Monsta Infinite NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Monsta Infinite Game?

Monsta Infinite is a turn based card battles NFT game built on blockchaing gaming with a three character puzzle system to play. Monsta Infinite is not your typical card game. It is more competitive card game and if you compare with other traditional card battle games.

There are a lot excitement and challenges in this game that you will love.

Below you can watch Monsta Infinite game trailer video.

How to Register for Monsta Wallet for Monsta Infinite Game?

To register your Monsta Wallet you can watch below detailed Monsta Wallet Registration Guide step by step guide video.

Monsta Infinite Gameplay

There are total 9 different types of Monsta from 3 different moon countries.

Each has its own smaller hierarchies and is classified as strength (STR), Agility (AGI) and Intelligence (INT).

Monsta’s attributes are also affected by each type.

Monsta Nations:

  1. Cyborgs from Titan Nation
  2. Elfs from Rhea Nation
  3. Orcs from Lapetus Nation
How to play Monsta Infinite
How does Monsta Infinity work

In addition to classification, each Monsta is composed of 6 distinct parts.

  1. Head
  2. Face
  3. Body
  4. Tail
  5. Arms
  6. Legs

​What is Monsta Infinite Stamen Tellus Token (STT token)?

Monsta Infinite’s in-game currency is the Statemen Tellus (STT) token, which you can obtain and collect through combat and the game world.

It is needed for Synthetic Cloning and can be used to buy non-attribute cosmetics.

Monsta Infinite Features

Monstas have 6 body parts that can be enhanced by sacrificing other Monstas to Shani’s God. Body parts that have been upgraded will receive a new special skill card. ‌

  1. Head -> Horns
  2. Face -> Mask
  3. Body -> Wings
  4. Tail-> Back
  5. Arms -> Arms
  6. Legs -> Legs

Sometimes you will have overpopulation problem and to solve that issue you will need to sacrifice Monsta in order to strengthen your Monsta team.

As a result, Monsta’s supply and demand will remain balanced.

Monsta Infinite Gameplay

Three Monsta are required to form a team.

Each Monsta has six cards: two Skill cards, two attack cards, and two defense cards.

During battle, the player can select one of five cards from a random shuffle.

To apply the card to an ally or an enemy, the player must drag it to the specified target.

Players have 5 seconds after each round to pull the orbs on the three-match puzzle system.

If the matching orbs are colored orbs of the same class, their abilities can be improved.

HP and MP orbs are unique orbs that replenish Monsta’s HP and MP. ‌

The battle initiative is determined by the difference in Agility (AGI) and Intelligence (INT) which determines each Monsta’s turn.

Certain cards can influence the battle sequence and prevent the opponent from taking their turn, making the battle more automated and putting the player’s intelligence to the test.. ‌

Random Match in Monsta Infinite

Inspired by Puzzle & Dragons, there are 5 different colored orbs that each represent a different class or attribute.

5 Colored Orbs in Monsta Infinite:

  1. Cyborg
  2. Elf
  3. Orc
  4. Health Power Recovery
  5. Mana Power Recovery

You will need to drag an orb to an adjacent position and swap it with the orb that is already there.

As long as the player does not let go of the orb, the orb can be moved as much as the player wants within 5 seconds, allowing them to arrange several combos in one turn.

After that, all matching orbs will be removed from the board.

The board then cascades all of the orbs down and refills the board, which can lead to more combos known as “skyfall combos.” ‌

The addition of the match three puzzle system is intended to address the pay-to-win issue that plagues most Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs).

A system like this would give competitive players an advantage over their opponents. Monsta Infinite intends to balance the effects of time, money, and skill on gameplay.

Monsta Infinite Open World

You can own properties and purchase land to build them.

Assets must be created using materials gathered from all over the world map. ‌

  • Furthermore, players can own and craft according to the game’s recipes.
  • You can collaborate with other players to construct your land.
  • You can organize events, and let other players attend your events.


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