Prometheus NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Prometheus?

Prometheus is the first on-chain strategic role-playing NFT game developed by Metagame Arena Studio.

Prometheus Game engine

COCOS was used to create the Prometheus game engine. Cocos 2D-X, Cocos Studio, Cocos Code IDE, and other frameworks and tools are all integrated with Cocos to provide developers with a comprehensive set of game development tools.

Cocos was chosen as our development engine since it has proven to be one of the most dependable engines for mobile game development over the last decade. For all three terminals, it supports trial-play technology (PC, mobile and web).

Cocos has 1.4 million registered developers and 300,000 monthly active developers spread throughout 203 countries and regions, with 1.1 billion player devices. Cocos engine is a fantastic open-source gaming engine for mobile devices. Cocos engine games are available in every category on the market, with a global market share of 30%.


Prometheus Game Features

Theme and style

Themes based on the trade, collision, and synthesis of Eastern and Western mythologies are created by Prometheus. To depict the gods in our hearts and the classic battle forces of diverse countries, we have chosen a painting manner with a strong sense of line and color. This distinct style is used to create the NFT, scene map, and UI design for all of our games.

In the “Final Fantasy” series, this drawing technique is commonly used. The painting’s overall style is based on aspects of the popular Japanese comic ACG painting style in recent years, with a strong feeling of comic lines added, and the whole tone has an unequaled memory point.

Original characters in warfare has two significant benefits:

  1. Use a mental shortcut to save time. Every country has a distinct emotional connection to its national mythology, which aids the game in gaining a significant amount of early exposure.
  2. No intellectual property issue.

Prometheus Game Core Elements

Grand vision

Prometheus includes almost all significant mythological systems from both the East and the West, and all mythical systems will be connected and collided in the game. As a result, gamers and NFT aficionados from all over the world are among its target demographic.

The attribute system that seeks to achieve a high limit

Gamers who wish to push themselves to their limits will find plenty of possibilities in the game. Battle cards from the same generation can be found in both extreme and regular forms.

This substantial disparity is understandable while pursuing super battle cards, and the secondary market worth of the top tier cards will be widely appreciated.

Due to the complexity of the attributes and the random range of values selected, the game’s upper limit of battle capability is almost endless.

The warchess category’s final strategy

The most popular game on the planet is chess. Warchess games feature turn-based, card-based, and role-playing game elements. Prometheus is an action-adventure game that tests strategy to its limits. Players can experience the pleasure of playing while earning and, in the long run, release the playfulness of NFT games.

Prometheus offers a unique gaming experience compared to other NFT games on the market.

Prometheus Game Worldview Settings

In 1660, the third Gods’ War began. The last battle did not put an end to the two factions supporting “war and punishment” and “love and pity,” and the animosity and hostility that had been buried for 300 years had reawakened. After their divine power was restored, old gods such as Zeus, Odin, Atum, and Amaterasu expanded.

For the first time, they extended their divine power to the common inhabitants of their area, and these ordinary people became gods overnight. This bloody struggle wreaked havoc on the entire world. When Atum and Brahma were beaten, each party suffered the loss of an old divinity.

The conflict lasted a long time, caused irreversible wounds in the earth, and nearly destroyed the planet. The ancient gods eventually realized that opposing each other would lead to mutual and self-destruction. As a result, for the sake of civilisation and the survival of the globe, they signed the Jishuku Treaty.

All conflicts and disagreements had to be resolved in a fair and civilized Promethean war, and gods were no longer allowed to fight. As a result, the fight of Prometheus, which was witnessed by the Prometheus torch, became the world’s supreme court.

All of the world’s good and evil, guilt, life and death, and reincarnation fell into symbiosis under Prometheus’ law, and the planet began to heal itself. Prometheus’ flame of hope has been rekindled.

Prometheus Game Core Cultural Elements


Ragnarök (Fate of the Gods) is the name given to a series of great disasters foreseen in Norse mythology, which include the deaths of many significant gods (Odin, Sol, Frey, Heimdall, Fire Giant, Frost Giant, Loki Etc.)

After a war of death and innumerable natural disasters, the entire world sank beneath the waves. The planet, however, recovered, and the remaining deity and two humans were reunited.

In the end, we rebuilt a new planet. Ragnarök is a major figure in Norse mythology and has been the topic of numerous academic papers and ideas.

