Magic Craft NFT Game (Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Magic Craft?

Magic Craft is a Massive War and Conquest Play-To-Earn Multiplayer game released on Binance Smart Chain that features an advanced guild system, taxes, and economy. You can form alliances and form clans to compete against other clans on the platform.

The Elders built seven powerful castles in the Magic Craft world. Magicus, or magical energy, is stored within the walls of these castles. This mysterious substance, created in millennial battles, can endow the owner with incredible strength. That is why it is closely guarded and considered a prize by many.

Survive among other clans and then collect taxes in our native cryptocurrency, $MCRT.

Each hero has unique characteristics, items, weapons, armor, spells, magic scrolls, clothing, attacks, and poses. You can collect these characters as you progress through the game. You are also free to trade these collectibles in the NFT marketplace for $MCRT.

The world of Magic Craft awaits your arrival. And you are free to enter this world on a free-to-play or pay-to-win basis.

Magic Craft Game Story

The Greater Being created the Ash Vales long ago, when the world was young. He named it a land for mortals and delegated His work to the Lesser Gods. However, when the Greater Being left to oversee other worlds, discord among the Lesser Gods arose. Two factions emerged: the Elders, who believed mortals should be allowed to live their lives as they saw fit, and the Ancient Gods, beings from a harsher era who desired mortal subservience.

In the end, words would not be enough to resolve this conflict. The two sides clashed, with the Ancient Gods threatening to undo the work of the Greater Being. The Elders, on the other hand, would triumph in this war, defeating the Ancient Gods. Those who survived retreated to the universe’s darkest corners to regain strength. Fearing that the Ancient Gods would return, the Elders built seven citadels known as Pillars. These citadels were built from the fallen Ancient Gods’ bones, imbued with their own power and thus impervious to the other Ancient Gods. The Elders hoped that if their old enemies returned, the Pillars would protect the mortals… no matter what happened to them

But the Ash Vales are in danger right now…

The Seven Pillars, citadels built by the divine Elders hundreds of years ago, have reopened. The magical barriers that had kept them sealed had failed. They have now been seized by various factions eager to claim the valuable resource contained within: Magicus.

Magicus is an ancient source of information. Its primary application is in the creation of powerful weapons and armor, as the material itself can enchant metal ingots. However, there is a secondary application. Mortals have the ability to absorb Magicus into their souls. It can be used to gradually increase one’s powers over time, or it can be unleashed all at once in a terrifying display of power, allowing the user to cast spells far beyond their normal abilities. Of course, the more Magicus you use, the stronger the spell. Magicus, in large enough quantities, can even create new life.

The Pillars are the only places in the Ash Vales where this resource is naturally generated. It’s dangerous and chaotic, and it can be lethal in the wrong hands.

Since the Lesser Gods abandoned or were destroyed in battles, the lands of the Ash Vales have undergone catastrophic changes. Once beautiful and flourishing territories have devolved into an oppressive landscape dotted with massive holes, a hellish landscape of soot and ashes with poisoned nature, dangerous Dark Forests teeming with cruel creatures, poor lands plagued by bandit raids and demon attacks, and enclaves of outcasts and wanted people.

Smaller groups and factions have formed to fight for their own interests, such as the restoration of peace, the protection of mortals, or simply survival. Everyone fantasizes about capturing the Pillars and utilizing the magical power contained within their impenetrable walls.

The Union of Guilds, a confederation of the most powerful guilds in the Ash Vales, is the only force capable of opposing the seven factions. The Union of Guilds, unwilling to allow Magicus to be concentrated in the hands of the few and powerful, has invoked the Old Law: “Let any who lay claim to these treasures barter in steel and pay in blood.” A justification for their declaration of war.

The Fallen, Hunters, Keepers of Arcana, Betrothed, and Nightbinders are the five major Guilds that have responded to the call. They are willing to fight in order to regain their former strength, resurrect their fallen god, restore the nature of their lands, or obtain secret knowledge. And so a new era of warfare begins.

So, how about you? Are you Cinder of the Fallen, addicted to power and willing to throw away everything to fill the void within? Are you Mecrain, a smith who has been transformed into a monstrous human/dragon hybrid and is now looking for a way to break your curse? Are you Sir Templus, a knight devoted to the Empire and its Empress? Or are you one of the twelve heroes who are now greedily seeking the Pillars for their own ends?

