Monsters Clan NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Monsters Clan?

Monsters Clan is the first third-person NFT game that allows players to create, collect, trade, train, and play their Monsters in order to win fights and earn money.

Furthermore, Monsters Clan allows users to earn $MONS passively by renting out their NFTs to other game players. The goal of Monsters Clan is to introduce a gaming concept using Blockchain technology and set up a platform for players to unleash their Monsters to fight for rewards.

Because Monsters Clan is built on Blockchain, the game is about to change the entire landscape of gaming. Things are about to get a lot more exciting as Monsters compete against each other for pride and glory. Monsters Clan allows players to fight or trade their own monsters based on their game strategy. Owning a Monster is the best way to begin your adventure in Monsters Clan.

What are Monsters Clan Monsters?

Monsters Clan has three main types of Monsters to make the game more exciting and interesting.

1. Potioner

Monsters of the “Potioner” type can only generate potions, which means you can’t fight them. In short, the Potioner type of monster cannot be used in AI or PVP battle mode.

2. Fighter

A monster of the type “Fighter” will be unable to create a potion and will only be able to fight in battles. In Monsters Clan, you can feed, grow, and prepare your fighter monster to face all battle challenges.

3. Master

Monsters of the “Master” type will be able to create potions as well as fight in battles. If you have a Master type of Monster in your inventory, you must be extremely lucky.

Pro Tip: Monsters with type “Fighter” will have zero potion power.

Monsters Clan NFT Game

Monsters Clan Game Story

Once upon a time, there was a planet where all humans lived in harmony and brotherhood. They were content with their surroundings, atmosphere, and way of life. They were extremely cooperative and helpful to one another. Everything was fine until their planet DOR was attacked by the deadliest chemical rocket launched from planet Alienato, a Planet of Aliens.

A chemical rocket was launched from the planet Alienato, destroying approximately 75% of the human population on the DOR planet. A chemical rocket annihilated the entire infrastructure, including houses, buildings, and other structures.

The question then becomes, what happened to the remaining 25% of the human population? Some lethal chemical gases were released into the atmosphere after the planet DOR was hit by a chemical rocket. Those chemical gases altered the remaining people’s mental and physical states, transforming them into monsters. Because of chemical gases, every human’s hands, face, and entire physical state were transformed into a deadly and vicious Monster look.

Humans who used to be happy and peaceful have been transformed into wild and aggressive monsters. The chemical gases released by the rocket attack have transformed every human into something they were not meant to be.

Every monster is now selfish, ruthless, and extremely aggressive; all of these monsters are now living solely for the purpose of fighting. The only goal of these monsters is to fight, eat, and repeat in order to survive and have a better life on their new planet, dubbed ‘Monstel.’ All of these monsters will be unable to return to their human form, forcing them to adapt to the monster’s way of life.

A New Era Begins

Following the recent incident, it is now your responsibility to own monsters in order to save their remaining population. You can help them survive by growing them, feeding them, and preparing them for upcoming fights and challenges. Possess a plot on any Island, providing a safe haven for your monsters to live, eat, and prepare for their upcoming battles. It will be a new Monster World where everything revolves around monsters, including lands, items, services, economy, and so on.

What could be better than owning a monster and fighting battles to continue conquering upcoming milestones and earning? Building a balanced team of powerful and intelligent monsters will benefit both you and the monsters, as many rewards are on the way. Every monster is hungry to fight and destroy others; make sure you assemble a strong team and train them for each battle. It’s a fight for survival and clan, so show up strong when it’s time to fight and show who’s the best on the battlefield.

Monsters Clan

Monsters Clan is a first-of-its-kind third-person NFT game based on the lifestyle of Monsters in their own Blockchain World. In Monsters’ Own World, every player will be able to own, collect, train, and play their monsters in an exciting gaming environment. The goal of Monsters Clan is to introduce a gaming concept using Blockchain technology and set up a platform for players to unleash their Monsters to fight and earn.

Monster Island

A Monster Island, a dedicated territory for Monsters to live and spend their lives in their own environment, is presented. Every monster island will have different plots; in order to create potions, fight in battles, and participate in other activities, you must own a plot on any monster island. If you cannot afford to buy a plot on any Monster island, you can rent a plot from any individual who is renting his island plot on Monsters Clan marketplace. A lack of a plot is equivalent to limiting your monsters’ career and growth in the Monsters Clan.