The sun had set, time had stopped, and the charred land had sunk to the depths of the billows, leaving nothing but death’s silence and eternity’s blackness.

Prometheus Game New World

Ragnarök”- A legacy of the New World

At the southern end of the broken cosmos, there was a blue sky that no one had ever seen before, and after the apocalypse, the last gods met here, and out of the water under them grew a new continent, a new planet. The sea had cleansed the soil, causing it to sprout greener and more luxuriant vegetation than before, bringing the area back to life.

Vader and Wali are the only gods that have survived. Thor’s sons, Magni and Mói, also survived the tremor that killed their father. The forefathers of later humans are supposed to be Lif and Lifbrasir, two others who survived by hiding in the Hoddmismis holt.

The fresh flame of metaverse culture has been ignited in the realm of Prometheus, blooming beyond the light of time and space, thanks to the lovely river of history. In the cosmic meta period, Prometheus derived the characteristic style of contemporary ACG and offered fresh attraction to the old civilization while conserving traditional culture.

The merging and unification of opposites of destruction and new birth has been one of the most arduous challenges in human history. In our fundamental component of the PVP Arena, we’re excited to see what kind of philosophical thinking gamers will feel the allure of the metaverse myth.

In the myth of Prometheus metaverse, as a witness of history and a pioneer of the great universe of hope, war and peace, mercy and divine punishment, hatred and love will all be rewritten. You are the legend.

Detail of Prometheus Game

Prometheus NFT Game

Prometheus Fight is a 5v5 fight game. There are two sorts of players in the Prometheus game. Players and NPCs engage in PVE combat, which consists mostly of story conflicts and daily gameplay battles. The other is player-versus-player (PVP) combat, which consists mostly of daily arena, big events, and guild battles.

There are two elements to the battle: pre-war planning and in-game decisions. Pre-war players can choose between 1 and 5 fighting units depending on their battle cards (some gameplay may require less than five combat units).

As a result, before selecting combat cards for various factions and generations, players must examine the level’s criteria.

The speed attribute of all units on the current battlefield at the start of each battle turn determines the sequence of activities for all units in the current round. Players can use the action axis to make strategic decisions like seizing favourable territory early in the fight or assembling all forces to eliminate the enemy’s key role. Each small correct action will have an impact on the war’s overall state, allowing them to prevail in the end.

For winning PVP or PVE, players receive in-game prometheus tokens (WP).

Prometheus NFT

The NFT of Prometheus is divided into three parts: collection value, advanced properties, and land.

All faction god cards are non-tradeable, and their collectible value varies according on their rarity. Battle cards with a lot of generation and stats have a lot of value in the market. We’ll also provide players access to well-developed, well-used, and well-socialized landscape. Depending on their needs, players can choose from a range of NFTs.

Through uncommon cards, rare qualities, and social engagement, we seek to maximize the game’s worth. Different gamers can enjoy the thrill of earning money and engaging in interesting game play as a result of this process.

In the realm of Prometheus, players can finally achieve their initial vision of the game.

Propemetheus NFT Properties

Japan, Greece, and Northern Europe are the three primary series of Prometheus’ NFT.

The first NFT series we’ll release is the Japanese faction’s NFT collection. The first batch of Japanese NFTs was released by the end of October 2021.

The details are as follows:

  • Battle character NFT: 5000
  • Battle character NFTs are the basic first-generation characters.
  • Divine NFT :4200
  • Basic: 3654
  • Rare: 504
  • SuperRare: 42
  • Total: 9200
  • Greek-themed divine NFT and combat character NFT release time: end of December 2021
  • North Europe-themed divine NFT and combat character NFT release time: end of Febuary 2022

Prometheus Gods NFT Card

Minting a battle NFT can be done with a divine NFT. Divine NFT are also the only and most important source of combat NFT. There are 14 God NFTs in each faction. For each God, only 300 divine NFTs are made, and their rarity is determined as follows:

  • Normal: 261, Possess a stand-up display
  • Rare: 36, Possess a stand-up display and special effects
  • Super rare: 3, Display with dynamic display and special effects

Each divine NFT must mint one skill as well as three to four fighting units. The divine NFT’s talents will be passed on to the newly created combat NFT. ​

NFT in Combat

There will be 15 different fighting characters for each faction. These 15 fighting characters are divided into five professions, each with an elementary, moderate, and advanced level. Only the most basic jobs will be available to the fighting character NFT that has been legally sold and gifted by the divine NFT. Players must synthesize two elementary fight NFT to obtain intermediate and advanced occupation characters.

