Mytheria Clash of Pantheons NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Mytheria Clash of Pantheons?

Myhteria Clash of Pantheons is the first NFT game offering an exclusive Create to Earn feature for artists all over the world, with the name GodForge.

Mytheria Clash of Pantheons Game Story

Each character in Mytheria’s majestic universe is refined and invested in background story, psychological development, and graphics. The game development team hopes to provide players with a vivid, insightful world with high-quality graphics, a place where anyone can find their own version of the Gods’ war that they have long desired.

The World of Mytheria

A war occurs that shakes the entire universe, causing Gods and Mortals from various mythologies to clash. Mytheria is a crystallized energy that holds incredible power that even the Gods lust after. Every God in the Pantheon would desire that power for themselves.

In such a chaotic world, where Zeus can shake hands with Odin, Heracles fights alongside Thor, Wukong engages Ares on the battlefield, and so on. Anything is possible. Will you be the one to lead the victorious team?

Mytheria Pantheons

Mytheria Game Pantheons

The first version of Mytheria will include hundreds of Gods and Mortals from five Pantheons. The world of Mytheria will grow with each update, with the addition of new Gods and Pantheons.

With the GodForge Workshop, you can vote for your favorite Artist Commnuity Gods and bring Gods from your culture to the world of Mytheria.

Mytheria Battlefield

MOBA Elements

Inspired by MOBA games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, and others. Mytheria’s battlefield is divided into two lanes, with Towers at each end. Gods can level up, unlock abilities, and equip powerful artifacts as Champions/Heroes.

Tower Defend

Protect your Tower by preventing the enemy from attacking with your Units and attempting to attack their undefended Towers. Whoever destroys two out of three Towers first wins the game.

Round System

Players move/summon Units on the battlefield or cast Spells each round to gain an advantage in their respective PREPARE phase. When the COMBAT phase begins, units from both sides will clash in the center. Moving units will be disarmed for one turn as they move from lane to lane.


Gods are the most important Cards in the game, and they play critical roles in the overall Deck strategy.

Gods are the only units that can become stronger in battle over time by consuming Mytheria’s shards to unlock new abilities, similar to how you level up your Hero and buy items for them in a MOBA game.

You can have multiple Gods who play various roles for your team, such as:

  • Warrior,
  • Tanker,
  • Assassin,
  • Nuker,
  • Support,
  • Carry.

Balancing is essential for achieving the best results.

Create Your Own Gods

Gods can select from a variety of Primary, Secondary, and Ultimate abilities. The player can view God’s story and change their Skins to further personalize themselves.


Mortals are cards that fight alongside Gods on the battlefield. Troops will enter the Graveyard if they are defeated.


Spells are one-time-use cards that go to the Graveyard after their effect is activated.

Mytheria Game: Play to Earn Model

The ultimate goal is to make it a fun game to play, and then to play to earn money. When playing different modes with the same source of characters, players can earn different rewards to trade in the Marketplace or auction.

There are 4 different games modes in Mytheria as listed below:

1. Arena – Competitive Mode

The most difficult but exciting mode. Top players with the highest MMR at the end of each season will be rewarded with in-game treasures and tokens.

2. Conquest – Expedition Mode

Players can send their Gods to complete Expeditions and earn rewards. You can play solo or against players from all over the world.

3. Battle Ground – Casual Mode

Play a Deathmatch with multiple players where anyone can win. Play offensively to eliminate all opponents, or stay defensively to survive and wait for the best opportunity to strike back.

4. Side Activities

Collecting: Completing daily quests, playing versus player, trading… will allow you to complete your collection and unlock all of the God’s abilities.

God Forge: Through voting schemes, the community and token holders can create new Gods/skins, etc.

Trade: With players all over the world, you can trade or auction off super rare Cards or Mytherias.

Mytheria Marketplace

This is a platform where players can buy artworks directly from artists (primary market) and collect cards from other players (secondary market).

The artists and players decide on the pricing, buying, selling, and using of works and characters.

This is the pinnacle of blockchain technology’s decentralization feature, which most current games have not yet reached, in which the publisher is at the center of all transactions.