Monster Cave

Monsters require a special place to rest and relax, so here is a Monster Cave. Every monster cave will be limited to a certain number of monsters. A plot on Monster island is essentially a house, whereas Monster cave is a living space for Monsters to rest and relax.

There are 4 different types of caves in Monsters Clan game:

  • Basic Cave: Has a capacity for 4 monsters.
  • Standard Cave: Has a capacity for 8 monsters.
  • Super Cave: Has a capacity for 15 monsters.
  • Premium Cave: Has a capacity for 25 monsters.

Monster Potion

Monster Potion is a key chemical product used in the creation of a new baby monster. In order to put his two monsters on duty, the player must begin generating a Monster Potion in potion CAULDRON. Depending on the player’s preferences, Monster potion can then be processed in the laboratory to create a baby monster or sold directly in the market.

Types of Monster Potions

Monster potions are classified as follows. The characteristics of a newly born monster will be determined by the rarity and power of a Monster Potion.

  • Ninja potion,
  • Bloodrot potion,
  • Fiend potion,
  • Mighty potion.

Furthermore, you can request that a laboratory professor combine and process two monster potions in order to create one extremely powerful and rare monster.

Potion Cauldron

A large pot is required to create a monster potion with the assistance of two monsters. In Monsters Clan, one can buy, sell, or lend a potion cauldron.

By spending gems, you can speed up the potion creation process in your cauldron.

Monster Feeding

Special feeds are now available for players to feed and upgrade their Monsters in preparation for upcoming battles and tournaments.

  • Crispy Boogers
  • Poopy Shake
  • Urinade
  • Chilled Mucus
  • Poopcorns
  • Vomitella
  • Puketea

You can either buy monster feed from the marketplace with $MONS or make your own in the laboratory.

What is Professor Monsalito’s Monster Laboratory?

Monster Laboratory is a special laboratory set up for performing all chemical processes related to Monsters under the supervision of Professor Monsalito, Monsters Clan’s in-charge of laboratories.

Monster Lab

There are three types of Laboratories in Monsters Clan game:

1. Feed Laboratory

Feed laboratory will be used to create feeds for Monsters to eat. In the feed laboratory, you cannot create monster babies by brewing potions. The Feed Laboratory will have various levels that users will be able to update over time in order to support all feeds.

2. Monster Laboratory

Monster laboratory will be able to process potions in this laboratory in order to create a monster baby. Monster laboratory does not allow you to create feeds. The Monster Laboratory will have various levels that users will be able to update over time in order to support the processing of all potions.

3. Multipurpose Laboratory

Multipurpose Laboratory will be a unique laboratory to own or rent because it allows you to make feeds and potions as well as create monster babies.

The Monsters Clan marketplace allows you to buy, sell, or rent any desired laboratory.

$MONS Token

$MONS is Monsters Clan’s digital native currency that can be used for in-game purchases and other activities. $MONS is a BEP20 token that is based on the Binance Smart Chain Network. The primary goal of introducing a $MONS token is to provide a fair and transparent payment system between players in order to make the Monsters Clan ecosystem more reliable and secure.

$MONS Governance Model

A $MONS token governance model drives the entire development of the Monsters Clan project by the community for the community. Every activity by gamers, from purchasing Monsters to caves, potions to laboratories, would drive the Monsters Clan project to success via the $MONS governance model.

How to Rent NFTs in Monster Clans Game

For the first time, users will be able to rent NFTs. A $MONS governance model that is efficient and well-planned is ideal for everyone, including those who cannot afford to buy NFTs. Everyone will be able to use the renting NFTs feature according to their preferences. If you need a potion cauldron to make a potion but can’t afford to buy one, simply pay someone and rent a potion cauldron from the Monsters Clan marketplace.

In short, the entire $MONS governance model involves every user who participates in the Monsters Clan game.

$MONS Utility

You can do followings with $MONS:

  • Buy or Sell Monsters.
  • Buy or Sell Monster Potion, and Special Feeds.
  • Buy, Sell, or Rent Potion cauldrons.
  • Buy, Sell, or Rent Laboratories and Plots.
  • Buy Packages of Gems.

