PlaceWar NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is PlaceWar?

PlaceWar is a multi-chain decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe with highly engaging artillery gameplay that allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles, and alliance.

PlaceWar empowers users by creating a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse. You are guaranteed to have a gaming experience unlike any other Play-To-Earn game. PlaceWar integrates battle and creation, and we make certain that there is an incentive mechanism in place to support both.

Create, by conquest. Earn, with strategies. Gear up, commander!

PlaceWar is more than just another P2E game. PlaceWar aspires to be a gamified Internet culture metaverse and an open world for gamers and design enthusiasts, not just in the cryptocurrency space. You will have fun with the gameplay and will be able to express their creativity here, thanks to a viable and lucrative enough Play-To-Earn mechanism.

Furthermore, PlaceWar to be a game that is truly driven by the community, and we believe that this is the key to PlaceWar’s long-term viability.

Players in PlaceWar contribute to the creation of content via the Pixel system. In the spirit of r/place, players are given the ability to display their own design via Pixel phalanx. They will also be able to modify tank, defender, building, map, and even game mode designs.

PlaceWar will encourage the community to create useful tools and SDKs to aid in this endeavor. You can use PlaceDAO to vote on proposals they support, creator campaign winners, the acceptance of new tank model designs, and even the rules of a new season.

PlaceWar also intends to create simple microDAO toolboxes to help guilds build and manage their own DAOs.

How to Start Playing PlaceWar game?

How To Register

  1. Visit PlaceWar Marketplace on web end. Click ‘Login’ on the top right corner

2. Go to ‘Account Settings’ and choose ‘Set up email & Password’

3. Enter and submit, and verify the email address

4. Enter the verification code sent to your mailbox. Complete the verification process.

PlaceWar Gameplay

How To Start

  1. Press ‘Adventure‘ to enter PVE maps. You can choose a map to start a challenge. You can also view the info of your enemies and potential rewards that you may win.

2. Press ‘Go’ and make sure your fuel tank is sufficient to enter the ‘Team’ interface

3. Choose 3 tanks from your garage and maximum 4 items for combat. You can carry max. 3 each item. Complete team setup and enter the battle by pressing ‘GO’

4. You can learn how to move, attack, and use items and skills in the tutorial. To pause the game, press the ‘Pause’ button on the top left.

You can also choose whether to end the battle or continue. The order of action and health bar of each tank are displayed in the top center.

The countdown indicates how much time each tank has left to act. The maximum time is 20 seconds.

The maximum number of rounds of battle in this mission is displayed in the upper right corner. When all six tanks had completed their actions, the round count increased by one. ​

How To Win in PlaceWar game?

Eliminate all enemy tanks within the round limit.

In Case You Lose:

  1. All your tanks are eliminated
  2. Fail to eliminate all tanks within the round limit

At the end of the battle, you will see the Game Summary:

You will find the experience bar of each of your tanks as well as level, count of destroy, combo, hits, damage, and rewards.


When a radar is turned on, your $GEAR yield will be increased by 5x or 10x. Navigate to Marketplace – Inventory to activate your radar. When you win a battle in Adventure, the next missions on your map will be unlocked until all missions are unlocked. The maximum number of battles you can win in a day is 20.

When you exceed the limit, you will not receive any rewards upon winning battles. The limit will be reset the next day.

How to Withdraw PlaceWar $GEAR Token?

To withdraw $GEAR token assets, all players will abide by the following rules:

  1. The interval between withdrawals > 15 days: No withdrawal fees
  2. The interval between withdrawals < 15 days: Withdrawal fees = (15 days-interval)*2%
  3. Initial withdrawal interval = Withdrawal Date – Registration Date

What are the PlaceWar Tanks?

As a squad commander in PlaceWar, tanks are your most reliable companions and your sword in a fight. To start with PlaceWar, you need to firstly form your squad of 3 tanks.

