduct commerce, form hero teams, and develop a thriving civilisation.

Puzzles Crusade is based on some of the most well-known and popular mobile RPGs of all time, such as Empires and Puzzles, World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, Final Fantasy 6, The Witcher series, and others, but this time with a focus on actual player ownership and decentralization!

Puzzles Crusade plans to expand the game into a full-fledged Metaverse in the future. Puzzles Crusade aspires to become the next significant success story in the Metaverse area by combining a unique gameplay, a large range of digital goods, and an ecosystem structured to promote the long-term value of NFTs and our governance token.

Puzzles Crusade Gameplay


Fighting the Titan

As a player, you can either conquer the map in PvE mode, advancing stage by stage while attempting to preserve a fantasy world from annihilation, or challenge your friends in PvP mode, earning rewards for your abilities.

The enemies are above the grid, while your squad is underneath it. Both your enemies and your heroes have one of five elemental types (colors) that work in a rock/paper/scissors style against each other. You fight by matching three or more stones of the same element (color). Matching stones form troops of the same color that advance straight up to fight the opponents above them. This is why, while deciding which match to make, the location of specific colored stones on the grid is crucial.

Making a match will also replenish your hero’s mana bar. When the character’s special skill is fully charged, you can utilize it. Skills might range from attacking to helpful in nature. The war is won when all adversaries have been defeated. When your entire team is dead, you lose.

In Puzzles Crusade, energy is necessary to engage your heroes in any task. There will be three types of energy at first (World, Titan, and Raid Energy), each with its own regeneration rate and maximum. Some types of energy have a flask linked with them, which when consumed replenishes that type of energy to its full potential. As a player, advancing to a new level restores full World, Titan, and Raid energy.

To summarize, you get one of the most popular mobile game mechanics, but this time it’s built on blockchain, meaning you control your in-game assets. All heroes, weapons, skins, and structures will be NFTs, and players will own them entirely.

The Citadel

Your Citadel is your home base, which houses all of your structures. The majority of structures either enhance your resource storage or generate something, but there are a few exceptions. Depending on the Citadel’s level, there are a restricted number of buildings that can be constructed. As a result, it is impossible to construct the incorrect structure because they will all be constructed and used in the end.

The Castle

The number of spaces available to construct on is determined by the Castle level. You will get more slots and hence additional buildings as you enhance the Castle. The maximum level to which you can enhance other structures is determined by the Castle level.

Castle concept

Other Production Buildings

  • Mine: Produces iron
  • Farm: Produces food
  • Forge: Produces consumables (such as mana and health potions)
  • Training Camp: Produces heroes
  • Barracks: Advanced building that allows you to Level Up your Troops
  • Hero Academy: Advanced building that allows quicker and cheaper training of heroes and troops.

The Awakening Gate

This is the place where you get more heroes for yourself. It is here that you spend tokens or gems to awake heroes that will join your roaster.



Tribes are groups of players who form their own communities. With objectives that need the efforts of all members to promote the tribe’s growth and earn significant rewards, the tribe serves to increase the relationship between the players.

Create a Tribe

To create a Tribe, a player must reach a particular level and pay a nominal price. To improve the quality of tribe membership, players can set the Tribe’s membership conditions. ‌

Join a Tribe

‌Players can join any Tribe as long as they meet that guild’s eligibility requirements.

Tribe Levels

Levels will be assigned to the tribes. The more Levels you have, the more valuable the goodies become. Tribes will be involved in a variety of missions, and all tribe members will be required to put in a lot of effort in order for their tribe to succeed and be among the best.

Tribes Leaderboard

The tribes will be compared to one another. The higher the tribe status and hence the benefits, the more time and work the participants spend into the game. The Tribes Leaderboard will be refreshed on a regular basis to guarantee that old and new tribes are treated equally.

