Neon District NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Neon District Game?

Neon District is a NFT role playing game based on play to earn model. You can earn Neon by delivering pizza to local residents, while defending themselves from nefarious teams looking to ambush others.

You can below Neon District game video trailer.

What is Neon District Game?

Neon District is a free to play role playing game on built on Matic and Ethereum blockchain with collectible NFTs.

You can collect characters, gears for your game character, build and level up fully-equipped teams, and battle with your team against other players in competitive multiplayer missions or real-time turn-based combat in Neon Pizza.

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What is Neon Pizza?

In Neon Pizza, you can send your pizza delivery teams out to earn more Neon, Juice, and Parts, which you can use to buy gear crates and level up your characters, armor, and weapons.

You can either be a team for Neon District residents who deliver pizzas to hungry citizens, or you can exploit the system and ambush other players to steal their earnings.

Neon District Gameplay

Please follow steps to start playing the Neon District game:

  • Step #1 Go to the Neon District Portal and create a new account. To begin, new players are given one free neon district character, 300 Neon, and five juice, which is enough to purchase three additional characters to form your first full team.
  • Step #2 Choose your character from the list
  • Step #3 Create your team with total of 4 characters
  • Step #4 Now, you are ready to deliver your Neon Pizzas or fight and ambush your opponents
Neon District NFT Game Portal
You can claim your FREE NEON DISTRICT CHARACTER with this registration link. 

What are the Neon District Game Characters?

There are 6 different types of characters as listed below:

  1. Demon,
  2. Doc,
  3. Genius,
  4. Ghost,
  5. Heavy,
  6. Jack.

Once you’ve chosen your free character, you can return to the menu and spend your 300 Neon on three more.

Neon District Character Class

You can now field a full team of four characters.

Neon District Teams

You can see your new characters by selecting them from the character menu at the top.

On this page, you can change each character’s name, gender, and skin tone, as well as equip them with gear and weapons that you earn to make them stronger and more powerful.

Neon District is completely free to play and does not necessitate the purchase of any equipment in order to begin playing the Neon Pizza mode.

If you decide to buy some Neon to start equipping your characters, you can view all of your owned gear and weapons in the inventory tab.

You can claim your FREE NEON DISTRICT CHARACTER with this registration link. 

Assemblying Neon District Game Team

You can put together your team using the characters you own by following steps:

Step #1 Go to the Battle tab and select Team setup.

Step #2 Create a new team by clicking on the Create New Team button and give a name for your team.

Neon District Game Team Assembly

Using the buttons on the right, you can select characters from the left menu and assign them to one of four slots in the Team Editor.

You can also view a character’s current stats and battle cards.

To clarify, Slot 1 will be the team’s front-most character, while Slot 4 will be the team’s back-most.

Once you’ve finished configuring your team, click Save in the upper right corner.

How to Pizza Delivery in Neon District Game?

You can send your team out on deliveries to begin earning Neon, the in-game currency of Neon District.

Neon is used to purchase Gear Crates, which contain weapons and armor, as well as juice and parts, which are used to upgrade characters, armor, and weapons.

Neon District Pizza Delivery Team

Select Delivering Agents from the Neon Pizza tab to begin sending your team out on its first shift of deliveries.

Neon District Game Delivery Agent

Once your team has begun their shift, you will be able to track their progress from the Delivery Agent page.

Teams can currently deliver in either Tier 1 or Tier 2 areas.

Based on the descriptions below, you can choose which area you want to deliver in before beginning your shift.

A player can only work 42 shifts in Tier 1 before being permanently promoted to Tier 2.

Neon District Delivery Monitoring

You can track the progress of your delivery team from the same page.

A shift typically lasts 8 hours and includes 7–9 deliveries, depending on how short or long each delivery is.

You can see your current tips and bank them after each delivery if you want.

If you are in Tier 2, I would recommend that you bank your Neon frequently because any unbanked Neon is at risk of being stolen by ambushers.

