Nine Chronicles NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is a completely open-source online RPG with no servers — similar to Bitcoin or BitTorrent, gamers and miners connect to power a distributed game network. Set in a vast fantasy world, it is governed by its players and supported by a complex economy based on supply and demand.

How to Create a Character in Nine Chronicles Game?

As shown below, there are two steps to creating a character in the Nine Chronicles game:

  1. You must create an account,
  2. Create your Nine Chronicles game character

1. Nine Chronicles Account Creation

  • Step #1: After you click the main illustration in the game launcher, you will see this sign-up dialogue. To create a new account, click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
create account
  • Step #2: You should choose a password for your account during this conversation. Fill in the same password in both text boxes, then click the DONE button.
set password2
  • Step #3: Please make a backup of your private key. If you’ve already passed this screen, you can copy the private key from the game’s setup menu. However, you should never reveal this key to anyone!
save private key
  • Step #4: Since the launch, game data has been loading. However, if the loading is not complete, you will see this screen. Take a look at our teaser video, game guide, and block explorer.
  • Step #5: When the loading is finished, you must enter an invitation key to begin playing Nine Chronicles. Get it from your friends, guilds, or by joining the onboarding portal. You’re now ready to go!
activation key

2. Creating a New Character in Nine Chronicles Game

  • Step #1: Each account can have up to three characters. Select the NEW CHARACTER option.
  • Step #2: You can customize each character’s hair, eyes, ears, and tail. When you’ve decided on a style, click the CREATE button.

Character’s Status

  • HP: The hit point of the character. If it reaches zero, the character is defeated.
  • ATK: Attack power. You can see how much damage you can inflict on the opponent..
  • DEF: Defense power. You can see how much damage the enemy can do to you..
  • CRI: This is the percentage of times you can launch critical attacks..
  • HIT: If you have more hit points, you have a better chance of attacking.
  • SPD: The character’s speed. Characters can perform more actions than enemies..
  • Step #3: Select a nickname. Nicknames must be between 2 and 20 characters long and can only contain alphanumeric characters. When you’ve decided on a name, click the OK button.
  • Step #4: Finished! You can now travel through the world of Nine Chronicles.

How to Start Your First Adventure in Nine Chronicles Game?

1. Tutorial

  • Step #1: When you first enter Nine Chronicles, Alex will direct you to the dungeon portal..
  • Step #2: You will enter Stage 1 if you press the portal. The first time you enter a feature, a help popup will appear.
  • Step #3: When you complete the stage, you will be able to gain experience and materials and progress to the next stage.
스크린샷 2020-10-26 오후 10.39.42
  • Step #4: The cat warrior appears to be heading deeper into the forest for the next stage. Remember the loading indicator in the shape of a chain? It is currently transferring your game history data to the blockchain.
  • Step #5: Alex will lead you to the workshop after stage 3.
  • Step #6: You can get equipment recipes if you clear the stage. Unlock the recipe and use it to make your first sword.
  • Step #7: The tutorial is now complete! Now, let me go over the major systems..

2. Stage Battle

As an idle role playing game, there are no controls required from the player during the battle. When a block is completed, the battle is fully simulated, so your equipment will determine the outcome of each battle. You can watch the battle unfold right here.

3. Victory

You can gain experience points if you win the battle. Your character will become more powerful if it is sufficient to level up. Every stage has its own distinct reward. It will be fun to look at the Rewards tab and predict what challenges will come next as we provide key items to proceed with the next stage.

스크린샷 2020-10-26 오후 10.40.57

Why didn’t you get three stars on stage? Don’t be concerned. Even if you don’t complete a stage perfectly, you can still earn rewards. If you don’t get three stars, you can’t advance to the next stage, but you can come back after you’ve gotten stronger.

You can also earn materials as rewards, which can be used to craft new items. Also see the Create Your Own Item section below.

Additionally, completing the stage unlocks more content. The advanced content in Nine Chronicles includes a workshop, market, elemental stages, and a PvP battle arena.

