Oly Sport NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Oly Sport?

Oly Sport is the first company to launch NFT Horse Racing, an online horse racing gaming platform that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as in-game assets and blockchain-backed tokens as cash.

Oly Sport is a play-to-earn game that allows players to invest and profit from their efforts. We have our own government and currency. Oly Sport is creating a metaverse world that revolutionizes gaming, unites financial systems, and alters the concept of land ownership – all in one game – using a combination of blockchain, horse racing, and real estate.

Oly Sport NFT Market

Direct purchases, auctions, in-game swaps, and various intermediary NFT exchanges are all options for getting purebred or crossbred horses. The horses’ worth is determined by their rarity, characteristics, and origins.

If you want to sell your NFT horse, you may put it up for sale on the market and wait for other people to buy it at the price you set.

To purchase an NFT horse, simply issue a purchase order at the price you choose. Your order will be fulfilled if a player is willing to sell at that price.

All transactions are made in $OLY, which is kept in the wallets of the players.

Oly Sport Racecourse

The racecourse is where all of the major races will take place. Racetracks have a significant profit margin. As previously stated, virtual farms and racetracks provide passive income, and the assets’ worth is supported by real-world land. Within the Oly Sport metaverse, racetracks have one of the largest earning potentials.

It is not necessary for a participant or investor to possess the entire racetrack. In fact, with little inputs, you may simply become a shareholder of a racecourse and get the benefits of passive continuous income.

Owners of racetracks can manage the recruitment of race horses for competitions. Players who loan horses to the racetrack will be compensated on a monthly basis based on the performance of their horses.

The executive representative (similar to the president of a sports organization) will arrange the competitions and choose the prize amounts as well as horse leasing prices.

Dreamland for Horse Racing Enthusiasts

  • You are a Horseracing enthusiast?
  • Do you want to own a racehorse or a racecourse, but can’t afford to?
  • Oly Sport will help you fulfill your dreams – regardless of your financial situation.
  • Join our community of horseracing enthusiasts to breed, race, earn, and build your own horse racing empire!

Oly Sport Play to Earn Model

Oly Sport NFT Game

Oly Sport wants to assist investors and players in a variety of ways, including:

  • Collect & trade NFT horses
  • Breed & sell NFT Horses
  • Care for horses
  • Host races at your racecourse
  • Participate in races
  • Participate in eSport Tournaments
  • Stake
  • Trade NFT Land
  • Play Lottery games
  • And many more…

Oly Sport NFT Horses

Like genuine horses, each NFT Horse in the Oly Sport metaverse is one-of-a-kind. You can get an Oly Sport NFT horse by purchasing it on the NFT Marketplace (Binance NFT) or by breeding it. In-game “stud farms” are where breeding takes place.

The breeding mechanism is a complex evolutionary algorithm that uses “genetic features” (stats) from both the mother and father, as well as the possibility of random gene mutation, to replicate natural Darwinian selection. The mother’s owner receives ownership of the foal, while the father’s owner receives a token income. It’s as close to reality as you can get!

There are some numbers that have a direct impact on your horse’s entire performance, both on and off the track:

  • Speed, how fast your horse can run;
  • Stamina, the endurance of your horse; and
  • Recovery, how fast your horse can recover stamina.

Another crucial statistic is a horse’s “ELO Rating,” which determines its racing competition. Horses can only compete against horses who have the same ELO rating as them.

Each NFT horse, just like in real life, has its individual DNA sequence.

In Oly Sport, the horses DNA profile is composed of 6 traits:

  • Bloodlines;
  • Genotypes;
  • Rarity;
  • Coat colour;
  • Genetic potential (“GP”) index; and
  • Generation.

Each one of our horses are unique and no-other exists with the exact same qualities.​

Horse’s DNA uniqueness

Every NFT Horse has a distinct DNA profile. Each Oly Sport NFT Horse in Oly Sport has a unique DNA profile consisting of six traits:

  • Bloodline
  • Genotype
  • Generation
  • Rarity
  • Coat Colour
  • GP Index (Genetic Potential)

Every horse is completely unique in Oly Sport.