Monsters Clan GEMS

Gems will function as a special currency within Monsters Clan, and you can use them to perform special tasks such as speeding up the potion generation process, creating feed, and performing many other special operations in the game.

Monsters Clan COINS

Coins are the primary in-game currency required to participate in activities such as battles, creating potions, feeds, and others in the Monsters Clan. You will be able to earn coins by participating in various activities and reaching certain milestones in the game.

Monsters Clan Level System

Every player in Monsters Clan will need to keep increasing his profile level in order to progress in the Monsters Clan. To advance in the game, you must continue to earn more XP points by participating in various activities. As one continues to play the game, XP points are easy to come by. It is strongly advised that you continue to raise your profile level in order to avoid having your monsters and yourself restricted in the Monsters Clan.

Monsters Clan Game Mechanics

Here are Monsters Clan’s main features, which reflect the overall concept of this NFT-based game.

  • Collect & Own Monsters
  • Create Monsters
  • Feed Monsters
  • Monsters Trading
  • Battle Modes

Every stage of Monsters Clan is connected to the next, much like a storyline, and represents a journey to prepare Monsters for upcoming battles.

1. Collect & Own Monsters

You must own a Monster in order to begin a Monsters Clan game. Let’s look at how to collect and own a Monster.

Buy Monster Potion

When you first start Monsters Clan, you must spend $MONS to purchase a Monster potion from the Monsters Clan marketplace. That monster potion formula will be used in the laboratory to create a new monster. Every Monster is born with unique characteristics and facial features.

Buy Adult Monster

If you prefer to have an adult Monster rather than a baby Monster, you can purchase any adult Monster from the Marketplace.

2. Create Monsters

Monsters Clan is all about Monsters living on the Blockchain and their way of life. Every player in the game who owns adult potioner monsters will be able to create a new monster using monster potion. You must initiate the potion generation process, in which your two monsters must mix and create a potion in a potion cauldron. Monsters working on a monster potion are unable to participate in battle until the potion is completed. The time it takes to make a potion is determined by the potion cauldron.

Furthermore, the Professor of the Laboratory will process that monster potion and initiate chemical reactions in his Laboratory to give birth to a baby monster. If you don’t want to make a baby monster, you can sell your newly created potion in the Monsters Clan marketplace.

Cancelling the potion generation process in between will cost the loss of that potion.

Requirements for Generating Monster Potion to Create Monster Baby

  • A player must own 2 adult monsters.
  • Both monsters must be adults and have at least 1x potion power to be able for potion creation.
  • Must have a Potion Cauldron for mixing and creating potions.
  • Must have access to a laboratory to process a generated potion.
  • Monsters’ cooldown period is over.
  • Enough coins for fees.

Laboratory will be required to process potion to make a monster baby not for potion generation.

Cooldown Period

Once the potion generation process is completed, the cooldown period for monsters will begin. Monsters’ cooldown period will begin upon potion creation, and they will be unable to create monster potion until their cooldown period is over. Furthermore, you will be unable to sell your monsters until their cooldown period has expired. The cooldown period will last 48 hours, but you can speed it up by spending gems.

The primary goal of the Cooldown period is to ensure fairness and transparency throughout the Monsters Clan ecosystem. This is to avoid the overproduction of monster babies or the creation of potions. Restricting players’ ability to sell their monsters during their cooldown period ensures that no one can exploit their monsters’ cooldown period for personal gain.

3. Feeding Monsters

How cool would it be to feed your Monsters in order for them to grow and become more powerful? Monsters Clan makes this possible. You will be able to purchase special monster feeds from Professor’s laboratory to feed your Monster babies. With the passage of time, feeding monster babies will eventually turn them into adults. Instead of purchasing monster feeds, you can make them in a laboratory, but make sure you have access to the necessary equipment.

4. Monsters Trading

Another exciting feature of Monsters Clan will be the ability to buy and sell Monsters on the game’s own marketplace. Purchase more powerful and rare monsters to increase your chances of winning in the various battle modes and challenges.

It’s entirely up to you whether to sell your monster babies or adult Monsters. Not only can you buy and sell monsters, but you can also buy and sell monster potions, special feeds, and other items.

