Mad Metaverse NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Mad Metaverse?

The MAD Metaverse is a multifaceted play-to-earn NFT game with a slew of innovative, incentive-based gameplay mechanics that promise to improve the gaming experience and usher in a new era of gaming 3.0.

The MAD Metaverse’s innovation and ambition necessitated a complete rebuild from the ground up. The game developers have finished the first stage of development of our ecosystem’s foundations. This infrastructure consists of our own digital asset marketplace, player and admin back and front ends, visual and audio assets, an airdrop facility, an ERC-20 token platform, an NFT converting solution, and a novel new NFT merge and evolve facility.

These components form the foundation for a completely new gaming experience that the world has never seen before.

  • In the MAD metaverse you control and own your in-game tools, avatars, and enhancements.
  • You can increase your earning power and the value of their assets by engaging in incentivized gameplay.

Even better, thanks to complete digital financial ecosystem, you can manage, trade, custody, and showcase any of your cryptos, NFTs, and digital assets without ever leaving the MAD Metaverse ecosystem.

To create the MAD Metaverse, it is collaborated with a global pool of talent, including world-renowned artists, top-tier developers, game experts, and scientists, to create a world-first asset-backed, revenue-generating gaming experience built on blockchain rails.

Mad Metaverse NFT Game

This ensures that the MAD Metaverse is as strong, secure, user-friendly, visually appealing, and engaging as possible. MAD Metaverse is designed to appeal to a wide range of players and collectors, while also keeping players intrigued and engaged with the ever-changing MAD Metaverse.

MAD Metaverse game’s storyline is based on evolutionary mechanics, in which the player’s NFTs increase in rarity, diversity, in-game dexterity, and value over time. Entry into the game will be possible at three levels:

  • MAD Metascientist,
  • Metacell,
  • Nanocell.

These users can increase the value, rarity, and revenue generation capacity of their avatars through a variety of different player achievements, interactions, and gameplay, introducing a new economic incentive/reward model to the online gaming industry.

Mad Metaverse Game Introduction

The Mad Metaverse begins with a small batch of its most important characters. 10,200 MAD Metascientists; the Metaverse’s brightest and most insane minds, and our first NFT drop. Metascientists roam the MAD Metaverse in search of $BIOMETA, the most valuable energy source in existence, based in a post-singularity meta-universe. This fuel is required for Mad Metascientists to fuel their crazed ambitions and shape reality’s very fabric around their every wish.

Because every Metascientist requires a workspace, each Metascientist is also airdropped a unique identity lab badge. This badge contains their credentials and allows them access to their own lab. The Lab is MAD Metascientists’ in-game dashboard and main activity hub.

Mad Metaverse NFT Game

Your Metascientist will experiment, evolve, create, and earn here. Scientists are paid based on the productivity of their lab. Each lab can be engineered to improve performance and capability over time. However, having the right tools is useless unless you have enough energy. With enough of the right fuel source, our main characters can achieve almost anything.

In order to source and harvest $BIOMETA in sufficient quantities, your Metascientist can begin to engineer the unthinkable using his lab of tools. After securely connecting their wallet to the Lab, players will gain access to various in-game features, including the ability to create artificial, self-aware life.

This introduces the MAD Metacells, our second NFT drop. MAD Metacells are a perilous species of self-aware, bio-digital superorganisms with an insatiable desire to evolve and grow.

As the MAD Metacells grow and evolve, they realize that spreading out allows them to fuel their own evolution and harvest more BIOMETA. In order to do so, they spawn a new species and our third NFT drop, the MAD Nanocells.

Despite the fact that Nanocells spawn their own species, they still evolve through gameplay and carry extremely useful traits and abilities that allow players to not only harvest more BIOMETA but also battle other players and their Nanocells. This is referred to as the NanoWars.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, gamers and collectors can be confident that they own their in-game assets in the form of NFTs, the provenance of which is provided by the Ethereum blockchain.

The MAD Metaverse will be a brand new play-to-earn NFT game in which you will be able to collect, earn, buy, and sell a variety of newly-minted and constantly evolving NFTs that will become increasingly rare as gameplay progresses. One of our primary goals in the NFT gaming space is to provide an enriching experience that empowers NFT owners, projects, and gamers all over the world. As a result, the more utility we can provide, the better.