Magic Craft NFT Game

Magic Craft Game Clan Wars – Castle Wars

While battles and quests will be a regular part of the game that players can participate in to climb the leaderboard, the game will also have other appeal.

The Clan War – Castle War is one of them. Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to form clans with other online players. These clans should ideally have a good mix of defensive and offensive heroes.

You can also have a good mix of premium and free heroes, as well as different types of weapons. The rarity of these weapons will vary. The greater the rarity, the greater your chances of winning the war.

The war’s goal is straightforward. Compete against the most powerful clans to conquer and capture castles. These wars will be fought by players all over the world, and they will help players gain ownership of new castles.

What are Magic Craft Game Characters?

1. Fallen Guild

There were those who were envious of the Elders’ power in the Old Days of the Ash Vales, when they still roamed among mortals. Eager to obtain it, a band of warriors ambushed one of the Elders and struck them down, drinking their blood and infusing their souls with divine strength. They would wage war on the world, only to be stopped by a coalition of mortals and Elders.

When their leaders were brought before the Elders, they were offered amnesty in exchange for eternal loyalty to those from whom they had stolen power. They came to an agreement, and thus the Fallen were born. Mortals imbued with Elder power carried weapons too heavy for giants to grasp. Their bodies seemed to ignore the harm done to them. They were the ultimate soldiers, born to fight and bred to be loyal.

The Fallen’s efforts are still ongoing today. Those interested in joining their guild are welcome to do so. They must go through a series of trials, testing their martial prowess against great beasts and mental fortitude against demonic whispers, before drinking the blood of the Elder they slew millennia ago, which grants them incredible powers. Furthermore, the Fallen remain devoted to the Elders. The recent seizure of the Pillars has reawakened old resentment within them. The desecration of their masters’ homes has greatly offended them, and they have declared a bloody war on the seven factions who claim the Pillars.

There are 3 Fallen Guild characters as listed below:

  • Cinder Hound
  • Ulyn, the Fallen
  • Sir Templus

2. Hunters Guild

The Hunters are masters of the land, as stalkers, trackers, and travelers. While they have not married it as the Betrothed have, you will find them to be staunch protectors of the land they walk on.

The Hunters were formed after the First World War. The great conflict’s aftermath had rendered vast swaths of land uninhabitable, and many safe passages had been blocked by debris or terrible abominations spawned by conflict. To protect the innocent, the Hunters became guides and wardens. They guarded citizens on their journeys, battling bandits, thieves, and grotesque demons.

The Hunters rose to prominence following the fall of the Triumvirate. While the other nations tried to contain the demon hordes that had destroyed the Triumvirate, the allure of the gold reserves left within proved too strong to resist. The Empire enlisted the Hunters to secure Dura’s Horde’s Last Gold. The expedition began with three hundred people and would end with all of the Hunters dead.

The Hunters, in reality, had claimed the gold for themselves, refusing to give it to the cruel Empire. They not only secured Dura’s Horde’s Last Gold, but they also rescued a few hundred people who were still alive within the Triumvirate. They spent some of the gold on new safe houses and the rest on improving their operations.

Since then, the Hunters have become legendary. They’re frequently recruited for some of the most difficult missions in the Ash Vales, and their theft of what the Empire deemed “their gold” has banned them from all Empire territory… A ban that is frequently disregarded.

However, the Hunters are now on a different mission. They open the Pillars in order to seize the powers within, hoping to write their names in history.

There are 2 Hunters Guild characters as listed below:

  1. Mecrain
  2. Trueshot

3. Keepers of Arcana Guild

Some regard them as knowledge keepers, while others regard them as secret keepers. The Keepers of Arcana are one of the most recent guilds to emerge, having formed only a few years after the Forested Dunes fell. The Keepers of Arcana were founded by some of the best mages in the world with the goal of unraveling the mysteries surrounding the Plaguepits and the rise of the Lich Lords.

The Keepers of Arcana did not split up after their research concluded with little discovered. The dozen or so mages had grown close and continued to delve into the world’s mysteries. The Keepers dedicated themselves to uncovering everything, from the spells that sealed the Pillars to the demons that inhabited the Fields of Ending.

The Keepers of Arcana are notorious for jealously guarding the knowledge they gather for themselves and their closest allies. Even the Union of Guilds is kept in the dark, and they only tolerate the Keepers because of their incredible power on the battlefield and willingness to share information about entering the Pillars. While these rumors are false, the Keepers have happily used them to further their reputation as brilliant mages and secret keepers.

