MonkeyLeague NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is MonkeyLeague?

MonkeyLeague is the web3 gaming of the future. It combines high-production-value multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance to create a fast and exciting turn-based play and earn soccer game that is simple to learn but difficult to master.

The concept of asset portability is introduced by MonkeyLeague. You can own the game’s assets, Monkeys and Stadiums, in the form of NFTs, as well as the in-game currency, MonkeyBucks $MBS.

MonkeyLeague game provides multiple play-and-earn channels, providing players with flexibility and excitement in how they play. Furthermore, once implemented, you will be able to exercise governance over the game platform and treasury by using a DAO governance token ($SCORE).

MonkeyLeague game is being created by a team of experts with a combined 100 years of experience in game art, design, and development, having created games that have generated billions of dollars in revenue over the last nearly two decades.

The mission of this studio is to usher in a new era and raise the bar for high-production-value play-AND-earn web3 gaming experiences. Games that enable more people to own, play, compete, and earn, rather than just a few.

Unlike other games, MonkeyLeague allows players to actively or passively participate in the game ecosystem and earn.

MonkeyLeague NFT Game

MonkeyLeague Gameplay

MonkeyLeague is the web3 gaming of the future. It combines high-production-value multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance to create a fast and exciting turn-based, play-AND-earn soccer game that is simple to learn but difficult to master.

Score goals, complete missions, and win matches to earn MonkeyBucks $MBS, the game’s main currency. Complete more missions, win more matches, and League-up to earn higher rewards in this game centered on tiered Leagues.

The game is played with MonkeyLeague Monkey NFTs owned by the game’s players and is a cross between FIFA Street and Chess. Monkey NFTs are born with four core game Skills and stats for each, as well as twelve game Perks, or boosters, in addition to eleven Appearance traits.

You will assemble your dream team of 4 Monkeys to fill the roles of Striker, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalie. Monkeys can be played in any position, but they each have a best-case scenario.

Matches are expected to last 3-5 minutes and are played between two teams over several rounds. When both teams have finished their turns, the round is over. Each team has three moves per turn (the number of moves per turn is still being determined), and these moves should be strategically planned.

You can move a player to another quadrant, pass the ball, swap places with a teammate, hold the ball, or shoot the ball on offense. There may be several types of moves within some of these moves. A Pass, for example, can be performed on the ground or in the air.

When performing an action, your Skill levels are put up against the opponent’s.

You can use extreme Pressing on defense, intercept a pass or dribble, or attempt a Tackle.

Some moves are unopposed, whereas actions taken in a zone with opposing team players can be challenged. For example, if a Striker takes a shot on goal on the opposing team’s side of the field, the Accuracy stat level of that MonkeyPlayer is compared to the Goalie’s Defensive stat level.

However, the Luck Factor is intertwined to encourage the underdog, which means that a random number is chosen between 0 and the Striker’s Accuracy stat and 0 and the Defender’s Defense stat, and the higher number wins the challenge.

This occurs automatically and in real time. Challenges can occur in a variety of situations, including attempting to dribble through an opponent, transitioning flanks, and passing, to name a few.

Illustration of gameplay. UI is just an illustration, not final game UI.

In MonkeyLeague, Game Skills can be improved through gameplay, and Game Perks are a fixed boost to certain game actions.

Matches cost Energy, and Monkeys cannot participate in indefinite matches. They have stamina and health points that need to be replenished after playing several matches in a row.

Nutritional and MedCare items purchased in-game with MonkeyBucks $MBS increase stamina and restore HP. (A free daily supply pack of game items will be provided, enough for several matches.)

What are MonkeyLeague Game Modes?

MonkeyLeague game has three different game modes, as shown below:

  • Player vs Environment: To improve your Monkey’s overall abilities, use the training mode.
  • Player vs Player: the traditional 4v4 match in which each player controls his entire team.
  • Team vs Team: a game mode in which each team is controlled by a different player

All multiplayer games will be played in stadiums in front of a live audience. Stadium owners are compensated for each game they host, whereas spectators influence gameplay by rooting for a team and increasing the morale of that team.

When a game is completed, the in-game currency token, MonkeyBucks ($MBS), is split and distributed among the winning team (75%), the Stadium owner (15%), and the spectators who supported the winning team (10%)

What are MonkeyLeague Game Assets and NFTs?

MonkeyLeague has three types of in-game Assets and NFTs, as shown below:

  1. Monkeys (Players)
  2. Stadiums (Land)
  3. Spectators (not NFTs)

1. Monkeys (Players)

The team’s players are monkeys, who are introduced by NFT assets owned by game players. Monkeys act as a source of revenue, allowing players to earn MonkeyBucks ($MBS) by winning games.

Monkey NFTs are more than just cool collectibles; they are in-game assets that affect your ability to complete missions and play and win matches.

