My Neighbor Alice Fishing Guide (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

My Neighbor Alice Fishing Guide

My Neighbor Alice Game is free to play NFT game. In this My Neighbor Alice Fishing Guide article you will learn the basics of fishing in My Neighbor Alice Game.

The basics of fishing in My Neighbor Alice Game

After completing the introductory gameplay tutorial, you will be able to begin fishing in My Neighbor Alice Game. The sensation and gameplay mechanics are intended to mimic fishing in real life; simply put, you will need to reel in the fish while balancing a bar over its location.

Each island has its own population of fish. There are currently 5 different types of habitats, 5 different types of bait, and 45 different species of fish that frolic in fresh, salt, or brackish water.

Some fish will eat almost anything, while others are extremely picky. To catch them all, you must figure out where to look for them and what to use as bait.

What can you do with your catches?

In My Neighbor Alice, one of the ways Neighbors can gather resources is through fishing. Of course, you will be able to sell your fish at the market, but there will be also other ways to use fish.

Making the core elements of the gameplay interdependent is one of the goal of the game because it adds fun and coherence to the overall experience.

Farmers will be able to feed their animals fish, which will increase their happiness and allow them to perform their duties more effectively. It will also be possible to catch and collect all of the fish species in the sticker book.

Other features and crazy ideas

Nothing has been confirmed, but it is possible that some fish will be made of crafting materials (for example, cloth fins) and/or that others will have eaten seeds that can be used for cultivation.

We could also imagine some of the rarest and largest fish becoming NFT trophies. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

What we can definitely say is that fishing will be a social feature, and that fishing together will benefit neighbors.

It’s a lot of fun naming the various fish species. Some are puns on existing Swedish or English names, while others, such as the Feudal Sharks, Ice Marlins, and magnificent Sunshine Rays, are entirely made up.

Notice: Please keep in mind that all features are subject to change following testing.


My Neighbor Alice is a social online game where you gather resources, craft items, and express yourself creatively. You can create your own virtual lands, interact with their neighbors, participate in exciting daily activities, and earn rewards along the way.

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Have you played My Neighbor Alice already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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