스크린샷 2020-10-26 오후 10.43.13

4. Defeat

Even if you lose the battle, you can still gain experience and materials. Find an easier stage to raise your level, or study the stage’s enemy pattern to equip better gear.

Return when you’re stronger by clicking the Main button.


You can choose which equipment and consumables to use for this stage adventure on this page. This is the most crucial step in defeating the higher stages. If you’re ready to go, press the START button. It will make use of ⭐️ 5AP.

Every action in Nine Chronicles makes use of “Action Power“. When the action power is depleted, you can replenish it by clicking the glowing Prosperity Meter below.


How I Create My Own Item in Nine Chronicles Game?

You can make new items by combining materials found in dungeons. The number of crafting or upgrading slots is limited to four. This is visible in the workshop menu at the bottom. Your growth schedule will be affected by optimizing what to craft when.


Recipes can be found under the equipment tab. Collect materials during stage battles to forge stronger gear. Each piece of equipment has three subrecipes. The better the recipe, the more difficult it is to collect the material, and NCG may be required at times. Each recipe yields a random result, which can vary greatly between crafts.

The higher the stage you complete, the more recipes you have access to. Open the locked slots one at a time to upgrade your gear.


You can create food consumables by gathering various materials from the Nine Worlds. Food only works for one stage, but it has a powerful effect. More delicious food will have a variety of additional effects, which will be very useful when exploring higher-level stages.

It takes time to create a new item. The workshop slot allows you to monitor the progress. When the crafting is finished, the items will be mailed to you.

The quest menu on the top right of the screen allows you to track the progress of both equipment and consumables. You will be notified if they are completed. Remember to click the button to receive the goods.


Existing equipment can be upgraded by combining it with items of the same grade and level. It will be very useful if you have a lot of equipment of the same level. The first few upgrades are free, but all subsequent ones will cost Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG).

You can upgrade your equipment by consuming one piece of equipment with the same upgrade level and rank. If the upgrade is successful, the upgrade level rises by one and the stat rises by 8-12%.

The options acquired by the equipment are also enhanced at certain upgrade levels. If the upgrade fails, the material equipment is no longer available.

How to Trade Items

Pro Tip: You need to reach stage 17 to activate item trade.

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized P2P MMO, so no items are sold by NPCs or game companies! Because all items are traded between players, the market economy determines the item’s price.


You can use gold to purchase items that others have listed for sale. Explore and buy items made by adventurers. You can also buy items from multiple categories at the same time.


Sell your monster collection rewards and equipment. When selling an item, you have complete control over the price. Keep a close eye on the market price. If you list your items for sale, they will no longer be available for dungeons.

How to Challenge Others

Pro Tip: You need to reach stage 25 to challenge others. 

Enter the arena to compete with other users! Each challenge costs one ticket, and the rating is reset once a week.

The arena’s battle count will be reset after a set interval (currently 6 hours), and the number of attempts will be limited to five. You will gain more points and food material if you challenge a stronger opponent.



Who are the top Nine Chronicles champions? The ranking page includes a variety of lists that can be used to identify our top players.

What is Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG)?

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the main currency used in the world of Nine Chronicles. You can use Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) to craft powerful items, trade with other users, challenge one another, and speed up their growth.

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) isn’t required in the early stages of exploration, but the game is designed so that Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) requirements gradually increase as players gain power. Finally, you can stake Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) to earn potions and unique items that they can use or sell to other users for profit.

Image for post

Buying Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG)

Decentralized Exchanges

Centralized Exchanges

Spending Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG)

⚖️ Trading Items

Image for post

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is a currency that can be used to buy or sell items on the open market. Any player can list items on the market and earn money when another player buys them.

📈 Accelerating Growth

Each action taken by a user is limited by an AP (Action Point) that replenishes every 8 hours. There are two ways to replenish energy.

  • Slower method: Allow 8 hours for the meter to charge completely.
  • Faster method: Purchase and use AP (Action Point) potions from the market.
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Crafting items also take a certain amount of time, which can be sped up by purchasing hourglasses from the market..