Advantages of being a Tribe member

  • The Tribes collective roaster: Have a hero that you’re not using? Park it in the collective roaster, and anyone from your tribe can use it for a limited period of time. You get a reward as the owner of the hero, and your teammate gets to be more helpful to the Tribe.
  • Tribe Roles: A positioning system for tribe members, members with particular positions can receive additional benefits in collecting in-game assets.
  • The Tribes Quest: The core feature of the Tribe. Every week, the Tribe Quest system will generate many quests with increasing difficulty and rewards. Based on the volume of quests completed, members will receive various rewards.
  • Tribes War: A feature that allows tribes to challenge each other. The matchmaking happens based on a rigurous algorithm. As always, winner gets better loot.

The Map of Puzzles Crusade

The Concept of the World Map Every Puzzles Crusade player’s first experience is with the map. After completing the training, a player can face his heroes on the World Map. Each stage on the map consists of three to five rounds of combat with the terrible creatures that have infested Thracia’s beautiful surroundings.

The player obtains loot (rewards) for successfully completing each stage on the map. Conquering the map will reward you with several items of varying rarity and utility. These things are required for leveling up your heroes, as well as making potions and battle equipment for use in the next battle.

Some epic and even legendary objects and artefacts are strewn across the map at random. The longer you play, the more likely you are to come across one of these, which will provide you with a significant advantage in the game.


In Puzzles Crusade, energy is necessary to engage your heroes in any task. There will be three types of energy at the start (World, Titan, and Raid Energy), each with its own rate of regeneration and maximum. Some types of energy are associated with a flask that, when consumed, replenishes that type of energy to its full potential. As a player, advancing to a new level restores full World, Titan, and Raid energy.

World Energy

To participate in any map or quest stage, you’ll need world energy. As the player progresses, the maximum amount of energy increases, and there is presently no known maximum.

There are 3 ways to refill world energy:

  1. Wait – It regenerates at a rate of 1 energy per 10 minutes.
  2. Level Up – When you increase in player level, all of your world energy is completely refilled.
  3. Use a Flask – a red world energy flask will refill world energy, if you have one. You can get a Energy flasks as rewards for your in game progress, or you can buy them on the open market.

Raid Energy

Raid Energy is required to raid an adversary. It is consumed at a rate of one energy per engagement (win or lose), and it is replenished at a rate of one energy per hour. A total of 6 raid energy is set as a limit. This does not get better as the game progresses. You can, however, use a flask to replenish all of your raid energy. Raid flasks can also be earned based on how far you’ve progressed in the game.

Titan Energy

Once you’ve joined a Tribe, you’ll need Titan Energy to engage in battle with a titan. One energy is spent on each engagement. The total amount of titan energy is limited to three, and it regenerates at a rate of one every four hours. A purple flask can also be used to replenish titan energy. Titan Flasks, like the other energy flasks, can be earned as rewards for in-game progress or purchased on the open market.


Both heroes and villains use Mana to power their Special Skills. When viewing the battlefield, it appears as the bar immediately beneath your hero’s health bar. When your hero’s mana bar is full, you can activate the hero’s special ability. The same can be said about your opponent’s heroes. As soon as their mana is depleted, they will attack you. Titans and bosses have their own mana bars for their specific abilities. Mana bars start off empty in each fight and fill up as you make matches.

For heroes, the mana bar fills when you make matches of the same element as the hero. Even more mana is gained when the tiles are ‘ghosted’ (when the tiles do not hit an enemy).

Bosses, titans, and enemy heroes in raids and wars gain mana when they are hit by tiles. Even more mana is gained when they are hit with their own element.

There are 5 levels of mana speed possible. These levels correspond with how many matched tiles it takes to fill their mana bar. Ghosted tiles (tiles that hit no monster) provide twice as much mana as those that hit (thus for Slow it would be 12 hits or 6 ghosts).

  • Very Slow: 14 tiles
  • Slow: 12 tiles
  • Average: 10 tiles
  • Fast: 8 tiles
  • Very Fast: 7 tiles

Titans of Puzzles Crusade

Fighting the Ancient Wolf Titan

Titans are bosses that may only be fought if you are in a tribe. There are titans to match each element at each star level.

Each titan appears on the map for a maximum of 22 hours, with a one hour wait period before the next titan will spawn. The level of the titan that spawns is dependent upon the tribe’s Titan Score.