PlaceWar Tank Types

There are 5 types of tanks in the PlaceWar world. Each type has its own feature and statistics:

1. Medieval

They may look clumsy and outdated, but these old-timers ain’t some expendables in the battlefield​

2. Heavy Armor

The backbone of any tank fleet. With balanced stats, they are your most reliable pal.​

3. Rocket Launcher

Hit your enemies from where they can’t even see you. Your best choice if you don’t want go close range melee combats​

4. Mech Tank

Terminator-like futuristic tanks that are capable to strike the enemies in the most surprising way ​

5. Amphibious

Being nimble gives you tactic edge, even more so when they are capable of handling all terrains and waters.​

Features & Stats

All tanks have 5 features which not just determine the appearance but also Stats. Using equipment can improve stats of the 5 features:

  • Turret: determines Damage how much damage you can cause by one hit
  • Barrel: determines the Range how far you can shoot
  • Engine: determines Mobility how far you can move each round)
  • Armor: determines Defense how much damage you may take from a hit
  • Tracks: determines Dodge Rate how likely you can dodge a hit

Craft A New Tank

A new tank can be obtained via crafting. Every crafting will cost $PLACE, $GEAR, and items. The type, features, and stats of the new tank are subject to those of the two model tanks and tech NFTs.

PlaceWar Tank Skills

Medieval Tank

Giant Bomb: Increase 100% damage this round only. It is an exclusive skill for Medieval.​

Incendiary: Burn the land and cause damage to enemies above it for 1 round. It is an exclusive skill for Medieval.

Heavy Armor Tank

Shock Wave: Increase 20% damage. The target stops acting for 1 round. It is an exclusive skill for Heavy Armor.​

Warframe: Reduce damage by 70% for 1 round. It is an exclusive skill for Heavy Armor.

Rocket Launcher

Tri Volley: Shoot 3 shells at the same time. It is an exclusive skill for Rocket Launcher.​

AP II: Attack the target directly through the shield this round only. It is an exclusive skill for Rocket Launcher.​

Mecha Tank

Funnel: Call funnel to attack the enemy for 1 round. It is an exclusive skill for Mecha Tank.​

Portal: Swap positions with the target after hitting it. It is an exclusive skill for Mecha Tank.


Bubble Invasion: The target can’t use skill and tools for 1 round. It is an exclusive skill for Amphibious.​

Blackout Bomb: Empty the target’s skill points. It is an exclusive skill for Amphibious.

PlaceWar Tank Type Chart

Each tank type has different strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense. In battle, you should use tanks that have a type advantage over your opponent; doing so will result in significantly more damage than usual.

Crafting System in PlaceWar Game

New tanks can be obtained through crafting. You can create new Tanks and Defenders using the crafting system. Every crafting would cost $PLACE + $GEAR + 1 Blueprint if you had two “Sample Tank” The features and stats of your new Tanks/Defenders are determined by the Sample Tanks you have available.

Each tank will be crafted at random by an algorithm, resulting in billions of possible combinations, ensuring that each tank is unique. Please keep in mind that each tank will have a crafting limit of 7. A tank can no longer be used as the Sample Tank after 7 craftings to reduce the homogeneity of new tank features.

Each crafting will have a default success rate that starts at 60%. In a failed attempt, you may lose all consumables, including $Place, $GEAR, and blueprint. Crafting success rates can be increased by adding Tech NFTs. 4 Tech NFTs can be added, each providing a 3-6% increase in success rate.

How To Craft in PlaceWar Game?

  1. Log in through your address
  2. Craft your item under ‘Factory’
  3. Choose Your tanks, $GEAR, $PLACE, Blueprint, andTech NFTs (if applicable) to craft your new NFT

In V1, Factory is only available on Web End

Tank Rarity Level

There are 4 rarity levels:

  • Common,
  • Elite,
  • Excellent,
  • Perfect.

The higher the rarity level, the higher the basic fire power and carry weight are.

Common Success Rate=60%, weight=132

Elite Success Rate=34%, weight=257

Excellent Success Rate=5%, weight=377

Perfect Success Rate=1%, weight=501

Painting Period

A new tank will be painted over a 5-day (120-hour) period. During this time, the tank’s features and stats will not be revealed. A tank in the painting stage can still be traded on the market.

