Mirandus NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Mirandus Game?

Mirandus is fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) game built on blockchains by Gala Games.

Below you can watch Mirandus game trailer video.

About Mirandus Game

Mirandus is a one-of-a-kind epic fantasy RPG set in a vast world ruled by five player-monarchs.

There are no maps or quest givers in Mirandus, so players have complete freedom.

You can venture into the wilderness alone to test your luck against the monsters of the deep woods and dungeons, or you can join one of the monarchs to serve as a knight in their court, or you can set up shop in one of the realm’s five great citadels.

You assume the role of avatars in the world and, if desired, can purchase an exemplar avatar with powers and abilities that exceed those of other Mirandus avatars.

Player ownership of in-game assets is a key mechanic, with players able to hold land deeds that allow them to claim parts of the wilderness and build holdfasts ranging from small farms to massive cities.

The risks of exploring Mirandus are high, but so are the rewards, because Mirandus is rich in the arcane substance Materium, a concentrated magic that allows players to channel its power to cast spells, craft the impossible, and even raise a slain hero from the dead.

In Mirandus, you get to choose who you want to be and your own quest in the epic battle against evil.

Materium, revealed by a mysterious visitor to one of the great kings, has prompted Exemplars, the greatest heroes of the land, and others to travel to Mirandus’ shores in search of this miraculous substance.

Mirandus Game Sailor

Players stake their claim and purchase deeds in order to build towns, cities, and citadels. Each is attempting to gain a foothold on Mirandus, where Materium, the very power of magic, is abundant.

Mirandus Game Pier

Mirandus Game Story

Story Part 1: Something is Coming

A mysterious traveler wanders into a crowded tavern at dusk…

mirandus game story part1 - something is coming

They echo through the halls of ancient kings,
The sounds of the forgotten life it brings.
Adventurers of old have bravely sought,
And in its name, the same forever fought.

But none could claim its power, save the chosen,
And like a biting breeze that briskly blows in,
It clutched the throats that tried and took their breath,
And left them with a fate far worse than death.

But when the worthy heroes come one day,
They’ll surely find a cure for all decay,
For in the hidden places time forgot,
The bravest will inherit magic’s lot.

A mysterious traveler wanders into a crowded tavern at dusk, worn and beleaguered from the road. The traveler is wrapped in a thick layered mix of weathered animal skins and strips of multicolored fabric that make you wonder many things about them.

They wear a dark wool hat with a wide brim and from its top protrudes a long point that creases and leans to one side as if it is as tired as the traveler. Beneath a layer of dirt and grime on the traveler’s face, you see rough and gray skin that reminds you of the decaying shedded scales of a snake.

You cannot tell if the traveler is a man or a woman. The wiry hair protruding from their hat betrays not a trace of gender. You see hands, but they are gaunt, elongated and almost claw like. Even the traveler’s movements are bizarre and ethereal, as if every step taken in this world is a laborious endeavor.

The weary always find their way to the tavern, for it is where they can find a bed, but instead of approaching the innkeeper’s counter, the traveler makes their way to a dark corner of the room where a few dogs are having their meager meal of meat scraps. With a grunt that’s audible even over the drone of the revelers, the traveler takes a seat on the floor and produces a knapsack from somewhere within the folds of their clothes.

As curiosity gets the better of you, you wander closer to the mysterious traveler while they continue to go about their strange business. After carefully laying out a piece of clean, fine leather, they pull a small wooden board from their pack and admire it for a moment. Tears fill the traveler’s wide and strangely glowing eyes as they are clearly lost in some profound memory, running their fingers longingly over the front of the board, which you cannot see.

You are enraptured in these simple activities, but you do not know why. Finally after what seems like hours of waiting, the traveler turns the board around and leans it carefully against the wall beside them. It is a sign, painted with a simple three word question.


You take a deep breath and approach the traveler, hoping to learn more.

Story Part 2: It’s Getting Closer

As wave after endless wave pelts the starboard side of the old ship…

mirandus game story part2 - its getting closer

There rages a great battle still that’s looming,
An unseen fray, dismayed and dark and dooming,
And as each side seeks heroes for its cause,
It fails to see reflected scars and flaws.

In deep disguise they call to strange new lands,
In hopes their spoils be claimed by bloodless hands.
But neither ghost nor guide is what they seem,
And heroes seldom rise to what they dream.

While in Mirandus magic dares awaken,
The olden ways of war are cracked and shaken.
A new fight dawns, though unseen to the eyes,
Of heroes who are blinded by its prize.

