Pegaxy NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a mythologic PVP formatted racing NFT game. You can earn Vigorus Tokens (VIS) as a reward by winning the races.

You can watch Pegaxy game video trailer below.

How to play Pegaxy Game?

You will be racing and compating against another 11 other players at PVP formatted races to win monetary rewards.

To play Pegaxy you can follow the below easy 4 steps:

  • Step #1 Connect your wallet to the Polygon Chain on Pegaxy’s official website.
  • Step #2 You have purchase or rent any Pega you like to play on NFT marketplace.
  • Step #3 Click on race, and you will be tranferred to game lobby depends on your Pega’s race.
  • Step #4 When enough players are ready in the lobby, you’ll be having a minute to prepare your Pega for the race and wear your gear and equipments.

What is the Pegaxy Game Rewards?

By playing this NFT game you will have great chance to win monetary rewards not only with having the victory in the race but also you can earn rewards by selling Pega in the game.

The game focus and aims to more user focused NFT game which players can have amazing racing experiences and socialize with the competitors in the game.

You can also join Pega’s competitions globally which is called “The Grand Dash” to win more precious and high value rewards.

Pegaxy’s Visions and Objectives

In Pegaxy game there are 3 different tokens are used as in-game currencies:

  1. Pegaxy Stone (PGX)
  2. Vigorus Token (VIS)
  3. Fabled Token

What is Pegaxy Stone?

Pegaxy Stones (PGX) are the governance token of the Pegaxy Metaverse and located on the Polygon Layer 2 chain.

In the game there is limited ways to earn Pegaxy Stones (PGX).

For more detailed information for Pegaxy Stones (PGX) please see below table:

Token NamePegaxy Stone
Token SymbolPGX
Token Decimals18
Token TypeERC-20
Total Supply1,000,000,000 PGX (1B)
Block ChainPolygon (Matic) Chain
Information table for Pega Stone (PGX)

What is Vigorus Tokens (VIS)?

Vigorus Token (VIS) is the main and primary tokens in the game for earning and spending.

VIS tokens can be used for breeding and each Pega requires different amount of VIS token when it comes to breeding.

For more detailed information for Vigorus Tokens (VIS) please see below table:

Token NameVigorus Token
Token SymbolVIS
Token Decimals18
Token TypeERC-20
Total SupplyUncapped
Block ChainPolygon (Matic) Chain
Information table for Vigorus Token (VIS)

What is Fabled Token?

Fabled tokens can be earned by referring or inviting a player to the game and invited player must purchase minimum one Pega so you can be rewarded for Fabled Token.

Fabled tokens are kind of special tokens and give you a power to convert your normal Pega to a Crowned Pega.

Earned Fabled Tokens never expires and it will remain in your wallet until you used them or destroy or sold to any other person on NFT marketplace.

You can try convert your Pega anytime you want but keep in mind that the average of succesful converting rate is %50.

What is Pegaxy Bloodline?

Pegaxy bloodline represents the rarity of Pegas in the game.

Currently there are 4 different bloodlines which you can see in my table below:

Pegaxy Bloodlines in Pegaxy Game

From left to right Pegaxy Bloodlines: Klin -> Zan -> Hoz -> Campona

Pegaxy Bloodlines
Each wing has a different design. These represent the Pega’s bloodline.

Each bloodline represents the different element as listed below.

You can dentify the bloodline of the Pega by looking it’s wing design since each Pega has different wing design in the game.

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Wind
  4. Lighting

What are the Pegaxy Races?

There are 4 different races in Pegaxy game and each elemental have different variables such as Fire, Wind, Water, Speed and much more.

I will explain them below for you:

Pegaxy Races

  1. Klin
  2. Zan
  3. Campona
  4. Hoz


Klin is the master of Water and best race when it comes to rainy and wet weather environment since Klin has water running through its veins.

Klin can survive in hard weather conditions and it can increase your chance of winning in the game if it is used in correct conditions.


Zan is the master of Winds and endures the strong wind. That makes Zan more and more stronger if you compare with other Pegas endurance.

Zan is my favorite Pega in the game and it is definitely one of the best race of the game.


Campona is the master of Fire and rare bloodline. It is very useful Pega in fire conditions.

With Campona’s strength you will be enjoying every minute of the game when you defeat your other players in the game.

Since this Campona Pega is rare you will need luck to find it.


Hoz the rarest bloodline of the Pegasus and the master of Lightning.

Hoz is the rarest Pega because it has powerful abilities and make it elite.

I think, if you have Hoz in the game then you will have rare chance to loose your races in the game.

Pegaxy Gameplay

Pegaxy is easy to play game and aim to make players enjoy every minute of their time.

The player needs to be in top 3 of 11 other racers.

If you are in Top 3 then you will be rewarded with Vigorus Token (VIS) which is utility token of the game.

You can also earn Vigorus Token (VIS) in the game by breeding, renting or selling your Pega beside the races.

Racing at Pegaxy

Choose your suitable Pega for the race and gear up.

Use your Pega’s skills and make your stragety and feed your Pega with foods to make your chance of winning the race.

Be in Top 3 and get your Vigorus Token (VIS).

pegaxy race 2d full toping

Breeding in Pegaxy

If you are looking to get new born Pegas you can use the breeding service of the game.

By breeding you will have new born Pegas which is good for your next races.

Pegaxy Breeding
Source: Pegaxy

Renting Pega

The renting system of the game is very secure and safe.

The system has automatic payout technology and escrow system to protect the players.

Pegaxy game offers three types of rental systems as follows:

  1. Fixed Rental,
  2. Profit Share,
  3. Direct Rental.
Pegacy Renting

Buying and Selling in Pegaxy

The game has its own marketplace where you can buy or sell your Pegas via two different methods;

  1. Buy Now method
  2. Auction method

In Buy Now Method you will just put your NFT and make its price and if someone is interested he/she will buy it easily.

In Auction Method you will put your NFT for auction and it will be sold to higher payer automatically.


Pegaxy is easy to play horse racing NFT game based on blockchain technology and has good visual, easy gameplay system and advanced features that makes you enjoyed.

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NFT market offers a lot of potential for innovative ideas, especially in the field of mobile gaming.

It’s not without reason that many game developers rely on blockchain, as the new technology is attracting more and more interested investors.

NFT is a great opportunity to sell hard-created items instantly.

Ultimately, NFT development in the near future remains exciting.

When this type of video game becomes more popular, play-to-earn games can become the next megatrend.

Have you played Pegaxy already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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