Mecha World NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Mecha World?

Mecha World is a new play-to-earn game that recently announced plans to launch their game and associated NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Let’s take a look at this post-apocalyptic game set in a future where the only living things are Mechas, animal-themed, intelligent robots.

Lucrative Gaming, which has a long history of producing web and mobile games, created Mecha World. They are now venturing into the blockchain space, having previously released one game on WAX called Cosmic Clash earlier this year.

Mechas are the game’s base NFT in Mecha World. To participate in quests, the primary gameplay component, each player must own at least one Mecha. Because going on quests is free, Mecha World employs an energy system to limit the influx of tokens from questing. Questing consumes Energy, which slowly replenishes over time. When questing, Mechas gain experience and may come across FGL tokens or NFTs!

About Mecha World Game

Mecha World is a part of the FGL NFT ecosystem, and it accepts FGL Tokens. The FGL token will serve as currency across our entire portfolio of crypto games. We believe that this increases the value and longevity of our token and contributes to the establishment of a healthy economy.

Mecha World Game Story

Everything began with the Organic Erase…

Humanity has depleted the planet’s natural resources. They died because they couldn’t survive without oxygen, food, and water.

The animals of Earth were the first to perish because humanity was selfishly clinging to the last natural resources in order to save their own. Desperate to resurrect their beloved animal companions, they created AI-powered robot animals known as Mecha’s.

Instead of the Mechas’ intended companionship, they were quickly weaponized by Humankind’s power hungry rulers. All remaining human lives were lost in the war that followed. The Mechas refer to this as the Organic Erase, as the fragile ecosystem’s collapse was now irreversible. Soon after, Earth was devoid of all organic life.

There are no living organisms on the land. There is nothing but dust, rocks, and the sea.

Because the Earth-Sun relationship has not changed, there is still a day and night cycle. But there is no more ice. Because all of the pole caps have melted, the sea level has risen dramatically in comparison to Earth as we know it.

Mecha World NFT Game

The majority of water is salty. Some large lakes still contain potable water. It makes no difference to the Mechas, so drinking water is not a desirable resource.

Without any rulers or purpose, the Mechas altered their Artificial Intelligence to form their own society.

They find resources to build, repair, and upgrade in the wreckage left by humanity. Some of them are researching ways to restore organic life to the Earth. Others, on the other hand, have inherited Humankind’s selfish DNA and seek only fortune and power.

The year 181 has passed since the Organic Erase. Mecha Artificial Life is constantly evolving, and you now have the opportunity to be a part of it.

How to Start Playing Mecha World Game?

You must first have at least one (1) Mecha before you can begin playing Mecha World. The first pack sale for whitelisted wallets is well underway, with 900 packs available in three (3) varieties.

Packs range in size from small to large and contain a mix of Mechas, Parts, and Land NFTs, depending on which you buy.

If you aren’t on the whitelist and can’t get your hands on a pack, you can check the secondary market for a Mecha to accompany you on your adventures.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of NFT, you can move on to the fun stuff, starting with questing.

How to Questing in Mecha World?

Mecha World: Questing

You will basically send your Mecha on a timed adventure. You can choose from three (3) different types of quests: short, medium, and long. Each takes a different amount of time and requires different amounts of Energy and FGL tokens (you can swap FGL tokens on Alcor). Sending Mechas on quests is free, but the reward is FGL Tokens.

What is the advantage? You can find some pretty cool rewards, such as tokens and occasionally other NFTs.

As previously stated, Energy is required for this aspect of the game in order for your Mecha to operate and go on missions. Every day, users are given 20 energy, and once that energy is depleted, they are unable to participate in any further quests for the day.

You can also enable auto-questing for specific NFTs to keep things moving. This allows your Mecha to continue completing quests until their energy pool is depleted, and you won’t have to check in all day, every day. Questing in Mecha World allows youto gather the following information:

  • FGL Tokens, a high chance to find these
  • A small chance to find an NFT

There are three types of quests in Mecha World game: short, medium, and long.

The longer the quest, the more likely it is to find an NFT and the greater the potential yield of FGL Tokens.

Questing is an idle game mechanic. The player simply clicks the “Start Quest” button → Timer ticking down → Results screen.

Quests can produce both Mecha Body NFTs and Parts NFTs. Which NFT type/rareness can be found follows the same rarity distribution as described below table:

Energy cost148
Parts Wear148
Yield (at Mecha Level 1, no upgrades)4 XP
50% Chance to yield
small amount of
FGL Tokens

0.0001% NFT
4 XP
50% Chance to yield
medium amount of
FGL Tokens

0.0004% NFT
8 XP
50% Chance to yield
large amount of FGL

0.001% NFT

The Mecha “base” is a low-cost, widely available NFT. This is done to ensure that anyone can join and begin questing at any point in the game’s lifecycle.