There are 3 Keepers of Arcana Guild characters as listed below:

  1. Valkyrie
  2. Karas
  3. Sanguin

4. Nightbinders Guild

To wear shadow is to become accustomed to it. Breaking its will and forcing it to serve you is like wielding the night itself. Nightbinders are among the most powerful beings on the planet, terrifying both commoners and rulers alike. The Nightbinders are not a guild that you can join, but rather one that you are born into. The Nightbinders are descended from an ancient bloodline that dates back to a union between a human and an Elder, endowing them with incredible abilities.

Nightbinders are shadow wielders who have been trained from birth to serve Lunus, God of the Night. Their most basic techniques allow them to blend in, giving them unparalleled stealth abilities. Even the most inexperienced Nightbinders can be brutal assassins. However, as their training progresses, they gain new abilities, such as eclipsing cities in darkness and merging into one shadow and emerging from another.

The Nightbinders, despite their solitary nature, have recently joined the Union of Guilds. They’ve had a friendly relationship with the other guilds, offering their services whenever they’re needed. While their assistance is appreciated, few trust them… which is probably for the best.

The Nightbringers have joined the Union of Guilds not to make friends, but to seize the Pillars. The treasure within will be the ultimate tribute to Lunus, and they will appease the God of the Night through magic… or blood.

There is 1 Nightbinders Guild character as listed below:

  1. Imorith, servant of Lunus

5. The Betrothed Guild

The Betrothed, former rivals of the Fallen, were the first to oppose them in the Old Days. They were chosen by the Elders as some of their most loyal servants, and their souls were bound to root and bark, tree and plant. They opened their bodies to nature’s magic and vowed to protect the natural order. Nature, in turn, bestowed upon them incredible power.

They aided the Elders in their defeat of those who would become the Fallen. They were rewarded for their efforts by being given stewardship of the Forested Dunes alongside the Elves. The majesty of this place, combined with its deep connections to nature, has only increased the Betrothed’s power over the centuries. They dedicated themselves to the preservation of the natural order, opposing industrial violence and forge smoke. Because of their power, many feared the Betrothed would one day surpass the Elders of old.

However, such power frequently brings with it jealous eyes and twisted minds. A hundred years ago, a great plague swept across the Forested Dunes, reawakening the hundreds of thousands of heroes who had been buried there. Under Ul’kun, the First Lich Lord of the Plague Pits, the undead had risen. While the Betrothed and the Elves worked to defend the Forested Dunes, they were unable to stop the never-ending tide of the dead. Furthermore, the disease spread through root and tree, killing nature and severely weakening the Betrothed.

The Betrothed, now without their godlike powers, married a new ally: the Union of Guilds. The Betrothed gained the support of the powerful Union by pledging themselves to their service. They killed Ul’kun and drove the armies back into the Forested Dunes, now known as the Plaguepits. While the elves’ spells kept the plague at bay, the Forested Dunes were doomed. The Betrothed would be forever weakened, never to return to their former glory.

The opening of the Seven Pillars, on the other hand, brings with it an opportunity. While the Betrothed have faithfully served the Union of Guilds for the past century, they have yearned to return to their former glory and restore the Forested Dunes. With the Seven Pillars now open, the power within them may be able to assist them in achieving their goal.

There are 3 Betrothed Guild characters as listed below:

  1. Gala
  2. Alosios
  3. Lumor

What are Magic Craft Game Heroes?

There are roughly five types of heroes. You can begin by selecting a free hero from the appropriate category. While free heroes cannot be sold on the marketplace, Epic heroes can. To use these Epic heroes, you must first unlock them with $MCRT Tokens.

Magic Craft NFT Game

The following are the Magic Craft Game Heroes:

  1. Armored
  2. Archers
  3. Wizards
  4. Druids
  5. Rogues

1. Armored Hero

Warriors are melee fighters who have received extensive weaponry training. On the battlefield, these mighty warriors rely on their heavy plate armor, shields, and battle prowess to defend themselves and ensure enemies don’t focus on their softer-skinned allies. Armored heroes have the following characteristics:

  • Massive corrupted warrior
  • Shield
  • Excalibur
  • Dwarf
  • Giant

Weapon mastery is the foundation of warrior training, and they can wield and deliver massive damage with massive two-handed weapons. Furthermore, as warriors deal damage, their rage builds, allowing them to unleash crushing attacks in the heat of battle.

