NFT Castle Defense (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is NFT Castle Defense?

NFT Castle Defense is a blockchain-based tower defense strategy game that uses the Binance Smart Chain network and its cryptocurrency POC token. In NFT Castle Defense game, you will manage your own castles, which they can grow into massive fortresses. To share profits, you can share your castles and defensive systems with esports players.

How to Play NFT Castle Defense?

NFT Castle Defense aims to allow you to compete with one another in order to earn real rewards. Castle Defense, as a play-to-earn game, combines entertainment and an open economy to provide financial benefits to players while they have fun.

Castle Defense wants players to focus on the game’s gaming aspects, not just its earning mechanisms, in order to prevent in-game monopolization and a specific segment from owning all digital assets in the game. As a result, by collaborating with esports players, the game hopes to demonstrate an egalitarian approach to financial opportunities.

The fact that you can own in-game assets distinguishes the game from traditional tower defense games (NFTs). These NFTs can be used in a variety of game modes. These game modes, namely PvE and PvP, have distinct gameplay styles. NFT Castle Defense’s PvE gameplay entails defending your castle against AI using troops.

In PvE, you can participate in daily challenges and battles in which they can rent an NFT castle from a castle owner or defend the default in-game castle from attackers.

PvP mode, also known as Castle Arena, is about player versus player battles in which you defend your castles and lands or attack other players’ castles in order to seize and conquer their territories. In Castle Arena, you can form guilds to strategically coordinate their attacks and seize territories as an alliance. The competitive aspects and importance of esports players can be felt in the game’s PvP mode.

NFT Castle Defense 5 Pro Tips

NFT Castle Defense

When you know certain game tips and tricks, the game becomes twice as fun and twice as engaging. We have prepared 5 Pro Tips to ensure that you get the most out of from NFT Castle Defense game Defense. So, let’s get started.

1. Use the Power-up Features

Castle Shield and Castle HP are both extremely useful game features in NFT Castle Defense. When you activate the Castle Shield feature, your Castle is surrounded by an energy shield that renders any attack directed at it ineffective for 10 seconds. The Castle HP feature, as the name implies, restores the Castle’s health to full.

These features allow you to stall an opponent’s attacks, recover from damage, and plan and strategize accordingly to win.

Good to know: You will now have to spend 6XP per feature instead of 2XP.

2. Use the Pause and Revive Button

Reviving your defenders is always preferable to replacing them because it costs less e-coins. When it comes to reviving, however, use the pause button first to buy more time to recover from the damage.

3. Get more e-Coin Pools

As you may be aware, e-coins are critical in troop deployment in NFT Castle Defense game. The more you have, the better your defense because you will earn 0.5 e-coins every 3 seconds. So, wherever you see an opportunity to install an e-coin pool, do so as soon as possible.

4. Use Early Attack Indicators

Following each wave, you will notice a few attack indicators scattered across your screen. By tapping on one of them, you effectively allow the next wave to start ahead of time. You will earn more e-coins as a result of this.

Good to know: Remember that if your troops are all defeated and your Castle XP is completely depleted at the end of a wave, you should recover before tapping the attack indicators.

5. Customize XP Sharing

You can customize the XP sharing system in Contract settings to favor potential renters in order to get more applications for your castle. The castle can then be rented to the most qualified player.

NFT Castle Defense Items Upgrade Guide

In any game, in-game item upgrades are essential if you want to progress from one level to the next. Upgrades give you an advantage over the competition and allow you to plan your attack strategically.Fans of NFT Castle Defense game will recognize the two most popular characters. The Knight and Wizard, as well as the Cannon Tower and the Lightning Tower, are essential in battling across various land stages of the game.

Item upgrades are available for in-game characters and towers. Characters and towers can be outfitted with gear to increase their power, customize their abilities, and unlock new abilities thanks to these upgrades.

In this guide, we will discuss the Knight, Wizard, and towers featured in Castle Defense, as well as their item upgrades.

What is a Knight?

Brave Knights will repel a swarm of monsters on their way to your castle. When it comes to close combat, nothing beats a traditional mounted armored soldier. Equip this defender with a variety of items to improve his offensive and defensive abilities.

What is a Wizard?

Gallant Wizards will cast powerful spells on enemy hordes while defending your castle. Wizards are useful for repelling monsters from a distance. As you progress through the game, you can equip the Wizard with various items and upgrade his abilities by using your XPs.

Knights Retrofit Upgradable Items

If you wish to upgrade the Knight, there are five items available. The following items are available:

  • Knight’s Sword: A steel sword designed for battles with monsters.
  • Iron Helmet: The Knight’s helmet protects his head and provides excellent protection.
  • Iron Armour: A steel chest made for brave knights who fight monsters in the front lines.
  • Iron Boots: A pair of heavy iron boots fit for knights.
  • Knight’s Ring: A rare piece of jewelry that grants the wearer immortality..

