Metawana NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Metawana?

Metawana is a fun play-and-earn game in you can cultivate rare and exotic NUGS, evolve them into powerful Battle Buds capable of competing in PvP battles, and earn in-game rewards along the way.

Each NUG / Battle Bud is an NFT with distinct characteristics that are paired with dynamic in-game abilities and rarities.

Metawana Game Introduction

Metawana is a decentralized play-and-earn game that combines cultivation, strategy, and exciting gameplay with the opportunity to own unique game assets digitally and earn crypto rewards.

Metawana is set in the Highlands, a once-happy region that produced the best cannabis until a greedy gang destroyed the crops and enslaved the residents.

The Highlands, a once-happy region that produced the best cannabis until a greedy gang destroyed the crops and enslaved the residents, are the setting for Metawana.

Can the rambunctious Battle Buds be tamed and trained to reclaim the villager’s lost paradise?

Metawana: The Highlands Town Square

Metawana employs blockchain technology to provide players with true digital ownership of their in-game assets and to reward them for ongoing achievements and skill. Metawana is intended to provide a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for all players, regardless of their financial situation.

Metawana NFTs will initially be available on selected Solana marketplaces, followed by the launch of Metawana’s own marketplace.The Metawana Game DAO will issue an on-chain SPL token, $MWANA, that will provide in-game utility to players, as well as a token that will convey governance rights.

MetaWana Gameplay

Metawana is a farming game in which you cultivate cannabis NUGS of varying strains and rarities (NFTs) in order to earn in-game currency, produce higher-level NFTs, and evolve and level-up PvP-based units used in Metawana’s battle mode.

Metawana NFT Game
Metawana NFT Game

How to Farming in Metawana Game?

Getting Started

Free to Play

Users will be introduced to the game through a free farming loop in order to understand the game’s mechanics, strategy, and flow. Users will plant Copper Weed, harvest it, and fulfill contracts with their Copper Weed Grams. ​

Metawana: Copper Weed
Free to Play Copper Weed

Low-Cost Starter Box

You will be able to begin farming by purchasing a low-cost Starter Stash Box, which will contain some Water, Munchies, and Silver Weed.

Solana can be used to purchase Starter Stash Boxes. You can level up by harvesting Silver Weed grams and completing in-game contracts, eventually unlocking an NFT Stash Box containing a NUG NFT.

Metawana: Starter Stash Box
Metawana: Starter Stash Box

NUG Farming

Players who buy a NUG during a mint event, earn one in-game, or purchase one on the secondary market will be able to advance faster and complete more complex contracts for additional rewards.


Metawana’s initial release will include 16 strains, with plans to add new strains each season. Each strain has a distinct appearance, rarity, and the ability to evolve into a corresponding Battle Bud with abilities and synergies that are unique to that strain.

Metawana: Planting
Metawana: Planting Your NFTs

Farm Plots

Every player has his or her own farm in Metawana game. This is where NUGS and Weed are grown. Each player will be given one plot of land for free and will be able to purchase additional plots as they level up.

Metawana: Farm
Metawana: Farm 1.0

The following structures can be found on each player’s farm:

  • Farming plots
  • The Nursery: A storage facility for NUGs and Weed
  • The Greenhouse: Store harvested grams
  • The Laboratory: For Battle Bud evolution
  • The Dispensary: To complete contracts and earn rewards
  • The Barracks: To house and evolve Battle Buds
  • The Guild Tower Ruins: A mystery

Cultivation and Protection of Crops

Each crop will be planted on a farm plot and will mature for harvest in a specific amount of time. Crops will stop growing if they run out of water – water is required to keep the plant growing.

Thieves may appear at random to steal Grams from the yield of the plant. Shelly, the resident Battle Bud, might be able to protect your crops from thieves. Shelly, like many stoners, will work for Munchies. If you feed her some tasty treats, she’ll scare away any active thieves.

Metawana: The Crop-Grubbing Thief
Metawana: The Crop-Grubbing Thief

Level 2 NUGS (Baby Buds) will wake up and scare away any intruders; players do not need to worry about protecting them.

Each crop can be harvested for Grams once it has completed its growing cycle. After a growing cycle, each plant will return to storage to begin its cooldown. Higher rarities will harvest and cooldown faster.


Grams can be purchased at “The Dispensary” to fulfill a variety of contracts. Contracts will be rotated on a regular basis and will offer varying rewards based on their complexity. The higher the reward, the more specialized the contract. Seasonal contracts with unique rewards may also be available for a limited time.

Metawana: Dinpensary
Metawana: Dinpensary

NFT Unit Evolution

NUGS will be available in five levels upon initial release. Mint events will introduce Nugs (Level I) and Baby Buds (Level II) to the community, but further evolutions must occur on the farm.

