Pegaxy Marketplace (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Pegaxy Marketplace?

Pegaxy Marketplace is a NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell your pegaxy items and tokens. This marketplace is on the same domain as the game itself,

Listing Pegas NFT

There are two ways of selling inside the Pegaxy marketplace, these are:

Pegaxy Marketplace Buy Now Method

The Buy Now method is your typical marketplace sale.

Simply list your NFT for the price you wish to sell it for. If someone is willing to pay the price you listed it for then the transaction will proceed and you will sell your NFT easily.

Pegaxy Marketplace Auction Method

The second method is an Auction.

With this, you are able to simply place your NFT up for Auction with a reserve price.

Once it hits the market, users are able to place bids on your NFT.

If the reserve price is met, the Auction will continue until the timer ends.

If the reserve price is not met, the auction will be considered void.

Pegaxy Marketplace

Buying Pegaxy

Before hitting “Buy,” make sure you have the appropriate currency.

After that, Metamask or other connected wallets will show you a pop-up asking you to confirm your purchase; once accepted, your transaction is complete.

A 3% seller charge is applied to every transaction on the Pegaxy marketplace.

Regardless of the currency in which you sell Pega, Food, Gear, or Stadium, the charge is the same.

Pegaxy Marketplace Fee & Breeding

Players can accept USDT or PGX when listing Pega or other things on the Marketplace.

  • Normal Sale: 3% of purchasing token.
  • Auction: 5% of purchasing token.

For example, you decide to sell your Pega for 50 PGX tokens on the marketplace.

You will receive 50 PGX – 1.5 PGX = 48.5 PGX for your Pega sale when it sells.

Pegaxy has a different charge structure for breeding than it does for purchasing and selling:

  • 100% of PGX token to studio or treasury.
  • 100% of VIS is burnt.

The breeding expenses, like those for Axie Infinity, tend to fluctuate over time.


Pegaxy’s marketplace is similar to Axie Infinity’s marketplace, and super easy to use if you are looking to buy or sell some PGX tokens.

The marketplace fees are fixed, while breeding fees will change over time, due to various factors such as the price of the VIS token.

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NFT market offers a lot of potential for innovative ideas, especially in the field of mobile gaming.

It’s not without reason that many game developers rely on blockchain, as the new technology is attracting more and more interested investors.

NFT is a great opportunity to sell hard-created items instantly.

Ultimately, NFT development in the near future remains exciting.

When this type of video game becomes more popular, play-to-earn games can become the next megatrend.

Have you played Pegaxy already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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