Story Part 3: Into the Forest

The forest has proven more perilous than you expected…

mirandus game story part3 - into the forest

The wonders that it holds go far beyond
The things of which the powerful are fond,
And in Mirandus, troves of it are hiding,
In long forgotten places, there residing.

It strengthens those who wish for strength and brawn,
It makes a knight or bishop of a pawn,
It crafts a thing imbued with magic’s glow,
It even bids a withered husk to grow.

The limits of this pow’r are quite untold,
And waiting are more wonders to behold.
Adventure pounds upon its weary drum,
And those who listen cry “Materium!”

The forest has proven more perilous than you expected, and you begin to wish you accompanied those who turned back toward the Citadel of the Sun. Something about its light drew them in, beckoning with warmth and safety, and you felt it too. As you few who remain trek deeper into the forest in the footsteps of your guide, you imagine the reception that awaited them in the citadel. You have no doubt that they are feasting and guzzling Mirandus ale by a roaring fire, but that is not your lot tonight.

Two lives have already been claimed by the beasts of the forest. The wolves had waited until total darkness to attack the weakest in your party. After the initial kill, one of the wolves had fallen to your longsword, and the other to a precise arrow, loosed by a young lady with golden hair and fire in her eyes. The scuffle was ignored by your guide, who revealed from a pack a glowing purple stone and pressed on with increasing determination.

Now, as your guide continues to elaborate on the substance of this magical element and hold it aloft, the stone glows brighter by the minute. “This stone is infused with Materium, which holds many powers,” croaked the enigmatic leather-skinned leader, still entirely unidentifiable as a man or woman, “but they may only be claimed by a worthy hand.”

It seems the guide is using the Materium-infused stone as a sort of beacon, allowing it to lead the way to something unknown through the dark and treacherous forest. As its light grows brighter still, you feel a sense of safety and protection, not unlike that which radiated from the light atop the Citadel of the Sun. “Tonight I will show you its greatest power,” the guide continues. “We have nearly arrived.”

At last you step into a misty clearing where the ground is thick with thin dried logs and sticks. You see battered and ancient looking gravestones and wonder how much time has passed since these lands were last inhabited. There is a low stone altar at the other end of the clearing, and on top of it lies an object that you cannot yet make out through the fog.

As you begin to discern its details, you trip and lose your footing. You are overcome with sudden terror as you realize the ground is covered not with sticks and logs, but bones and skulls. After scrambling to your feet, you regain composure as you notice your guide has turned and is looking directly at you. The Materium is casting a powerful glow on the guide’s haunting, ageless face.

The guide beckons you to the altar, where lies the dead body of a handsome elf. You have never seen an elf, but you have heard countless stories of them. Although laying in the open and clearly dead, the elf is neither covered in dust nor disheveled from the weather. As the guide brings the Materium stone close to the dead body, you hear strange and indecipherable whispers that seem to come from every direction at once.

The guide sets the stone upon the dead elf’s chest and the air changes. The guide stands suddenly taller and raises its arms to the sky as purple shafts of light pierce the elf from all sides, illuminating the forest all around. Then in a blinding flash, the guide vanishes, leaving nothing but a pile of worn rags and cloaks. A queer groan issues from the altar, and you watch with wonder as the dead elf gasps a sudden breath and opens his eyes.

This is the true power of Materium, the power of eternal life.

Mirandus Gameplay

You can explore the game’s world from the first person perspective and it looks like “real adventure simulator.”

Because of its game mechanics you can own every item in the game like weapons, shops, tents and even you can own the entire cities.

Is not that interesting to you? You can own complete entire city in the game.

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Mirandus Preview

In the Mirandus game economy everyone will have a role to play.

For example, before embarking on your next adventure, you will require food, armor repairs, and potions.

To craft a weapon, the blacksmith will need wood from the woodcutter.

In the meantime, the butcher would require meat from the farmer.

There are numerous production lines available,and you can choose to be a farmer, an adventurer, a trader, or even a bard.

Owning land makes you earn much more money in the game. Having a keep or other base near a dungeon entrance will allow for more trading opportunities.

You can purchase land tiles with specific functions and place them anywhere in the game world you want.

Other players could set up shop in that village and pay the mayor rent.

The Gala blockchain stores all ownership of digital assets within Mirandus.

In Mirandus game where are 5 citadels which give the landowner to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade and more.

In Mirandus, players own the deeds to specific buildings.

Players can purchase a total of 1625 deeds in Mirandus game.

Mirandus Deed Sizes


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Have you ever played Mirandus? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions?

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