This is one of the most important aspects of a horse’s performance.

Within Oly Sport, there are six (6) bloodlines:

  • Elon;
  • Zhao;
  • Sam;
  • Beck;
  • Messi;
  • Cristiano

The richer the pedigree, the more consistent the horse’s performance on the racecourse will be. Elon is the best and rarest lineage overall. Zhao is up next, followed by Sam. Bloodline has a substantial impact on a horse’s abilities and likelihood of winning, but it does not guarantee a win, just like any other trait.


Horses are divided into 6 Genotypes as listed below:

  1. Genesis,
  2. Magical,
  3. Lord,
  4. Knight,
  5. Ideal,
  6. Hero.

The purest genotype is Genesis, which can only be obtained through direct transactions, making it extremely rare.

The closer a horse’s genotype is to Genesis, the more capable it is in races.


Generation is the trait that indicates how far down a horse is from the beginning of its family tree.

The O1 generation of racehorses is the most unusual and has the greatest potential for performance. The lower the horse’s generation number (the further it is from O1), the less likely it is to be a good racehorse. Racehorses of the O1 generation cannot be replicated. When two O1 horses are bred, an O2 horse is born, which is the highest generation possible through breeding.


The following are the six different Rarities in which Race horses can be found in Oly Sport:

  • Legendary;
  • Epic;
  • Super Rare;
  • Rare;
  • Uncommon; and
  • Common.

For example, Epic rarity horses account for only 3.89 percent of all Genesis Sam horses.

Because Legendary is the most rare, the closer your horse’s rarity gets near Legendary, the higher his racing ability.

Coat Colour

Though coat color has little bearing on a horse’s ability to race, it might affect the horse’s value as a collector item.

Because of their rarity, a few rare colors are particularly valued.

Coat color is determined at birth It is determined by the parents’ coat color.

There are over a hundred coat colors to choose from in Oly Sport.


For a fee, any horse owner can enter a race at the racecourse.

  • Each race can have up to 12 horses. The ELO rating, which must be the same for all horses in the race, is used to determine who will compete.
  • Based on the RNG algorithm, meetings are held in a transparent and fair manner.
  • Top finishers will earn prizes in the form of tokens. The prizes differ depending on the race and tournament.
  • Similar to real life, the more races a horse competes in and wins, the better its chances of winning future races are.
  • The DNA composition of a horse, as well as the quality of care given to the horse, will influence its performance.

How to participate in races

You must pay an entry fee to enter your horse in a race after you have chosen one.

Varied races have different entrance fees, which will determine the total prize pool.

Racing Rewards

The Entry Fee determines the racing rewards. The more money a race requires its participants to pay, the better the prizes they will receive if they win. The following is how the race prizes will be distributed:

  • 10% for the racecourse owners and system fee combined;
  • 18% for third place;
  • 27% for second place; and
  • 45% for first place

Racing Classes

Oly Sport’s racing classes are organized into 8 categories as shown below table:

Class VIIFrom < 1100 to 1499
Class VIFrom 1500 to 1999
Class VFrom 2000 to 2499
Class IVFrom 2500 to 2999
Class IIIFrom 3000 to 3499
Class IIFrom 3500 to 4300+
Class ITop 200 Racers in Class IIUnlock when there are more than 1000 Racers in Class II
Class STop 50 Racers in Class IUnlock when there are more than 200 Racers in Class I

There are five Tiers in each Class (from Class VII to Class II). For example, in class VII, Tier 5 refers to racers with an ELO of less than 1100, whereas Tier 4 refers to racers with an ELO of 1100 to 1199. Tier 3 ELO numbers range from 1200 to 1299, Tier 2 ELO numbers range from 1300 to 1399, and Tier 1 ELO numbers range from 1400 to 1499.