In our opinion, the most effective way to achieve this is to provide a variety of diverse revenue streams for each owner, as well as an overall “MAD AF” gaming experience!

Mad Metascientist Gameplay

Mad Metaverse NFT Game

1. Develop your MAD Metascientist

The science attributes you select will not only determine the types of skills and knowledge your Metascientist possesses, but will also make them more powerful, unique, and valuable. MAD Metascientists will be able to learn unimaginable new skill sets as they explore the MAD Metaverse, allowing them to use more dark, mysterious, and unknown sciences that are frowned upon or appear impossible even today.

The primary goal of your MAD Metascientist is to locate and utilize as much of the rich and scarce $BIOMETA fuel that exists throughout the madverse as possible. Because it provides them with the energy they need to create, destroy, and manipulate their very own existence.

Essentially, you will be able to improve your Metascientist through gameplay in the MAD Metaverse.

After the minting process, all MAD Metascientists will begin at level 1. (apart from the rare and lucky few who will receive upskilled Metascientists on mint).

2. Create & Evolve

MAD Metascientists, like any other scientist, will experiment, discover, and create within their own laboratory. On all levels, they serve as the Mad Metaverse’s architects. Metascientists will be able to manipulate and build land as well as create and evolve their own personalised NFTs in the form of Metacells.

3. Utilise your Lab

After The Lab is released, you can begin creating artificial life. The only avatars with this ability are metascientist owners. As a result, creating MAD abominations or a perfect organism is entirely up to you.

4. Wander the vastness of the MAD Metaverse

This isn’t just any NFT, but a fully realized avatar, so saddle up and ride into the MAD Metaverse. This will allow you to gain experience in the field, harvest MAD Metafuel, and even begin building on different planets.

5. Own and develop a unique armoury

You’ll need more than your wits to navigate this vast universe. MAD Metascientists will also be able to gather, create, and develop a variety of weapons, tools, and devices to help them rule the MAD Metaverse.

Mad Metaverse NFT Game

Mad Metaverse In-Game Dashboard


This is where most of the cell/NFT customization takes place. A user/player/holder will have access to three distinct sections.


The collection tab displays all of your Metascientists, Metacells, Nanocells, and enhancers. You can also see the level/stage you’re at with each Meta/Nanocell and Metascientist in this collection.

The Lab

You wouldn’t be a true scientist if you didn’t have your own lab! The Lab tab serves as a user-interactive dashboard. The Lab also provides a high level of utility and interactivity that other platforms lack. This dashboard allows you to evolve your Metascientists, Metacells, and Nanocells while also tracking your level and progress within each level of evolution.

You can also see other components such as your in-game token balance and boosters that can speed up cell evolution. Users who purchased or own a Metascientist will be able to use a variety of different capabilities after securely connecting their wallet to The Lab.

These include

  • Evolve cell: After completing an evolutionary stage, the user can view and evolve their cell.
  • Merge cell: This is after the addition of third-party NFTs. This will allow the user to merge their Metacell with other NFT projects such as Ape Yacht Club or Hape to accelerate the evolution process and allow for the introduction of rare enhancers during the merging process.
  • Boost cell: External project tokens/cryptocurrencies can accelerate cell evolution. For example, $ADA will boost cell evolution for a short period of time.

The Field

This is an in-game marketplace where you can buy and sell newly bred or advanced Nanocells, Metacells, and Metascientists. Pricing for each MAD NFT will be determined by the market’s perceived value. Higher level Nanocells, Metacells, and Metascientists, for example, will almost certainly command a higher price. However, all of this is dependent on the most desired skills and combinations that users are looking for.

The Environment & Mad Metaverse Game Design

Mad Metaverse NFT Game

In The MAD Metaverse game, scientists, metacells, and nanocells all evolve. The MAD Metaverse environment and gameplay evolve to continue the theme and innovation of evolving NFTs!

As the Nanocells travel deeper and deeper into the MAD Metaverse, they encounter new resources, lands, and assets.

All characters can improve themselves and take on new goals and challenges with these new resources.

Because the Nanocells map the area, Metacells can safely navigate their way into the MAD Metaverse. The more advanced the capacity for utilization, the further the search for resources.

You can then start plotting land, harvesting it, and developing it. The gaming experience itself evolves; as each character joins the fight and the environment itself expands, revealing more and more, the deeper and further we go within the MAD Metaverse.