Carry Weight

A tank’s carry weight determines how much equipment it can transport. Within the carry weight limit, the player can arm a tank with any equipment in their inventory.

Fire Power

​Fire Power is a tank’s overall stats score. Fire Power is affected by rarity, tank level, and equipment.

PlaceWar Game Battle Modes

PlaceWar is a game of turn-based artillery shooting. Your goal is to eliminate all enemies with whom you are matched. Each turn, the player must choose the best shooting angle and power to deal the most damage to the enemies while minimizing the chance of being damaged by moving the tank.

There will be 3 Battle Modes (Participate without Pixel):

  • PVE Adventure mode
  • PVP Battlefront mode
  • Guild War mode

1. PVE Adventure

You will face bosses with a three-tank squad. Each tank will take turns attacking the boss and will have to withstand the boss’s attacks. You must defeat the boss and ensure that at least one tank survives.

Reward: $PLACE, $GEAR, Items, Tech NFTs, Equipment NFTs

2. PVP Battlefront mode

In this mode, you will randomly matched with other players in a three-on-three tank battle. The goal is to eliminate all enemy tanks while leaving at least one of your own tanks alive. Each player will take a turn shooting. Every turn, a player moves a tank and shoots the opposing tanks. The hit and damage will be determined by the shooting angle, wind direction, and shooting power. You can use items to help in battle by buffing or debuffing enemy tanks.

3. Guild War Mode

A 10 vs. 10 PVP arena that any player can start. To participate in a Guild War, players must deposit a certain amount of $GEAR or $PLACE, which can be withdrawn at any time prior to the battle. The battle mode will be the same as before, with turn-based artillery shooting, but with 10 tanks on each side (1 tank each player). The objective is to keep at least one tank alive while eliminating all enemy tanks. With a small arena fee to the PlaceDAO, the winning side can split the entire deposited amount evenly.

Fuel Tank

A Fuel Tank represents the current amount of energy available to your tank squad. Every battle in PVE or PVP mode will deplete your Fuel. When your fuel runs out, you must wait until your fuel tank is refilled before you can use your tanks again. You can also use your $GEAR token to speed up the process.

When you win a battle, it will cost you 4 FEULs. If you fail or quit, no FUELs will be deducted.1 FUEL will be replenished every 18 minutes. The maximum number is 20.

PlaceWar Game Pixel System

Placedonia, the canvas land of the PlaceWar universe, is divided into 300 x 300 tokenised Pixel parcels. A Pixel represents a pattern on the canvas and serves as the foundation for all of your tanks. Using the construction resources you collect during gameplay, you can build various facilities and place Defenders on your Pixel.

Placedonia was inspired by r/place, Reddit’s world-famous collaborative creation experiment. We inherit the spirit of r/place in the Placedonia worldview. Users can select a color for their Pixels and use them to create a painting by forming a phalanx of pixels. To align all of the Pixels required to support a painting, players would need to buy more Pixels, make friends, or simply conquer other Pixels.

Pixel is the land of Placedonia, so as an owner of Pixel, you can:

  • Resources: Collect resources or even $PLACE spawning randomly in the Pixel
  • Construction: Construct buildings and other facilities to get Buffs or extra resources production
  • Pegatron Skirmish: Defeat roaming rogue drone, Pegatron, and loot treasures
  • Conquest Mode: Invade other Pixels to force change color and loot resources, or build defenders to defend your Pixel.


Placedonia is made up of 90,000 Pixels, which are non-fungible tokens that can be freely transferred. The Pixel will be available for purchase through an NFT sale.

A sample Pixel


Each Pixel has a rarity level that determines its location and ability to generate resources. Pixel Rarity Class will be graded as follows: C (common), R(rare), E(epic), L(legendary)

What Differentiates Each Rarity Class?

  • Location: Pixels close to the center of the Placedonia canvas have higher rarity while the farther ones have lower rarity.
  • Resources: Pixels have more production capability of more resources have higher rarity
  • Zoning: Rarity level also determines the zoning of each Pixel, meaning that more building options are available for Pixels of higher rarity level

Color & Paintings

The Pixel owner can select a color for a Pixel to display on the Placedonia canvas. A Pixel owner may wish to create his own painting or participate in another’s. To do so, Pixel owners will need to change the colors of other Pixels or change the color of his own Pixel. If your defenders are overcome. After the color has cooled down, you can change it back.

