MetaGods NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is MetaGods?

MetaGods is the world’s first play-to-earn 8-bit Action NFT RPG based on the Binance Smart Chain, in which you take on the role of a demigod such as Achilles or Hercules and journey on the Path of Ascension to become a true god, traversing huge dungeons and battling monsters and strong deities.

MetaGods is a player-owned economy in which players can actually own, buy, sell, and exchange utility-driven NFTs and in-game commodities. With a variety of bonuses and unique features, our platform provides the ideal play-to-earn experience:

  • Trade and play with generative art NFTs of different rarity and character classes.
  • Vanquish mythical monsters and earn legendary loot which can be traded on the marketplace.
  • Own and monetize LAND to generate passive income.
  • Unique LAND ownership benefits and game interaction.
  • Team up with friends from any Metaverse and earn even more rewards.
  • Become part of a Guild and gain access to additional revenue sources.
  • Cross-chain gameplay and trading.
  • Stake in Dungeon missions to autoplay and earn rewards.
  • Multiple staking platforms on MetaGods DApp (e.g. LP, single token staking, cross tokens staking).

MetaGods Gameplay

MetaGods Game Modes

There are two game modes available in MetaGods game as listed below:

  1. Hardcore Mode
  2. Casual Mode

Players must own a character NFT to play the game.

MetaGods Character NFT Sale​ at

As of now, MetaGods has two game modes: Hardcore Mode and Casual Mode. In the future, more game modes will be added such as tower horde defence or dungeon speed runs.

Hardcore Mode

What are MetaGods Dungeons?

MetaGods‘ gaming environment is divided into 35 Dungeons, each of which is ruled by a Boss such as Zeus, Poseidon, or Medusa. In Hardcore Mode, players can choose any Dungeon to play in, with the goal of defeating all enemies and the Dungeon’s Boss.

Each Dungeon has a different level of difficulty. The rewards for higher-level dungeons are greater. Players can either play single or organize Guilds and work together to complete Dungeon tasks.

The best way to beat higher-level Dungeons is to group up with your fellow Guild members and equip high-tiered Weapons!

What is NFT Permadeath?

NFT Permadeath is a unique feature in Hardcore Mode. If your chosen character dies in the Dungeon, he or she will be locked out indefinitely and will not be able to be utilized for a set amount of time.

NFT scarcity is created by financing playable characters as NFTs and incorporating permadeath rules safeguarded by a distributed ledger, ensuring that the rarest and highest-tiered character NFTs you hold are indeed the strongest. Only a select few will make it through the most difficult Dungeons, and those who do will be the most valuable NFTs in the ecosystem.

You can shorten the permadeath time by building a Hospital on your Land!

Casual Mode

Players can earn passive $RELIC and XP by staking their character NFTs in Dungeon tasks. However, there is a built-in NFTMission Staking Failure Rate, which indicates that the mission has a modest chance of failing. If the task fails, any $RELIC incentives that would have been given to the player are dispersed to the Dungeon’s LAND owners.

If the mission is completed successfully, the player will receive $RELIC incentives, as well as a modest charge from the winnings.

MetaGods In-Game NFTs

Grab your very own demigod and create chaos!

To play the game, you must own an NFT character, as previously stated. These characters in the game are generative art NFTs that also serve as your avatar and profile image.

MetaGods Character NFT Sale​

Your character’s rarity tier is assigned at random after purchase, and there are six tiers of rarity (Tier 1 to Tier 6). Higher-tier characters are more powerful and precious, therefore the chances of obtaining them are slimmer. Tier 6 characters are the most powerful and scarce.

Every character has their own class, base stats, and qualities, as well as their own set of equipment. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

MetaGods Character Class

Demigods specialized in different types of warfare, choose wisely!

There are currently three character classes available to play, and each one has a distinct playstyle:

  1. Warrior – melee fighter with strong defensive abilities
  2. Archer – long-ranged marksman with high mobility
  3. Mage – spellcaster with high damage output

As an ARPG, MetaGods is a skilled gameplay game that requires strategy and teamwork. Having a variety of classes specialized in particular roles can maximize the potential of your team and win Dungeon raids easier, earning more legendary loot and rewards!

In the future, more character classes will be introduced into the game such as healers, assassins or berserkers.

MetaGods Base Stats and Attributes

Base Attributes and Stats

Each character class has 6 Base Attributes:

  1. STR (strength) – increases ATT and DEF
  2. INT (intelligence) – increases AP
  3. DEX (dexterity) – increases MS and CRIT
  4. CON (constitution) – increases HP
  5. CHA (charisma) – increases monster drop rate, does not increase Base Stats
  6. WIS (wisdom) – increases MP and MP recovery

And 7 Base Stats:

  1. HP (hit point) – amount of damage your character can take before death
  2. MP (mana point) – power to use special abilities
  3. ATT (attack) – increases normal attack damage
  4. AP (ability power) – increases ability damage
  5. DEF (defence) – decreases incoming damage
  6. MS (movement speed) – increases mobility
  7. CRIT (critical strike chance) – chance to double damage output

Base Attributes affect the character’s Base Stats. For example, rolling high strength upon minting means that the character’s attack and defence will be high. Rolling high charisma increases the chances of the enemy dropping legendary loot etc.

Because different character classes have different play styles, they benefit from different Base Stats. Warriors get more health and defense, making them more tough to kill. Increases in MP and AP benefit mages, allowing them to cast more magical spells and enhance their ability damage output.