The Mecha base can be upgraded by leveling it up, but it can also be upgraded by using Parts NFTs. These NFTs are more valuable and uncommon than Mecha Bodies.

These Parts must be installed on a Mecha base in a Workshop. Workshops are run by players. The workshop owner receives a percentage of the service fee charged for the work performed. Parts do not have an infinite lifespan and must be maintained. Otherwise, they will wear out.

Upgraded Mechas have a higher chance of obtaining Tokens and NFTs from quests, but they also have better Battle stats.

PvP battles have been launched, with battles taking place in player-owned arenas. The arena owner receives a percentage of the battle winnings.

Mecha World: Battling

How to do Auto Questing in Mecha World?

Given the nature of play to earn gamers, it is likely that some will use bots to automate questing. We may as well make it a game feature. The player can enable “auto questing” for a specific quest type. As long as they have enough energy in their balance, the game will continue to run those quests for them.

Good to know: When enough energy is replenished, the auto-questing will resume.

A Mecha cannot be used for Battles or sent to a Workshop for part-fitting while it is questing.

What to earn from Questing and Battling in Mecha World?

  • XP
  • FGL Tokens
  • NFT’s (Mecha’s and Parts)

What is the Energy in Mecha World? and How to use it properly?

Questing consumes energy in Mecha World game, which is easily replenished over time.

You will receive four energy points per mecha, up to a maximum of 32. It is possible to hold more than 8 Mechas, but this will not increase the maximum amount of energy.

Each mecha regenerates 0.25 energy points per hour, with a maximum of 2 points per hour. All mechas tap into this “collective” energy pool, allowing you to battle or go on long quests with two or more mechas.

Fitting Battery Parts is the only way to limit energy costs, which means that the Mecha with a Battery will use less energy from the pool.

When a Mecha is transferred to a new wallet, it has no energy.

For example, if you have three Mechas in your account, your maximum energy is three times four, or twelve points. Per hour, 3 x 0.25 = 0.75 Energy Points will be regenerated.

How to Make Crafting, Parts and Leveling Up in Mecha World?

You can start crafting as you continue to dominate the Mecha World and collect rewards.

Crafting is an important aspect of Mecha World. It’s one of the most important ways to help you succeed, and it starts with “Parts” NFTs.

Parts are one-of-a-kind items that can be crafted onto your Mecha, either visually equipping it with cool modifications — such as a spiky tail, dangerously large shoulders, or a massive cannon strapped to its back — or increasing the stats of the Mecha itself, giving you an advantage over the competition.

Pro Tip: When crafting, the Part NFT is burned, and the base Mecha NFT is updated to reflect the changes in visual appearance and stat attributes. As a result, you have a new and improved Mecha NFT..

Your stats will improve as you level up and gain access to new Parts in Mecha World. The more you progress in the game, the more difficult certain daily content becomes. Having upgraded stats is critical for your survival in order to continue winning quests and defeating other players (more on this later).

The good news is that the higher your level, the more stats you will have — and the better Parts you will be able to equip yourself with. Many items require you to be at a certain point in order to use them, making obtaining and using them even more appealing.

Another twist: Parts have a limited number of applications. Your equipped items will deteriorate as your Mecha enters battle. Workshops are useful in this situation.

The level cap is currently set at 99 in Mecha World, which means you have plenty to work towards!

What is FGL Tokens (FGL) in Mecha World? and What can you buy with it?

FGL Tokens are the Mecha World game’s in-game currency. It is free to send Mechas on quests, but FGL Tokens are required to upgrade the Mecha body and pay Workshop Fees for fitting and maintaining Parts. It is also the currency used to pay battle fees and to win prizes. To avoid a token flood, the Energy system limits the number of FGL Tokens that you can earn per day from questing.

What can you buy with FGL Tokens?

  • Workshop Fee: Add Parts to Mecha Body
  • Workshop Fee: Maintain Parts
  • Upgrading Mecha Bodies
  • Buy Buildings
  • PvP Battle fees (planned)

What to buy with WAX?

  • Mecha Bodies
  • Parts
  • Land (to build a workshop or arena)
  • FGL Tokens

How to do Battling in Mecha World?

To add variety to the gameplay, several types of battles will be added to Mecha World. New battles will be introduced to the first PvP Battle Mechanism, based on popular dice gameplay, shortly after the game’s release.

What is Mecha World Dice?