To clarify, the MAD Metaverse operates on five different levels:

Level 1: Platform Configuration

This level involves the Mad Metascientist’s work within The Lab, in-game dashboard. Metacells and their own skill set are learning, evolving, and developing. Users will want to get involved early in order to not only learn about the various mechanics involved in cell evolution, but also to help shape the Mad Metaverse as a whole.

Level 2: Nanowars:

This environment is played at the molecular level because Nanocells pride themselves on battling sufficiency; their growth is limited. Although bred for warfare, one of their goals is to improve their own abilities in order to outperform other Nanocells at their level. As a result, anticipate fluid and microscopic battlegrounds.

Level 3: Metacell Deployment

Metacells start to evolve not only physically, but also in terms of aspirations and awareness. Their ambitions lead them to the MAD Metaverse, where they begin mapping and exploring its entirety.

Level 4: Metaverse

Prepare for an open world and completely immersive experience. Metacells and Metascientists will both discover new planets, players, and organisms. A fully crafted 3D environment that makes use of some of the most advanced creation tools available. Not only that, but as the creator, you will be able to create your own types of land and properties within the MAD Metaverse, made from a wide range of materials..

Level 5: PVP Play to Earn Game

Completely Immersive PVP P2E Game Mad Metascientists, prepare for your battle. This is the opportunity for Metascientist owners to demonstrate how ‘MAD’ they are. Metascientists square off in a fully immersive PVP P2E game. A previously unseen player experience in which Metascientists will use their developed skill sets and acquired items discovered throughout the MAD Metaverse.

Level 6: Virtual Reality VR/AR

MAD ventures into virtual reality (VR/AR). We will host a large sponsored event to encourage some of the best and most well-known game streamers/influencers out there.

How to Earn in Mad Metaverse Game?

The MAD Metaverse provides a variety of revenue generation options for players who want to keep value within the ecosystem. Players can earn money in a number of ways, depending on whether they are a MAD Metascientist, Metacell, or Nanocell. We’ll summarize the previously mentioned play to earn opportunities for each player type in this section:

MAD Metascientists Play to Earn Opportunities

  • Grow the value of your MAD Metascientist
  • Become a MAD Metascientist by learning new skills
  • Rent out lab features and sell enhancements made by MAD Metascientist
  • Build MAD Metaverse items & create new dimensions
  • Evolve a MAD Metacell and earn MAD Metafuel commissions from Metacells
  • Create MAD Nanocells and earn MAD Metafuel commissions from Nanocells
  • Battle with MAD Nanocells, earn MAD Metafuel
  • Trade and sell your MAD Metascientist, MetaCell or NanoCells
  • MAD Metacell splits and airdrops
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)

MetaCell Play to Earn Opportunities

  • Grow the value of your MAD Metacell through evolutions
  • Harvest and store MAD Metafuel
  • Terraform new dimensions through harvesting Metafuel
  • Create MAD Metacell tooling
  • MAD Metacell splits and airdrops
  • MAD Metacell priority launchpads
  • Create MAD Nanocells and earn MAD Metafuel commissions from MAD Nanocells
  • Trade and sell your MAD Metacell or MAD Nanocells
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)

NanoCell Play to Earn Opportunities

  • Grow the skills and value of your MAD Nanocell through upgrades
  • MAD Nanocell battles (Nano Wars)
  • Harvest and store MAD Metafuel
  • MAD Nanocell Hacks
  • Enhance MAD Metaverse items
  • Enhance MAD Metaverse terraforming
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)

A Collaborative Framework

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at MAD Metascientists—sharing, celebrating, and growing the game community’s creativity and passion. In fact, it is a critical component of the community building.

We see this as the nexus for gamers, artists, collectors, investors, and creators all over the world by designing a flexible framework with versatile interface points for theoretically any and all cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the MAD Metaverse.

While starting with Ethereum’s blockchain and basing the game’s architecture on it, the game developers working hard to incorporate other blockchains like Solana and layer 2 scaling solutions like Polygon. This gives you and collectors even more freedom to interact with the MAD Metascientist ecosystem as they see fit.

Artists & Creators

  • Reach a passionate and diverse audience of gamers and collectors seeking unique, collectible NFTs.
  • Earn special rewards for contributing artwork prizes distributed to collectors.
  • Vote on ecosystem and Metaverse proposals, and help curate collections distributed in-game.