Each Monkey NFT has its own DNA, which is made up of its Appearance, Trainable Abilities, and Special Moves.

2. Stadiums (Land)

Stadiums are Land assets introduced by NFTs and owned by Players in MonkeyLeague’s metaverse.

Stadiums allow their owners to earn MonkeyBucks in a passive manner.

Matches between teams are held in Stadiums, which are governed by the Stadium’s level as well as additional game and token mechanics. The game platform pays stadium owners who host games, tournaments, and special events.

Stadiums can be used to train the owner’s Monkeys, improve their abilities, and source game items when they are not hosting a game between third-party teams.

Stadium owners can improve their stadiums by constructing and acquiring special facilities, as well as organizing unique competitions and special events to attract more users.

Stadiums are scheduled to open at the end of 2022, with much more information to follow.

3. Spectators

MonkeyLeague players can also earn passive MonkeyBucks by being Spectators, or by watching other players’ matches and rooting for a team that wins. Being a spectator and rooting for a team is a simple task that not only rewards the spectator but also influences the outcome of the match by boosting the morale of the team playing.

Spectators can earn money not only by watching matches and picking the winning team, but they can also use the opportunity to analyze other teams in order to improve their own gameplay.

Spectators can also buy game items and boosters to improve their ability to pick the winning team and earn more MonkeyBucks. NFTs do not introduce observers.

Appearance of Monkey in MonkeyLeague Game

The appearance of each Monkey is derived from a DNA pool of countless possible traits ranging from common to rare, making each Monkey truly unique.

There are over 2.5 trillion possible permutations of Generation Zero Monkeys based on all 32 total traits, demonstrating the rarity of each NFT.


The higher the “Alpha Factor” of a Monkey NFT, the greater the Monkey’s ability to perform Special Moves.

What are Core Game Skills of MonkeyLeague?

Even though the MonkeyPlayers must have all four game skills in order to play, each position has a distinct advantage in each skill.

Each Monkey has a current best position as well as a maximum potential. The Max Potential is the position in which your MonkeyPlayer will perform best once all of his stats are maxed out. This means that players will be able to choose which stats to upgrade, which may change the player’s current best position. In MonkeyLeague, each Monkey has four core game skills, as shown below:

  • Accuracy: The Accuracy level of your Monkey determines how likely their passes and shots are to succeed. The higher the Accuracy stat, the more likely you are to score a goal from a distance.
  • Passing: The Passing level of your Monkey determines how well you pass and the likelihood that your pass will successfully reach its target. The higher the Passing stat, the more likely successful passes are.
  • Defense: The level of Defensive Skill on your Monkey affects how well that player defends against passes, shots, and other gameplay situations. The higher the Defense stat, the more likely it is to successfully tackle and defend.
  • Control: Your Monkey’s Control level represents their ability to handle various situations, such as successfully receiving a pass, shooting the ball, or having better control over defenders attempting to steal the ball from you. The higher the Control stat, the better the ability to receive and keep the ball.

For each ability, each Monkey is born with an initial and maximum potential score. A rare monkey NFT will have a high initial score and/or a high potential score for any of his abilities.

Each monkey is also capable of performing combinations and special moves. Monkeys’ scores rise when they consume in-game items.

What are Game Perks in MonkeyLeague?

Monkeys are also born with 12 Game Perks, which are enhancements to in-game actions. When kicking from the left side of the field, for example, some Monkeys will have a higher factor than others.

Other distinguishing features of MonkeyLeague may include:

  • Ball Interception,
  • Dribble,
  • Courage and more.

The elements of monkeys influence their abilities and also determine which position they will perform best in – whether as a Score, Midfielder, Defender, or Goalkeeper.

When compared to other, more common Monkeys, rare Monkeys will have more factors in a specific role.

What are Game Positions in MonkeyLeague? How many positions are available?

Keep in mind that soccer is a strategic game in and of itself. When combined with chess game mechanics, as in MonkeyLeague, a whole new level of engagement and strategy emerges.

There will be many things to consider and plan for when playing MonkeyLeague, such as placing them in the right positions, executing the right actions, maximizing their potential in the role, ensuring that all of your Monkeys are taken care of, and having the stats to perform at their best.

The positions, or roles, on the field and how they are used wisely are critical to mastering MonkeyLeague, which begins with selecting the right Monkeys for the right positions at the right times for matches.

Each of the positions, or roles, on the field, are the most important game mechanics components in MonkeyLeague. MonkeyLeague has four positions, which are listed below:

  1. The Striker,
  2. The Goalie,
  3. The MidFielder
  4. The Defender.
MonkeyLeague NFT Game - Monkeys

When playing, there are numerous factors to consider and plan for, including ensuring that all of your team’s players have sufficient ability and stats to perform well.

The ability to stack these positions with the right Monkeys and improve their abilities can make or break your dynasty. Positions on the field are linked to zones, specific game actions, and game perks.

