MetamonGo NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

MetamonGo is the most recent project with the goal of becoming the largest P2E game in the NFT industry. This digital experience has it all, from trading to battles to innovative mechanics!

What is MetamonGo?

The story of the characters begins in another world called Metamongo. There, humans (the Mongos) coexisted with incredible creatures known as Metamons. A massive volcano eruption destroyed their resources and community in an instant one day.

As a result, the Mongos began enslaving Metamons in order to fight, survive, and thrive as a new nation.

Good to know: The cost of one Metamango NFT is 0.2 ETH.

This initial MetamonGo NFT drop includes 10,000 unique digital assets known as Trainers for the upcoming metaverse game. Each collectible is created by combining +150 powerful traits.


There are four 10,000 NFT collections in MetamonGo:

  • Trainers,
  • Metamon,
  • Metaball,
  • Lands.

Players will be able to engage in an immersive Metaverse experience using their NFTs as follows:

  • Metamons: The game’s main characters are these digital avatars. Metamons will be used to enter tournaments and win prizes. The NFTs are classified into different types based on their abilities, which include fire, water, flying, electric powers, and others.
  • Metaballs: During fights, players will need these NFTs to capture Metamons in the Metaverse. A single Metaball NFT can only catch one Metamon.
  • Trainers: Trainers are in-game assets that assist you in fighting other players and catching Metamons with your Metaball.
  • Land plots: The plots of land available in the MetamonGo game will also be available as NFTs. Players can use these to construct their own gym where battles can be held.
  • Legendary: Dragons win 90% of battles against normal Metamons. Dragon Holders also receive 100 stable-coins per day, which is equivalent to $100. This may increase in the future, but it will never decrease.
  • Gyms: Players can choose to build gyms on their NFT plots of land purchased, where they can organize Metamon battles and tournaments. To compete in these tournaments, players must pay an entry fee (in Ethereum) determined by the gym owners. This is a way for players who own gyms to earn a lot of money, which is 20% of the total money. Winners of the tournament will also receive the following earnings: 40 percent for first place, 20 percent for second place, 10% for third place, 6% for fourth place, and 4% for fifth place.
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MetamanGo Minting

The game’s minting process will begin on the website on 14 April 2022, with the sale of Trainers. This will be followed by the minting of available Metamons, which will also take place on the website on April 16, 2022. There will be Legendary Metamon Dragons to collect, as well as 100 in-game catchables.

The land sale will follow, and players will be able to secure NFT plots of land for themselves on April 18, 2022. On April 20, 2022, the Metaballs used to catch Metamons will also be available for purchase.

MetamonGo Game Mechanics

MetamonGo is an NFT-powered Play-to-Earn game. To earn tokens, players must acquire land, win fights, or host tournaments.

Collectors who acquire lands, for example, can construct gyms to organize Metamon battles. Then, each gym owner can charge an entrance fee so that other players can participate in the tournament.

Obviously, this is an excellent strategy for increasing your earnings in the game.

In fact, a gym owner can earn up to 20% of the total revenue!

You can, however, participate in other people’s tournaments with your own Metamon NFTs. Winners of each tournament will receive up to 40% of the total in-game money.

The more battles you win, the more powerful Metamon NFT you become.

In a nutshell, MetamonGo creates an immersive P2E experience for NFT collectors – and that’s just the start!

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MetamonGo Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Mint a Metamon?

To mint any NFT from the play to earn game, you need to head to MetamonGo official website and you will be directed accordingly from there

When is the MetamonGo Release Date?

The MetamonGo game will release in Q2 2022.

How do I Earn on MetamonGo Game?

To earn you have to win battles against other players. You can also earn by owning gyms and hosting tournaments to earn through entrance fees.

How Many Metanons are Available in MetamonGo Game?

There are 10.000 to Mint and 40.000 to catch available in the MetamonGo game.

What is The Difference Between a Normal and a Legendary Metamon?

Legendary metamons will earn money every day. Even if you don’t stake them.

How Many Metamons Can I Own?

Fifty metamons can be purchased per address.

Which Ethereum Wallet Does MetamonGo Support?

MetamanGo supports MetaMask wallet.

How Do I Sell My MetamonGo NFTs?

You can sell your Metamongos on opensea.

What is the Value of 1 Metamon?

Mintprice is 0.2 ETH for one Metamon.

What is the Value of 1 Trainer?

Mintprice is 0.25 ETH for one Trainer.

What is the Value of 1 Metaball?

Mintprice is 0.1 ETH for one Metaball.

What is the Value of 1 Land?

Mintprice is 0.45 ETH for one Land.


MetamonGo is an NFT-powered Play-to-Earn game. To earn tokens, players must acquire land, win fights, or host tournaments..

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played MetamonGo already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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