Mafagafo NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Mafagafo Game?

Mafagafo is an multiplayer online NFT game with exclusive characters to explore several maps built on blockchain gaming.

It has fun and profitability at the same time! It’s a game similar to Fall Guys but with NFTs and Crypto Tokens. And, most importantly, it’s also free to play!

In Mafagafo, you can earn money by playing and trading NFTs and MAFA Tokens. They have a promising development team, as well as the well-known Brazilian guitarist Juninho Afram!

Mafagafo refers to one of the most well-known tongue twisters in the Portuguese language. It refers to a fictitious animal species.

The text of the tongue twister is quite variable, as is often the case with popular expressions, with several versions.

The Mafagafo game was inspired by the following tongue twister: There are seven Mafagafinhos in a Mafagafo nest; when Mafagafa Gafa, the seven Mafagafinhos fawn, whoever defuses them will be a good de-fuser.

I know its very hard to spell that sentence in one shot.

Here below you can watch Mafagafo game video trailer.

Mafagafo Gameplay

You start the game on a small island where gangly Mafagafos live.

This curious birds are incapable of flight but extremeley adaptable and smart.

From time to time they build a large where you can choose the great Sniffler from the Snitch’s nest.

By your choice the big competition starts.


The game is very addictive and you should be prepared for any challenge since the competition will be very high.


The challenge for each round is chosen at random from those available for the season.

The maps feature one-of-a-kind difficulties, routes, and surprises that force players to adapt to new situations.

5 vencedores

The Great Mafagafador (Champion)

The top five players will be ranked at the end of the round.

The number of Mafapoints (MP) that you earned is determined by your position at the end of the race.

item rare

Mafagafo Rare Specimens

The types of birds that can be acquired change with the season, and as a result, as the season progresses, the acquired characters become increasingly important, with their NFTs valued.

Mafagafo Race

5 vencedores

As I mentioned in the beginning Mafagafo game is a multiplayer online game and you will be playing with 40 players online including you.

In the game there are 7 maps, but the round will always be with 3 maps chosen at random and one final map.

In each map, the number of players eliminated will be determined by certain rules (e.g., time of departure, number of players who crossed the finish line, and so on) until only one remains.

The last player will be winner and named “MAFAGAFADOR THE GREAT” which is the CHAMPION.

Is Mafagafo Free to Play?

Yes, Mafagafo game is free to play.

You will need to download the game and play as much as you want for fun until you get bored but in free play mode you will not be able to collect Mafapoints (MP).

To earn Mafapoints (MP) you must buy a Game Pass.

For more information about Mafagafo Game Pass please read on.

Our game is accessible to anyone who wants to download and play, but just for fun, as in this dispute the player will not accumulate MP (Mafapoints).

Mafagafo Token: Mafapoints

Mafagafo game’s native token is called $MAFAcoins.

You can earn Mafapoints (MP) in the game by winning the rounds.

With your Mafapoints (MP) you can purchase items to boost you Mafagafo from the store of the game and also from Game Pass.


These are the points earned within the game.

They allow you to purchase items in the store and from the Game Pass.

You earn Mafapoints (MP) in each game and how many Mafapoints (MP) that you earned is calculated your position at the round and also depends of your completed tasks.

What is Mafagafo Game Pass?

By purchasing the Game Pass, you gain access to exclusive items for each season and the ability to spend your Mafapoints (MP) on items.

With Mafagafo Pass you can do followings:

  • Purchase the Game Pass to begin earning Mafapoints (MPs). You can purchase the available items with them.
  • In the first season, there are seven levels.
  • Each level will have 5 items that can be purchased with Mafapoints (MPs).
  • There will be an exclusive MAFAGAFO in each of the seven levels to collect and carry out the Genetic Mix (MG).

Genetic Mix at Mafagafo

When earning or purchasing characters in Mafagafo, you can combine them to create a Genetic Mix (MG), which creates a new character with genetic characteristics from both of the character.

The genetic system is an algorithm that allows mixing of all characters, including those who have appeared in previous seasons.

This creates a level of exclusivity with millions of possible characters.

As a result of this fantastic combination, you will achieve a phenomenal level of exclusivity in your NFT that few will ever have, increasing its value season after season.


For the sake of ecosystem balance, each time a character uses his Genetic Mix (MG) power, one point of his power is deducted.

For example, in the photo above, the Mafagafo on the left had 6 points of genetic factor.

When you are going Genetic Mix (MG), your Mafagafo will lost 1 point and left with 5 points; the Mafagafo on the right had 3 Genetic Mix (MG) points, and when doing the Genetic Mix (MG), he lost 1 Genetic Mix (MG) point, resulting in 2 points.

Each time a mixture is created, one point of genetic power is subtracted until the number is less than one.

As a result, making mixtures is impossible.

However, your Mafagago character will remain in your inventory and you can use it to play with, collect them as NFT, or sell as NFT on NFT Marketplaces.

Mafagafo Play to Earn

The Mafagafo game developers created an innovative game in several ways, following the trend of NFT games and with a progressive profile.

  • Mafagafo is fun to play: Because this game combines reality and virtual reality, you can play for real money! Unlike other so-called Games NFTs on the market, Mafagafo allows you to spend hours playing a creative, exciting, and challenging game.
  • Mafagafo is simple: Unlike other games on the market, Mafagafo lacks complexity because it is simple and easy to grasp. As a result, there is no need to be a game expert to have fun and controlling your character is super easy and it allows you to interact with incredible challenges!
  • Earn Mafapoints: Every race in the game generates Mafapoints (MP) which you can acquire whether in the final position of the dispute or in the completion of tasks and challenges.
  • Play free: Unlike other NFT games, there are no time limits or games in Mafagafo; in other words, the player can play as much as he wants! Every day, there will be the opportunity for the player to have fun, collect, and profit!
  • Collect items: By earning Mafapoints (MP), you will be able to purchase items from the Game Pass, as a new character you will be available to purchase with Mafapoints at each level reached within the blocks of 5 items. There are seven models in this first season, but new characters will be created and made available in the game store on a regular basis.
  • Game Pass: Game Pass is a way to distinguish between free and paid players, with a simple fee paid in $MAFAcoins. While playing, you will gain access to earn Mafapoints (MP) and, as a result, you will be able to purchase collectibles. Payment for a Game Pass is only made once per season.
  • Earn Mafacoins: Mafacoins is a token that cannot be obtained by playing. You can buy and sell it on DEX, through the in-game contract, and through the NFT Marketplace, where you can buy and sell items.
  • Brooders: Brooders are required and must be purchased or rented in order to create the Genetic Mixture (MG).

Mafagafo Brooders

You have to purchase a brooder in order to be able to make Genetic Mixing (MG) in Mafagafo.

There are three brooders models in Mafagafo Game listed below:

  1. One with one space
  2. Three with three spaces
  3. Ten with ten spaces

How to use Brooders in Mafagafo Game?

There are some certain rules while using brooders in Mafagafo game as listed below:

  • You can use each brooder only once
  • You cannot buy brooder with Mafapoints (MP) and you can buy the brooder with only $MAFAcoins
  • Following the purchase and selection of characters for Genetic Mix (MG), there will be an EGG will be generated and stored in the chosen hatchery for 7 days, awaiting the release of your new NFT character.


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Have you ever played Mafagafo? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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