Warriors typically lead the charge of the battle, spreading across the battlefield and rallying their allies and intimidating their enemies with furious shouts and terrifying banners. Warriors excel at battle with a variety of powerful attacks and battlefield maneuvers as masters of both skillful strikes and devastating blows, whether striking down opponents with mighty two-handed weapons, tearing into packs of enemies in a whirlwind of steel, or standing firm in the face of death itself.

Armored Hero Attributes

  • Health: HIGH
  • Damage: MEDIUM
  • Difficulty: EASY

2. Archers

Archers are distance fighters and a damaging class that can fight in both melee and ranged combat. Master marksmen use a wide variety of shots to take down their prey.

They can use venomous barbs and magical projectiles, as well as explosive volleys and penetrating power shots. Those who specialize in melee combat use polearms, performing deft flanking maneuvers and being exceptionally skilled at throwing their weapon. Archers hero has the following characteristics:

  • Massive corrupted warrior
  • Shield
  • Excalibur
  • Dwarf
  • Giant

Hunters are also survival experts. Their knowledge of traps and misdirection allows them to manipulate their quarry’s attention, leading them into lethal ambushes or camouflaging themselves so well that even the sharpest-eyed foe cannot accurately target them.

Hunters, as the name implies, are also skilled hunters, capable of tracking even the most elusive targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Archers Hero Attributes

  • Health: LOW
  • Difficulty: HARD

3. Wizards

The mage (or magician) is a spellcaster who specializes in burst damage and area of effect spells.

Mages are well-known for their devastating damage output as well as their diverse crowd-control abilities. Mages heroes have the following characteristics:

  • Dark wizard
  • The mage of light
  • Magic maniac
  • Wicked witch
  • Cosmic

Mages can also perform a variety of useful functions, such as conjuring refreshments for their allies or teleporting or opening portals to major cities.

Wizards Hero Attributes

  • Health: LOW
  • Damage: BURST, VERY HIGH
  • Difficulty: HARD

4. Druids

Druids are world keepers who follow the path of nature. They follow the Ancestors’ and Cenarius’ wisdom to heal and protect the world.

The Druid’s nature is a delicate balance of action, with the slightest imbalance causing thunderous upheavals in calm skies.

Druids draw their strength from living energy, which they use to change forms and control natural forces. Druids heroes have the following characteristics:

  • Elf
  • Mutated poisoner
  • Visionary
  • Potion Master
  • Wretch

Druids usually follow the path of their totem animal. However, after the Burning Legion’s invasion, more Druids changed, including studying all of the totems’ magic.

Those who were successful were dubbed Druids of the Wild.

Druids Hero Attributes

  • Health: LOW, HEALING
  • Damage: LOW
  • Difficulty: MEDIUM

5. Rogues

The Rogue is a light armored melee damage specialist. Rogue combat revolves around using instant attacks to accumulate combo points, which can then be used to unleash more powerful finishing moves on the target.

Rogues can sneak through the shadows unnoticed, dispatching their foe in a flurry of attacks, and then vanishing out of sight thanks to their unique stealth ability. Rogues can also use poisons, bleeds, stuns, and other disabling effects to suffocate their opponents. Rogue heroes have the following characteristics:

  • Elf
  • Mutated poisoner
  • Visionary
  • Potion Master
  • Wretch

Rogues are known for their stealth. They are adept at escaping combat when the odds are stacked against them due to their numerous defensive abilities. Many of the rogue’s abilities are dependent on their never-ending supply of energy.

Rogue Hero Attributes

  • Health: MEDIUM
  • Damage: MELEE, HIGH
  • Difficulty: MEDIUM

Tax Mechanics Model

The Elders construct powerful Castles in the Magic Craft world. You must demonstrate your bravery and compete with other players for ownership of these castles. Win against other clans and collect taxes in our native cryptocurrency Magic Craft – $MCRT.

The tax economy system will handle the game’s basic economic interactions. When you defeat an individual or a group, you will receive taxes from their trading operations.

The goal is to create a universe of interconnected systems that promotes competition, group evolution, and strategic master planning.

Magic Craft Game Features

The Magic Craft gameplay is varied and extensive, with numerous facets such as battles, quests, guild wars, tournaments, and so on. This virtual world is open to both players and digital asset owners.