Titan battles are against one big boss. Attacking a titan costs 1 Titan Energy. Each battle has a countdown timer for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

All members of your tribe have a chance to attack the titan. Each battle contributes to the total damage. The titan is defeated when the the tribe collectively wears down the titan’s HP to 0. If the titan is not defeated before the 22 hours are up, it “escapes”.

Titans have visible weak points. Tiles sent into the weak point do additional damage, and If you hit the weak point with three tiles (regardless of color or damage done), then the titan will be stunned for one turn and unable to attack.

Heroes of Puzzles Crusade

Puzzles Crusade is a Match3 RPG mobile game based on Blockchain technology. You can conquest the map in PvE mode, trying to save the anchient world from total oblivion or battle your friends in PvP mode, earning rewards with your skills.

When you first join Puzzles Crusade you’ll be run through a trial/learning process at the end of which you’ll already have 5 heroes. At least one of them will be a 3* hero at level 1. These heroes will not be available to be sold in the market.

Think about them as your starting squad. Keep playing and you can unlock more powerful heroes by using the summon portal.

There are 5 levels of hero rarities in Puzzles Crusade:

  • 1★ – Common
  • 2★ – Rare
  • 3★ – Epic
  • 4★ – Legendary
  • 5★ – Mythical

There are 5 hero origins/elements in Puzzles Crusade:

  • Volcano Born Heroes (Red)
  • Forest Born Heroes (Green)
  • Sea Born Heroes (Blue)
  • Dark Born Heroes (Purple)
  • Light Born Heroes (Yellow)

Also, heroes in Puzzles Crusade are categorized into 10 major classes according to their skills and special powers.

Genesis Heroes of Puzzles Crusade

The Genesis Heroes of Puzzles Crusade are the 5 heroes that will be available for sale when we launch. There will be a total of 10 000 Genesis heroes for you to grab. There will never be any other Genesis Heroes, as well as not ever more copies of the initial 5.

Puzzles Crusade genesis heroes are:

  • Stephen the Great (Volcano Born Hero)
  • Kotys (Light Born Hero)
  • Artemis (Forest Born Hero)
  • Decebalus (Sea Born Hero)
  • Elbowbeard (Dark Born Hero)

Holding a genesis hero means great advantages for you. Apart from the fact that the Genesis Heroes are Mythical rarity heroes with great skills and outstanding stats, that will give you an edge in the battle, holding a Genesis hero will qualify you for a lot of rewards and airdrops down the line.

Level up in Puzzles Crusade

If you want to succed in Puzzles Crusade it’s vital to level up your heroes. Leveling up your heroes is a 2 step process. First you grow your hero for a given number of levels, then you ascend it to the next tier. After that you level it up again, until reaching the max level.

You level up a hero by ”feeding him” with lower rarities heroes, and ascend it using some specific items. For Epic heroes and higher, there are specific items which differ by element, needed for ascension.

For example, you will need a ”Ring of Trust” to ascend a Legendary Light Born Hero, while for a Legendary Forest Hero you will need a ”Virgine Root”. Every rarity has it’s own limits to which a hero can be leveled up and ascended.

The paths and limits for every rarity can be checked in the table below.

Awake your heroes in Puzzles Crusade

Let’s see how you can build your hero roaster now.

No matter if you’re a free-to-play Crusader or if you’re one of the lucky people who managed to buy one or more Genesis heroes, you need more heroes to succeed in the game missions as well as when you try to challenge your friends in PvP mode.

In Puzzles Crusade, to get more heroes you go to the awakening portal. To awake a hero you need a free summon token, or you can use gems (in-game currency). One pull will get you a random hero from all the heroes available in the game. Could be a lousy 1★ Common hero, or it can be a powerfull 5★ Mythical one. It all depends on your luck.

Heroes of Puzzles Crusade can also be awakened in packs of 5, 10 and 30 heroes. Awakening more heroes at once does not increase the chance of getting better heroes, but it is know what those who try more, are blessed with more.

Free awakening tokens and gems can be bought through the market, or can be earned by playing the game.


Puzzles Crusade is a Match 3 RPG for iOS and Android with Play-2-Earn Mechanics built on the Polygon Layer 2 Blockchain.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

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You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Puzzles Crusade already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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