Louis Vuitton NFT Collection

Louis Vuitton’s Louis The Game app now includes a new Louis Vuitton NFT collection. Instead of postcard NFTs, the new collectibles will feature Vivienne, the game’s protagonist, in a variety of outfits. The NFTs will be distributed through a raffle event, according to the brand. However, only ten NFTs are currently available.

How do you get your hands on one of these limited-edition Louis Vuitton NFTs? Easy. To enter the raffle, simply reach a certain level in the game. And, fortunately for you, the raffle is still open until August 4th. So you’ve got plenty of time!

Through NFT rewards, Louis Vuitton NFT Collection hopes to educate players about its history.

Louis: The Game, which was released in August of last year, aims to educate players about Louis Vuitton’s 200-year history. Players can join Vivienne, the game’s main character, as she travels around the world in search of 200 collectible candles to commemorate LV’s 200th birthday. Each candle, in turn, will reveal stories about Louis, his family, and the Maison. Back then, simply playing the game gave players the chance to win historical Louis Vuitton postcard NFTs.

The game begins with seven fantasy locations inspired by famous cities such as London and Paris. The game’s most recent update added two new locations, as well as new challenges and collectibles for players. As previously stated, Vivienne will appear in 10 new Louis Vuitton NFTs in a variety of looks. To be eligible for the NFT raffle, players must complete a series of missions. Some of these include completing the first level and collecting 16 pages from a Louis Vuitton manuscript in the game.

With over 2 million downloads on Google Play and the App Store, Louis: The Game is a clever way for LV to introduce the public to the brand’s history. Not to mention that players have the opportunity to win exclusive Louis Vuitton NFTs without having to make a large investment. Wenew Labs (founded by Beeple artist Mike Winkelmann) created this second NFT drop in collaboration with Possible, its sister company, as it did with the first.

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