User Journey Map

There are two ways for you to enter this world:

  • Free-to-play
  • Buy $MCRT with USD

Before entering the virtual world, you must create an account. When you do, they you be given two options. There are free heroes and epic/premium heroes.


Begin by collecting free heroes and collectibles. Once you obtain free heroes, you can engage in quests and battles. You will earn $MCRT for each quest completed and battle won. $MCRT is the game’s native cryptocurrency, allowing you to buy, sell, trade, and interact with the game in a variety of ways.

You can either enhance your Free heroes by buying items such as weapons, skins, and other accessories, or buy stronger Premium heroes.

Pro Tip: While Free heroes cannot be sold in the marketplace, Premium heroes can.

As a result, it is advised to begin by purchasing Premium heroes and enhancing them. In addition, you can continue to participate in battles and quests to earn more $MCRT and develop Premium heroes.

Magic Craft Game Free-to-play Flowchart

If you enjoy gaming, you can select this option. will provide you with free heroes of varying abilities, powers, and levels.

Once you obtain free heroes, you can engage in quests and battles. You will earn $MCRT as each quest is completed and battle is won. $MCRT is the game’s native cryptocurrency, allowing you to buy, sell, trade, and interact with the game in a variety of ways.

For example, once you have earned enough $MCRT, you can either enhance their Free heroes or purchase Epic/Premium heroes. You can also choose to improve any hero by purchasing items like weapons, skins, and other accessories. It should be noted that while Free heroes cannot be sold in the marketplace, Premium heroes can.

Pro Tip: It is advised to purchase Premium heroes first and then enhance them. In addition, you can continue to participate in battles and quests to earn more $MCRT and develop Premium heroes.

Aside from these, you can participate in guild wars, tournaments, and special events hosted by the system. These are yet another way for players to earn $MCRT.

The higher their leaderboard rankings, the more players who play the game and earn $MCRT. These leaderboard positions are used in two ways:

  • The higher the ranking (based on performance), the greater the volume of $MCRT rewards.
  • The higher your ranking (based on performance), the more likely you are to earn higher-value items from the lootboxes.

Heroes and items are the two types of boxes. Each box contains a random item or hero, which you can purchase for $MCRT. As a result, if you rank higher, the box will contain a rarer item or hero.

Alternatively, specific items or premium heroes can be purchased from the NFT marketplace, which will be covered in the second part.

Streaming to the Magic Craft Community is another way for players to earn money. Streaming allows you to gain attention, solicit support, and receive rewards from the community in the form of $MCRT.

Play to Earn

The following are some ways for a gamer to earn money:

In recent years, the Play-To-Earn model has gained a lot of traction from two major types of audiences: gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

One of the advantages of the play-to-earn model is that it allow you to earn money while doing what they enjoy, which is playing games. This can be done through battles, daily challenges, weekly wars, tournaments, system-hosted special events, and other means. The more you earn, the better your performance.

This is a significant advancement in the world of blockchain and gaming because it benefits gamers who invest a significant amount of time, energy, and money in the game.

Magic Craft is a virtual world that adheres to the play-to-earn model, promising its players the opportunity to earn money by participating in the game.

They can earn money in a variety of ways with the Play-To-Earn model. All interactions with the game will be conducted in the native $MCRT, which can also be converted into US dollars.

Earn flow chart

Buy $MCRT with USD

There is an alternative for players who want to skip the stage of getting Free heroes, battling it out, and receiving $MCRT to buy Premium heroes.

You can purchase $MCRT with US dollars. With this $MCRT, you can purchase Premium Heroes and embark on the above journey to participate in battles, quests, and tournaments to earn $MCRT, level up the heroes, climb the leaderboard, and receive rewards.

Magic Craft Game Metaverse

A Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds designed to foster social interaction.

The metaverse is a virtual world that combines gaming, blockchain, and NFTs to create a medium for gamers, streamers, digital asset owners, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to connect. All of the above user groups can participate in this all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem, pursue their interests, and earn money for their efforts. This world as having three major components:

  1. Gaming Virtual World
  2. NFT Marketplace
  3. Staking

Overall, the Magic Craft metaverse combines various aspects of blockchain, gaming, and NFTs to create a comprehensive ecosystem that can engage different actors from all three industries.