Remember that you must choose where to place each of your Monkey NFTs at the start of each match. The players will then be able to perform the moves and use the Perks associated with the position selected.

1. The Striker

In MonkeyLeague, the striker is a crucial position for your team. This player stands in front of the Goalie, closest to the opposing team’s goal.

Because the primary role of a Striker is to score, you should use other teammates to set up the Striker with good passes in impactful areas of its zone.

MonkeyLeague The-Striker

This also means that your Striker will face a lot of pressure and defensive tactics from the opposing team, so make sure their Skills are stacked, especially Control and Accuracy, so they can handle and control the ball while also having precision in their touch.

When the opposing team’s Defense has the ball, use your Striker to apply pressure to increase the Defender’s chances of making a mistake, assuming their Stats are focused on Defense.

MonkeyLeague divides the playing field into zones. Zones determine which game actions are available to you. Some actions, such as holding or protecting the ball, are available in all zones.

There are, however, many zone-specific actions.

The Attack Zone

Starting in the second half of the field, the Striker will be more prominent to perform in the Attack Zone; this is where the Striker will be in order to score goals as accurately as possible.

MonkeyLeague: The Striker Zone

The Striker can only perform goal kicks while in the attack zone. The further your Striker is from the goal area, the more difficult it will be to score without losing a lot of stamina.

Game Actions of The Striker

The Striker has four distinct game actions, which are listed below:

  • The Scissor Kick: It’s a potent offensive move. Set up your Striker with an Upper Pass and then let him finish it off with this monster shot!
  • The Header Pass: It’s a more secure way to pass to your team because it’s in the air and has more force!
  • The Power Kick on Goalie: There’s no stopping this ball from going all the way with the right precision!
  • The Meteor Shot: Set up for this KILLER special shot that will make it difficult for most opponents to stop your ball — although The Meteor Shot is an awesome move, it is not included in the MVP.

The Striker position thrives on accuracy and control when performing moves, though a perfect Striker would also need good Defense and Passing skills.

Perks of The Striker

The Striker has three different perks, which are listed below:

  • Precision Shot: Increases shot on goal accuracy.
  • Protective Holding: Improves your Striker’s ability to maintain control of the situation by resisting tackles and attempts to steal the ball from him.
  • Hard Header: Improves your Monkey’s mental game. Headshot to the goal is currently used.
MonkeyLeague: The Striker Perks

All of the Striker’s game abilities must be used within the attack zone. Some perks are only active depending on where you place your Monkey at the start of the game.

Summary of The Striker

  • The primary function of a striker is to score goals.
  • The Attack Zone begins in the field’s second half.
  • Certain game-play moves are only available to the Striker position.
  • Control and Accuracy are two benefits specific to the Striker position.

2. The Goalie

In MonkeyLeague, the goalie plays an important role for your team. This player guards the net and is usually the last line of defense in preventing the opposing team from scoring..

As we all know, it’s the only position that can use their hands and arms to stop shots and pick up the ball while the game is still going on.

A good goalie must always anticipate where the ball will go, so stack their Skills, especially Control and Defense.

But keep in mind that your goalie can also be used to move the ball down the field by throwing or kicking, so accuracy and passing stats are also important to maintain. Well-rounded Monkeys in all positions are unquestionably advantageous.

Goalie Zone

We already know that the match field is divided into zones, and those zones are linked to each of the positions, determining what game actions you can perform. Some actions, such as holding, dribbling, swapping places, and protecting the ball, are available in all zones. There are, however, many zone-specific actions.

The Goalie, or Penalty Zone, A.KA. The Box

The primary function of the Goalie Zone is to define the Goalie’s area of influence on the field. This is a zone full of suspense, action, and quick movements. The Goalie has complete control of the ball inside the penalty area, giving him a significant advantage.

MonkeyLeague: The Goalie Zone

The Box is the most desired area on the field because your top priority is to score goals and win games!

Game Actions of The Goalie

The Goalie has four distinct game actions, which are listed below:

  • Diving Save Attempt: This is what can happen when you don’t aim for high Control stats to improve your goalie’s ability to catch the ball.
  • The Deflection: High defensive stats will instill confidence in your goalie’s ability to keep it together!
  • Diving Save: The higher your Monkey’s Defense and Control stats, the better he is at performing amazing and quick saves.
  • The Power Kick: Need a powerful kick to get the ball rolling again? Try the Goalie Power Kick, which allows you to pass the ball to a teammate while keeping the game going. Keep track of your goalie’s passing and accuracy stats.

The goalie position’s focus skill to push improvement would be defense, but as mentioned above, control is almost as important, and for strong passing capabilities, high Accuracy and Passing stats will make your MonkeyGoalie a fear for any team!