Metawana: NFT Unit Evolution

The most significant victories and rewards will go to those who have the most leveled-up NUG NFTs.

Metawana Nugs can be evolved to gain new abilities, change their appearance, and improve their battle capabilities. Nugs are useful at the following levels:

  • Level 1: Nug – Water and munchies are required to complete the grow cycle and earn grams.
  • Level 2: Baby Bud – Water is required to complete the grow cycle and earn grams.
  • Level 3: Battle Bud Private – meditates on the farm without the need for water or snacks in order to earn grams
  • Level 4: Battle Bud Lieutenant – Battle stats have been improved.
  • Level 5: Battle Bud Captain – Increased stats and a new battle special ability
Metawana: Evolution

You can also buy NUGs / Baby Bud / Battle Bud NFTs on exchanges.

You must spend resources to upgrade their NUG to a Baby Bud, then to a Battle Bud. Depending on the level, evolving may necessitate:

  • Magic Hemp Oil (MHO): a burnable NFT only available by cashing out contracts on the farm
  • Burning Lower-Level NUG NFT to reach BattleBud and higher
  • Spending $MWANA token

These resources will be used in the Temple to undergo an instant evolution process. To begin the process, a user must have all of the required elements for that stage of evolution.

What are Metawana Game Rewards?

You will earn Experience Points (XP) and Highlands Cash for completing contracts in Metawana game. You can level up your farms by earning XP. Each farm level has a significant bonus, such as more farm plots, more grams in the Greenhouse, free Water or Munchies, or unlocking a Stash Box for a new NFT.

Level 1 Nugs, as well as Levels 2 through 5 Magic Hemp Oil, are examples of NFTs.

Here is the list of Metawana Game Rewards:

Earning NFTsNUGs and Magic Hemp Oil
Levelling up NFTsIncrease the strength and utility via Evolution
Token AirdropsBased on ownership, rarity and Evolution of NFTs held
Daily Token RewardsBased on participation in farming and battling
EventsEarn prizes in competitive PVP tournaments
GovernanceControl of the ecosystem via Tokens
Token Staking RewardsMore info coming soon.
Metawana: Types of Rewards To Earn

What are Metawana Game Seasons?

Metawana will be seasonal, which will have an impact on both farming and PvP. Seasonal strains will be released when a new season begins, the PvP meta will be rebalanced, and new game modes will be implemented.

Seasonal contracts will also provide increased rewards for the new strains. There will be 16 Nugs available in the first season.

With each new season, new Nugs of varying rarity will be added to the mix.

PvP Auto-Chess Battles in Metawana Game

The second phase of Metawana will be a PvP Battle Game. Users will form a Battle Buds team to compete against other users for rewards.

Metawana: The Battle
The Metawana Battle Game

Auto-Chess Gameplay in Metawana Game

PvP is a unique take on auto-chess in which players must balance character synergies, resources, upgrades, and strategy in order to build the best team possible. Each Battle Bud will have unique strengths and weaknesses that can be used against an opposing team. Each Battle Bud will be assigned a class based on their abilities: Ranged, Healing, Tank, Melee, Assassin, and so on. The more rare the strain, the more potent it is.

At the start of the round, you will be given a set amount of magic Bongwater to draft additional characters from the shop. You must then decide where to place the characters on the chessboard, taking into account their attacks, synergies, strengths, weaknesses, and abilities – as well as anticipating what moves their opponent may make. You can rebalance and upgrade Battle Buds as the game progresses in order to outlast the opposing team.

Battle Buds have levels as well – higher level units deal more damage and have more hit points, but they also have unique special abilities that can be unleashed on the battlefield.

What Makes Metawana Game Different?

  • Gameplay for both casual gamers and more strategic battlers – simple to learn and infinite ways to master
  • Players cultivate rare cannabis strains, compete with other farmers, earn cryptocurrency, and create Battle Buds that compete in real-time auto chess.
  • NFTs that evolve and level up, gaining utility and special abilities.
  • A mission to empower a decentralized, player-driven, player-owned ecosystem that generates long-term rewards and entertainment for earners, players, and collectors.
Metawana: Legendary "Baby Bud"
An example Legendary “Baby Bud” NFT (Level 2)

Metawana Game Platform

Metawana is web-based HTML5 and work on desktop as well as mobile browsers. The NFT marketplace will be web-based ​

The battle game will initially be available on WebGL (desktop browsers) and as an Android mobile app (APK side-load).

Other platforms will be launched in the future based on community decisions.

Metawana Tokenomics & Ecosystem

Metawana was created as a player-owned Game DAO to provide players with genuine ownership incentives and benefits. The eco-system is intended to create a long-term environment in which players of various levels, budgets, and interests can reap the benefits of their efforts – enjoyment, competition, crafting, strategy, and community.