Magic Craft Game NFT Marketplace

The Magic Craft Metaverse’s second component is the NFT marketplace. While the virtual world caters to gamers, the NFT Marketplace caters to digital asset owners, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, blockchain developers, and communities.

However, they are not the only ones encouraged to interact with the NFT marketplace; gamers from the virtual world are also encouraged to do so.

In the NFT market, there will be two types of users:

  • Gamers
  • Digital asset owners


Gamers and players can use the marketplace to buy and sell items, premium heroes, and other items. The value of premium heroes will be determined by their enhancements as well as the number of battles, quests, and tournaments won. It may also be determined by the players’ position on the leaderboards.

Weapons, clothing, skins, armor, pets, and other items are among the items. Aside from these, there are also virtual lands and castles for sale. Players who own or wish to own these can purchase or sell them as NFTs.

The marketplace’s currency will be $MCRT. As a result, all of the $MCRT earned while playing games can be used to purchase these NFTs.

These NFTs can also be exchanged directly by players. They should, however, ensure that the values are similar and that the NFT is exactly what they want.

Digital asset owners

Digital asset owners are essentially cryptocurrency or NFT enthusiasts who want to collect and use the aforementioned in-game assets.

Digital asset owners can purchase the aforementioned digital assets and treat them as collectibles. These assets can be sold to needy players in exchange for $MCRT.

Furthermore, if asset owners support specific players, they can leverage them in multiple ways. They can either sell or rent these heroes to players in exchange for $MCRT. When players use these heroes to fight and win battles, the value of the heroes rises.


Staking is the next part of this metaverse that engages developers and blockchain enthusiasts interested in the metaverse’s backend.

A novel staking model that allows you to become more involved in the Magic Craft ecosystem. Players who stake their tokens will receive not only extra $MCRT but also NFTs as a reward. These NFTs will have in-game utility as well as unique abilities and benefits that will give their owners a decisive advantage in the game.

Separately, $MCRT serves as a governance token; holders of $MCRT can stake their tokens to participate in the development of the blockchain game, voting on features, and thus having direct influence over the project’s direction.

Magic Craft NFT Game

What are Magic Craft Game $MCRT Rewards?

Pro Tip: You can specify how long you want your tokens staked for. It ranges from 30 days to 5 years.

Aside from the 30 day period, each period unlocks an increase in a staking bonus. This bonus ranges from 20% to 500%. The higher the bonus amount, the longer the staking period. The table below shows the staking duration and bonuses available while staking your $MCRT tokens.

30 days0%
90 days18%
180 days40%
1 year90%
3 years250%
5 years500%

At the end of the staking period, you can claim their rewards and withdraw their staked tokens.

The bonus percentage is subject to change in order to incentivize holders to stake for longer periods of time and to balance the reward ratio.

What are Magic Craft Game NFT Rewards?

Pro Tip: You can specify how long you want your tokens to be staked for. It can last anywhere from 180 days to 5 years.

Each period included a specific type of in-game NFT as a reward and a minimum stake of $MCRT tokens. They are as follows, as shown in the table below:

DurationNFT$MCRT Required
180 daysItem80,000
1 yearCharacter160,000
3 yearsLand1,600,000
5 yearsLand x 22,500,000

During your staking period, you earn NFT points. After the staking period is over, these points can be changed for actual NFTs. NFT points are matched 1:1 with the NFT that will be launched.

The amount of NFTs available as staking rewards is limited in the Genesis Collection.


APY = rewardRate * 365 * 24 * 3600 / totalTokensStaked * 100%

The rewardRate is a number that indicates how many rewards are generated per second. TotalTokensStaked only includes tokens staked for $MCRT reward options. It excludes $MCRT tokens as NFT point rewards.

TVL = totalTokensStaked + pTotalTokensStaked pTotalTokensStaked is $MCRT tokens staked for NFT point rewards

The bonus is determined by the number of tokens awarded as a reward. For example, if the 1-year period implies a 90% bonus, 10,000 $MCRT tokens were sent to staking, and 4800 tokens were rewarded during this period, the 90% bonus implies that an additional 4320 $MCRT tokens will be credited at the end of the staking period.

NFT Marketplace Details

The marketplace is a platform where in-game items can be exchanged for $MCRT. One of the most appealing aspects of Magic Craft is that you truly own the assets you acquire while playing. They are yours and are kept in your personal wallet, so you are free to use them as you see fit.