Note: Artists commissioned by MAD Metascientists will be part of a pioneering wave in the development of living NFTs — an emerging and highly sought after medium.

What are Mad Metacells?

Prepare to begin creating an organism with limitless potential! A Metacell is an abomination or “work of art” created by Metascientists. Because “MAD”ness is in the eye of the beholder, the function of your Metacell is entirely up to you.

Metascientists purposefully designed these Metacells to hunt for and discover effective methods of sourcing and harvesting MAD Metafuel.

They needed this fuel to power their never-ending ambitious activities. Scientists are aware that their intent is hostile, but they believe they can develop, nurture, and control them. With Metacells’ desire to evolve, they gain self-awareness and eventually become sentient, allowing them to freely roam the Mad Metaverse on their own.

Good to know: Every MAD Metascientist will receive a MAD Metacell drop.

Each and every rare collectible Metacell evolves in its own time. Metacells can progress through a variety of evolutionary stages. Furthermore, your Metacell will adapt and change aesthetically, resulting in a completely new, never-before-seen avatar.

Metacells are another type of NFT that plays an important role throughout the Mad Metaverse for cutting through the narratives. These Metacells self-evolve, but they can also be improved through other forms of “experimentation” within The Lab.

Mad Metaverse NFT Game

What is Metacell Evolution in Mad Metaverse Game?

Evolutionary Algorithm

This is a random algorithm that determines your Metacell’s evolution rate. The time this occurs is determined by a measurement of ‘generations’ that occur with every 100th block produced on the Ethereum blockchain.

Host Protocol

This procedure starts when a MAD Metascientist invites a “host” (3rd party NFT) to their Lab. The MAD Metacell contained within their Lab will then interact spontaneously with the “host” resulting in the generation of a new, completely customized version of their “host” NFT, containing traits of their original Metacell.

These newly created NFTs can be reintroduced into the Mad MetaScientists ecosystem through the Petri Dish to influence future evolutions, or they can be sold or traded in the Field.


Boosters can appear at any time of day or night in the form of other ERC-20 tokens. These will function as in-game enhancement viles, enhancing features available in “The Lab” such as forcing metacell splits and evolution speed enhancers.

Mad Metascientist’ Skills

Certain levels and characteristics can influence the rate of evolution. The more skilled or “MAD” your Metascientist is, the better they are at evolving their Metacells. These NFTs will be restricted to ‘The Lab’ during the early stages of Metacell ownership until they evolve further.

The Process

When you first enter the lab, you will see your newly created Metacell ready for evolution. You can travel through the evolution process and receive the first outcome of your first evolution by dragging and dropping your cell into what we call The Petri Dish.

Most likely, your Metacell has changed slightly – it now has Stage and a “Time to the next evolution” timer. The following is how the evolution process works:

  1. The first evolution is a step in which you obtain the random properties of a Metacell (level and next time to evolve).
  2. There are several randomized options that occur during the evolution:

95% probability: When your Metacell’s Stage increases during the evolution and becomes a higher Stage, you get a regular, or COMMON evolution. This type of evolution has a 95% chance of occurring.

5% probability: Split, or SPLITTABLE – when your Metacell can be divided into: A NanoCell; An Enhancer; Some MAD tokens (internal ERC-20 tokens that can be used to purchase a variety of in-game items, mechanisms, and so on);

3. If you have the COMMON type, another layer of probabilities determines which level your Metacell will be upgraded to:

  • 70% – next Stage;
  • 20% – next Stage +1
  • 5% – next Stage +2
  • 3% – next Stage +3
  • 2% – next stage +4

4. If you have the SPLITTABLE type, there are different probabilities for what you’ll get as a result of the split:

  • 50% – A NanoCell;
  • 40% – An Enhancer;
  • 10% – Some amount of MAD token;

5. Once this is established, the randomisation mechanism determines the next time to evolve by employing the following probability rates:

  • 70% – 1,728,000 Polygon blocks
  • 20% – 1,00,000 Polygon blocks
  • 5% – 600,000 Polygon blocks
  • 3% – 200,000 Polygon blocks
  • 2% – 86,400 Polygon blocks

Good to know: When all functions and parameters are set in accordance with the above-mentioned randomization mechanism, your cell is said to have “evolved.” Be ready for the next evolution to occur.