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🔨 Crafting Items

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is not required to craft equipment with fewer than two materials, but Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is required to craft equipment with three or more material combinations.The cost is (combined material-2) ✕ 10 Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG).

Because stronger items require the combination of multiple materials, Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is required.

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Upgrading item

🤺 Challenging Other Players

You will need to use tickets to initiate combat with other players.

Image for post

Along with the glory, players receive ingredients that can be used to craft one-time buffs.

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🏦 Staking NCG

By staking Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), players in Nine Chronicles can obtain AP potions, Hourglasses, and other limited consumables on a regular basis. Specifically, AP potions and Hourglasses, which are critical for accelerating the character’s growth, can only be obtained by staking Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG).

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As the competition among the players heats up, demand for these two items will naturally rise. Finally, this contributes to the appreciation of Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). The staking feature, in addition to receiving in-game items that can be sold to other players, effectively reduces the surplus supply of Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). As a result, the game business is shared with the players!

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) Distribution Structure

Image for post
Private Sales (3%)30,000,000For the earliest supporters1/6 will be distributed at Day 1 and Evenly distributed daily over 5 months
Genesis Public Sales (2%)20,000,000For crowdfunding (early access) 
On-going Public Sales (10%)100,000,000Method for players to purchase currency after the game launchEvenly distributed daily over 24 months
Mining Reward (25%)250,000,000Mining rewardDistributed based on halving release schedule*
Contents Reward (25%)250,000,000Content and ecosystem rewardDistributed based on halving release schedule*
Foundation (25%)250,000,000Planetarium team reserveUnlocked after 6 month and evenly distributed daily over 24 months.
Activation (4%)40,000,000Airdrop, Marketing PartnershipUnlocked after 1 month and evenly distributed monthly over 5 months.
Reserve (3%)30,000,000Spare reserve of Planetarium teamUnlocked after 1 month. Will not be circulated by default, but prior notice will be made to the community in the rare emergency circumstances.
Partnership (3%)30,000,000Partnership RewardEvenly distributed daily over 24 months

*Halving release schedule: 10 NCG per block mined (10 second target) with 4 year half-life = 31,104,000 Tokens (Year 1) ~= 12.5% of Total Mining Pool

Nine Chronicles Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the licensing for Nine Chronicles, and can I freely mod it?

The GNU Affero General Public License is/will be used to license Nine Chronicles and its associated repositories (AGPL).

Can I sell new services or code based on Nine Chronicles?

Commercial modifications are permitted under AGPL as long as they are open sourced under the same license. There are numerous business models for open source projects, and we welcome the opportunity to brainstorm and support project development through our grant program.

Is Nine Chronicles game open source?

Yes! Nine Chronicles is completely open source, which means that players can add new assets and even create (and sell!) a new game based on our project.

What elements of the Nine Chronicles are stored on the blockchain? Is gameplay itself on the blockchain, all items, only certain items, spells, potions?

Everything is stored on the blockchain. Game developlers have been working on a new blockchain engine to make this as easy as possible:

How many Chapters in Nine Chronicles Chapters? Will new levels only be added in new chapters?

There will be nine worlds, and the first four will be available in the initial release.

Is Nine Chronicles mobile game? On Which platforms can I play Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles will be free-to-play at first, so it will be available via direct download/Steam, and then as a native mobile app.

When I enter a stage, Nine Chronicle says “Mining Transaction”. What’s happening?

Don’t be concerned. If you turned off your Miner when the launcher asked, it’s probably still turned off. The “Mining Transaction” loading screen that appears whenever you enter a stage in the game is simply a fancy way of saying “The Game is Loading.”

Because Nine Chronicles uses blockchain technology as its host, every action we take requires the game to store our inputted data in the chain, which must then be mined by Miners to be included in the block. When the data we entered (e.g., entering a stage or battling an opponent in the arena) is successfully included in a block, we see the combat take place.

The “Mining Transaction” loading screen does not always indicate that YOU are mining the transaction. The rest of the miners are actually doing the mining, and the loading page simply informs you that your transaction is currently being mined and that you should wait until it is finished.