Perks of the Goalie

The Striker has three different perks, which are listed below:

  • Golden Gloves: Improves the goalie’s ability to defend and block shots.
  • Goalie Resistance: Improves the goalkeeper’s ability to control the area around the goal.
  • Goalie Long Ball: Increases the distance the goalie can kick the ball away.
MonkeyLeague: The Goalie Perks

All of the Goalie’s game advantages must be used within The Box.

Summary of The Goalie

  • Goalies are the last line of defense to prevent the opponent from scoring, making them an extremely important position to stack.
  • Goalie benefits include Golden Gloves, Goalie Resistance, and Goalie Long Ball.
  • Certain game-play moves are only possible in the Goalie position.
  • While the goalie’s primary skill is defense, having well-rounded stats for control, accuracy, and passing is a good strategy.

3. The MidFielder

In MonkeyLeague, the Midfielder plays an important role for your team. Midfielders, as you might expect, play mostly in the middle of the field.

MonkeyLeague: The MidFielder

If the team is a well-oiled machine, midfielders are the gears that connect the defensive and offensive lines, transitioning the ball and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Midfielders are usually the ones who see the most action during a game.

This player, who is often regarded as the most hardworking, must be ready for action and can play both defensively and offensively depending on where the ball is. Furthermore, they are in charge of passing the ball to other players, so they must have exceptional ball control and passing skills.

The Zones

The primary function of the Midfielder Zone is to define the Midfielder’s area of influence on the field. This is an action-packed zone; because it is located in the center of the field, it is almost always used for attack or defense. He can perform specific Perks inside the Midfielder’s area, giving him an advantage if played correctly.

MonkeyLeague: The MidFielder Zone

Game Actions of The MidFielder

The MidFielder has four distinct game actions, which are listed below:

  • Special Flank Crossover
  • The Upper pass
  • The Flip Shot
  • The Spinner

Perks of The MidFielder

The MidFielder has three different perks, which are listed below:

  • Pass Interception: Increases the ability of your Monkey to intercept passes.
  • Extreme Pressing: Increases the defensive press impact of your Monkey on the opposing player.
  • Flank Pass: Improves your Monkey’s ability to pass across the field accurately to another Monkey teammate.

All of the Midfielder’s game advantages must be used within the Midfield zone.

MonkeyLeague: The MidFielder Perks

Summary of The MidFielder

  • Midfielders serve as the link between the defensive and offensive lines.
  • Pass Interception, Extreme Pressing, and Flank Passing are advantages of the Midfielder position.
  • There are certain game-play moves that are only available to Midfielders.
  • While passing and control are the skills to focus on for the midfielder, having well-rounded stats for accuracy and defense is a good strategy.

3. The Defender

In MonkeyLeague, this is usually The Defender closest to the net. They are in charge of defending their team’s half of the field, including the goalie and goal area, blocking shots and preventing the opposing team’s offensive players from passing, receiving, shooting, and scoring.

The Defender’s role in preventing offensive forward movement is not limited to overpowering the attacker. Midfielders must rush, pressure, and confuse the attacker in order to cause them to make mistakes. Taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes allows you to win the ball and prevent attacks on your goalie. A strong defense is an essential component of any successful soccer team.

Defender’s Zone:

The purpose of the Defender Zone is to delineate the Defender’s area of influence on the field. The Defender Zone is usually full of suspense and tension because his main goal is to protect the goal from the opponent’s attack.

MonkeyLeague: The Defender Zone

The Defender will position himself in the best possible way to eliminate the possibility of the opponent slipping through, sometimes even causing a foul.

Game actions of The Defender

The Defender has four distinct game actions, which are listed below:

  • Tackle
  • The Steal
  • Pressing
  • The Foul

Perks of The Defender

The Defender has three different perks, which are listed below:

  • Hard Tackle: Improves your Monkey’s tackling skills.
  • Defensive Awareness: Increases your Monkey’s defensive awareness of his surroundings and actions, making him more responsive.
  • Last Stand Defense: Increases your Monkey’s ability to stage a last stand against the opposing team in or near your goal area.
MonkeyLeague: The Defender Perks

All of the Defender’s game abilities must be used within his area of influence. Remember that some perks are only active depending on where you place your Monkey at the start of the game.

Summary of The Defender

  • In charge of defending the goalie, blocking shots, and stopping the opposing team’s offensive players.
  • Hard Tackle, Defensive Awareness, and Last Stand Defense are advantages of the Defender position.
  • Certain game-play moves are only possible in the Defender’s position.
  • While the Defender’s primary skills are passing and defense, having well-rounded stats for accuracy and control is a good strategy.

What are MonkeyLeague Game Actions? Detailed Overview

MonkeyLeague Game Actions

MonkeyLeague sits at the crossroads of FIFA Street and Chess, offering a fast-paced, turn-based soccer game that is simple to learn but difficult to master.

Here you will find a complete list of all of the current moves available in the M.V.P. version of the game, divided by name, the requirements required to complete the move, and its effect in matches.

