MetaWars NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is MetaWars Game?

MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy and role playing play to earn NFT game built on blockchain. You can earn free crypto currencies and NFTs as rewards depending on your progress.

MetaWars is a futuristic sci-fi strategy game that takes place on a multi-layered, critical tactic battlefield and allows youto monetize and earn money from the game’s war economy.

You can put yourself in realistic space exploration while conserving and using resources that you collected.

In the game anyone can build a industry with the ability to control the game’s metaverse.

In the game you can collaborate with various game commanders to revolutionize the galaxy in various missions.

With its play to earn mechanics the game makes you to have fun while earning NFTs and collecting limited edition robots via auctions.

You can explore and discover different galaxies, protec your valuable items and resources from other players or attack them with your teammates.

MetaWars’ native token is named $WARS which is also the governance token.

You can expand your own army with different ships and classes with endless options.

There are many different weapons, equipments and perks that can combine and make your unique weapons.

With the collectable items you can level up your character, improve the attributes and skills to be more powerful against your opponents.

If you want to see how game mechanics and the features you can see official game trailer video of MetaWars below.

MetaWars has an many number of universes that you can make forge your own way by using a vast arrat of NFTs in the galaxy.

The aim of MetaWars is to join different challenges in the game and earn your share by winning battles.

MetaWars aspires to provide a highly addictive NFT gaming experience for everyone to enjoy while earning money from interactive challenges and quests.

MetaWars Gameplay: How to Play?

According my playing the game the game is mainly built on exploration of the galaxies.

There are some really dangerous areas which I recommend you to go that areas after being sure that you have enough experience and good weapons and strong ships.

You will be fighting against other players to protect and defend your valuable items from them.

You can earn coins and collect NFTs which can be converted to MetaWars’ native coin $WARS.

The game has Fleet Formation which you can customise your fleet of ships and the robots.

You can also design and transform your ships for different roles.

There are also Robots in the game which can be collected from in game lotteries or from auctions.

You can also buy your Robots from NFT marketplaces.

To be more stronger and unbeatable in MetaWars you must have good strategies, have strong weapons in your inventory.

In the combat you will try to survive from your enemy players.

The game has PVE and PVB battle system where you can battle to beat your enemies get yourself into high ranking and get more rewards.

Another interesting feature of the game that you try yo acquire a terrain.

In MetaWars you can purchase planets.

Metawars Dapp Portal

What is $WARS Token? How to earn $WARS Token?

By fighting with all the players from all over the world you can gain $WARS token.

$WARS token can be used for:

  • Staking – The $WARS tokens can be staked on the MetaWars platform to earn rewards over time.
  • Auctions – Some limited NFT Auctions work using $WARS tokens as the currency.
  • Governance – The governance mechanism of the MetaWars relies on the use of $WARS tokens. Holders will be able to participate in critical decisions in the metaverse.
  • Insurance – $WARS token can be used to buy insurance for the ships and robots the player has acquired in-game.

What is $GAM token?

Beside the native token in MetaWars there is also utility token named $GAM.

You can use your $GAM token for:

  1. To purchase items or ships, upgrading your ships and Robots in MetaWars game
  2. Use it for reparing your ships, get fuels, buy boosters and packs or upgrading for your character
Metawars game trailer and demo
Metawars game trailer and demo


If you like space games and ships you can try this MetaWars game with your friends.

You can explore different galaxies, join PVE and PVB battles and earn crypto currencies.

If you are interested in playing other NFT games like UplandsGods UnchainedSplinterlands, or Dark Country, make sure you have gone through our ultimate guides on them.

NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Metawars already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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