NFT trades will allow digital asset owners and players to interact with one another. While owners can keep these items as digital assets with changing values, players can use them to improve their characters, games, or even sell their own items on the marketplace for money.

Castles, Characters, Pets, Clothing, Skins, Weapons, Armor, Land, and much more will be available for purchase, sale, or trade on the NFT Marketplace.

There are four rarity levels for in-game items. The larger the in-game rewards, the higher the rarity.

What are Levels of rarity of Magic Craft Game?

The following are the four types of rarity in the Magic Craft game:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Some in-game items are limited editions that are only available during the early stages of Magic Craft development.

Magic Craft Game Tokenomics

What is $MCRT Token?

Magic Craft’s native cryptographically-secured fungible protocol token by $MCRT which is a transferable representation of attributed governance and utility functions specified in Magic Craft’s protocol/code, and is intended to be used solely as an interoperable utility token thereon.

$MCRT is a functional multi-utility token that will be used as a decentralized medium of exchange between Magic Craft players. The goal of introducing $MCRT is to provide a convenient and secure method of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the Magic Craft ecosystem without the use of intermediaries such as centralized third party entities/institution/credit.

It is not, and is not intended to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the general public (or a segment of the general public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of a debt; nor is it designed or intended to be used as payment for any goods or services that are not exclusively provided by the issuer.

$MCRT does not represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in the Company, the Distributor, or any other company, enterprise, or undertaking, nor does it entitle token holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits, or investment returns, and it is not intended to constitute securities in Singapore or any other relevant jurisdiction.

$MCRT may only be used on Magic Craft, and ownership of $MCRT confers no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use $MCRT to enable usage and interaction with Magic Craft.

Furthermore, $MCRT provides the economic incentives that will be distributed to encourage users to contribute to and participate in the Magic Craft ecosystem, thereby creating a mutually beneficial system in which every participant is fairly compensated for its efforts. $MCRT is an essential component of Magic Craft because there would be no incentive for users to spend resources to participate in activities or provide services for the benefit of the entire Magic Craft ecosystem.

Given that additional $MCRT will be awarded to a user solely based on their actual usage, activity, and efforts on Magic Craft, as well as proportionate to the frequency and volume of transactions, users of Magic Craft and/or holders of $MCRT who did not actively participate will not receive any $MCRT incentives.

Magic Craft is a game with a broad and deep economic system that connects every aspect of in-game activity. The game’s economics are governed by three primary mechanisms: production, piloting, and overarching mechanics.

The production layer is responsible for the majority of the in-game items. The only exceptions are rare equipment, resource drops from piloting, and a limited series of items injected into the game via sales.

With $MCRT, the game developers hope to align the incentives of Magic Craft stakeholders. The mechanisms described above serve two purposes:

  • To reward players for interacting with Magic Craft.
  • To decentralize ownership of $MCRT token and governance of Magic Craft.


  • Token name: $MCRT
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000

The $MCRT breakdown is shown in the table below:

Tokenomics Breakdown Number of Tokens% TokensVesting
All tokens10,000,000,000100,0%
ECO Growth Gaming Issuance3,169,000,00031,69%4 years linear distribution
Team2,200,000,00022,0%3 months lockup, 12 months linear vest
Public sale331,000,0003,31%Staking Rewards
Staking Rewards1,200,000,00012,0%60 months linear release
Private sale1,000,000,00010,0%3 months lockup, 12 months linear vest
Liquidity600,000,0006,0%3months lockup, 12 months linear vest
Reserve Fund900,000,0009,0%

IDO and private sale

Strategic Seed Rounds ABC Series total of Tokens

  • Private Sale Round A: $750,000
  • Strategic Sale Round B: $1,225,000
  • Strategic Sale Round C: $1,600,000

Magic Craft Game Treasury

Digital asset owners can stake Magic Craft Hero NFT to participate in staking and receive a share of the Magic Craft Ecosystem revenue as a reward. This will ensure that every Magic Craft stakeholder contributes to the game’s development.

The Magic Craft Treasury will go live in 2022. The Magic Craft Treasury will start receiving revenue from Magic Craft Arena as well as a portion of staking rewards. Magic Craft Hero NFT stakers will govern this Treasury until the network has decentralized sufficiently.

Inflows to the Treasury come from:

  • 3% of all Magic Craft NFT marketplace transactions.
  • The $MCRT portion of the ecosystem fee.