I see Reorg happens a lot in Nine Chronicles. What exactly is it?

To keep things as simple as possible, Reorg (Reorganization) occurs when two or more miners mine the same block (for example, Block#500,000), but because there can only be one Block#500,000, the blockchain must decide which block to include in the chain.

A reorg decides which blocks to include and which to remove. Those dropped blocks are then known as Orphaned Blocks. They are simply blocks that the blockchain has rejected.

My launcher is stuck on Preloading and/or My account activation is stuck on verifying in Nine Chronicles. What should I do?

This is a common issue among new players. The most common and straightforward solutions are:

  1. Relaunching the launcher ( please close from the system tray or task manager )
  2. Clear Cache (Settings > Launcher > Clear Cache > Save)
  3. Restarting the computer ( in order to make sure there are no leftover processes running in the background )

If the above solutions do not work, please do not be afraid to ask the community leaders and developers for additional possible solutions.

Is Nine Chronicles an Ethereum Game?

Nine Chronicles is not an Ethereum game because it runs on its own blockchain (Libplanet by Planetarium). NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold) is not an ERC-20 Token either. It is Nine Chronicles’ native cryptocurrency.

What is Nine Chronicle’s Average Block Discovery Time?

Nine Chronicle’s Average Block Discovery Time is 10 Seconds

What hashing algorithm does Nine Chronicles use?

Nine Chronicles use SHA256 hashing algorithm, similar to Bitcoin.

Why is Nine Chronicles Private Key Important?

So we know that Nine Chronicles is powered by blockchain technology. It means it lacks a centralized server and authority. While blockchain technology has advantages, it also has disadvantages. We can’t change passwords the same way we do everywhere else, and we can’t simply login on new devices the same way we do on traditional platforms and games.

Private Key is important because:

  • It is one of only two means a player can recover their account in case they had to change device
  • It is the only means a player can change their password
  • Private Key ownership entails ownership of the entire account, including characters, currency, and items

This is why we always remind everyone to properly back up their Private Keys and never show them to anyone else. Losing your Private Key is equivalent to losing everything in the game..

I know the Prosperity Meter is used to refill our AP, but how is the Prosperity Meter filled, and how fast does it get filled?

As blocks are mined, the Prosperity Meter slowly fills up. The Prosperity Bar grows by one for every block mined. However, because the rate at which blocks are mined varies, the actual time it takes for the Prosperity Meter to fill is not always the same.

To fully fill the Prosperity Meter, 1700 blocks are required. If we assume that the average block time during that time period is 12 seconds, the Prosperity Meter would fill in about 340 minutes, or 5 hours and 40 minutes.

Where is my Nine Chronicles ID?

If you already have a Nine Chronicles account, simply launch your launcher. Look for a random string of characters that begins with 0x to find your answer.

Is there an option that lets me mine with more than 1 core?

The official miner is currently designed to use only one CPU core. There is no option anywhere that allows us to mine with multiple cores. This could change in the future.

They say Nine Chronicles is Free-to-Play. Why do I need an Invitation Code?

The Invitation Code is required by the game to ensure that the network is not overloaded with transactions and in-game activities.

Because the game employs Blockchain Technology, and one of the most significant challenges of Blockchain Technology is scalability, Invitation Codes are a safeguard put in place to ensure that the network remains stable and healthy.

Where do I get Nine Chronicles invitation codes?

Invitation Codes are completely free! To obtain your Invitation Code, go to Nine Chronicles official game website and click the “Download the Game” button.

Invitation Code Private Key, Nine Chronicles ID: They all look the same to me, so what’s the difference? Explain like I’m 5

They may appear to be generated at random, and they very well may be. Their purpose is what distinguishes them.

Invitation Code: Activates a newly created Nine Chronicles Account. After logging in, go to the Launcher and look for the Invitation CodeField. Use only once.

Private Key: This is like Secret PIN on your bank cards. If you show this to people, you’re pretty much doomed. A Private Key is used to gain account access, recover accounts, and change account passwords. Having a Private Key is essentially equivalent to having the key to a bank vault.

