MetaSpets NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

MetaSpets is a turn-based idle role-playing NFT game set in a mystical post-apocalyptic world. You’ll meet amazing intelligent pets who can become your friends and protectors as you explore the imaginative world together.

MetaSpets Game Story

Ancient human civilisation was struck by a mysterious disaster. The brightest and last of humanity conferred a gift on their companion animals, granting them real sapience powers. The last humans placed their children in cryosleep deep beneath the ground and gave their dogs one final command: protect the last of humanity.

You’re one of the last of the Children of Men. After waking up in a strange new world, you must now locate your ancestors’ pet companions and set out to explore and recreate the world from the ground up.

MetaSpets Eggs

Baskets for eggs Limited numbers will be available at INO. Four critters are included in each Egg Basket. When compared to normal eggs in-game, Egg Baskets have a larger possibility of opening high-rarity pets. When compared to Golden eggs in-game, they have a far higher possibility of opening Titan pets.

Normal Eggs and Golden Eggs will give you random Super Pets with random Factions and Rarities.

MetaSpets Pets

In the universe of MetaSpets, you can have over 60 different kinds of pets with distinct skills and talents to help you survive. You may take care of your pets and use them to gain money by leading them into conflicts. They may win vital resources as a result of these clashes against difficult opponents. Cultivate your relationship with your pets because these bonds will boost your pet’s motivation and fighting spirit.

You can compete with other players later on to acquire (Valuable, Amazing, Great, and Powerful) things. You can purchase Pets by purchasing eggs from the in-game shop. Normal and golden eggs are the two types of eggs available.

MetaSpets Attributes

A pet has 8 main stats as listed below:

  1. Health Point
  2. Attack Damage
  3. Armor
  4. Magic Resistance
  5. Speed
  6. Dodge
  7. Critical Chance
  8. Critical Damage

Six factions that counter and rival one another in a model of:

  1. Centurion
  2. Mercenary
  3. Fae
  4. Forsaken
  5. Celestial
  6. Infernal
A countering faction deals additional 25% damage to the countered faction

Six classes of MetaSpets:

  1. Warrior
  2. Tanker
  3. Ranger
  4. Mage
  5. Assassin
  6. Supporter

Six rarities of MetaSpets:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legend
  5. Ultimate
  6. Titan


As you connect with your pets on a daily basis through “Pet Care,” their fondness for you will grow, and their stats will improve as well. Pets will receive appropriate boosts based on their Affection level.

MetaSpets Skills

Each Pet will have a different set of skills depending on rarity and appearance:

  • Passive: Pets have a passive ability that will be constantly active during battles.
  • Attack: Each pet will have a different kind of attack.
  • Attack Passive: Pets with special abilities will also have a second passive.
  • Skill: Pets’ specific abilities.

Gifted Traits of MetaSpets

  • Each Pet will have a unique attribute with one of the strengths listed below.
  • The more powerful your pets are, the higher the Gifted’s traits are.
  • Gifted has four extra characteristics.
  • The qualities of Gifted will be chosen at random. Endurance adds more HP to your Spets, allowing them to stay alive for as long as possible throughout the fight.
  • Toughness increases Spets’ armor stats, ensuring that your Spets are better protected.
  • Your Spets’ power can allow them to do massive damage and make their opponents quiver.
  • Intelligence aids your Spets in resisting damage from their foes.

Upgrading and Levelling in MetaSpets

By combining two pets, you can raise a pet’s level. You can choose which pet to upgrade, and the other pet will vanish and its essence will be transferred to the chosen pet. Your chosen pet’s stats will improve as a result of the new level, making it easier for it to win battles.

Pet Care in MetaSpets

You can connect with your pets by doing several activities with them and learning more about them, which will increase your affection for them. You can feed and relax your pets here so that they can prepare for the next hunt.

Energy in MetaSpets

In order to participate in PvE, your pet will require a specific quantity of energy. If you win each hunting quest, your pets will lose energy. You must feed your pets in order for them to recoup energy and continue fighting.

MetaSpets Soul Stones

You will earn beautiful rewards, not simply tokens, as you participate in Boss raids, PvP, or Guild Wars. These precious things are crucial to your competition strategy because they can help your dogs become stronger if used appropriately. If you wish to, you can also swap them on the marketplace.

Soul stones can be used to raise the level of your pets.