In the future, more revenue streams will be added. Cosmetic sales, tournament entry fees, licensing fees, and other fees fall into this category.

Pro Tip: The only way to summon a new Premium Hero to the Battle is with a Magic Craft token.


Magic Craft game $MCRT token will include the following features:

  • In-game items exchange: The main currency used in all Magic Craft World operations, such as purchasing in-game items, NFTs, or trading with other players on the NFT marketplace, is $MCRT.
  • Hero upgrade: $MCRT can be spent on hero upgrades, which provide specific game advantages.
  • Reward for streamers: $MCRT could be used as platform currency to reward streamers who play games.
  • Predicting match outcomes: $MCRT can be used as the platform currency in the streaming system to predict game outcomes.
  • Governance Magic Craft ecosystem: Users who stake their $MCRT tokens in the Magic Craft DAO mechanism can participate in the development of the blockchain game by voting on game features and parameters.

Magic Craft Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Magic Craft Game?

Magic Craft is a Binance Smart Chain-based cross-platform NFT turn-based role-playing game (BSC). Prepare to be immersed in a gaming experience rich in rich lore, progressive gameplay, and much more. Prepare your heroes for war, castle sieges, and epic battles to help your clan grow. Collect ultra-rare characters, weapons, and in-game items that only you have access to! In the Magic Craft Metaverse, you can become your own hero.

What is the vision behind Magic Craft Game?

Magic Craft aims to create the world’s most engaging blockchain game, bringing together streamers, owners, players, and creators. The platform intends to disrupt games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft by providing creators with true ownership of in-game assets in the form of NFTs and rewarding them with the native token $MCRT.

Which blockchain is the Magic Craft game being developed on?

The game is being developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
BEP-20 SmartContract : 0x4b8285aB433D8f69CB48d5Ad62b415ed1a221e4f

When will the Magic Craft game be released?

Open Beta is expected to launch in Q4 2022.

Will the Magic Craft game launch on different platforms? PC or Mobile?

The game will first be available on the web before being made available to mobile users. Our long-term goal is to release it on more platforms, including consoles (PS5-Xbox) and PC.

Do I need KYC to play Magic Craft game?

No, you do not.

What is $MCRT Token?

$MCRT is the Magic Craft GameFi Universe’s native utility token, and it will power the game’s overall economic model.

What can I do with MCRT?

$MCRT serves as a vital link between the cryptocurrency market and the game economy. From the Winner Reward to the purchase of in-game assets, $MCRT will drive the game’s overall commercial activities.

Payment: Within Magic Craft’s NFT Marketplace, $MCRT will be accepted as universal currency.

Staking: Stakers of $MCRT will be able to earn money by committing and staking $MCRT in the Magic Craft ecosystem. Our stake model prioritizes community inclusion. Holders will be required to provide some active services such as utilizing platform services, securing the network, participating in governance, providing liquidity, and so on.

Governance: $MCRT holders will be able to influence critical aspects of Magic Craft’s development through governance voting.

Incentive: $MCRT will be the primary incentive for gamers who participate in Battles, Weekly Tournaments, and the Ranking List.

Where can I buy $MCRT Token?

You can buy $MCRT from the below mentioned platforms
$MCRT can be bought at:

  • MEXC Global:
  • Bitmart:
  • PanCakeSwap:

What is an NFT?

A NFT is a “Non-Fungible Token”.

When will Magic Craft Game NFTs be released?

NFTs will cover a large portion of the Magic Craft ecosystem. In the first quarter of 2022, our main Genesis NFT collection will be released. NFTs will be available for purchase directly from BNB. Please join our Discord server for more information.

Where can I buy and sell Magic Craft game NFTs? Are there any markets available?

You will be able to purchase Magic Craft game NFTs through their own marketplace, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Will there be any Magic Craft game airdrop and how to participate?

Airdrop campaigns have already begun, and there will be many more in the future for our community. To participate, follow us on our Telegram channel!


Magic Craft is a Massive War and Conquest Play-To-Earn Multiplayer game released on Binance Smart Chain that features an advanced guild system, taxes, and economy. Players can form alliances and form clans to compete against other clans on the platform..

The Elders built seven powerful castles in the Magic Craft world. Magicus, or magical energy, is stored within the walls of these castles. This mysterious substance, created in millennial battles, can endow the owner with incredible strength. That is why it is closely guarded and considered a prize by many.

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Have you played Magic Craft already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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