Nine Chronicles ID = Many people refer to this as a Cryptocurrency Address. It appears similar to Private Keys and Invitation Codes in the sense that they appear to be an incomprehensible set of randomly generated characters, but you can tell them apart because a Nine Chronicles ID will always, always begin with 0x.

Your Nine Chronicles ID is also used to accept NCG transfers from other players, so showing it to others is safe. However, anyone with your Nine Chronicles ID can access your account activity via the block explorer.

How can I check my activity and transactions in the block explorer in Nine Chronicles?

  • Third, Bookmark it afterwards so you can easily check it for yourself next time =)

What’s the status of the Physical Collector’s Package from presale in Nine Chronicles?

The Physical Collector’s Packages have already been dispatched. The shipment is expected to arrive in two weeks. Some people have already received their packages, but the remainder will have to wait until theirs arrives.

What is Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) Maximum Supply Cap?

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) Maximum Supply is 1,000,000,000 NCG ( 1 Billion NCG )

Is it possible to exchange Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) yet?

Because there is currently no trustless way to exchange Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), the only option is to conduct a peer-to-peer transaction. This is, of course, more difficult because it requires trust from both parties. The majority of Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) exchange currently takes place in our official Discord server. You can also ask a community leader to be your Middleman (it’s free!).

How much Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) should I expect to obtain every hour from Mining?

To be honest, this is a difficult question to answer. Mining involves so many variables that it’s nearly impossible to provide an answer, let alone an accurate one. So, rather than answering the question directly, allow me to provide a slightly different answer that is still relevant to the question.

Mining a block is similar to playing the lottery. You sometimes get a block, and sometimes you don’t. Successfully mining a block is analogous to winning the lottery, while not mining anything is analogous to losing the lottery. As a result, we can conclude that mining is largely a game of chance. However, just because it has a high luck factor does not preclude us from increasing our chances of winning the lottery ( mining a block ).

First and foremost, our mining power is determined by our CPU. Consider the CPU to be our lottery drawer; the more powerful our CPU, the more lottery tickets we can draw per second. This translates into a better chance of winning the lottery.

Furthermore, a stable internet connection will allow us to sync with the blockchain as quickly as possible, ensuring that our CPU receives its blockchain job on time. Receiving the blockchain job on time means that our CPU can complete the job more quickly..

Mining Difficulty is the fourth factor. Higher mining difficulty indicates that mining competition is more stringent and difficult. It simply means that there are more miners mining and that more powerful miners are present. A higher mining difficulty indicates that mining with the same exact mining setup is more difficult.


Although determining an exact mining reward expectation is nearly impossible, a rough estimate based on the following four factors can be obtained:

  1. CPU Power
  2. Internet Stability
  3. Mining Difficulty
  4. Luck

Can Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) be traded on Uniswap?

No, not right now. However, there is the possibility of constructing an Ethereum bridge that would allow us to wrap Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), convert it to ETH, and trade it directly on Uniswap.

What happens to the 8% market tax and the Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) fees from crafting? Are they burned?

The Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) earned from market tax and crafting fees isn’t exactly consumed. They do not completely vanish. Instead, they relocate to an inaccessible location known as the Treasury Account. Because the treasury account is time-locked, the Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) that moves there cannot leave until the lock is released.

I noticed that stages doesn’t give Gold in Nine Chronicles. How can I earn Gold in Nine Chronicles?

There are numerous ways to obtain Gold. Here are a few examples:

  1. By working as a miner
  2. Equipment making and selling
  3. Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) and/or item trading ( buy low sell high. Risky )
  4. By taking part in the ecosystem support program.
  5. Keep your eyes on Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) Giveaways. Participate and you could win some.
Nine Chronicles NFT Game


Nine Chronicles is a completely open-source online RPG with no servers — similar to Bitcoin or BitTorrent, gamers and miners connect to power a distributed game network. Set in a vast fantasy world, it is governed by its players and supported by a complex economy based on supply and demand.

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Have you played Nine Chronicles already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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