NFT will have a static painting and a dynamic 2D model for each fighting character.

The combat character NFT will have the following two functions:

  1. In combat, build a squad of 3-5 fight NFTs to directly engage in PVP and PVE engagements for token prizes by using the battle character NFT.
  2. Synthesis consumes two combat character NFTs in order to create a new higher-tier combat character NFT.

NFT’s combat abilities may evolve into a more powerful advanced combat role NFT in the future.

The Combat NFT is made up of five composable and two immutable qualities, as well as four skill slots. To get an advantage in battle, players can synthesis to increase combat NFT’s traits and match more applicable talents to improve combat NFT’s fighting abilities.

Attributes that can be changed:

  • HP: Combat NFT health, utilized to accept damage; combat ability will be lost if combat NFT health drops to 0.
  • ATK: The combat NFT’s attack power influences the combat NFT’s ability to deliver damage.
  • SPD: Combat NFT speed; the higher the speed, the higher the order of the shot in a turn, and two dodge points for 1 point of speed.
  • Combat NFT skill (TEC). Per skill point, you get 3 hits and 1 crit.
  • DEF: The battle NFT’s defense, which affects how well it can withstand damage.

Property that cannot be changed:

  • MOVE: Determines how far a combat NFT may move based on the race and Class of the NFT.
  • Attack Range: defines the range within which fighting NFT may attack, based on the race and Class of the fighting NFT.
  • Skill: Players will pick from hundreds of talents to create their own battle NFT troops.

Reveal and synthesize details:

Each god card has three or four different types of battle cards that can be tapped, and each time you tap, you must choose which type of combat card you want to cast. After casting the spell, the player will receive a new battle card NFT as a result of the changes. Depending on the type chosen by the player, this combat card NFT will have a predetermined stat and inherit the powers of this god card.


After casting, Gods NFT will have a 48-hour cooling time during which it will not be cast again.


  • Synthesis demands the usage of both WP and MGA, therefore both participants must be of the same generation.
  • The efficacy of the combined units will be greatly improved.

Base composition rules

When two fight card NFTs are combined, the Generation of the resulting battle card NFT is boosted by one. Generation 10 will no longer be linked to the NFT.

Value of the attribute:


Where A is the fighting card A’s HP value and B is the fighting card B’s HP value, A∨B is to take the greater of the two, and if they’re the same, take A.


Where A is the corresponding attribute value of battle card A, and B is the corresponding attribute value of battle card B, A∨B is to take the bigger of the two, and if they are equal, A is to take the smaller of the two.

MOVE: no change

class up: The property is appended by the formula when a class up upgrade happens.:


ATK,SPD,TEC,DEF:Corresponding properties /(1+generation)

Skill inheritance :(skill count on battle card A + skill count on battle card B) /2+0.5

The integer skill must appear in the composite result if the value is an integer. If the value is not an integer, the outcome is that each of the two integers closest to the value has a 50% chance of displaying each skill of the number.

If A has three skills and B has three skills, the skill inheritance value is (3+3) /2+0.5=3.5, and the number of skills created in the new battle card has a 50/50 chance of being three or four.

When Battle Card A and Battle Card B both have the same talent, that skill must be passed down to them. Other skills have the same chance of being drawn. There are no talents that both don’t have and no skills that are identical in skill inheritance.

If the skill of combat card A is 1.2.3 and the skill of battle card B is 2.4.5, there must be one skill 2 when the number of newly created skills is 3.

When the skill for the second slot is chosen, each skill in has a 25% chance of being chosen. When the third position’s talent is chosen, the other three skills will have a 33% probability.