Wizards Retrofit Upgradable Items

If you wish to upgrade the Wizard, there are five items available. The following items are available:

  • Wooden Wand: A staff made from a branch of an ancient tree endowed with vast magical powers.
  • Wizard Hood: A mystic hat designed specifically for wizards to increase attack speed.
  • Fabric Robe: A special robe for wizards that protects them from various threats..
  • Leather Boots: A pair of wizard-appropriate leather boots.
  • Book of Fire: A book containing powerful fire magic for magicians.

Cannon Tower

Cannon Towers are extremely effective against ground attacks, but they are ineffective against aerial attacks. Cannon Tower can be upgraded to a Destruction Machine by equipping the Destruction Machine item, which reinforces the bomb shrapnel to pierce through a large portion of enemies’ armor.

Lightning Tower

Lightning Towers are extremely effective against aerial attacks, but less so against ground attacks. Lightning Towers can be upgraded by equipping Storm Tower items, which improves chain power and range while also creating a static field around itself to strike all incoming enemies at max level. A lightning tower deals more damage and has a greater attack range than a cannon tower.

Required XP to Upgrade NFT Castle Defense Items

XP is required to upgrade the knight, wizard, and towers with new items. These upgraded items will increase damage, attack speed, and range, allowing players to finish land battle stages and advance to the next round.

Below image shows a table how much XP is required to upgrade the Knight, Wizard, Cannon Tower, and Lightning Tower in NFT Castle Defense game:

How to Earn Max XP in NFT Castle Defense Game?

Do you want to know how you can earn XP in an effective way in NFT Castle Defense Game? In this guide we will show you the best ways to earn the most XP. We have compiled a list of 6 steps that will assist you in reaching your XP goal and becoming a better player in the game.

As a player, you start earning XP by playing Castle Defense and Castle Arena. But not all XP can be immediately converted to POC Token. The XP which is eligible to be converted is acquired by winning battles in Castle Arena. Follow the steps below to see how you can earn max XP.

1. Get maximum daily XP in Castle Defense.

Try to meet the daily XP cap of 250 XP per day from PVE Stages and Daily Challenges to get enough XP to play in Castle Arena. XP earned in Castle Defense will be useful in Castle Arena.

2. Attack as many castles as you can

If you attack more castles in Castle Arena, you will gain more XP. You will be refunded your XP entry fee, as well as the defender’s XP entry fee and land.

3. Defend your castle all the time

For each successful defense, you gain XP. If you successfully defend, you will be refunded your XP entry fee as well as the attacker’s entry fee.

4. Conquer more lands

By successfully attacking castles, you gain more lands. More lands equals more XP sharing in the Public Pool.

5. Use player XP to play more battles in Castle Arena

Each victory grants you more XP. Let’s talk about an 85% player share!

6. Unlimited Play, Unlimited XP

You can choose how much XP you want to earn each day. Even the sky isn’t the limit!

Exchange your earned XP to POC

You will gain tXP if your attacks and defenses are successful. Finally, this is the XP that can be traded for POC.

The exchange rate between XP and POC fluctuates, but at the time of writing, the current XP rate is 30 XP = 1 POC.

To put it simply, XP earned in Castle Arena and other Casual Games can only be used in Castle Arena. Only by winning battles in Castle Arena can you gain XP that can be exchanged for POC.

What is Castle Arena?

Castle Arena is a PVP version of NFT Castle Defense in which users compete on a virtual map of Luzerne to acquire valuable lands and eventually claim Kingship. It is critical to win any battle (or game) in order to progress. And strategies are critical in order to win battles.

Battles in Castle Arena are won by attacking and defending. There is a section where you can fine-tune your attacks and direct troops to achieve the goal of attacking other land owners.

How to Create Succesful Attack Strategies in Castle Arena?

We have prepared you a guide to show you can create succesful attacks in Castle Arena below:

Why is an attack strategy important?

As previously stated, strategies are essential for winning battles. A good, well-crafted strategy distinguishes the player from the crowd. In order to progress through the levels of Castle Arena, the player must carefully plan their strategies. This entails gathering troops and planning various attacks.

Picking your attack strategy

In order to prepare for an attack, you must have XP in the Arena Pool. You can choose your battles once you’ve reached the Castle Arena land map.

When you click on any knight on the map, a pop-up window appears, giving you two options: Scout or Plan the Attack.

Before planning an attack in Castle Arena, you are given the option to Scout. Scouting enables the attacker to examine the castle’s armoury and upgrades. As a result, the attacker has the option of proceeding with the attack or not. The scout feature is depicted in the figure below.

By selecting Attack, you will be taken to the Create An Attack screen. As shown in the image below, you can check the entry fee for the attack, stage selection, and strategy selection here.

Stage Selection

A section in which you can choose any stage from Stage 1 to Stage 10. Each stage contains two components: the number of waves and the number of attack paths. Stage 1 has 7 waves and 3 attack paths, as shown in the image below.

After selecting the stage, you can proceed to selecting your attack strategy.

Quick Attack Strategy

The quick attack strategy allows you to proceed with the default troop arrangements for the attack automatically. After selecting Quick Attack Strategy, you will be taken to the next screen, which displays the mission’s default monsters.