When you bank Neon, it is added to your game account and is immediately available for use.

Each new delivery will begin automatically after the previous one has been completed.

Ambushing in Neon District Game

If you are looking for a greater challenge, you can ambush other Tier 2 teams in an attempt to steal %50 of their unbanked or potential earnings on their current delivery.

You cannot ambush with a team that is currently on delivery, so you must either create a new team with four new characters or wait until your Delivery Team’s shift is complete before using them to ambush other players.

Ambushing in Neon District Game

Once you’ve found a team to ambush, go to the Neon Pizza tab, select Ambush, and then choose which team you want to ambush with.

On the screen, you can see all of the Teams in Tier 2 that are currently available to ambush or are recovering.

Currently, a player can only be ambushed once per delivery, regardless of whether they win or lose, so if all teams appear to be recovering, check back later as teams begin new deliveries and can be ambushed again.

Neon District Ambushing Screen

If a team is available to ambush, you can gather information before deciding whether or not to ambush them.

On this screen, you can see each character’s STATS and CARDS to determine whether or not you should challenge them.

All ambushes cost 5 Neon to attempt, and a successful ambush will steal 50% of the unbanked Neon from previous deliveries, as well as 50% of the potential Neon earnings from the current delivery.

Following an ambush attempt, you will be shown a results screen with either a success or failure.

After ambushing other teams and acquiring enough Neon, you can Fence your stolen tips for a flat fee of 40 Neon.

The remaining Neon will be deposited directly into your account, less the fee.

How to Upgrade My Team in Neon District

You can upgrade your team in Neon District game with a gear crates.

Neon District Gear Crates

Each Gear Crate contains four pieces of Gear.

You can choose from four types of armor: head, body, arms and legs, or a weapon.

To begin, go to the main dashboard and select Get Gear.

Neon Distric Game Gear Crates Quantity

From here, you can select the number of crates you want to buy.

You can also see the loot rates for specific rarities of items at the bottom of the screen.

Neon District Gears

You can view all of your Armor, Weapons, and Characters from the Inventory tab.

Neon District Game Inventory Tab

You can now start composing your character now that you have both equipment and a character.

To do so, go to the dashboard for characters and click the level up button.

Neon District Game Gear Equipping

Select one of your characters to equip.

How Do I Level Up My Character in Neon District Game?

You can level up your Neon District game character or their equipment with Juice or Parts.

Each new account receives 5 juice for free to begin with, which is sufficient to level a character to Level 3.

Go to the dashboard and click the Buy Juice or Buy Parts button to get more Juice or Parts.

Neon District Character Levelling

Select how much juice/parts you want to buy from this page, and then confirm the transaction as long as you have enough neon.

You can start leveling your neon district characters and equipment with your new Juice/Parts.

To level up your character, go to the character dashboard and click the level up button.

Leveling your Character in Neon District

You can level up your Neon District by following steps:

  • Step #1 Select your Neon District character that you want to upgrade
  • Step #2 Click on the Level Button on coming page. Pay attention to required Juice Cost that is required to level up your Neon District character
  • Step #3 Confirm the upgrading by clicking on Confirm on right top on the screen. Pay attention that this process cannot be revert.
  • Step #4 Levelling process will be done if you have enough Juices.

Leveling Your Armor and Weapons in Neon District

You can level up your Armor or Weapons in Neon District by following steps:

  • Step #1 Go to Armor and Weapons dashboard
  • Step #2 Select the armor or weapons that you would like to upgrade. Pay attention to required Part Cost that is required to level up your Neon District character
  • Step #3 You can see the items current STATS and CARDs and can click the Level button
  • Step #4 Confirm the leveling process of your weapon or armor. Pay attention that this process cannot be revert.


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You can use this free registration link and and a GET FREE NEON DISTRICT CHARACTER & play the game free any earn money while playing the game. 

Have you ever played Neon District? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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