Keep in mind that all of the listed actions and requirements are still subject to game-design changes based on our play testing and development progress.

These are the MVP’s 13 core game moves. Remember, the game is a living being, and we will constantly improve and add new features such as new moves, special abilities, new fields, and in-cuts.

  • Moving: High dribble control is essential for getting past defenders and down the field!
  • Passing: When there is no obvious path for a pass, be STRATEGIC and don’t underestimate your opponent’s ability to win challenges!
  • Swap Places: A simple but effective and strategic move to make if you want to position a better defender upfront for a possible Challenge or set up a better offensive play!
  • Pressing: Do you see your opponent running towards you with the ball? Try pressing him to show him who’s boss and that he’s not going anywhere.
  • Power Kick: When it comes to scoring, the Power Kick is the way to go! There’s no stopping this ball from going all the way with the right precision.
  • Pop Dribble: Met with a strong defender? Throw the ball over his head to reduce the possibility of an interception and catch it in the next quadrant up!
  • Upper pass: If you don’t want to risk an interception on a ground pass, lob it UP for your teammate to catch and keep possession!
  • Tackle: Offense will not win the game! Stack your defense skills to make the opposing team think twice about challenging you!

Remember that, in MonkeyLeague you must assemble your ultimate team of four Monkey NFTs to fill the positions of Striker, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalkeeper. And, while each Monkey can play anywhere, they are born with a higher Max Potential for one of the positions that you must develop!

What is The Wheel of Monkey Community Contest in MonkeyLeague?

The contestants will compete for a variety of prizes, similar to “Wheel of Fortune,” with the fastest solver of the puzzle winning.

With four rounds and four different puzzles to solve, the winners of each round will have the opportunity to spin the MonkeyWheel of Fortune! Various prize amounts are available, including Game Supply Packs, $MBS rewards, and more.

MonkeyLeague: Wheel of Monkey Contest

Wheel of Monkey Rules:

  1. The unsolved puzzle image will be displayed on the MonkeyContest channel.
  2. The round is won by the first person to figure out the entire word/sentence.
  3. The four round winners will have a chance at the MonkeyWheel.
  4. No swearing, keep it clean
  5. There will be no discussion of politics, race, or religion.

Wheel of Monkey Rewards

  • Mint Price NFT
  • Game Supply Pack (200 $MBS, 150 $MBS, 100 $MBS, 50 $MBS, 10 $MBS, 5 $MBS)

What is The MONKEYDY Community Contest in MonkeyLeague?

On Sunday the 29th @ 3PM UTC, all the participants will meet in our MonkeyContest channel in Discord.

Contestants will compete for a variety of $MBS prizes, similar to the “Jeopardy” game, with the fastest person to respond correctly winning!

There are four topic categories to choose from, each with four questions. The difficulty of the questions varies, as do the $MBS prizes.

MonkeyLeague: Monkeydy Contest

At the start of each round, we will ask participants which topic they want to discuss, and they will respond with a (👍). The topic with the most thumbs up is chosen.

Similarly, participants will be asked to choose which question or $MBS reward (from 20–50) they want to answer. The amount in $MBS with the most thumbs up is then chosen.

The chosen question is then broadcast into the channel chat, and the first person to respond correctly wins the prize!


With 5 different rounds and a variety of $MBS amounts to choose from, you’ll need to be well-versed in MonkeyLeague!

MonkeyLeague: Monkeydy Contest Rewards


  1. On the MonkeyContest channel, the board with categories and $MBS values will be displayed.
  2. Following the selection of the category and $MBS amount, the first person to figure out the question/response wins.
  3. The winners of the five rounds will receive the $MBS value of the question they answered.
  4. No swearing, keep it clean,
  5. There will be no discussion of politics, race, or religion.

What is MonkeyLearn, MonkeyEarn in MonkeyLeague?

MonkeyLeague Learn & Earn is a weekly community activity held in the MonkeyLeague Discord channel’s “Learn & Earn” channel. This is an excellent opportunity for those who know MonkeyLeague like the back of their hand to begin earning money!

MonkeyLeague: Learn & Earn

So, what’s Learn & Earn:

  • Starting March 4th, we will have a Learn & Earn MonkeyQuiz with 10 questions of varying difficulty and potential points to earn for each, every Friday.
  • To participate, you must be a member of our Discord community.
  • You will have a limited time to respond to each question.
  • You will have 48 hours to finish the quiz (from Friday 9 AM UTC to Sunday 9 AM UTC),
  • You cannot leave and return to the quiz once you have begun it.
  • Each person receives a different set of questions.
  • To be eligible to earn, you must have at least 10 of the maximum 17 points. This week, there could be up to 500 winners! ,
  • Every week, you will receive rewards.
  • This month’s rewards pot is 15,000 $MBS, but it will grow as more participants join.