In short, each Tier of the same Class (from Class VII to Class II) creates a division of 100 ELO points.

Another example, if your horse has 1099 ELO, it will be displayed as: “Class VII – 5”


Every horse in Oly Sport starts with an ELO of 1000.

In Testnet Phase 1, the top six horses gained ELO while the bottom six horses lost it.

However, we decided to even things out by adjusting the ELO calculation as follows:

  • If there are 6 horses in the race: 3 horses gain ELO and 3 horses lose ELO.
  • If there are 7 horses in the race: 3 horses gain ELO, 1 horse doesn’t change, and 3 horses lose ELO.
  • If there are 8 horses in the race: 4 horses gain ELO and 4 horses lose ELO.
  • If there are 9 or more horses in the race: 4 horses gain ELO, 4 horses lose ELO, and the rest do not change.

Racecourse’s Factors

In our Testnet Phase, the races are rather straightforward. However, by Mainnet Launch, the racecourses will have more features.

We want the races to be more exciting and unpredictable.

Horse’s Factors

Bloodline, Genotype, Rarity, and Generation all play a role in determining the racing ability of each horse. Other statistics that have a direct impact on a horse’s total performance, both on and off the track, include:

  • Stamina: The endurance of your horse
  • Speed: How fast can your horse run
  • Recovery: Horses with better overall ability will recover Stamina faster.

To give your horse the best chance of performing at its best, wait for the Stamina to fully recover (100%).

Oly Sport Horse Ability

The four components that make up a horse’s ability are bloodline, genotype, rarity, and generation. The ability of your horse is determined by two different calculations:

  • Genesis horse ability calculation (Genesis breeds do not have parents)
  • Non-genesis horse ability calculation (calculated based on the ability of the parents)

The Genesis Ability of a horse is calculated by the specific combination of its DNA factors. Genesis Ability works in conjunction with bloodline, genotype, and breed type to make the horse’s performance less predictable and more exciting.

An O1 Elon Genesis horse, for example, will usually perform better on the racetrack than an O2 Elon Genesis horse. However, this does not guarantee that an O1 Elon Genesis will always triumph against an O2.

Non-Genesis The ability of the parents determines the child’s ability. A foal with a high ability rating can be produced by carefully selecting horses with high ability for breeding.

Genesis Ability

A horse’s Genesis Ability is determined by a precise mix of DNA components. Genesis Ability works in tandem with the horse’s genetics, genotype, and breed type to make performance less predictable and more exciting.

A horse with an O1 Elon Genesis rating will often perform better on the track than a horse with an O2 Elon Genesis rating. However, this does not mean that an O1 Elon Genesis will always triumph over an O2 Elon Genesis.

Non-Genesis Ability

Non-Genesis The parents’ ability determines one’s ability. When horses with high Abilility are carefully selected for breeding, the result is a foal with a high Ability rating.

Ability Variation

A horse’s performance is not always consistent, just like in the real world. Horses are no exception to the rule that “everyone has a bad day.” The Ability Variation is a trait that is assigned at birth at random and might result in unpredictable positive or bad racing results. The impact of random variation on the horse’s normal performance will be determined by the value of this property.

A greater ability rating in the parents means a lower risk of a negative Ability Variation affecting the foal’s racing performance.

Breeding in Oly Sport NFT Horse Racing Game

Produce new horse(s).

Another approach to profit in Oly Sport is through breeding. Both parents’ DNA profiles and abilities will be passed down to the baby. When it comes to breeding, the more unique a horse’s DNA profile is, the more valuable it is.

How To Breed Horces in Oly Sport

To begin the breeding process, you’ll need two horses (one stallion and one mare).

  • If you own a stallion (male horse), you can put it in Stud Farm for the mare (female horse) owners to search for it, and choose it as a mating partner.
  • If you own a mare (female horse), you can find a mating partner for it in Stud Farm. You will need to pay some fee and get your mare locked up for the breeding duration, but you will get the foal as the rewards!