MetaGods Dual Token Economy – $MGOD and $RELIC

MetaGods ecosystem powered by dual token economy!

To create a long-term play-to-earn ecosystem, MetaGods uses a dual token economy. The governance token is $MGOD, while the in-game money is $RELIC.

This system pays players not only for their time and effort spent playing the game, but also for activities taken outside of the game, providing an ownership economy for all token holders and allowing new capital to enter without the need to own character NFTs or play the game directly.


$MGOD is Core Utility Token of MetaGods game.

$MGOD Token Utility

  • Can be staked on the MetaGods DApp to earn rewards over time.
  • Governance token, $MGOD holders can participate in governance decisions of the platform, using a DAO structure. Holders will also vote on the Game Direction.
  • Medium of exchange in marketplace transactions.
  • Used to mint generative art NFTs or purchase LAND. (future development)
  • Used as entry fee to enter special Dungeon raids, PvP tournaments or other exclusive events.

$MGOD Token Allocation

The total supply of $MGOD is limited to 500,000,000. The tokens are divided over several vesting periods, and the percentage decides how much money is allocated.


$RELIC In-Game Token of MetaGods game.

$RELIC Token Utility

As a multipurpose commodity within the game, $RELIC is the backbone of MetaGods‘ internal economy. It is a limitless utility token whose supply increases as more players join the game. Consumption of $RELIC will be a major gameplay mechanism in Guild and Land utilities, limiting $RELIC inflation.

Players will be able to earn $RELIC tokens over time by using our play-to-earn feature. In-game merchant mechanics will also help to keep the pricing stable. One long sword, for example, will always be worth 100 $RELIC tokens. This offers players with early liquidity as well as overall economic stability.

What is a MetaGods LAND?

Own a piece of MetaGods with LAND. Become a part of the game!

A LAND is a digital piece of real-estate that makes up the entire game world of MetaGods.

The smallest unit of LAND is a 1×1 grid which is a part of a 10×10 Dungeon.

In the entire realm of MetaGods, there are 35 Dungeons, which translates to 3,500 plots of LAND in the ecosystem. Only 3,200 will be available for purchase, with the remaining 300 set aside for use in the game’s internal economy, future community giveaways, and other special events.

How to Purchase LAND in MetaGods game?

As of now, there are 2 ways to purchase LAND:

  • LAND Ticket Sale on Marketplace

Users can view the MetaGods Dungeon and available LANDs:

MetaGods Dungeon Map​

Selected LAND tickets will be listed at the marketplace. Users can purchase the ticket(s), go to the Dungeon Map in our DApp and claim the LAND(s).

Price: 5 BNB per plot

MetaGods LAND Ticket Sale​

There will be a bundle bonus for limited buyers:

Buy 10 plots to get 1 free plot from the Zeus Dungeon!

The bundle deal above ensures fair distribution between competing guilds. We want everyone to have a chance to own part of Zeus Dungeon since it is the strongest Dungeon and boss.

  • Limited $MGOD Pool

We are also releasing 10 plots of LANDs per day at our DApp, accepting $MGOD as payment at a discounted price of 3,000 $MGOD per plot.

However, all LANDs purchased in $MGOD are randomly selected by our system whereas you can pick your own LAND in the BNB pool.

Value Propositions of LAND Ownership

Game ownership, governance rights, passive income, metaverse partnerships, and so much MORE!​

LAND owners will have exclusive access to unique benefits which include different platforms to earn passive income.

MetaGods Guild System

Join a Guild to earn high APY rewards!

What is a Guild?

In MetaGods, guilds are the backbone of Social GameFi. Players can create Guilds in order to take part in unique Guild activities and earn extra money on the site.

Guild Activities

Guild members can work together to complete Dungeon objectives, increasing their chances of winning and collecting high APY rewards. Compete in PvP tournaments and special events against other guilds!

Make a name for yourself on the leaderboards! In Guilds, buildings are important gameplay and earning mechanics. Guild members who own LAND can collect $RELIC fees from Guild members who use their Buildings.

Guild members who do not own LAND can take advantage of this by gaining access to facilities they would not otherwise have, enhancing their NFT, and improving their play-to-earn experience. At a Trading Post, also known as a Resource Trading Building, guild members can contribute or trade in-game resources with one another.

Guild Treasury

In-game resources or $RELIC can be donated to the Guild Treasury, which will be utilized to enhance the Guild’s expansion, such as updating the Guild tech tree or keeping up with building maintenance.

The Treasury will also serve as a war chest for Guild members to use to pay for their participation in Dungeon raids and PvP tournaments. Guild members that offer their in-game resources earn Guild Points, which may be spent at the Guild Shop.

Guild Shop

The Guild Shop accepts Guild Points for the purchase of various utility items and consumables. Guild Credit is required to refill the Guild Shop with products and consumables for members to purchase. Guild Credit is earned through donating resources, and it is saved in the Guild Treasury.

Guild Technology Tree

At the Guild Treasury, players can use donated resources and $RELIC to unlock and enhance their Guild Technology Tree, which provides buffs and rewards to all Guild members.

MetaGods Marketplace

MarketplaceDiscover and trade valuable NFTs in the ecosystem!​

Players will be able to trade their NFT or other in-game items at the Marketplace.


MetaGods is the world’s first play-to-earn 8-bit Action NFT RPG based on the Binance Smart Chain, in which you take on the role of a demigod such as Achilles or Hercules and journey on the Path of Ascension to become a true god, traversing huge dungeons and battling monsters and strong deities.

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Have you played MetaGods already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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