Learn & Earn Leaderboard:

  • The leaderboard will show the top Learners and Earners in terms of points earned.
  • Extra rewards will be given to the first, second, and third place learners at the end of each month.
  • In addition, at the end of each month, we will give away a Gen Zero Monkey NFT to one of the top 50.
  • To be eligible for the leaderboard, extra rewards, and the NFT raffle, you must complete each weekly MonkeyQuiz.

What is MonkeyLeague Pioneers Gear Up?

Pioneers Gear-Up is a fantastic opportunity for Monkey NFT owners to begin claiming FREE game supply packs and then stocking them in their inventory in time for gameplay!

Remember that you will not be able to play your Monkeys indefinitely; after several consecutive matches, you will need to boost their stamina, restore their Health Points, and replenish their Energy in order to play more matches and earn more rewards!

MonkeyLeague: Pioneers Gear Up

To allow more hardcore MonkeyLeaguers who do not yet have a Monkey NFT to participate in the FREE CLAIM, game creators allow those with at least 1200 $MBS in their wallets to participate in Gear Up.

What are MedCare Items in MonkeyLeague?

Medcare items are used for “Restoring Your Monkeys

MonkeyLeague: Medical

MedCare items will provide you with an in-depth look at each item as well as an overall hierarchy of which items will provide the lowest and highest boosts to your Monkey’s Stamina.

MonkeyLeague: MedCare Items


In the wild, how do monkeys heal their bruises? Who can say?! But your Monkeys don’t have to worry because there are a slew of MedCare items to help them recover, including Bandaid, a small and simple fix for your Monkey’s unhealed wounds.

The Bandaid is the least expensive and provides the least amount of restoration to your Monkey’s HP, or Health Points, of any MedCare item.

Vitamin Boost

What better way to help your favorite MonkeyPlayers recover after a tough match than with a Vitamin Boost? Don’t forget to stock up on this one!


The MedKit is the best way to improve your Monkey’s health bar for future matches because it is simple and easy to use.


The icy-hot spray is the most commonly used item in soccer around the world, designed for quick recovery and return to play! MonkeyMist was chemically engineered in the MonkeyLab to provide the most effective pain relief for your Monkey. MonkeyMist is a quick and enjoyable way to assist your injured Player!

Potassium Infusion

The genetically engineered Potassium Infusion is also fresh from the MonkeyLab! When your Monkey requires immediate assistance, this is the way to go! This Potassium Infusion is certain to improve your Monkey’s health significantly!


MonkeyLeague’s lab technicians worked tirelessly to create a super rare, super-powerful dose of health restoration from the creators of CryptoNana! CryptoCure is the rarest of the MedCare items and will restore the most HP to your Monkey! Stock up and use your money wisely!

Remember, this is the first look inside MonkeyLeague’s official in-game store, giving you the first ideas of what’s to come in terms of design, layout, and understanding the core game items! Stay tuned for the next Energy article!

What are Nutrition Items in MonkeyLeague?

Nutrition items are used for “feeding your Monkey” in MonkeyLeague.

MonkeyLeague: Nutrition Items

Nutritional items will provide you with an in-depth look at each item as well as an overall hierarchy of which items will provide the lowest and highest boosts to your Monkey’s Stamina.

MonkeyLeague: Nutrition


The iconic Banana and Monkey’s best friend will increase your Monkey’s stamina for better overall performance in matches. The banana will provide the least amount of Stamina boost and will also be the least expensive of all the Nutritional items.


What better way to boost your Monkey’s endurance and energy than with a MonkeyBar? Made with a lot of protein and, of course, in the original banana flavor.

Fruit Punch

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of caring for your monkey. What better way to satisfy their hunger than with an organic, straight from the jungle Fruit Punch? Made of three bananas and two apples, this fruity mix is here to help your Monkey’s hunger.

Jungle Juice

The Jungle Juice will give your Monkey a strong boost of stamina to get him ready for game time! It’s the ideal drink for any MonkeyPlayer looking to boost their stamina.

Monktein Powder

The Monktein Powder, designed in the MonkeyLab for maximum protein supplements, is the PERFECT solution for a powerful stamina boost!


Also, fresh from the MonkeyLab and genetically engineered to be the most powerful banana, the CryptoNana is the rarest Nutritional item and will provide you with the greatest amount of Stamina boost! Make good use of it!

What is Energy in MonkeyLeague? and How it works?

MonkeyLeague: Energy

So far, we’ve discussed how the MonkeyStore will be your ticket to purchasing consumable in-game items in MonkeyLeague, such as Nutrition and Med Care, to restore the stamina and health of your MonkeyPlayers.

There are currently six different Nutritional items and six different Med Care items, each ranking in rarity and effect — with rarer items providing a higher boost of Stamina or HP to your Monkey, while simpler ones do not.

Now we’ll go over Energy and how it works in the game.