Homogeneity and order synthesis

Homosynthesis means that the player’s two battle cards synthesize the same Profession and the same Class. New combat cards generated in this case:

  • 70% chance of retaining Profession and Class, Generation +1
  • There’s a 30% chance that we’ll keep Profession, Class+1, Generation +1

When the entry is at its maximum:With a 100% chance of retaining Profession and Class, Generation +1The same syntheticTwo combat cards, A and B, have the same Profession but different classes. New combat cards generated in this case:

  • There is a 90% chance of retaining the same Profession and the higher Class of A and B, with Generation +1
  • There is a 10% chance of retaining the same Profession, with the higher Class of Profession A +1 and Generation +1

When A or B has reached the highest rank:

  • There is a 100% chance of retaining the same Profession and the higher Class in A and B, with Generation +1

Heterogeneous synthetic

Xenosynthesis means that the two combat cards, A and B, have different professions. New combat cards generated in this case:

  • A has a 50% chance of inheriting A’s Profession, Class, MOVE, Attribute, and Generation +1
  • B has a 50% chance of inheriting B’s Profession, Class, MOVE, Attribute, and Generation +1

NFT community development

Co-creation mode for loot based on the Prometheus NFTs

In the future, we want to release a full loot version of NFT based on our divine and battle cards. Community players will be able to change the NFT- loot settings; we will examine community suggestions, and MGA airdrop awards will be awarded.

NFT’s mortgage lending function

We will be hosting an NFT pledge event in the near future. Players will swap NFT for MGA and WP, assisting with the game’s cold start and lowering the first barrier to building a strong yield guild. It also built a decentralized exchange (DEX) where game tokens could be traded. ​

Prometheus Game Economic Model

A dual token system is used in the Prometheus game (governance and game tokens). The principle of “playing to earn” is at the heart of economic models.

Token for the game WP: Name of in-game token: The most important prize token in the game is Wish Power, which refers to the power obtained through hope and is abbreviated as WP.

WP problem:

Although the overall quantity of WP is limitless, the daily production is manageable.

Based on the overall amount of additions in the game, the maximum number of WP adds each day will be determined. The awards earned by player PVE and PVP actions are primarily responsible for the rise in WP.

PVE activity is projected to account for 30% of overall production, whereas PVP activity is predicted to account for 70% of total output.

WP consumption:

The cost of WP comes from the synthesis of new battle cards, the expansion of future player guilds, the upgrade of expansion treasures, and other significant in-game actions. WP is the most crucial source of revenue for P2E, and the overall currency price will be stable.

Project governance token MGA

Project Governance Token MGA is short for the name of our Game studio, MetaGame Arena.

MGA will serve as a platform token across multiple games in the near future, linking NFT resources within each game and creating link value.

MGA provides decentralized communities with the underlying technical support for a complete project development route voting scheme.

MGA can be purchased on the open market.

The MGA was a necessary upgrade to combat cards in Prometheus games and was an essential production resource for every player seeking advanced combat power.

The total amount of MGA and its distribution method are as follows:

In the Yield Community:

  • 10% of the tokens will go to the Yield Farming block. 8% of that mining is rewarded to the player.
  • 10% of the total token will be given to DAO governance: most of it will be used in planning your LOOT co-creation and future pledge mining operations.
  • 10% of the total token gives governance and incentives to the community. Among them, high-quality gold mining studios are expected to allocate about 3% of the quota.

MGA additional note:

MGA as governance token, the total number is currently 30 million, players can freely purchase MGA through the open market. PVP Ranking rewards: MGA is reward to top rank PVP battle player, this can bring great rewards and honors to top players. MGA consumption:

When creating combat cards, MGA is required. When the game begins, the cost of battle cards is calculated at a 4:1 WP:MGA ratio. As a result, the only method to obtain advanced cards is to purchase MGA. MGA will be totally consumed by the black hole account, guaranteeing that the game’s overall MGA continues to deflate.

MGA Repurchase:

For risk pre-plan treatment, the project team’s MGA will be employed. The project team will aggressively intervene to stabilize the market and provide a price collapse protection mechanism if the market experiences short-term severe inflation or deflation.

POS liquidity mining of MGA:

In the future, MGA will support WP mining. Pledged MGA mining is also a fantastic investment choice for players with a low risk appetite. ​

Estimation of the value of top cards:

A full rank 10 card requires a total of 1024 regular battle cards, with the original total value of these fight cards being roughly 10,000–15,000 USDT, according to our card upgrade synthesis process.

The only method to incubate combat cards is to use god cards. The God card NFT, on the other hand, enters a 48-hour cooling phase after being cast, during which it cannot be used again.

In general, reaching full level takes a lengthy time, which helps to preserve the game’s overall balance and playability. ​


Prometheus is the first on-chain strategic role-playing NFT game developed by Metagame Arena Studio.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Prometheus already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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