Monsters Clan Game Battle Modes

There are 4 different game modes available in Monsters Clan game as explained below:

AI Mode

Players will be able to compete against random system teams in AI Mode, as the name suggests. AI mode will have different rounds, and one must win one level to advance to the next. Every round will be a knockout round; winning a round will earn you a lot of XP points and coins, as well as increasing your winning rate. As one wins more AI Mode rounds, the amount of XP points and coins awarded increases. As a reward for reaching round 10, you will receive some gems if you win the 10th round.

Winning rounds in AI mode will increase your winning rate whereas losing rounds will not decrease your winning rate.

PVP Mode

You will be able to compete in two-player PVP battles in the PVP battle mode. Two friends, for example, can compete online. PVP will increase excitement and energy because everyone will be able to compete with anyone they want using their fight ID. Winning a single battle in PVP mode earns you coins and XP points.

Players will be able to participate in PVP mode only if their winning percentage is greater than 70% and they have a level 5 profile. If your winning percentage falls below 70%, PVP mode will be disabled again. Winning in PVP mode increases your win rate, while losing decreases your win rate.

Clan Battle Mode

Clan Battle Mode entails attacking other players’ clans, defeating their Monsters, stealing coins from their coin boxes, and other activities. As a gamer, you will be able to search for and attack various clans online.

You will be able to attack other clans with your Monsters and army; however, you must keep your Monsters updated and strong enough to last on the Battleground. A strategy for defending your clan and attacking the clans of others will be critical to victory. A separate and detailed guide for Clan Battle mode will be shared with the entire Monsters Clan community very soon.

Tournament Seasons Mode

Monsters Clan will host various battle tournaments in which Monsters Clan players from around the world will compete against one another. To participate in Monsters Clan battle tournaments, players must keep their user profile and winning rate up to date.

Tournament winners will receive various rewards such as coins, gems, NFTs, and $MONS depending on the type of tournament.

Monsters Clan Lands

Let’s look at why lands are required and what the advantages of having lands are in Monsters Clan NFT Game.

Why Are Lands Important?

Monsters Clan is the first-ever third-person game centered on the Monsters, their way of life, and their own era. Having land means that your Monsters can stay on their own specific piece of land where they can prepare for upcoming fights.

To take part in upcoming fights, whether PVP, Clan Battles, or tournaments, one must have land for his monsters to stay and prepare. If you can’t afford to buy land, you can easily rent it for a very low monthly fee. Landowners will soon be able to rent out their properties as well. Participating in fights gives you the opportunity to win and earn rewards such as Coins, Gems, NFTs, and even $MONS.

Benefits of Lands

Before we get into specifics, let’s look at the overall advantages of having land plots:

  • Become eligible to participate in fights.
  • Get a free coin box to store game coins
  • Get a free warehouse to store potions and monster feeds.
  • Earn passive income in $MONS by renting out lands at the minimal rental cost to those who can’t afford to buy a plot but want to play the game to earn.
  • Get special items like Gem TreeMystery Hole, and Volcano mountain to keep earning gems.
  • NFT Staking

Let’s take a quick look at each of the Monstel planet’s lands.

1- Aloha Island Plot

We present to you an affordable and environmentally friendly Aloha Island plot surrounded by many trees. This Aloha Island plot is ideal for establishing your Monsters. All you need is a good area with a refreshing environment to get a good start in your Monsters Clan Game career. The Aloha Island Plot comes with one free Basic Coin Box.

Total Land Area: 2500 Sq m

2- Monstruto Island Plot

The Monstruto Island plot is a one-of-a-kind land with plenty of room for you to set up whatever you want for your Monsters. Everything from laboratories to caves can be built in this Monstruto Island Plot. The Monstruto Island plot also includes a free Standard Coin Box and a gem tree.

Gem Tree is a unique tree that only comes with Monstruto land. This special tree generates three gems per day, so you’ll be earning free gems that you can use to speed up potion creation, feed creation, and other time-bound operations in the game.

Total Land Area: 5000 Sq m

3- Howlers Tropic Island Plot

Howlers Tropic Island plot is a fantastic land with plenty of room for you and your monsters. As part of your game strategy, set up your laboratories, caves, cauldrons, and whatever else you want. Monstruto Tropic Island plot comes with 1 free super coin box and a mystery hole, as well as a rich and fertile land.