Playing games will deplete your Energy. If you have a full team of four Monkeys of your own, you will pay less Energy to play a match than a player who owns two Monkeys and must rent two more for the entire team.

The more matches and missions you complete, the higher you will climb in the Leagues and the more $MBS rewards you will receive.

MonkeyLeague: Game Loop

During Pioneers Gear Up, everyone receives the same supply packs. The size of the supply pack you receive as part of your free daily claim will be proportional to your Monkey count. That is, people with 8 Monkeys will receive more supplies each day than those with only 2 Monkeys.

Energy Summary:

  • You will receive Energy on occasion during the Pioneers Gear Up weekly free claim — It is a high-end premium item.
  • When the game first launches, you will receive daily Energy in proportion to the number of Monkeys you own.
  • Playing games will cost you Energy.
  • The amount of Energy required to play matches will be lower for a player who has a full team of at least four Monkeys than for a player who only has two Monkeys and must rent two more.

How to Gear Up in MonkeyLeague Game?

It’s time to GEAR UP on in-game necessities! In MonkeyLeague, the gearing up process is very simple; simply follow these steps to gear up your Monkeys:

  • Step #1: First things first, go to official website of MonkeyLeague
  • Step #2: Click the pink “Launch App” button in the upper right corner.
  • Step #3: This will take you to MonkeyLeague’s in-game store, where you will see a pop-up message welcoming you to the Pioneers Gear Up, followed by a brief explanation.
  • Step #4: Click “Thanks!” after reviewing the message.
  • Step #5: Next, connect your wallet; keep in mind that only Phantom and Solflare wallets are supported. Check that the wallet contains your 1200 $MBS or Monkey NFTs.
  • Step #6: After clicking “Connect,” you must enter your wallet’s password to generate your Player ID.
  • Step #7: After successfully connecting your wallet, you’ll be taken to Pioneers’ In-Game store, where you’ll see the free claim gift of game items with a countdown until the next claim.
  • Step #8: When the timer expires, the option “CLAIM” will appear.
  • Step #9: You will be able to see the items you claimed after clicking the “Claim” button.
  • Step 10: The “Inventory” option is located in the far left corner and allows you to view all of the items you have claimed thus far..

Get Monkey NFTs:

What are you waiting for if you don’t already own a Gen Zero Monkey NFT? Here’s where you can get it:

Get MonkeyBucks $MBS:

Supported wallets to participate in the FREE CLAIM :

How to Earn in MonkeyLeague Game?

There are three ways to earn money in MonkeyLeague, as listed below:

  1. Playing & Winning Matches
  2. Host Matches through Owned Stadiums
  3. Rooting for the Winning Team as a Spectator

MonkeyLeague Tokens

The game will consist of two distinct tokens:

  • MonkeyBucks ($MBS), the in-game currency
  • DAO governance token ($SCORE)

Both are explained below:

MonkeyBucks ($MBS)

The in-game currency that drives the game economy is MonkeyBucks. You can obtain $MBS by purchasing it on DEXs, completing missions, winning matches, or hosting games in their Stadiums.

You can spend $MBS to breed new Monkeys and purchase consumable items from the game’s shop. The game’s store revenue is then transferred to its treasury.

DAO Governance Token ($SCORE)

A decentralized autonomous organization will govern the MonkeyLeague platform (DAO). Voting and governance practices will be phased in alongside economic decisions affecting the game’s treasury.

The $SCORE token will not be sold, but will be farmed by early $MBS token holders.

The $SCORE token can be staked in the game’s treasury, allowing users to vote and earn $SCORE rewards for their efforts. Staking $SCORE also has an impact on how valuable a player’s assets become (for example, staking $SCORE increases the likelihood that a player’s stadium will host a game).

Holding $SCORE allows you to get first dibs on NFT drops and land (stadium) sales.

$SCORE is a limited-edition token that will be released in stages over the next five years.

MonkeyLeague: Game Token Score


The Treasury is central to the feedback loop that drives demand in our ecosystem. Fees and direct sales in the game’s metaverse will be deposited in the Treasury once it is operational.

MonkeyLeague’s Treasury will generate revenue from in-game transaction fees, game store fees, breeding fees, and other initiatives. Furthermore, players who stake $SCORE in the treasury will be rewarded with $SCORE for their participation.

MonkeyLeague will reward liquidity providers for various $SCORE and $MBS pairs in order to build healthy liquidity for both tokens.

MonkeyLeague: Monkey Bucks

​You can read the details of $MBS distribution and vesting schedule.

Private Sale

The MonkeyLeague platform received seed funding in a single round of private sale to early contributors for $MBS. The private sale allocation accounts for 24% of the total $MBS supply.


The MonkeyLeague platform will also use a launchpad to raise a limited amount of public funding. The launchpad allocation accounts for 1% of the total $MBS supply. ​


The team allocation accounts for 12.5% of the total $MBS supply. The MonkeyLeague development team will be incentivized to continue building and improving the game in the long run. This is accomplished by imposing a long cliff and gradually vesting the tokens.