What it may look like for a Pixel painting on Placedonia


Every 6-12 hours, resources will spawn at random on Pixels. Unless invaders raid the Pixel, the owner will have the right to harvest.

Conquest Mode

In Placedonia, you can create your own design by conquest. It is also the most competitive and strategic part of the game.

How To Invade?

As an invader, you have to:

  • own at least one Pixel
  • Have a squad of at least 3 tanks

To begin an invasion, you must first challenge the defenders of a Pixel (Max. 3 defenders each Pixel). Defenders are automatic NPCs that can be challenged at any time. To win the battle, you must eliminate all enemy units. ​


The successful invader can loot all resources that have not yet been harvested by the Pixel owner. If the resources spawned were harvested prior to invasion, the invader will receive no loot, so make sure to check this before beginning an invasion.

Following an unsuccessful invasion attempt, invaders may lose some non-NFT items and $GEAR to the defending side at random.


The successful invader can force change the color of the defeated Pixel for a set period of time until the Pixel owner changes it. There is a cool down period between each color change, so another change can occur only after the cool down period has passed.


Defenders are a Pixel’s self-defence drones. Because these defenders are NPCs, they can respond to an invasion battle automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every defender is owned by the player as an NFT, and the maximum number of defenders that can be deployed is three. If no defenders are present, the invaders will win immediately.

Obtain A New Defender

A new defender can be obtained via crafting. Every crafting will cost $PLACE, $GEAR, and items.

Please note:

  • 1) For Basic Defenders, the type, features, and stats of the new defender are fixed without the need for model defenders
  • 2) For advanced Defenders, the type, features, and stats of the new defender are subject to those of the two model defenders and tech NFTs.

PlaceWar In-game Items

In PlaceWar, all in-game objects are divided into two classes:

  • Consumables: non-permanent objects used for the purpose of being consumed for a short period of time or minting upgradable NFTs
  • Upgradable NFTs: Permanent items that have an effect on battles, production, or the overall economy of the game. These are NFTs that can be transferred in the form of ERC-721 or ERC-1155.

Other NFTs

Upgradable NFTs are permanent items that have an effect on battles, production, or the overall economy of the game. These are NFTs that can be transferred in the form of ERC-721 or ERC-1155.

Upgradable NFTs include:

  • Tech
  • Buildings
  • Equipment


Equipment is an NFT class that improves a tank’s feature stats. There are five types of equipment:

  • Turret: determines Damage how much damage you can cause by one hit
  • Barrel: determines the Range how far you can shoot
  • Engine: determines Mobility how far you can move each round)
  • Armor: determines Defense how much damage you may take from a hit
  • Tracks: determines Dodge Rate how likely you can dodge a hit

Equipment Crafting

Crafting can be used to obtain equipment. You’ll need the following items to make an item:

  • Resources required
  • Spend $GEAR and $PLACE
  • Add Tech NFT to increase success rate

Equipment Rarity Level

Equipment has 4 rarity levels in PlaceWar game:

  • Common,
  • Elite,
  • Excellent,
  • Perfect.

The addition of Tech NFTs increases the success rate of crafting as well as the likelihood of obtaining higher rarity level equipment.

Equipment Set

Crafting can provide you with two types of equipment:

  • Zero Set,
  • Strike Set

Resources Needed For Crafting


A Pixel’s fixtures are buildings. The number and availability of buildings that can be built on a Pixel are determined by the rarity of the Pixel. In PlaceWar, you can build three different types of structures:

  • Production Facility: Facilities for the production of specific resources such as metal ores, oil, and so on. These structures generate a relatively consistent supply of certain resources that only appear at random in Pixels.
  • Merchant Facility: Shops that can sell specific or all Consumables in-game for $GEAR.
  • Buff Facility: Buildings that provide tank buffs during battles


Tech NFTs improve your crafting success rate and give you a better chance of obtaining equipment with a higher rarity level. Tech are one-time use consumable NFTs.​

Tech III: It can increase tank crafting success rate by 3% and change the rarity proportion of equipment crafting. ​

Tech IV: It can increase tank crafting success rate by 4% and change the rarity proportion of equipment crafting. ​

Tech V: It can increase tank crafting success rate by 5% and change the rarity proportion of equipment crafting.