What is Mutations in Mad Metaverse Game?

You can use your token to achieve some impressive results while evolving your Metacells if you own an external NFT(s) from one of the collections with which MAD Metaverse collaborated.

The metadata and token image could then be used to generate some results in The Lab. It should be noted that this may result in the appearance of a second token in your wallet. The outcomes of such mutations may differ – they may increase the likelihood of splitting Metacells or create more advanced NanoCells with higher skill levels, and they may differ for each collection. The results that each collection can produce are defined and shared with players by “The Admin.”

The Mad Metascientist’s plan is to grow these Metacells into fully realized organisms that can move freely. The experiments conducted by Mad Metascientists catalyze all of the aesthetics and attributes.

What are Mad Nanocells in Mad Metaverse Game?

Metacells begin to develop their own personality traits, desires, and ambitions as they evolve into sentient beings. Under the guise of being a Metascientist’s pet, they begin to plot and scheme in order to amass their own resources and create their own army for personal gain – this manifests as a spawn of sub-species known as Nanocells.

The Mad Metaverse is a kaleidoscopic array of parallel and alternative metaverses within metaverses within metaverses. It is constantly changing, and the extent of the dangers and conflicts is unknown. The risk of venturing into this unknown terrain proves too great for both Metascientists and Metacells, which inspires Nanocells.

Nanocells are Metacell’s soldiers, built and armed with special traits, weapons, mapping, and tracking abilities, and thus sent out to begin their journey into the unknown.

In an attempt to correct their creator’s error, Metacells limit the intellectual capabilities of Nanocells in order to prevent them from developing ambitions of their own and to ensure their dominance over their creations.

Metacells dispatch Nanocells to explore the vast and unknown MAD Metaverse in search of more MAD Metafuel ($BIOMETA).

Throughout their journey, they come across other Metascientists, Metacells, and Nanocells within the MAD Metaverse and realize they are not alone. The MAD Metaverse saga’s first player vs. player element begins here.

Nanocell Gameplay

The NanoWars

Nanocells, like any living organism, face an unavoidable conflict in order to survive and utilize limited resources within the MAD Metaverse. As a result, in order to acquire highly sought-after in-game resources and/or out-evolve other existing Nanocells, they will compete in a unique environment.

Because Nanocells are young and inexperienced beings, the environment in which they will battle takes place on the smallest of microscopic levels via our in-game arena known as the NanoWars.

All Nanocells’ battlegrounds will begin here. Players will be able to see multiple cells battling each other from a top-down perspective. One player will emerge victorious based on their strategy and Nanocell upgrades.

Every victorious player will receive our in-game currency/fuel $BIOMETA.

Nanocells, like all of our MAD NFTs, can be sold and purchased in our in-game marketplace “The Field” as well as many others such as Opensea.

Depending on a few Metacell attributes, these Nanocells will begin with a basic set of stats to allow them to compete with other users (Nanocell holders).

Nanocells are made up of the following components:

These attributes will get stronger with each battle a Nanocell faces.

Every newly spawned Nanocell will be given 5 points. These 5 points will be generated at random and assigned to the Nanocells attributes as shown in the example below.

Nanocell XYZ

1 endurance, 2 speed, 0 energy, 2 attack, 0 A I was generated at random and selected for this cell.

Battle will allow you to raise the levels of your Nanocell’s attributes. Battle hardened Nanocells will gain strength, but their overall success will be determined by the player’s placement of accumulated modules and how they assign their attribute points.

In addition to their other characteristics, Nanocells can morph/merge with modules. Modules take the form of weapons, tools, or devices that attach to your Nanocell and aid it in battle. These modules can be obtained through victories or bought on “The Field”.

Nanocells and Nanowars will be the most accessible entry points for users to participate in the Mad Metaverse.

See the following napkin document for inspiration for the NanoWars game development:

What are Mad Metascientists?

MAD Metascientists are the source of all species created in the MAD ecosystem. A limited number of 10,200 unique MAD Metascientists will be dropped and auctioned off. The first journey will begin here for early and eager players.

By purchasing one of the 10,200 Metascientists, you will gain access to a one-of-a-kind lab that will be released following the initial NFT drop in Q3.

Your MAD Metascientist will create, evolve, and develop biodigital super organisms in the Lab. Within the MAD Metaverse, this allows the user to become a god-like architect. Metascientists can shape and evolve the world around them with the help of $BIOMETA in order to meet their ambitious scientific endeavors.