The development allocation accounts for 4% of the total $MBS supply. The development budget will help to encourage community members and other third parties to contribute to the game’s development.

Partners and Advisors

The allocation to partners and advisors represents 2% of the total $MBS supply. By allocating some of the supply to such stakeholders, the project intends to incentivize its key advisors and form new partnerships. ​

Marketing and Listing

Marketing and listing allocation accounts for 1.5% of total $MBS supply. To increase the value of the MonkeyLeague ecosystem, the project plans to use these tokens in marketing efforts to promote the token and the game, as well as list the tokens on top-tier exchanges. ​


The liquidity allocation accounts for 4% of the total $MBS supply. We must allocate some of the supply for future liquidity provision throughout the token’s life, as we do with all other tokens. We estimate that an initial share of the allocation will be required immediately upon the TGE, with the remainder used over the next months. ​

Players and Ecosystem

The allocation of players and ecosystems accounts for 51% of the total $MBS supply.

The goal of these tokens is to encourage a diverse range of players to participate and engage with the game (play-to-earn), thereby powering the in-game economy. These tokens will be distributed automatically to MonkeyLeague participants in exchange for participating in and winning matches, using the marketplace, breeding monkeys, and other activities.

The distribution of these tokens may vary from time to time, as determined by the platform’s governance, and may include a variety of activities that provide value to the community.

MonkeyLeague NFT Drop

Game creatores will hold a pre-sale of some of the game’s assets to fund development and give players early access.


A limited number of Monkeys will be available for purchase at a fixed price of 2 SOL. The rarity of the Monkey received by each buyer will be determined at random, and the Monkeys will be delivered to the buyers immediately after the sale concludes.

MonkeyLeague NFTs

MonkeyLeague Stadiums

Game creators will offer a limited supply of Stadiums in a similar form of sale later in 2022; more details will be provided following the Monkey drop.

Technology and Game Art

System Architecture

The engineering team consists of blockchain experts who have worked on teams that created layer 1 protocols, DeFi apps, and exchanges. Over the last 15 years, our game development team has created some of the most successful games in the world, generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Creative Art by World Class Studios

They plan to use the best studios to produce game art, leveraging the team’s experience and network. MonkeyLeague is collaborating with the same studios that have created art for games such as Call of Duty and Fall Guys, as well as top-tier developers such as Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds.

Built On Unity

MonkeyLeague, unlike other Play-to-Earn games, is built on the Unity game engine, which allows for gameplay on all platforms, including mobile.

MonkeyLeague NFT Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is MonkeyLeague?

MonkeyLeague is a quick, turn-based, Play-to-Earn, arcade soccer game with a high production value. Matches are played between two teams, with four Monkeys each playing the roles of Scorer, Defender, Midfielder, and Goalkeeper. The first team to three goals wins after six rounds of play per half.

Back at HQ, care for and train your Monkeys, as well as boost their morale, to improve their abilities and in-game performance. Stadium owners are rewarded for hosting matches, while other players can be spectators and influence gameplay by cheering for a winning team in order to increase their gameplay.

How can I participate in the MonkeyLeague and earn income?

There are numerous ways for both active and passive players to participate in the game economy. Players can own Monkeys, form a team, and win matches, own Stadiums and host matches, or be a match Spectator and earn money by rooting for the winning team. When a match concludes, the winning team, Stadium owner, and Spectators who supported the winning team receive a split of the match’s winnings in MonkeyBucks $MBS.

How do I buy a Monkey NFT?

You can purchase a Monkey NFT by participating in the December NFT drop. A limited number of Monkeys will be available for purchase at a fixed price of 2 SOL. The rarity of the Monkey received by each purchaser will be determined at random, and the Monkeys will be sent to the buyers immediately after the sale is completed.

How do I buy a Stadium NFT?

We will offer a limited supply of Stadiums in an exclusive NFT drop later this year. Join our Discord and Telegram channels for more information, and keep an eye out for our announcements!

What is MonkeyBucks ($MBS)?

MonkeyBucks ($MBS) are the in-game currency that fuels the game’s economy. Players can obtain $MBS by purchasing it on DEXs, opening loot boxes, completing missions, winning matches, sitting as spectators at games, or hosting games in their stadiums. Players can spend $MBS in the game’s store to breed new Monkeys and purchase consumable game items.


MonkeyLeague is the web3 gaming of the future. It combines high-production-value multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance to create a fast and exciting turn-based play and earn soccer game that is simple to learn but difficult to master.

The concept of asset portability is introduced by MonkeyLeague. Players own the game’s assets, Monkeys and Stadiums, in the form of NFTs, as well as the in-game currency, MonkeyBucks $MBS.

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Have you played MonkeyLeague already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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