MetalCore NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is MetalCore Game?

MetalCore is an open world NFT action game where you can enjoy in large scaled 100 player battles, as well as smaller-scale PvE content.

MetalCore, developed by an award-winning veteran team of game developers and designers, is the first truly massively multiplayer combat game built on the blockchain, with play to earn and win to earn dynamics.

MetalCore Game Story

There was a civil war across the solar empire a long time ago.

The world’s central government attempted to maintain order despite a lack of resources.

After this struggle gave birth to a new technology known as The Fabricator, which could create nearly anything from raw materials.

Humanity is now able to colonize other solar systems thanks to this technology.

After a long period of time, multiple splintered factions descend on a mineral-rich planet.

Below you can watch MetalCore game video trailer.

MetalCore Gameplay

In MetalCore game you will fight for control as members of the Gearbreakers, Holy Corporation, or Metalpunks.

In addition to the mechs that you can choose to be a pilot, the game will include ground vehicles and aircraft for combat.

In MetalCore, you can acquire land to mine for resources or collect tax revenue in addition to receiving rewards for completing missions.

You can also use blueprints to build vehicles and buy and sell equipment within your territory.

If you become a Baron within your faction, you will be able to recruit players under your command to fight on your behalf in the game’s guild system.

The Barons will be able to buy land and collect resources as well as tenant fees.

Every item in the MetalCore game is valuable, according to the game’s marketing system.

Everything from mechs to weapons to cosmetics and blueprints will be certified as unique NFTs that can be bought and sold on an open market and have real-world value.

The game will feature play to earn earn and win to earn mechanics, with NFT items obtained by winning matches and playing the game.


What I see is MetalCore appears to be built around its NFT economy, with every pilot, mech, weapon, and blueprint being an NFT that players can own.


MetalCore is developed and led by US developer Studio 369, is billed as an NFT-based open-world mechanized combat game built on the blockchain, though no specifics are provided.

This new NFT-powered title is a mechanized first person combat game set in a vast, open world where players can participate in 50v50 PvP mega-fights, smaller-scale cooperative PvE combat, and faction-based open-world battles.

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Have you ever played MetalCore? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions?

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