By clicking Load, you will be taken to the next screen, where they can review the waves in the strategy. When you click Deploy, the attack begins, and the opponent has 12 hours to accept the player’s attack or lose the land.

New Strategy

By clicking on New Strategy, you can create a custom strategy. In this strategy, the player can manually deploy troops after selecting the stage of their choice.

When you select New Strategy, you will be taken to a screen that displays various paths at the bottom and the wave number at the top. As previously stated, the number of paths and waves varies depending on the stage.

If you select Path 1, the following will be displayed:

Each wave allows you to choose your monsters.

What’s interesting is that each attack wave has a minimum and maximum limit (top left) for the number of monsters that can be deployed in that wave.

Furthermore, the following wave will always allow the player to deploy more monsters than the previous one. See the image below:

Now compare the two images. Wave 4/7 has a minimum limit of 29 and a maximum limit of 58, as opposed to 8 and 16 in wave 1/7.

As a result, one can select the horde of monsters for each path and wave and devise a decisive strategy.

Earning XP in Castle Arena

Castle Arena is set up in a free-to-play environment. As a classic tower defense game, it’s critical to devise effective battle strategies. Good strategies will assist you in winning and gaining valuable XP.

In Castle Arena, various types of XP are generated. We have introduced a new XP system already here.

Earning XP in Castle Arena involves a number of steps. The process begins with renting an NFT Castle to play Castle Defense. According to the new XP Sharing system, XP earned from each stage at Castle Arena is divided between the Castle and the Arena Pool. The player can then wage battles with other players and gain valuable land as well as personal XP, which can be converted to bPOC with the help of the XP in the Arena Pool.

Future developments for Attack Strategies

  1. You will be able to save your attack strategies in Castle Arena and reuse them in future attacks. 
  2. You can save up to 200 attack strategies. However, different attack strategies and troop combinations can be used for battles. There will also be introduced new monster characters to the troops.
  3. In addition to saving different strategies, you will soon be able to sell your attack strategies. This means that the attack strategy template will be traded for POC on the Castle Market.

What is Pocket Arena?

Pocket Arena is a trustable gaming ecosystem where people can play games, earn digital assets, and grow their digital assets.

Pocket Arena Logo

What is NFT Castle Defense POC Token?

The POC token, the official token of the Pocket Arena gaming ecosystem, underpins Castle Defense. POC tokens can be obtained as in-game rewards or as a Castle Market payment method for trading NFT assets in the game. POC tokens can be used to stake, purchase, and upgrade NFTs. POC is currently compatible with the Binance Smart Chain network.

Pocket Arena is powered by “POC,” an ERC20/BEP20 utility token designed to provide real rewards to players while also serving as the primary currency of the Pocket Arena NFT and gaming economy. PA SDK is used in all PA games, so you can mine XP based on your user experience, exchange it for POC, Pocket Arena’s utility token, or buy NFT items from the marketplace. The XP/POC ratio is not fixed, but by continuously adjusting it, POC inflation can be avoided.

POC is divided into several grades, including aPOC, bPOC, and mPOC. Depending on the grade, usage and withdrawal policies are applied differently.

POC Token Features

  • Player Rewards.
  • Staking.
  • P2P Castle Market payment method over EUR 800.
  • Castle Arena Item upgrade payment method.
  • Pocket Metaverse P2P payment method.
  • Creator’s NFT Avatar minting payment method.
  • Paying-in deposits for Ethereum side-chain FALK
  • Gas fee for Falk smart contract

POC Tokenomics

1 billion POC token were issued in total. About 3% of this was sold privately, and 2.1 million was funded at a valuation of $66 million.

In the private sale, prestigious crypto institutional investors and approximately 50 influencers from around the world competed. IDO began trading on Pancake Swap on November 30th, with a price of $0.1. It is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Deployed Contracts:

  1. BEP20 Address:
  2. ERC20 Address:

NFT Castle & Profit Sharing

Castle Defense is divided into two sections as listed below which they will interact with one another via the NFT Castle.

  1. Castle Defense game for players
  2. Castle Market for NFT sponsors.

The sponsor will initially purchase an NFT Castle item. It can be traded in the Castle Market between users.

The sponsor can then share NFT Castle with the players. When players play the game with the castle, they gain XP and increase the castle’s value.

You will raise the value of NFT Castle by upgrading it and contributing XP to it. When the sponsor receives the upgraded castle, he can resell it for a profit. Castles with more XP will be more expensive.

Profits from the sale of NFT Castle will be divided among the sponsor, players, and Emoji Games.

Profit sharing for players will be divided and distributed based on their XP contribution.


NFT Castle Defense is a blockchain-based tower defense strategy game that uses the Binance Smart Chain network and its cryptocurrency POC token. In NFT Castle Defense game, you will manage your own castles, which they can grow into massive fortresses. To share profits, you can share your castles and defensive systems with esports players.

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Have you played NFT Castle Defense already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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