For Artists

The ability to showcase your talent and profit from your creations.

For Players

Purchase, sell, and collect your favorite works of art with market value.

For Publishers

The expansion of the game ecosystem.

Mytheria GodForge Workshop

Mytheria takes pride in being the first NFT game with a “Create To Earn” model for artists to showcase their work, with an exclusive artist community name: GodForge.

The first blockchain game to connect Artist Community

The community was founded with the intention of providing practical benefits to game artists. This is where you can freely display your artwork or even create your own characters.

Auction and Trade

Earn a good living by trading and auctioning your artworks. Furthermore, artists can earn transaction fees whenever their NFTs are traded.

Create your characters

Your creation may be chosen to develop into a real character in the Mytheria world through a voting scheme. Our game will always be upgraded and supplied with new Gods, new art for existing Gods, animations, or game boards from artists all over the world thanks to GodForge.

Mytheria’s future is in your hands.

Mytheria Create and Earn Model

Artists in GodForge Workshop are free to create anything related to the Mytheria world, including fanarts, alternate arts, and even New Gods (you can create abilities for them!).

For the game’s long-term viability, all artworks should adhere to our guidelines, and the power of new Gods should be strong and interesting but not overpowering. When adding new Gods to Mytheria, we can think about rebalancing them.

In our vision, GodForge will be a playground for artists; and Players who want to further customize their Gods by commissioning artists to create something truly unique for their collections, or artists can auction their works for the sole true owner of their NFT arts.

Myhteria NFT Game

Mytheria Tokenomics

Mytheria game’s native token is named MYRA.

  • Name: Mytheria
  • Symbol: MYRA
  • Total supply: 200,000,000 MYRA

The MYRA token is the game’s native currency. It enables token holders to play, invest, and participate in the game. MYRA was created with the goal of creating a prosperous in-game environment.

The MYRA economics were created to incentivize and maximize interaction between players and the game. MYRA will be awarded to players for certain actions in Mytheria.

Furthermore, MYRA may be distributed to community members for specific actions as part of a reward program.

Over the next three years, Mytheria will issue 200 million MYRA. On a case-by-case basis, MYRA issued may be subject to a transfer restriction in order to ensure an appropriate number of MYRA relative to the number of players.

Use cases of MYRA

Player Reward

MYRA is a tradable in-game currency that is given as a gameplay reward to improve player retention, maintain traction, and provide a way for players to earn money.

Regulating Economy

MYRA is an important part of constructing a sustainable play-to-earn economy and protecting against bots.


MYRA is the game currency that players use to buy in-game assets and cards. This could also be used to upgrade cards and carry out other in-game tasks.


Ownership of MYRA allows a player to participate in the governance process via a decentralized organization with proposals and a voting structure.

Mytheria Token Allocation

Token Sale

11.5% of Tokens will be reserved for sale in various rounds (10% for the Private Sale and 1.5% for the Public Sale).

Partners & Advisors

18% of MYRA tokens are allocated to founding and non-founding members of Mytheria.

Staking Rewards

30% of tokens will be used for staking rewards. Any network participant can stake tokens to earn
rewards and reduce the supply in the ecosystem.


20% of MYRA tokens will be allocated to the Mytheria Team for participating in building Mytheria: Clash of Patheons.

Marketing & community

15.5% of tokens will be used for marketing activities of Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons and building


5% of MYRA tokens will be used to maintain the liquidity of MYRA on DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

MYRA Ecosystem

The Mytheria native digital cryptographically-secured utility token (MYRA token) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the Mytheria protocol/code, and is intended to be used solely as an interoperable utility token on the platform.

  • Collectors: Strategic players who trade and build decks, investment required
  • Duelists: Casual players who would like to duel, little to none investment
  • Operators: open certain rights for MYRA stakers to participate in the governance
    1. Vote for new cards from Artists
    2. Propose changes and configs. Ie. market fee


Mytheria is champion based card game. It’s completely free to play: The cards owned by the players are secured on the block chain. You can collect rare cards, build decks, and trade them on the market with other members of the community.

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You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Mytheria already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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