MetaSpets Gameplay

There are 4 types of different game modes in MetaSpets as listed below:

  1. PvE (Normal play and earn)
  2. Boss Raids (Events – Valuable rewards)
  3. PvP (Competitive – Valuable rewards)
  4. Guild Wars (Clan Wars)

1. PvE – Normal play and earn

You’ll plan hunts and fight feral pets in the wild, which will appear on the World Map at random. You will receive tokens and possibly other valuable stuff as a result of these hunts. That is all there is to it. It’s as easy as that: Click to select pets, then watch and earn. It should also be emphasized that a well-organized structure will make winning easier: To begin, choose the factions of your opponents that your Spets can oppose.

When fighting the side it opposes, each faction will gain a 25% damage bonus. Second, to obtain buffs, select a group of two to four pets from the same faction or class. You can win even the most tough battles and maximize your earnings with the appropriate strategies and formations.

The more rare your Spets are, the more money you’ll make. You will win even more tokens if you can destroy stronger opponent packs.

The more Spets you save after each combat, the more MSP currency bonuses you’ll get.

2. Boss Raids – Events & Valuable rewards

Bosses will come at odd times throughout the week. You will be rewarded handsomely for fighting and conquering bosses. To win, you must learn more about the game’s fighting mechanisms, as well as the stats, skills, factions, and successful formations of your pets.

PVP – Competitive & Valuable rewards

This will test players’ knowledge about their pets in order for them to emerge triumphant and win a variety of prizes. Players’ rankings on the leaderboard will improve as a result of these victories.

Prizes will be awarded to each player based on their rating.

To win, you must familiarize yourself with the RPG system, explore it, and master it. Recognize your pet’s advantages and disadvantages. Understand the finest formations to use and how to put together a successful team.

Guild Wars – Clan Wars)

With a fee, you can create a guild and become its leader, recruit other players to complete missions and contribute to the Guild’s overall strength. Guild Leaders will have unique abilities to manage their Guilds.

Guild Leaders: can invite new members, kick out unwanted members, and set roles for existing guild members. Receive special rewards and distribute them to members based on Guild contribution.

Guild Quests: Guild members will do daily quests and participate in battles to increase contribution points. These points can be used to level up the guild and unlock special item stores and bosses

Guild Bosses: Guild members can participate in Guild Boss battles to earn valuable rewards

Guild Wars: 16 Strongest Guild in will be picked in the battle and awarded territories that will greatly benefit their Guild. Each Guild will go on to pick 5 of its members to form a team for a total of 16 teams. These teams will go on to fight in a tournament in a best of 5 PVP battle where they will be rewarded based on rankings.

MetaSpets Leaderboard

Battle with other players to gain the highest ranks:

  • Bronze,
  • Silver,
  • Gold,
  • Diamond,
  • Marshal,
  • War Master.

The top players in the rank of Marshal will battle against one another for the rank of War Master.

Each month we will hold a special event. The Winner will receive a special medal and many great rewards such as egg fragments, items, and tokens.

At a random time each week, a boss will spawn in the game world. You and other players will participate in subjugating the boss and be rewarded based on battle contribution ranking.

MetaSpets Economy

We are very well aware of the current NFT and token inflation that plague other NFT games. Therefore, MetaSpets’s economy is based on only one principle: Combat NFT & token inflation.

MetaSpets will make sure that every asset you have in the game will have its own purposes and values. Nothing will be inflated.

Token reward distribution is also among our primary concerns and we have effective plans to balance the token flow, making sure our token values will be stable for the communities.

In order to fight NFT & token inflation, our economic flow introduces functions that allow users to gain and burn NFTs/tokens at reason paces, avoiding the excessive quanity of NFTs/tokens released on the market.

PVE (Play to Earn)

  • Easy to Enter
  • Easy to play
  • Easy to earn

PVP – Seasonal Contests – Guild Quests & Guild Wars

  • Competitive
  • Much more valuable rewards
  • Effective token/NFT flows

MetaSpets Land Rentals

Players will compete in auctions to claim valuable lands.

Landowners can lease their properties and collect a weekly rental fee. On this rent, we will charge a little portion of the administration fee. Advertisements for any brands are allowed to be posted by landowners. Individual lands will set a limit on the number of adverts allowed. More advertisement slots will be available in the Central Lands.

In comparison to standard PVE play, the land system will provide greater revenue and more egg fragment drops from quests and boss encounters. Higher earnings and nicer egg fragments will be available in the core lands, but there will be a restricted number of player slots available.

Choose Your Districts


MetaSpets is a turn-based idle role-playing NFT game set in a mystical post-apocalyptic world. You’ll meet amazing intelligent pets who can become your friends and protectors as you explore the imaginative world together.

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Have you played MetaSpets already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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