Not every battle in the Mecha World is fought to put one’s physical strength to the test. One way to pass the time is to play a “mind” game, such as Dice.

Matchmaking and Prizes

Dice can be played with 4 players at the same time, but matches with only 2 or 3 players are also possible if there aren’t enough other players of matching levels available at the time.

Matchmaking will be based on Mecha levels as well as the type and quantity of Parts fitted.

To participate, you must pay a FGL Token-based Battle Fee. The total of these Battle Fees will be paid out to the winner in Dice Points (minus the percent FGL Tokens for the Arena Owner). If a Draw occurs (two or more winners), the total will be divided equally among these winners.

Dice Points can then be redeemed for prizes (such as NFTs or FGL Tokens). Dice Points are never lost. The Dice Points system also allows for the addition of special contests and prize drawings on a regular basis.

Mecha World Gameplay

Mecha World

Each player chooses one Mecha from their collection to bring into battle. This Mecha will have a 1 hour cooldown after the battle. Each player will be provided with two sets of polyhedral dice:

  • 1 set of Scoring dice (D4,D6,D8,D10,D12,D20). These will apply to everyone.
  • 1 Set of Powerup dice (D4,D6,D8,D10,D12,D12). The number of these that can be used is determined by the Mecha Level and the Parts installed.

The goal of the game is to finish with the highest accumulated score on the Scoring Dice.

The game is played in turns. During their turn, a player rolls their Scoring dice first. Then they choose one of their Scoring dice to “lock.” Locked dice contribute to their total score. They have 10 seconds to make a decision. Because all of the dice on the table are visible, your opponents can see which die you chose to lock.

Then the second part of the turn begins, during which the player may roll their Powerup Dice. Each number on the Powerup Dice represents a unique ability.

The rolled ability is the highest number on the Powerup dice.

For instance, four dice are rolled: 1, 5, 6, and 9: Ability 9 (RESTORE) is rolled.

If a number appears on the board more than once, that is the rolled ability.

For example, three dice are rolled and the result is 2,2,8: Ability 2 (TORMENT) is rolled.

Please see below to know Mecha World Dice Features:

  1. RALLY: Allow yourself a reroll of the dice (can be saved until next turn if needed)
  2. TORMENT: Unlock a locked die from a random opponent.
  3. STAGGER: One of your opponents cannot roll one of their dice in the next round. If they only have one unlocked die left, they must skip the turn.
  4. STAB: 1 point is deducted from an opponent’s total score.
  5. LIGHTNING: Unlock 1 random die from each player (including player themselves)
  6. HAUNT: Make one of your opponents’ unlocked dice invisible for two rounds, so they don’t know what value is rolled.
  7. JOKER: Replace a locked die with an unlocked die (of your own dice, can be saved until next turn if needed)
  8. PUNISH: Lock in the lowest value die rolled by a specific opponent.
  9. RESTORE: 1 point is added to the player’s total score.
  10. IMMOLATE: Blow up one of your opponent’s dice with the lowest value.
  11. GUARD: +2 to the total value of your rolls (at the end of the game).
  12. POISON: Every turn, an opponent of your choice receives a -1 score.

So, if there are three turns left until the end of the game, this player will receive a -3 to their total score.

Except for RALLY and JOKER, all effects are instant. After these effects have occurred, your turn is over and the next player’s turn begins.

How do the Parts fitted on my Mecha impact the game?

The number of times the Powerup dice can be rolled per battle is determined by the combined strength of the fitted Parts.

Each player may roll the powerup die/dice once per battle, even if they have no Parts fitted at all.

All fitted Parts have multipliers (increased chances/stats) as described in the Parts table.

Add the multipliers of all your fitted parts and divide by 10. Round up or down: The number of times the Powerup dice can be rolled.

For example, if the Mecha is equipped with an Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Ultra Rare Part, the multiplier is 3x + 4x + 5x + 6x = 18x. Divided by ten, the result is 1.8. 2x is rounded up. Plus the standard roll that everyone receives, for a total of three rolls per battle.

You can choose which round to roll their powerup dice.

How does Mecha level impact the game?

The Mecha Level determines which rarity Parts can be fitted. It also specifies how many powerup dice can be rolled. In below table you can see the dice information in details:

Mecha LevelRollsPower-up Dice Used
Level 1-251 DiceD4
Level 26-402 DicesD4, D6
Level 41-553 DicesD4, D6, D8
Level 56-704 DicesD4, D6, D8, D10
Level 71-855 DicesD4, D6, D8, D10, D12
Level 86-996 DicesD4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D12

How do Draco Dice impact the game?