Tech VI: It can increase tank crafting success rate by 6% and change the rarity proportion of equipment crafting.


In PVE games, radars assist tanks in scanning their surroundings and finding more loot. It merely raises the $GEAR yield. ​

Pulse Radar: After activation, the gear rewards for adventure will be increased to 5 times within 20 battles. ​

Array Radar: After activation, the gear rewards for adventure will be multiplied by ten within the first 20 battles.

How To Activate Radar

  1. Choose Inventory – Item. Find your Radar

2. Click ‘Use’ and complete the transaction. The Radar is now activated.

3. Find your Radar win count in the game. One Radar would last for 20 games.


Consumerables are non-permanent objects that are used to be consumed for a temporary effect or to mint upgradable NFTs.

There are two types of Consumables:

  • Items
  • Resources


During a battle, items are what you can use to your advantage. Making good use of them can help you turn the tide and win. You can collect them in Placedonia or by participating in battles.


Resources are necessary components for the construction or upgrading of tanks, defenders, or buildings. Metal ores, oils, stones, timber, and other resources are examples of resources.

Resources can be found scattered across Placedonia’s vast Pixels, or hoarded by Pegatrons in mysterious caves. Find and collect them to expand your facilities or create more powerful squads.

PlaceWar Game Economy

Revenue Stream

PlaceWar will have features that will be added over time. PlaceWar could make money by selling Tanks, Defenders, Pixels, and in-game consumables. There will also be fees when players create new tanks and defenders or create new equipment from consumables.

The Treasury receives inflows from:

  • 4.25% of all PlaceWar NFT marketplace transactions.
  • % of Crafting fees paid in $PLACE.

More streams will be added in the future from cosmetic sales and other opportunities that arise.

Play To Earn

The primary mechanism of PlaceWar is Play To Earn.

There are many ways you can participate:

  • If you don’t wish to invest too much: You can collaborate with Tank NFT investors on a revenue-sharing basis in a Scholarship program. Once you’ve earned enough $PLACE, you’ll be able to buy your own tanks and eventually build your own squad.
  • If you want to be an early bird: Purchase Tank mystery boxes to assemble your own squad and obtain equipment. Sharpen your skills in order to win more $PLACE rewards and invest in your tank collection, or simply become an arm dealer in order to sell your NFTs in the marketplace.
  • If you are an investor: Purchase Tank mystery boxes to assemble your own squad and obtain equipment. Increase your tank collection and craft more tanks to be eligible for a scholarship program. Convert one of your tanks into a working miner!
  • If you are a player: Purchase Tank mystery boxes to assemble your own squad and obtain equipment. There is no need to pay for in-game purchases as you previously did. Sharpen your fighting skills, and you should be able to buy what you need with the money you earn.
  • You are a design enthusiast? Working with active Pixel invaders or Pixel factions to expand your painting as much as possible is the best strategy. Make your way onto the list of Creator Reward winners and share the prize.

Why Play to Earn?

A game requires players. Traditionally, the gaming industry has paid a lot of money for traffic and has prioritized monetization over community building. This is the primary reason why game lifespans are becoming much shorter in general.

Play to Earn is a game-changing mechanism that aligns the interests of gamers and developers. We are joining many pioneers in applying blockchain to gaming in order to forever change the industry.

The competitive human nature has not changed, but the competition’s outlook has. That is why we intend to make PlaceWar a self-evolving game in which the community can add value, point out directions, and, of course, earn rewards.

Create To Earn

With the game’s unique Create-to-earn, or Creator Reward mechanism, we incentivize both creativity and aggression in PlaceWar.