The developer will be an important source of new game assets such as NFTs and materials needed to play the game at the start of the game, alongside players who craft new Nugs through farming. The game’s roadmap will introduce new ways for players and the Game DAO to become creators of the in-game components required to sustain the expanding Metawana game universe over time.

New NFT characters, assets that generate in-game supplies, land, and other items will be included. The goal is to create a diverse game economy owned by players who contribute in a variety of ways. Metawana will need to resemble successful real-world economies in order to be a truly sustainable play-and-earn game. This means it will be as follows:

  • Diverse: Provide entertainment, engagement, and incentives to a diverse group of players who complement one another. Battlers drawn to the competition of Auto-Chess; Earners with the time to devote to cultivating Nugs that will supply Battlers with Battle Buds; Hodlers who value rarities and collect them; and other players who can contribute as producers, consumers, trainers, and educators.
  • Balanced: Ensure that the ecosystem’s inputs and outputs balance out over time to avoid major peaks and valleys. Players creating new assets that other players want to use will be a key component of this balance.
  • Accessible: Allow players to have ongoing access regardless of their wallet size. The Foundation allocation will use a portion of its treasury to fund and support projects that keep the game accessible to players on limited budgets.
  • Fair: Reward players for their achievements and the strength of their teams while maintaining an open playing field.
  • Fun: Finally, this should be a game that is challenging, entertaining, and rewarding..

What is The MWANA ($MWANA) Token?

$MWANA will be awarded through airdrops based on the number, rarity, and level of a player’s NFTs and other assets in the future, as well as through staking and in-game achievements. $MWANA will be used to purchase in-game assets, evolve NFTs, participate in in-game activities, and for future uses outside of the game.

Metawana will use The Highlands Cash as an in-game currency for purchases and earning (THC). The Highlands Cash can be purchased directly from Solana. THC is used to purchase necessities such as water and Munchies, as well as to unlock new farm plots or Nug Stash Boxes.

Metawana game DAO will issue tokens to ensure that the Metawana community can fully participate in all aspects of the game, including ownership of game assets, achievement rewards, and participation in Metawana Game DAO governance.

Metawana game DAO intends to launch an SPL token, $MWANA (pronounced “wah-nah”), on the Solana blockchain shortly after the game’s release.

$MWANA will also be used to align key contributors’ interests and compensate for the game’s ongoing development, operation, and growth.

The MWANA token will be released gradually and transparently in order to help create a consistent game economy that incentivizes players regardless of when they joined the game.

Metawana Game Token $MWANA Allocation

$MWANA Token allocation rules are as follows:

AllocationPercentageDescriptionVesting / Cliff
Game Incentives40%Play and Earn Rewards and Other Value to PlayersUnlocked daily for 48 Months and awarded for selected achievements
Airdrops10%Rewards to owners of game assets based on rarity and levelUnlocked and awarded daily over 12 months after TGE; award pool tied total number of NFTs
Foundation15%Projects to build community, expand access to the game, provide liquidity, fund player sponsored projects5% unlocked at TGE, remaining 10% unlocked daily for 48 months; awarded based on decisions of foundation/DAO
Development Team20%Developer and operator of game – current and future4% at TGE, 16% Daily for 48 months
Partners7.5%Ambassadors, moderators, competitions community building1.5% unlocked at TGE, remaining 6%unlocked daily for 48 months
Early Supporters7.5%Early access supporters, foundersLocked for 6 months after TGE with daily unlock for the following six months
Metawana: Roadmap

What is Metawana Game DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The Metawana Game Decentralized Autonomous Organization will oversee the Metawana game (Game DAO).

The Metawana community will decide how the game will function and evolve. A token will be issued that will serve as a governance token, allowing holders to vote on how the Game DAO uses its resources to direct the game’s future.

Governance token holders will be able to vote on token-related proposals and representatives through a decentralized governance process that ensures broad community representation. Proposals may cover topics such as how to allocate treasury tokens for community projects, foundation grants, rewards, and other projects or activities that promote overall community development.

Other proposal categories may be added as appropriate decentralized governance processes are implemented. Through player participation in the governance process, the goal is to continuously improve the utility and decentralization of the game.

After the baseline set of game features is delivered and the game is operational, the Game DAO will solicit feedback on future game development priorities, such as which new features to add, new gameplay alternatives, and so on.

If the governance protocol decides, the Game DAO will be able to use its resources to fund new development partners other than the original developer.


Metawana is a fun play-and-earn game in which players can cultivate rare and exotic NUGS, evolve them into powerful Battle Buds capable of competing in PvP battles, and earn in-game rewards along the way.

Each NUG / Battle Bud is an NFT with distinct characteristics that are paired with dynamic in-game abilities and rarities.

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