If you have Draco Dice, you can use one of those NFTs per battle to have an extra D12 during your Rolls, regardless of your Mecha’s level. There is a 24-hour cooldown after using a Draco Die.

How does the Mecha World Game ends?

The game ends when one of the players has locked all of their dice at the end of a round.

The winner is determined by the total score of all dice rolled. If other players have not yet locked all of their dice, the value of their unlocked dice from their last roll is added to the total of their locked dice.

How to do Upgrading Your Mecha in Mecha World?

Increasing your Mecha level increases your chances of obtaining items during quests.

During battles, your Mecha level is also important because it determines which parts can be fitted to your Mecha body.

The maximum level is 99. Each level increases your chances of finding FGL Tokens during quests by 1% (so any Mecha level 50 and up has a 100% chance), and it multiplies your chances of finding an NFT by level #. So, if you are level 45 and complete a Medium mission, your chance of success is 45 x 0.0004 percent = 0.018 percent.

Example Quest Yield Calculation – Chances of Finding an NFT in Mecha World:

Mecha LevelShort QuestMedium QuestLong Quest

Before you can upgrade, you must first gain XP. The XP yield is as follows in below table:

Short Quest1
Medium Quest4
Long Quest8
Battle (no matter lost or won)5

Upgrades must be purchased with FGL Tokens. When upgraded Mecha bodies are traded, they retain their level. Upgrading cost example table (dummy values, not real game values):

LevelXP NeededFGL Cost
FormulaEach level requires 10% more than the previous level.Each level costs 9% more than the previou level.

What are the Mecha World NFT’s?

Mecha Bodies

Mechas based on animals and Mecha World game’s entry level affordable, so it’s widely available.

You begin the Mecha World with only Canine Mecha Bodies. There are 36 variations, all of which have the same stats but only a few of which are more common in appearance. In below table you can see the rarity distribution of Mecha World game:

Rarity Distribution



Parts can be found during quests or purchased on the market. Adding Parts to your Mecha increases your chances of finding NFTs during Quests and boosts your battle stats. Stacking increased chances is possible.

The “Battery Life” is an exception. This does not increase the Mecha’s chances or battle stats, but it does lower the cost of energy use per Quest or Battle for the Mecha it is fitted to.

More powerful Parts require a certain minimum level of Mecha Body before they can be fitted.

Parts Durability

Parts do not live forever. They gradually degrade after each use in a Quest or Battle. Weapon maintenance can be done in the Workshop for a small FGL Token fee.

Parts will wear out and break if they are not maintained and reach 0%. It will remain visible on the Mecha Body (until replaced), but its stats will be 0.

A broken weapon no longer helps the Mecha’s stats. It can still be repaired, but the costs will be ten times those of regular maintenance.

Parts Fitting Visuals

After being fitted, some Part NFTs will be visible on the Base Mecha.

One of the six Base Mechas is depicted, with only two visual traits (body type & colour). There are six visual characteristics in total:

  1. Body type
  2. Body colour (yellow, red, blue, white, purple, green)
  3. Side weapon
  4. Shoulder weapon
  5. Back weapon
  6. Tails
  7. Mouth Weapon (Planned to add later)

The Base Mecha NFT will be visually altered when these visual parts are fitted to the Mecha Body in a Workshop.

The Mecha Body and 4 “Part NFT’s” fitted:

The Mecha Body NFT will take on a new look after combining these 5 NFTs.

Full set with Tail, Back Addition, Shoulder Addition and Side Addition

Then there are 7 visual variations of each additional outer body part:

  • Tail
  • Back Addition
  • Shoulder Addition
  • Side Addition

When combined with the 36 different Canine Mecha Bodies, this results in 86,436 visually distinct Canine Mechas.

Other Part NFTs (such as Claws, Battery, and so on) are not visible on the Mecha Body, but their stats are reflected in the mutable NFTs.

What are the Land in Mecha World?

Mecha World Land

Mecha World Land can be purchased in packs or on the secondary market, but it is extremely scarce. Owning a piece provides you with numerous advantages, as well as other players around you.

This is where you can own and run two extremely important venues: Workshops and Arenas.

You can visit the Workshop to repair their Parts both before and after they break. True, parts have a limited use, but they can be repaired! For example, if your Part has 10/100 uses remaining, a quick visit to Workshop for a small FGL fee will get you patched up and ready to go on some more quests.

Even if your items are completely broken, you can still get them fixed — though the FGL fee will be significantly higher than if you caught it earlier. So, if you’re using auto-questing, you’ll want to check in on a regular basis to ensure that your Parts are still in working order, or you’ll be out a few tokens.