A Mystery Hole is a unique feature of this land that generates 5 gems per day from Howlers Tropic Island’s soil.

Total Land Area: 7000 Sq m

4- Bloodhill Island Plot

Bloodhill Island Plot is one of the most premium and top-tier lots available. This island has more space than any other on the Monstel planet. Bloodhill Island embodies legacy, horror, and a haven for the most lethal monsters. This is an ideal and premium level Island to set up for your Monsters to have a successful career in the Monsters Clan NFT Game. Aside from having such a large area, Bloodhill Island Plot includes 1 free premium coin box and a volcano mountain that is built by default.

Volcano mountain is a special mountain hill that generates 8 gems per day, allowing you to earn free gems that you can use to speed up potion creation, feed creation, and other time-bound operations in the game.

Total Land Area: 10,000 Sq m

Remember: if you rent out your land plot to someone, you will be able to rent out the whole land plot, not in the form of portions.

Monsters Clan Tokenomics

The professional team of Monsters Clan, which includes blockchain experts, has prepared a tokenomics plan for $MONS. Our experts create a $MONS tokenomics plan based on professional strategy and practices.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $MONS

Monster Clan offical Contract Address is


SEED ROUND7%0.107,000,000$700,000
STRATEGIC ROUND5%0.135,000,000$650,000
IDO ROUND3%0.153,000,000$450,000
CORE TEAM20%20,000,000
PLAY TO EARN30%30,000,000
ECONOMY FUND15%15,000,000$1,800,000

What is Required to Play Monsters Clan Game?

Let’s see what it takes to get started playing Monsters Clan NFT Game and winning battles to earn money.

Because Monsters Clan is an NFT game, one would need the necessary game NFTs to begin his Monsters Clan career. Some NFTs are required to begin a Monsters Clan game and participate in fights, tournaments, and other core game activities. Let’s look at which NFTs are required to play the Monster Clan game.

1. Island Plot (Required)

The first thing you’ll need to get started with Monsters Clan is an island plot for your monsters. For $MONS, you can either buy or rent an island plot from the Monsters Clan marketplace.

It doesn’t matter which island your plot is on; what matters is that you have access to a plot, whether you own it or rent it. All Island plots will be available for sale, purchase, and rent on Monsters Clan’s marketplace.

2. Monster Cave (Required)

Monsters require a special place to rest and relax, so here is a Monster Cave. Every monster cave will be limited to a certain number of monsters. There are various levels of Monster caves available, each with a different capacity for Monsters.

As a result, you must have a monster cave on your Island plot to provide your monsters with a safe place to rest and replenish their energy for the next fight. Monsters Clan NFT Marketplace will allow you to buy, sell, or rent caves.

3. Monsters (Required)

Of course, monsters are required to begin playing the Monsters Clan game. As you may know, Monsters are classified into three types: potioners, fighters, and masters. If all you want to do is look forward to

If you want to participate in fights, battles, or tournaments, you must own or master a fighter monster. The Potioner type monster is only required if you want to make a potion in the cauldron rather than purchasing one from the marketplace.

Remember, you will not be able to participate in any battles or tournaments if you don’t have access to any of the above three NFTs.

Other NFTs

Aside from the three mandatory NFTs, here are the NFTs you may require in order to have a successful career, win more fights, and earn more money.

  • Monster Feed: To upgrade your Monsters, you must purchase feed from the marketplace.
  • Potion: If you want to create a monster baby in the laboratory, you’ll need a potion.
  • Cauldron: To make a potion, you would need a cauldron.
  • Laboratory: If you want to make a monster baby out of potion or create monster feed for yourself, you’ll need to buy or rent a laboratory.
  • Coins Box: If you want to keep more than 5000 coins in your inventory, you’ll need a coin box. Coin Boxes are for sale on the market.


Monsters Clan is about to alter the dynamics of Blockchain-based NFT games. Monsters Clan’s team will continue to update and improve a gaming model in order to make Monsters Clan better and more optimized for every gamer. We believe in bringing joy and freedom to everyone who enjoys playing video games.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Monsters Clan already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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