Breeding Outcome

The breeding mechanism of Oly Sport is a sophisticated algorithm that develops foal stats by combining the stats of the parents, with the possibility of random favorable stat “mutation.” The stats of each new generation are slightly lower than their parents’. Because Genesis horses are unique and cannot be duplicated, they will become increasingly uncommon and precious over time.

The foal’s ownership passes to the mother’s owner, while the father’s owner receives tokens. When it comes to finding a mate for your horse, be picky. Horses that are in better condition create better offspring. The following table lists specific breeding results:

Profit From Breeding

For stallion owners:

Profit = Breeding Fee * XX%

Breeding Fee: The amount paid by the mare’s owner to select your stallion as a mating partner (you can set this fee, but it has its limitation depending on the overall ability of the stallion)

XX%: The cost is determined on the length of time you want to breed your horse. There are three possibilities:

  • 1 day: Stallion owner gets 47% of the breeding fee
  • 3 days: Stallion owners get 55% of the breeding fee
  • 7 days: Stallion owner gets 63% of the breeding fee

If you’re wondering where the rest of the breeding charge went, here’s where it went: The system fee has always been 8% of the breeding fee. The breeding fee will be applied to the prize pool that will be used to fund tournaments in the near future.

For mare owners:

Profit = Foal’s value – Breeding Fee – Stud Fee

Stud/Listing Fee: It all depends on how long the stallion owner wants to “list” the stallion in Stud for the mare owner to look for him:

  • 1 day: 10 $OLY
  • 3 days: 30 $OLY
  • 7 days: 60 $OLY

Foal’s value varies depending on what you do with it, as we’ve already discussed with Breeding Fee. It might be a smart idea to sell it, especially if other players are in severe need of horses. If you retain the foal and raise it until it is an adult horse, you can make a lot of money from racing and breeding.

The breeding charge will be 65 percent of the usual breeding fee if you own BOTH a mare and a stallion, which means you will have to pay less to breed your horse (s). You must still enter your stallion into the Stud and choose a breeding match for your mare.

Remember that in order to breed, your horse must be at least “Adult.” As a result, make sure you look after it with all your heart.

Breeding Limitation

Each month, male horses (stallion) can breed three times. Female horses (Mares) can only breed once a month.

Both horses will be locked for a set period of time during the breeding process.

The length of time the stallion is locked is determined by the owner’s choosing.

Breeding Cost

The cost of breeding varies based on the male horses’ general ability. The higher the minimum breeding cost, the better the male horses’ ability.

Horse Rental in Oly Sport Game

The “Game Guild” function arrived with the Horse Rental feature since guilds can attract a big playerbase into the game. They can rent horses and begin earning money by racing.

The “Game Guild” function arrived with the Horse Rental feature since guilds can attract a big playerbase into the game. They can rent horses and begin earning money by racing.

There are 2 ways for you to rent a horse:

  1. You can rent a horse from other players using the Rental Feature,
  2. From the Gaming Guild (you must be a member of that guild).

Gaming Guild Masters (or horse owners) can determine the rental period and revenue distribution, but it can also be handled case by case by both parties until a mutual aim is met.

How to lease a horse as a horse owner? Follow these steps:

  • Login to and click on “Your Stable”
  • Click on the horse that your “client” wants to rent
  • Click “Put up for rent”
  • Fill in the information, including: Renter’s email, Rental Period and Revenue Sharing Rate. Then click on “Confirm”

✅The horse will then be transferred to renter’s stable and ready to race!

Oly Sport Tokenomics

Oly Sport NFT Game’s Governace token is $OLY​ and built on Blockchain BSC. Total Supply is 500.000.000


Oly Sport is a play-to-earn game that allows players to invest and profit from their efforts. We have our own government and currency. Oly Sport is creating a metaverse world that revolutionizes gaming, unites financial systems, and alters the concept of land ownership – all in one game – using a combination of blockchain, horse racing, and real estate.

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