Lost Relics NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Lost Relics Game?

Lost Relics is a Diablo inspired play to earn action, adventure and role playing game powered by Enjin Blockchain. In Lost Relics you will be travelling to different dungeons, battle with monsters in that dungeons.

After defeating each monster you will be able to loot them and if you are lucky you can find some rara items which can be used for powering your character.

Lost Relics formerly was known as Forgotten Artifacts.

Here you can watch Lost Relics trailer video below.

Lost Relics Gameplay

Firstly, I would like to give you some ideas about Lost Relics’ game mechanics before entering the dungeon which I think this will be very informational for you.

Attack System of Lost Relics

Attacking in the game has two varriations in Lost Relics game as listed below:

  1. You can use left click on your mouse which is the main attack.
  2. Or you can use right click on your mouse which makes triple damages to the monsters.

You can also stragetically use your camera movement to explore around and point where the monsters are in order to make your way and be ready for next fights with the monsters.

Lost Relics Dungeon

Of course you will not always win against the monsters.

Sometimes you will be defeated and when your character dies you will loose all of your items that you have gathered in that dungeon run.

You will also your experiences that you have earned.

So my recommendation is do not enter the dungeons in Lost Relics if you are not really prepared for the fights.

How to Play Lost Relics?

After you login into Lost Relics for the first time you will have some quests to do.

This first quests will help you get your acquainted with Talmuth.

Talmuth is the land above the dungeons.

That locations are called Royal Emporium, Tavern, General Store and some others.

After you finish your questions you will have a task to enter the Lost Relics dungeon.

By exploring the dungeon you will see some fires which you must avoid it because that fires makes you dead easily.

You will need to defeat all the monsters that comes on your way in the dungeon.

Lost Relics Town

The game is not easy to play when you are in dungeons and many players get killed by the monsters or fires.

You always have to be careful for your movements, explore the next room by your camera and well prepared for the fights and make your winning strategy.

Play to Earn in Lost Relics

In Lost Relics, there are two types of items:

  1. Virtual items
  2. Blockchain items.

Virtual Items can be traded on the Royal Emporium, the game’s marketplace.

They are also available for purchase with in-game gold.

Some items have a predetermined number of problems, while others do not.

However, in Lost Relics, if you die while holding an item, it will be lost.

In the game almost everything drops items that you can loot like Monsters, treasure chests, and high-level dungeons can all drop them.

They can be traded as NFTs on the open market on Opensea and Enjin, and they will not be lost if you die with the item in a dungeon.

These are instead returned to your inventory.

Lost Relics Dungeon
If you’re idea of fun is raiding dungeons, killing monsters and collecting loots then this game is perfect for you! Credit: Enjin

Lost Relics Game Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETH, ENJ, JENJ and Shadowstones in Lost Relics game?

Ethereum’s native currency is ETH. It’s used whenever you want to process Ethereum transactions. When sending items or tokens to other wallets, for example.

ENJ is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. To transfer ENJ to another wallet, the transaction fee (gas) must be paid in ETH. You can find more information about Enjin’s token here.

JENJ is a token that exists on Enjin’s JumpNet. Enjin’s JumpNet is a Proof of Authority network that allows fee-free transactions.

ENJ tokens can be transferred between JumpNet and Ethereum using the Enjin Wallet, which provides access to a bridge between the networks. When transferring between networks, you must pay the transaction fee (gas), but once your tokens are on JumpNet, you will not have to pay any additional fees.

Shadowstones are an Lost Relics game’s in-game representation of JENJ, and you can exchange them for JENJ within the game. You can also exchange your Shadowstones for JENJ within the game.

Shadowstones have been added to the game’s order book marketplace to allow you to trade your blockchain items directly.

Is Lost Relics game free to play and play and earn?

Yes! You can earn gold coins, shadowstones, and blockchain items by playing for free. All items drop at random and aren’t guaranteed to be profitable, but some are extremely valuable if you happen to find them.

If you enjoy playing, you should consider upgrading to a membership. You can learn more about the benefits of membership here.

Lost Relics game Membership can be obtained by purchasing Power Pendants and activating them on your account from the Lost Relics Game Shop.

Power Pendants are virtual items that grant you access to members-only content such as adventures, skills, benefits, and the entire item catalog.

If you have enough gold and other players are selling them, you can also buy Power Pendants from them at the Royal Emporium in the game.

How do I get more Gold Coins in Lost Relics Game?

Gold coins can be found in chests, from monsters, and hidden around the dungeons in crates, barrels, and so on.

You can use them to purchase various items and goods throughout the town, as well as to trade items with other players at the Royal Emporium.

Other players may be interested in purchasing items from you in exchange for Gold Coins. Power Pendants and Transfer Crystals can also be purchased from the Shop and sold in-game to other players for Gold Coins.

What are Transfer Crystals in Lost Relics Game?

When performing blockchain operations, ‘Gas’ must be paid for with ETH (Ether). Consider it similar to shipping costs when sending a package to someone. This is sent to miners, who use it to validate transactions. The person sending the item pays for the gas.

When you collect Blockchain items in the game and want to send them to your wallet, you must pay a fee to cover the cost of sending the item to you (the gas). The items themselves have value, which costs ENJ to create (items cannot be created for free in games).

Transfer Crystals enable you to transfer Blockchain items from your Online Account to your Wallet and are essentially a representation of gas that you can purchase in advance without using ETH.

They are only required if you want to move Blockchain items to your Wallet.

You can purchase them from the website or from other players via the Royal Emporium.

The amount required is determined by the current Ethereum gas price and the number of items you wish to send.

Lost Relics is an item-heavy game that relies on valuable items to grant you abilities and skills. The blockchain items are limited in supply, truly scarce, and can be traded with other players or found in dungeons, and you can earn money by trading them with other players or upgrading them through game quests.

What do I need ETH and ENJ for in Lost Relics Game?

If you’re moving blockchain items between your wallet and other players or third-party marketplaces, you only need ETH and ENJ.

ETH (Ether) is used to pay for ‘Gas’ on the Ethereum blockchain to process your transaction. Consider it similar to shipping costs when sending packages. This is sent to miners, who use it to validate your transaction.

When sending items, ENJ (Enjin Coin) is used to pay for ‘Transfer’ fees (To other players). Consider it similar to handling fees when sending packages. This is sent to the game developer to help with future development, server costs, and wage payments, among other things.

If I take an item into the dungeon and die, do I lose it in Lost Relics Game?

Virtual items are the only ones that will be lost. Everything on the blockchain will be returned to your stash.

If you die, you will wake up in the graveyard with an empty inventory, so make sure to replenish your supplies before embarking on your next adventure!


If you love looting games and fighting in dungeons then Lost Relics is the game you should try.

Personally I love to play dungeon games more than others.

If you are interested in playing other NFT games like UplandsGods UnchainedSplinterlands, or Dark Country, make sure you have gone through our ultimate guides on them.

NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Lost Relics already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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