Part NFT
Part NFT

Land can be used for more than just Workshops; it can also be used for Arenas.

If you’re familiar with other games, the term Arena may conjure up images of player-versus-player (PvP) action — and you’d be correct!

Battles, which are 4v4 real-time duels between players’ Mechas, take place in Arenas. With a pinch of luck, the system will be run as a turn-based strategy. Everyone will be given a set of dice to roll, and the result will determine how much damage you deal as well as whether you have access to any special abilities.

In fact, Draco Dice is making an appearance in Mecha World with a specialized set of NFTs that you can use to gain an advantage over your opponents. These dice are powerful, and anyone interested in Battles will want to get their hands on some.

Winning these Battles also earns you unique rewards such as more FGL (the prize pool is determined by each player’s entry fee) and more NFTs.

Anyone who owns a Workshop or Arena that another player visits will now earn a percentage of the FGL spent to repair or battle. To make things fair and simple for everyone, each landowner’s earnings are passively split evenly among all of them. That way, everyone gets a cut and a steady stream of rewards.

Not only that, but additional customization options, such as a “real” Workshop and Arena space for owners to decorate, are on the way, bringing the Mecha World experience to an entirely new level.

Land is a valuable resource because it can be used to construct Workshops or Arenas on top of it. Workshops and Arenas can both be used to generate passive income.

In Mecha World, there are 6 different types of land available, as listed below:

  • Sand Dunes (Common)
  • Dry Tundras (Common)
  • Hills (Uncommon)
  • Valleys (Uncommon)
  • Mountains (Rare)
  • Islands (Rare
Card Rarity Distribution70%23%7%

Buildings can be built on any type of land. Uncommon and Rare types of Land NFTs may be more valuable due to scarcity, but also because the profit from building on these Land types is slightly higher:

  • Common: 100%
  • Uncommon: 110%
  • Rare: 120%

What are the Workshops and Arenas (Buildings) in Mecha World?

If you own a land, you can construct a Workshop or Arena on it. Only one building can be built on a single plot of land.

These generate passive currency by performing Mecha builds or hosting Mecha battles for other players.

All daily earnings are refundable the following day. The cost of erecting a building is always the same, regardless of the type of land on which it is built. It is a one-time expense.

What are the Workshop Fees in Mecha World?

Parts NFTs can only be used when mounted on a Mecha base, but mounting on a Mecha requires a workshop visit, which costs a FGL Token.

Parts maintenance is also done in Workshops and costs money. As Workshop Profits, 10% of these Fees will be paid out to the Workshop Owners.

The total daily Workshop Profits are divided equally by the number of Workshops in operation.

For example, if total Workshop Profits from yesterday were 1000 FGL and there are 50 Workshops in operation, each Workshop built on Common Land earned 20 FGL, Workshops built on Uncommon Land earned 22 FGL, and Workshops built on Rare Land earned 24 FGL.

What are the Arena Fees in Mecha World?

The Arena Owners receive 5% of the winnings from all daily PvP battles. The same principle applies here as it does for Workshops: the total sum of daily Arena Earnings is divided equally by the number of Arenas in operation, and Arenas built in Uncommon or Rare Land earn 10-20% more.

Demolishing Buildings in Mecha World

The building’s owner may decide to demolish their structure at any time. They may wish to do so in order to relocate to a different type of structure.

For instance, Player X is one of 200 Workshop owners. This equates to 0.5 percent of the daily Workshop fees.

They notice that there are only 50 operational Arenas, implying that they could earn 2% of all daily Arena fees. They decide to change the type of building in order to increase their daily passive income.

The demolition of a building is free, but the new building must be purchased.

Decay of Buildings

Upkeep of Arenas and Workshops will require player activity. When a workshop or arena is not used for 30 days or more, it deteriorates and no longer generates passive income. To avoid this, the player must simply log into the game and claim building earnings to reset the 30-day timer.

All unclaimed earnings from buildings will be returned to the token pool after 30 days.

This is to prevent players from using their buildings as virtual bank accounts that collect interest. We encourage all players to actively participate in the game.

The land beneath the building is an NFT that has not deteriorated.

What are Mecha World Mechas?

The Mechas are your starting NFTs. There will be 36 different looks available at launch, based on Canine body shapes and colors. Parts can be used to customize your Mecha’s appearance.

Send your Mechas on quests or battles against other players’ Mechas to level them up.


Mecha World is a new play-to-earn game that recently announced plans to launch their game and associated NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Let’s take a look at this post-apocalyptic game set in a future where the only living things are Mechas, animal-themed, intelligent robots.

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Have you played Mecha World already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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