How to Win Creator Reward

Every season, the top 100 by Conquest Point have the option of submitting a painting design to PlaceDAO. The DAO members will vote for the season’s top three winners based on size, creativity, and popularity. The winner will receive a sizable Creator Reward.

Collaborative Creating

Placedonia has 90000 Pixels, and you are competing with players from all over the world for a space for your painting, so the best strategy is to always collaborate with others who agree on your design.

While creating your own painting may require as much effort as forming a guild, it is safe to assume that PlaceWar will result in a complex social ecosystem of warriors, designers, diplomats, mafia, and communicators.

Every small faction could be a small DAO, with proposal initiating, voting, and treasury management responsibilities, especially for Creator Reward winning groups. PlaceWar intends to provide simple-to-deploy microDAO toolboxes in the future..

PlaceWar Game Features

NFT Bridge

PlaceWar intends to deploy across multiple blockchains:

  • Players should be able to participate in the game ecosystem wherever the gas cost is the lowest, or simply they prefer
  • Players should have the right to trade their game NFT assets wherever the best rate is


PlaceDAO is PlaceWar’s decentralized governance body. PlaceWar will gradually evolve into a game universe owned and governed by the community thanks to $PLACE and PlaceDAO.

By voting with their staked token, $PLACE holders can initiate proposals and participate in decision making. The decisions that users can make cover all aspects of PlaceWar.

Voting Mechanism

A quadratic voting system underpins the PlaceDAO. An individual’s voting power is determined not by the proportion of tokens owned, but by the weighted average of token locked up and lock-up period. Because it takes several years for a gaming community to grow and mature, such a voting mechanism can ensure that the game is governed by those who care about it in the long run.

DAO Treasury

A portion of the $PLACE from the Ecosystem Fund and the Play-to-Earn program will be injected into the PlaceDAO treasury in order to create a viable gaming community.

DAO voting will incorporate some of the game tokeneconomics:

  • Winners of Creator Reward of every season
  • Adoption of new tank designs by users
  • Punter Room limit

and so on.In the future, fees generated in PlaceWar will be placed in PlaceDAO Treasury governed by community members.

Guild Invitation System

You can now invite your friend to join your virtual guild via using our Guild Invitation System:

  1. Find your own invitation code in Account Settings.

2. Click ‘copy’ and share it with friends you want to invite to Placedonia3. Your friend woould need to click ‘Add’ in ‘Account Settings’ – Enter your invitation code. Upon completion, you are now officially their commander.

4. As a commander, you can now receive 5% from the transaction fee of their every single NFT trading in the marketplace.​

Please note that your entry would be invalid if you enter:

  1. Your own invitation code
  2. Your subordinates’ invitation code
  3. Invitation code of a banned account
  4. Wrong invitation code

Please note that the entered invitation code cannot be modified once submitted. Please be careful.

PlaceWar Game Tokenomics


The PlaceWar Universe’s War Governance Token (PLACE) is a BEP-20 governance token. PLACE’s utility consists of token staking rewards, in-game reward and utility, and governance voting.

Token Allocation

ItemTotal Amount%
P2E & Farming500,000,00050%
Ecosystem Fund100,000,00010%
Core Team &Advisor180,000,00018%
Seed Sales50,000,0005%
Private Sales150,000,00015%
Public Sales20,000,0002%
Total Amount1,000,000,000100%

What is PlaceWar $GEAR Token?

PlaceWar $Gear token is the in-game currency of PlaceWar. Players of PlaceWar receive GEAR token as a reward and also need GEAR to pay for in-game itemsTotal supply: uncappedInitial supply for liquidity: 45,000,000,000 GEAR​

The utilities of GEAR token are:

  1. As a reward when players win battles
  2. As a wager in Guild War battles
  3. As a payment for Fuel Tank
  4. As a payment for Crafting for all NFTs (Tank, Equipment, Buildings, Defenders)
PlaceWar NFT Game


PlaceWar is a game of turn-based artillery shooting. Your goal is to eliminate all enemies with whom you are matched. Each turn, the player must choose the best shooting angle and power to deal the most damage to the enemies while minimizing the chance of being damaged by moving the tank.

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