The MAD Metascientists will transform your standard, static NFT into a fully realized animated avatar that evolves over time. As they advance, they become not only more distinct, but also more skilled and valuable. It is entirely up to you how this occurs, as well as what your scientist evolves into and the skills it acquires!

What Makes My Mad Metascientist Different From the Others?

You will have a one-of-a-kind MAD Metascientist with a unique journey in comparison to the other 10,199 Metascientists available.

Each MAD Metascientist is intrinsically unique and is made up of completely different Metadata. Each Metascientist will follow its own evolutionary path, which will determine how it evolves aesthetically. The more you explore the MAD Metaverse, the more opportunities your Metascientist will have to adapt and evolve into your own distinctively aesthetic NFT.

MAD Metascientists’ aesthetics range from animal-like creatures to cybernetic robots, among other things. They will create a one-of-a-kind skill set based on your input.

A few lucky minters will also receive an entirely unique, advanced, and customized MAD Metascientist with enhanced attributes and skill sets.

These select few demonstrate the potential that every Mad Metascientist possesses. Your MAD Metascientist’s skill set consists of five basic attributes:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Each attribute has a number of milestones or levels that the player can achieve. These abilities are initially randomized. Some scientists will be exceptional in certain scientific fields while also being exceptional in others.

These are unveiled following the main Metascientist mint. Depending on the path each owner takes, certain evolutionary traits and advantages will be unlocked, all of which help you make more money, build faster, learn faster, advance through the challenges of the mad metaverse, and increase the value of your assets.

The future skill set of your MAD Metascientist will include a combination of knowledge, mental and physical attributes, and classification details, as shown in the diagram below.

The existing five basic attributes comprise the majority of a MAD Metascientist’s knowledge-based attributes, as well as lab skill, which will serve as a general modifier to all capabilities available in The Lab (more info on The Lab later).

The classification determines whether your Metascientist is a good or evil character, his or her species, mental state, and experience, among other things.

When our MAD Metaverse offering reaches level 4, mental and physical attributes will be used (link to The Environment & Game Design section). This is the point at which your Metascientist begins their physical presence in the MAD Metaverse, living, breathing, and interacting with other players in an MMORPG-style metaverse.

This rich and dynamic skill tree will ensure that each Metascientist is unique and can capitalize on their unique strengths.

Each Metascientist will be introduced with a different set of points. These points will be generated at random and assigned to the Metascientist’s attributes – the example below is of one of our lucky Metascientists who will be dropped with an advanced level skillset base.

Example of developed Mad Metascientist

You can also expect some additional milestones/levels. These attributes will be hidden throughout the game and will be discovered – they will be classified as “fringe sciences”. These can only be attained through a specific combination of characteristics.

You’ll have to figure it out on your own. This information will not be revealed to the players.

What is Mad Metafuel ($BIOMETA)?

Mad Metaverse BIOMETA Token

MAD Metafuel, also known as $BIOMETA, is a critical mechanism in the MAD Metaverse. This ERC-20 token is our in-game currency, and it can be bought, discovered, or won in the MAD Metaverse, as well as traded on our own personalised platform, the Field.

$BIOMETA is required for all in-game functions such as survival, evolution, and creation of new life. It will also allow players to purchase in-game assets, improve gameplay, and help MAD Metascientist and Metacell evolution.

The significance of this energy source is emphasized by a MAD Metascientist’s ultimate goal of pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creation – the only way to do so is to source and harvest more BIOMETA.

This hunger is naturally passed down from its predecessor to the MAD Metacells, who in turn pass it on to the Nanocells, whose sole purpose is to battle in order to find more BIOMETA. This makes BIOMETA and its harvesting necessary throughout the entire game.

Evolutionary advances mean that your Metascientist and Metacell become more efficient within the MAD Metaverse and can harvest more $BIOMETA.

The more $BIOMETA you acquire, the more likely it is that your NFTs will evolve. The higher the perceived market value of the Metascientist and Metacell, the more evolved they are.


The MAD Metaverse is a multifaceted play-to-earn NFT game with a slew of innovative, incentive-based gameplay mechanics that promise to improve the gaming experience and usher in a new era of gaming 3.0.

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Have you played MAD Metaverse already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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